B.I. News on the 'Net, March 11-17, 2013

St. Patrick's Games Inside the Shamrock

This was the first time ever for editor Joe Moore to be inside the Shamrock for the games that take place there. Although having performed music in the evening inside the Shamrock, Joe had never been inside for the games during the afternoon. This seems to be one of the mysterious insider pieces of information because there were also several others who had not been inside for these games. That was all to change on March 16, 2013, when the games inside the Shamrock were streamed live on the Internet at http://beaverisland.tv. One of the organizers stated that this was not nearly the amount of participation in the inside games compared to previouos years. The wires were run, the equipment was set up, and the live streaming took place, but, unfortunately, the limericks and the king and queen competitions were moved to the Beachcomber, making the effort to stream the games less complete because only the Shamrock was set up for this live streaming.

Game 1


Game 2



Game 3


B. I. Rollover Accident

Sheriff W.D. Schneider reports on 03/15/13 at 16:32 hrs. the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Office on Beaver Island was dispatched to East Side Drive/Hannigans Road in Peaine Township for a rollover accident.

The driver, Jean Kinsley, 64 of Beaver Island, was traveling Northbound on East Side Drive when she lost control of her Chevy Blazer on icy roads. Kinsley's vehicle slid sideways into a snowbank flipping the vheicle on it's top.

Kinsley was transported by private vehicle to the Beaver Island Health Center with minor injuries.

Kevin O'Donnell's New Album Available May 3rd

The long awaited return of singer-songwriter and author Kevin O'Donnell to the folk music scene.

After a 15 year hiatus from playing Irish music, Kevin O'Donnell now presents his first ever solo work. 3 years in the making, DEEP IS THE WELL is an ambitious collection of original songs telling the tale of an Irish-American family through multiple generations. These poignant, emotional songs are framed by extraordinary musicianship.DEEPS IS THE WELL is produced by Maurice Lennon (of Stockton's Wing) and in addition to Kevin features Jim DeWan, Finbar Furey, Larry Gray, Kathleen Keane, Bill Lanphier, Maurice Lennon, John Rice, John Williams, and Jessica Willis.

Listen to Deep is the Well, and follow the descendants of Michael Fagan, a 19th century Irish immigrant, through 170 years of struggle for the American Dream. Their experiences still echo in the places they called home – from the forgotten prairie towns of the industrial heartland to the insular steel mill culture rimming the lower Great Lakes; from Times Square in New York City to the San Joaquin Valley in California; and from the frozen copper country of Lake Superior to the rain-soaked suburbs of the Pacific Northwest.

More Than an Album

As the acclaimed author of Fad ó: A Memoir of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness , Kevin is known as more than a singer-songwriter but also an author and historian. DEEP IS THE WELL is a work of historical fiction drawing extensively from real-life events. Kevin has penned a novel-worthy history of the Fagan family, from 1837 through today, steeped in a real American past.

Upon purchase of the album, we invite you unlock interactive multimedia content at www.deepisthewell.com . From there, as you listen to the album you can become acquainted with each of the songs characters as you read their complex backstories , view their family photographs, and explore their family tree. Watch videos, listen to the author read a chapter from his book, Fad ó, download a bootleg bonus track, and gain access to the lyrics, chords, the author's personal notes from the album, and follow links to historical ties to the album's backstories. Those curious about the evolution of writing and recording a song, from the first lilt of the melody to the last day in the studio, will be especially interested in a short documentary on the making of one of Kevin's most intriguing songs.

The Irish-American Experience

While there are many strong connections and instances where American folk songs and tunes can be traced back to Ireland, and many fine songs written about the Irish experience abroad by Irish expatriates – especially in America, the experiences of their subsequent generations has gone virtually ignored. There has never been a collection of songs written exclusively from such a perspective.

This is the impetus behind the DEEP IS THE WELL project – uniquely American story-songs that are the specters of a common Irish past.

Making of

Kevin returned to the studio in 2012 when Maurice Lennon, of Stockton's Wing, agreed to produce an album of Kevin's material. Kevin and Maurice eventually settled on ten original songs for the project. Some were pulled from the drawer; while others - previously recorded by Kevin in the 80's and 90's - were retooled, rearranged, and in some cases, completely rewritten. The project inspired Maurice to write an original tune (A Letter Home) that serves as a prelude to the album.

The Album Release

Deep Is The Well will be released and available online Friday, May 3rd for purchase from iTunes, Amazon, and CD Baby. A music video for the song “Factory Girl” will be launched April 16th. Stay tuned for Album Release Events scheduled for May in the Chicagoland area, which will feature many of the guest artists on the album.


Prior to the release, preview the song “Factory Girl”, keep informed on the album and release events, and, beginning May 3rd, purchase your copy of Deep Is The Well on the web at www.deepisthewell.com .

For more information, promo requests or to set up an interview, please contact:

Noah Smulkis, Ceolwind Productions, promotions@ceolwind.com, 708-363-6616

List of Birds Seen on Beaver Island

This list was compiled by Eric Myers with help from others. If you know interested persons, please pass on this list of bird seen on Beaver Island. Perhaps a brochure could be compiled with the time of year and some likely locations. If anyone has an idea that could be posted electronically, please contact BINN via email at medic5740@gmail.com

Click to see the List HERE

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Denise McDonough officially opened the games

Getting ready for the first run.......................Lindsey and Brenden........... TV 9 and 10 Adkin's presence

The teamwork on the skis, move the balloons cheek to cheek, consume a baby beer in a bottle

The crowds watching and waiting, some partaking

Get two rings on the horns to move on.

Play St. Patrick Says (like Simon Says)

Draw an item to find in a container of sawdust

Not part of the games, but the shoe was left behind on the way to the tires.

Through the tires and on to the finish line. Where's your shoe?


The games are over. The parties at the bars are over. The day is one for recovering and preparing to go back to the rigors of school or work. If you missed this weekend of St. Pat's on Beaver Island, the video and the pictures by Andrea Moore are being worked on, and some are available HERE. (Not completed yet)

The Beaver Island St. Patrick's Day Celebration began on Friday with music in the Shamrock, Beachcomber, and Donegal Danny's. Then the morning on Saturday rolled around with a somewhat quiet start, but that would not last. The Games were to begin around 1 p.m., and BINN was set up on the deck above the Beachcomber to live stream the games outside in the road in front of the Shamrock and the Beachcomber. For more story, pictures and video, click the link above.

The B.I. Transfer Station and Recycling Center

After a little bit of research and just a quick walk through the transfer station and recycling center, it became quite obvious that a large amount of money could be saved if more of the "trash" could be recycled. There is a large quantity of each green bag received by the transfer station that could be recycled. A figure given at a previous Waste Management Committee meeting was 75-80% of the contents could be recycled. Imagine if your family or your employees were provided the opportunity to save your family and/or your business some money?

The mathematics is quite convincing. If you could cut your trash quantity down to 25% of the current amount, you would pay $4.50 for a big bag of trash instead of four times that amount $18.00. This seems like something worth doing. The various categories of recyclable materials that are currently accepted is quite large. Perhaps the name of the building should be changed to emphasize the need for more recycling. Just a switch of the two names would do a lot. This suggestion would make the building name, The Beaver Island Recycling Center and Transfer Station. This would put the emphasis on recycling, which is where the island families and businesses could actually save money. The difference is just one of sorting the materials and placing them in the proper recycling boxes.

Here is a video of some of the items recycled HERE



Road sign..............Express lane

Lots of options for recycing!

Meet Jenna Wilk

Jenna Wilk is approaching her one year anniversary of moving to Beaver Island, first as a long time substitute teacher replacing Anna Martell. Jenna is now the 21st Century Learning Coordinator taking over after Laura Gibson moved on to pursue her music career. Jenna seemed very relaxed during the interview.


Peaine Township Board Meeting

Tonight, March 13, 2013, the Peaine Township Board Meeting began at a little after 7 p.m. The Peaine Township Board of Review had been meeting all day, then came the Peaine Trails Committee Meeting, and then finally the Peaine Township Board meeting with two of these concurrent with the Board of Review going until 10 p.m. tonight.

The Peaine Township Board meeting was very efficent and the items on the agenda covered completely. The township business was completed in a little over half and hour. Besides the every meeting pledge, review of agenda and addition of items, and approval of minutes, the Global Partners lease for the south tower on the Kings Highway was recommended for five 5 year terms with a 3% increase per year with the expiration of 2040. The township would receive $7500 for this lease. The township supervisor was granted approval to sign this lease.

There was a short discussion of the Human Resources Commission request for the townships to cover the costs of flights for members to attend meetings on the mainland. There may be some legal issues with this. The township approved the request, based upon the legal issues not in conflict with this action.

The township airport committee had request three resolutions be passed for the township airport. The first was approval of the Lay-out plan. The second was for the design, construction of the site including tree clearing. The third was approval of the terminal building. All approved with the permission given to the airport committee chair or vice-chair to sign the agreements. It was reported that the bid for tree clearing was approved. There was an explanation of the bidding process with only one bidder meeting the requirements. Dave Schwartzfisher was awarded the bid for tree clearing in the amount of $20,000.

It was announced that Carol Burton had resigned as library board trustee. It was agreed to post this position with a deadline of 10-14 days. The Peaine Township Planning Commission needed to replace a position left by Adam Wirth with the understanding that those currently serving would continue. Pete LoDico was re-appointed to the Airport Commission for three more years.

There was discussion of the Waste Management Committee positions. Supervisor Kohls suggested that it was time to possibly redo the document creating the committee since they were not meeting on the required day and that no bylaws could be found. Supervisor Kohls also suggested that the committee be pared down to five instead of seven members. There will be more discussion on this.

The meeting was adjourned shortly after the Waste Management Discussion and the bill for payment being approved.

View video of the meeting HERE

BICS Celebrates Irish Heritage In St. Patrick's Day Activities


After Lunch:

· K-6 – Movie Darby O'Gill and the Little People in Mrs. Robert's Room

7-12 –Irish Documentary “ Bliain in Árainn Mhór” in Mr. Richards Room http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=209XDNeHsTc

1:30 K-12 Students gather in Gym for reading of Limericks, Prizes, Tug-of-War, 3-legged race

2:00 K-12 Students in Gym for music and dancing with Danny & Danny & Br. Jim

Fedex Virus

If you receive an email message that appears to be from the store manager of Fedex, delete the email immediately. If you open the email, it will tell you that a package that you ordered was unable to be delivered. The message also states that you need to pick up that package at the local Fedex office. No address or telephone number is included in the email. Attached to the email is what appears to be a WORD document. DO NOT download it. The document that you download is an executable file that infects your computer with malware and/or virus that will not be prevented from infecting your computer by your antivirus program. The computer that has been infected is owned by the editor of Beaver Island News on the 'Net. McAfee Security Center did not protect the computer from this malware. McAfee Security Center also would not remove this problem from the computer.

The program that did solve the problem was PC Tools Spyware Doctor, which was purchased and downloaded to the computer and run in Safe Mode. Spyware Doctor removed the malware and/or virus. Then when the computer was rebooted by the program a message appears that suggests that the previous antivirus program, McAfee Security Center, be removed from the computer. Don't do this request. Keep both programs on your computer. If problems arise with both running, you can always disable one of them later on.

News on the 'Net is considering a petition to have these malware producers charged with a 30 year felony charge with decisions made every year to renew the 30 year felony imprisonment every year. Talk about frustrating, and a complete waste of time. A total of two and a half hours wasted on this Fedex Virus issue today, March 12, 2013. This time could have been better used to prepare for EMT class tonight and/or prepare for the coming St. Patrick's weekend festivities.

Information from Our School

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Schedule

Newsletter #3, March 2013

Beaver Island District Library News

The regular library board meeting on Thursday, March 21, 2013, is at 4:30 p.m., and all of the interviews are open to the public. The interviews are for the following people on the following dates and times:

Friday, March 22, 2013: 9 am Cindy Ricksgers; 1 pm Patrick McGinnity; 2:30 pm Helena Hayes

Saturday, March 23,2013 8:30 am Theresa McDonough; 10 am Laura Potter; 3 pm Katharine Badgley

The new president of the board is Krys Lyle.



Attempt to Live Stream St. James Township Meeting

With an investment for a new wireless antenna, News on the 'Net is attempting to live stream the St. James Township Board meeting tonight, March 6, 2013. The meeting will start at 7:30 p.m. The Chamber of Commerce has granted us permission to use their wireless connection at the Chamber office. The two antennas are over a half mile apart, so that's why this is called an attempt. Tonight is a test to make sure that this will work. If it works, you can view the meeting at http://beaverisland.tv

The live streaming from the St. James Hall worked quite well tonight. Pretty amazing! Lots of extra setup work, but the work was worth it.

If this works, the next plan is to attempt to live stream the outside games on St. Patrick's weekend as well as the games inside the Shamrock.

View St James Meeting Video HERE

Celebrity Basketball March 1st

(March 1, 2013) There was a fundraising event tonight at six at the BICS gym. The BICS boys and girls team played in a game against members of the public service agencies of the island including Beaver Island EMS, Beaver Island Fire Department, and Beaver Island Rural Health Center, as well as Charlevoix County Sheriff's Department. There were other guest players besides. This was truly a fun event for all participants and for all the spectators. Beginning at 6 p.m., the game was fun to watch.

If interested, you can watch it HERE

BI Boat Company Schedule for 2013


Peaine Township Board Meeting Video

The Peaine Township Board was on Wednesday, February 13, 2013. Items on the agenda included the Peaine Recreation Plan, the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund Grant, an Emergency Services Authority Update, a report on the Airport Terminal Project with lengthy discussion, a Human Services Commission request, appointments to Committees, Trails Committee extensive discussion about makeup and appointments, and the motion for salary for all board members.

You can view the video of the meeting HERE

NRESC Meeting Was Live Streamed

The NRESC members present

The audience

This meeting started at 10 a.m. today, March 2, 2013. You can view some of the paperwork that was presented in PowerPoint and vocal presentations HERE.

Video of the NRESC Meeting HERE

Waste Management Committee Meeting, January 15, 2013

Video of the Meeting can be viewed HERE

Beaver Island Veteran's Memorial

View the Tribute to Veterans Video

Airport Commission Meeting Today

At 11 a.m. this morning, February 18, 2013, the Beaver Island Airport Commission is having a special meeting regarding the airport terminal project. The project is moving along quite quickly, so, if you are interested, please come to the St. James Township Hall at 11. The plans for the building will be finalized today, so that preparations can be made for the bids to go out. The project MUST be completed in 2013, and it must be finished before the end of the year.

The video for this meeting is available HERE

St. James Township Board Meeting Video

You can view video of the whole meeting or parts of the meeting HERE

Freedom of Information Act and Open Meeting Act Presentation

The scheduled presentation covering the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Open Meeting Act (OMA) took place at Peaine Township Hall, yesterday, May 23, 2012. The presentation was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. and end at 4 p.m., but the questions extended past 4:20 p.m. This presentation was given by Robin Luce Herrmann. Ms. Herrmann is a lawyer who represents the press in FOIA and OMA court actions. She had previously represented the Petoskey News Review (PNR) in a court case after the PNR was denied a FOIA request from the Charelvoix County Prosecutor. The PNR won this court action. The Charlevoix County Prosecutor had been asked to come give this presentation, but no mutually acceptable date had been determined.

Robin Luce Herrmann provided a large amount of information about many aspects of both of these acts and answered several questions related to these specific pieces of law including court decisions and Attorney Generals opinions.

Video of the Presentations Can Be Viewed HERE

WMC Links

Meeting Dates

New Prices for Transfer Station

NRESC Has Its Own Website

Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community


Mon – Fri 11am – 5pm

Sat 11am – 9pm

Sun Closed!

Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

Recycling Info

Visit the Charlevoix Recycling Website for more information

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

Beaver Island Food Pantry and Gregg Fellowship Hall Donations Accepted

Click Here to donate

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!


An Editorial by Joe Moore

View the video HERE

Everyone knows that I hate posting links that fly around Facebook and other social networks, but every once in a great while, I find one that shocks me enough to want to share it.

If the following YouTube video is accurate, there needs to be some serious discussion about taxes including income taxes, property taxes, and local taxes. This video makes you think about who should be paying social security tax, federal income tax, and state and local taxes without a cap. Eye opening information IF it's valid!

From the B.I. Chamber of Commerce

NEW Beaver Island Visitors Guide www.BeaverIsland.org

The all new Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce web site was developed by members Next Level Solutions – Jeff & Sara Stone.

“The site is a continuing work in progress as we strive for world class. A mobile application is coming soon,” said Executive Director Steve West

A new ad section has been added to the home page right column. The Chamber's long time print center spread advertisers are featured. An announcement about a new member only web advertising option will be made soon. Last year the site got 105,000 views and the average visit length was nearly six (6) minutes. The site is the Google “ Beaver Island ” number one search result.

The new site features a link to the new Chamber Facebook page. It features only “happy face” Island news. http://www.facebook.com/beaverisland

Weekly Fishing Tip: Safety Tips for Spring Ice Fishing

It's almost officially spring and there still may be numerous opportunities in different locations throughout the state to get out on the ice. But just remember, there are a few important safety precautions to take if you plan to do so:

1. Towards the end of the season, ice becomes rotten and soft. Although ice may still be more than a foot thick, it might not be strong enough to hold someone safely.
2. Don't forget to still carry the appropriate safety items, such as ice picks and a throw rope. And remember to wear a personal flotation device when heading out.
3. Continue to use the buddy system and know you'll have someone with you to help if you fall through the ice.
4. Carry a fully charged cell phone in a waterproof plastic bag. Make sure it is easily accessible on your person in case of an emergency.
5. Pay attention to the weather. If it hasn't been consistently cold or if there has been a lot of wind you can't guarantee there will be solid ice to head out on.

For more information on ice fishing, check out the Ice Fishing – The Coolest Sport Around article available online .

Update: Contract with Emmett County Voted Out

In a vote of 4-2 with George Lasater and Larry Sullivan dissenting, the Charlevoix County Commission voted to end the contract with Emmett County and accept a bid from American Waste.

Read more at the Petoskey News HERE

Under Serious Discussion to Break Contract

Charlevoix County Commissioners will be making a serious decision at 9:30 a.m on March 13, 2013. They will decide whether to break a contract with the Emmett County Recycling program and choose American Waste as hauler and recycler. The question about which one to choose, whether to break a contract with Emmett County or not, and whether a less expensive solution will benefit all Charlevoix County taxpayers is what is at stake.

You can read more about this situation by clicking on the link below, which will take you to the Petoskey News Review article on this topic. Islander Rich Gillespie is recommending that this contract be broken and to accept the American Waste bid for the next ten years.


Live Streaming Report for February 2013

How do you measure success?

Beaver Island TV (http://beaverisland.tv) had 363 unique visitors for the month of February 2013. Over 1200 individual connections to this website for the month of February. This makes 734 unique visitors for the months of January and February with a few days in March included. This is 2700 hits and only 68 of these hits were from Beaver Island. 56 of these connections were for 15 minutes or longer. 136 connected using a personal smartphone or Ipad. This represents many off-Island contacts that would not have been possible without the live streaming capabilities of Beaver Island News on the 'Net. One individual was able to attend the NRESC planning session by watching the entire meeting on this website. Several relatives have been able to watch their child, grandchild, cousin, niece, or nephew play sports on Beaver Island. That is how to measure success, one unique IP address at a time.

Sunshiny Snowshoe Adventure

With a little over four hours off on Sunday, March 3, 2013, it seemed that with all this wonderful snow and sunshine at the same time, an albeit short snowshoe adventure was perfect for this period of time. A short drive to check out Hidden Valley Trail showed lots of foot traffic, which while making the travel easier, was not the adventure idea in mind. A short drive to the Port St. James Campground suggested that this might be a little more of an adventure since neither of the snowshoers had been on this trail in the winter time or any other time.

From the beginning, the adventure began with a decision about following the snowmachines tracks or not.

So, the adventure began. No map, no snowmobile tracks, and no GPS, just a desire to get some exercise.

One of the best parts of this adventure was to get away from the sounds of civilization and enjoy the quiet of the woods.

An interesting discovery was made. It is a lot harder to snowshoe downhill than uphill. The snowshoes slide and it is much harder to keep your balance going downhill.

The thought was that the trail looped back, but no evidence of that was found on this trip.

As a side note here, the picture of the intersection street signs on the cedar post was routed at the Beaver Haven Marina by Phil Gregg and/or Joe Moore. These sign posts were placed there a couple summers before the marina sold to the Andersons. The post holes were dug by hand and the poles were placed with the street names placing the proper direction by Joe Moore hauled in the old green trailer with the vehicle driven by Walker Hill, who also provided the proper locations of these street signs. Newer street signs are right next to this one, but there are not too many of these older signs left.

The two snowshoers were a little tired since the adventure included climbing and coming down the backside of the hills through which the adventure lead us. We discovered that the distance back to the parked vehicle was quite long by way of roads, so we hitched a ride in a pickup truck back to the vehicle. It was a wonderful outing, particulary because we traveled on a trail that hadn't been traveled by anyone else this winter.

Although this adventure did not continue the desire to snowshoe around the entire shoreline of Beaver Island, it did give an opportunity to get out and enjoy the winter day in the sunshine, and a beautiful day it was!

The snowshoe adventure is marked in blue, probably the Coggin's Trail.

Short video clip of the snowshoeing


Beaver Island Fire Department Auxiliary Receives Grant

St. James Township received funding in the amount $25,000.00 from the Grand Traverse Band for the construction of a pole barn. This pole barn is the planned construction of "Carol's Barn." The BI Fire Department Auxiliary wrote for this grant. The kudos go to Donna Stambaugh and Gerald LaFreniere for the successful grant which was approved by both townships for presentation to the tribe. The pole barn will be built behind the existing Island Treasures Resale Shop to house some larger items that might include furniture. Many thanks to Donna, Gerald, both townships, and the Grand Traverse Band for money that will help with the construction of "Carol's Barn."

Clean Up This Spring at Powers' Do It Best Hardware

One local winner will rake in $1000 worth of merchandise.

Beaver Island, MI—After one visit to Powers' Do It Best Hardware, you just might end up looking for ways to add to your home improvement to-do list. On February 26, 2013, Powers Do It Best will begin accepting entries for a $1000 Shopping Giveaway. One local winner, selected at random, will receive $1000 in merchandise from Powers Do It Best. The contest ends May 31, 2013.

Denni Cady-Stid says that the giveaway should create plenty of excitement among Powers Do It Best customers. "One of the best things about the drawing is that our customers have an opportunity to make a wish list and get the items they really want to use in their home improvement or garden project. And for one of our neighborhood customers, that wish list will come true. We're looking forward to helping make that happen."

Full details about the $1000 giveaway are available at Powers Do It Best Hardware. The giveaway will be promoted through the store's advertising materials, and entries will be accepted exclusively at Powers Do It Best, located at 26259 Main Street. There is a limit of one entry per household per day. One winner will be chosen from each participating store.

About Powers Do It Best Hardware:

Powers Do It Best Hardware is located at (26259 Main Street and has been serving customers in the Beaver Island area for 15 years. Powers Do It Best Hardware offers a complete line of merchandise offered: hardware, plumbing, lumber, housewares, gifts, paint and electrical supplies for everyone from the do-it yourself homeowner to the professional. Powers Do It Best Hardware has been a Do it Best Corp. member since 2005.

About Do it Best Corp.:

Based in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Do it Best Corp. is the only full-service U.S.-based, member-owned hardware, lumber and building materials buying cooperative in the home improvement industry. With annual sales of $2.68 billion, Do it Best Corp. is the second largest co-op in the industry, serving 4,000 member-owned stores in the United States and in 53 foreign countries.

BICS Math and Reading MEAP Scores Among Top in Michigan

Fall 2012 Statewide MEAP results were released to the public in early February, and, once again, Beaver Island Community School scored higher than state and local averages. Beaver Island Community School scores are higher than state averages in Math and Reading by 18% to 37%. BICS scores are also consistently higher than the other school districts in Charlevoix and Emmett Counties. The district's Writing, Science and Social Studies scores also exceeded state averages by 6% – 10%.; because fewer than 10 students in two grade levels were tested in these subjects, results are not posted publicly. Students in grades 3 – 8 were tested in Reading and Math; the data below is an average of the 26 general education students who were tested.

Average % of BICS students who meet or exceed

2012 MEA P standards (grades 3-8)




Beaver Island






Althought the BICS community will celebrate the success of its students, the facuty and staff are very aware that the district faces unique challenges as the curriculum is adjusted to meet the Common Core State Standards. While small class sizes come with many advantages, when assessing statistical data, it can also have disadvantages. One student's score can alter percentages in any grade level by up to 50%.

The faculty spent much of their February 15, 2013 Professional Development Day reviewing group and individual scores and defining a plan of action to ensure that our curriculum, materials, teaching strategies and interventions are aligned to provide each student with a path to success. Individual student results will soon be shared with parents.

Any questions about this information should be directed to the school office, 448-2744.

Meet Jason Darwin and Rachel Champenoy

Both of these new island residents have been here on Beaver Island since the end of August 2012, with Jason taking the job as BICS custodian. Rachel has since been hired as an assistant to Dr. Jeff Powers in his veterinary business, and is cross-trained to work in the hardware as well. Both have fallen in love with the island friendly living style and have felt welcomed by all. They are looking forward to meeting more people and getting into the community activities.


Rachel is enrolled in the Beaver Island EMS Basic EMT class being taught on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, with select Saturdays thrown into the schedule. She is looking forward to helping out with our EMS program here on the island.



Events at the BI Christian Church

Bingo on March 6 and March 20 with doors open at 6:15PM Bingo starts at 7PM

Easter Brunch starting at 11:30AM w/pancakes, scrambled eggs, Ham, French Toast delight, coffee, tea and Juice Community is invited to join us for the 50 year Celebration of the Christian Church

April 3 and 17 Bingo May 1 and May 15 Bingo.

May 18 Memorial for Jane Schmidt- time has not been set

Memorial for EB Lange May 26.

June 25 thru 27 Vacation Bible School.

Week of July 15 thru 20th Museum Week Art Show.

July 25 Rita Gillespie Blood Drive.

August 4 Community picnic in celebration of the 50 years of the BICC

August 10 annual Bake Sale Women's Circle of the Christian Church starting 9AM until NOON

October 31 Trunk or Treat going from 5 - 6:30PM.

Nov 28 Thanksgiving Dinner starting at 6PM

St. James Supervisor Bill Haggard Announces Office Hours

Bill Haggard will continue to maintain the same office hours as the previous supervisor.

  1. St. James Government Building Wednesday's from 10:00AM to 2:00 PM

  2. Office telephone 448-2014

  3. Email address billhaggard.beaverisland@ gmail.com


Gregg Fellowship Center. Doors open at 6:15 pm and games start at 7:00 sharp!

Beaver Island Human Services Commission 2013 Meeting Schedule

At 2 p.m. at the Beaver Island Community School

The Commission is a collaboration of organizations that advocates for the emotional and physical needs of island residents and visitors of all ages.

March 21, 2013

April 18, 2013

May 16, 2013

June 20, 2013

September 19, 2013

October 17, 2013

November 21, 2013

Members: _______(Char-Em Human Service Coordinating Body), Adam Richards (BIRHC), Alice Belfy(BICS), Judi Meister (Food Pantry), Ann Partridge(COA liaison/Community Center), Lois Williams (Hospice/Helping Hands), Kathy Tidmore(St. James Township Rep.), Pam Grassmick (Peaine Township Rep.), ______ (AmVets)


Christian Church Ministers


17: Pastor Howard Davis

24: Pastor Harold Kruse

31: Pastor Harold Kruse

From Holy Cross Parish Council

Effective May 23, 2012

Summer Mass Schedule for Holy Cross Church

Sunday: 10:00am

Saturday: 5:30pm

Monday and Tuesday and Saturday Mass: 9:00am

Friday Mass: 12:00pm: with Holy Hour Following

Other Liturgies

Rosary before weekday Masses and on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00am

Confession is heard Saturday from 3:00 to 3:30pm

NRESC Meeting Schedule

At Peaine Hall:
March 23, 10 am

Those below are at Peaine Hall 7 pm

May 20, 2013

July 15, 2013

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Shamrock " Senior" Menu Available to ALL!

New office hours for the Peaine Township Supervisor BILL KOHLS

Effective February 28th 2013
Thursday's from 10am - 2pm
Peaine Township Hall
Office Phone: 448-2389
Email address: peainetownship@gmail.com

This is definitely plenty of lead time for those that might want to stop in and talk about some specific issue or issues in general.

Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Nominations

Citizen of the Years Award nominations are now open for the 2012 award.

Every one is invited to send in a Citizen of the Year award nomination. You can pick up a nomination form at the Chamber of Commerce office on Main Street , download one from the home page of www.BeaverIsland.org or call the Chamber of Commerce and request a form by mail.

The award(s) will honor an individual, couple or community organization that has made a significant contribution to making Beaver Island a better place to live, work or visit.

The Award Banquet will be Saturday, April 27, 2013, at the Beaver Island Lodge.

Where Is the Tax Relief for St. James Township Taxpayers

Now that the election is over, it is time to bring this issue back up to the taxpayers on Beaver Island whether they pay taxes in St. James or in Peaine Townships. The following editorial was written by the editor of Beaver Island News on the 'Net, and he is responsible for all statements made. This position is his position only, not the position of News on the 'Net, nor of any family members. In short, the editorial is a response to two specific points: "Why do St. James individual taxpayers pay more for the joint services than does each individual Peaine taxpayer?" and "Are these tax amounts fair?" You can read the whole editorial by clicking on the small picture below.

Crankin T's Club Schedules a Return Visit

The Michigan Crankun T's Club will be returning to Beaver Island this year on Saturday, September 21,2013, for a car show and cruise. The event will be sponsored by the Beaver Island Boat Co, The Shamrock & the Chamber of Commerce. According to cl ub president Bob Fitzgerald the group is looking forward to a return visit because they had a wonderful time on friendly Beaver Island in 2011. About 20 Model T Fords with a variety of bodies are expected for the weekend event.

NRESC Report to the Townships

Stop Aquatic Hitchhikers

With the summer season approaching, this would seem to be something important to consider and the Island fishermen would want to become aware. The island might want to consider some method of keeping these hitchhikers out of the inland lakes. The link is to the Midwest Invasive Species Information Network.


What's Going On at the Beaver Island BIBCO Dock?

If you didn't have connections with the boat company or the transportation authority, you probably don't know the answer to this question. Before it gets answered, some history might help you put this in perspective.

Each year the Beaver Island Boat Company ferries make approximately 375 round trips to the island, travel over 24,000 miles, transport over 40,000 passengers, carry around 6,500 vehicles and approximately 15,000 tons of freight. The Emerald Isle (EI) is 130 feet in length, 39 feet wide, and draws 8.5 feet with a top speed of 14.5 knots and maximum capacity of 294 passengers with capability for a semi-truck. This vessel has a stair-lift and first deck can be accessed in a wheelchair. The EI has 150 indoor/covered seats, 5 restrooms, fixed stabilizers, power outlets and food/refreshment vending machines. The Emerald Isle was designed by Timothy Graul Marine Design in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin, and was built in 1997.

The EI is fifteen years old, and it was time to overhaul the two diesel engines, which individually power the two propellers at the stern. Each engine operates one propeller. Another interesting fact is that the electricity needed on the vessel is provided separately from the power needed to move the propellers. This power is generated by two generators that are also in the engine room.

This winter, something historical is occurring in the engine room of the EI. Both engines are being overhauled by mechanics from Michigan Cat. This may be the first time that the diesel engines of the BIBCO ferry has been overhauled right here on Beaver Island. This makes this story quite interesting,.Two mechanics spent a little over three weeks overhauling one of the diesel engines, which is just about finished and ready to test. These mechanics have moved on to the second engine and were beginning to put this second engine together today, February 19, 2013, when BINN visited the engine room.

This cost includes the fee from Michigan Cat, Wages, administrative time, supplies and shipping. The maintenance work was necessary to ensure the Island is responsibly and reliably serviced. It is important to note that the incredible maintenance program Joe McDonough has implemented on behalf of the Beaver Island Boat Company has helped to keep this operation "top-notch". The Cat Crew mentioned that they have not worked on engines with the amount of hours and fuel put through them that are this clean and in prime condition. (This linformation from BIBCO.)

Update from the Beaver Island Transportation Authority: There is a third party contract for the rebuilding of the engines. The contract is between BITA and Michigan CAT. The cost of rebuilding the engines is $165, 506.42 for each engine. If the turbos need to be rebuilt, it would cost $41,655.26 each. This makes the total bid from Michigan CAT at $414,323.36. The Michigan CAT representatives have stated that the normal rebuild time for these engines is twelve years. The reason that this rebuild could be delayed until fifteen years is the excellent maintenance performed on the engines by the BIBCO crew, especially Joe McDonough. This extended three years and increase of 25% in life of these engines is solely based upon this excellent maintenance.

Here are a few pictures:

These pistons and cylinder heads, that are not completely boxed, are the ones removed from the engines. The items in the boxes are new parts.

Here is the engine that the mechanics are working on right now.

Here is one of the two generators that produce the needed electrical power for the Emerald Isle.

A couple of the new cylinders and their sleeves, and a look into the engine sleeve that was just placed there.

Crawling under the engine to make sure that the crankshaft is in the proper position to insert the sleeve they were working on.

Place one of the sleeves and removing the plastic protection.

Three sleeves with one being positioned.

One of the bearings being placed from below, but held in place from above.

Video of the visit to the Emerald Isle engine room

Lodge To Open April 27 For Citizen of the Year Banquet

The Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year award banquet will be at the Beaver Island Lodge on Saturday April 27 th . "We are looking forward to Islanders enjoying our opening of the Beaver Island Lodge for the Citizen of the Year banquet. We are already working and planning to make it a special early season event and a culinary delight," said Lodge co-owner Eric Hodgson.

The Beaver Island Lodge released the following menu for the annual Chamber of Commerce event.

1st - Seasonal Salad

2nd - choice of
Tomato pesto crusted chicken breast with creamy cheddar polenta
Filet of beef with lobster and Boursin mashed potatoes and a merlot reduction
Grilled halibut with corn coconut curry sauce and cherry tomato chutney

3rd – Dessert, fresh fruit and sorbet parfait

Prices will range from $27-38 per person for the complete meal.

Citizen of the Years Award Nominations

Every one is invited to send in a 2012 Citizen of the Year award nomination. You can pick up a nomination form at your Chamber office on Main Street, download one from here http://www.beaverisland.org/2012-citizen-of-the-year.pdf You may call 231.448.2505 and request a form by mail. The nomination deadline is April 1st .

“The award(s) will honor an individual, couple or community organization that has made a significant contribution to making Beaver Island a better place to live, work or visit.”

3rd Annual Gail's Walk

The Beaver Island Food Pantry

Don Spencer, a trustee of the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, presents a grant check to Judi Meister, a member of the Beaver Island Food Pantry Committee, while Connie Wojan, also a CCCF trustee, looks on. Beaver Island Food Pantry Comittee members Miranda Roo y, Chris Van Looy and Patrick Nugent are packing a box for distribution to a Beaver Island family. Photo by Frank Solle.

Beaver Island Food Pantry, a non-profit, volunteer organization serving the residents of Beaver Island, has been awarded a grant from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation. This grant was awarded late last year and is to be used specifically to purchase groceries for the Easter dinner boxes. These boxes will be distributed to a number of Beaver Island residents in late March.

The Beaver Island Food Pantry was established in 2008 and first operated out of a small storage room graciously provided by the Beaver Island Christian Church. The original committee consisted of Jayne Bailey, John Fiegen, Judi Meister, and Miranda Rooy. Chris Van Looy joined the committee later, representing the Beaver Island Rural Health Center. Before much time had passed, it became obvious that more room was needed and the Food Pantry moved to a larger room in the Gregg Fellowship Center. Donations of a refrigerator and freezer and financial assistance from the Charlevoix County Community Foundation for shelving allow us to operate much more efficiently. The Beaver Island Food Pantry has always operated as a community food pantry; no church affiliation is required.

Beaver Island Food Pantry's mission statement “. . .because we are a family” states that our island community is committed to sharing our resources so no one goes hungry and all have a place to turn.” The Beaver Island Food Pantry acknowledges that donations come from our community family and distributes food and resources to any member in need, while maintaining confidentiality of all who ask for assistance.

With the exception of this grant, the Food Pantry is funded solely by food and cash donations from caring individuals and organizations. Cash donations are used to supplement the food donations so that healthy, well-rounded food baskets are available for monthly distributions.. Sometimes the cash donations come with specific designations such as pet food or personal hygiene products; these designations are honored as supplies are purchased to stock the pantry shelves. The food pantry volunteers deeply appreciate the many seasonal residents and summer visitors who support the Beaver Island Food Pantry throughout the year with their cash donations; they also appreciate the generosity of those same seasonal residents and summer visitors who donate their leftover food items to the Food Pantry before leaving the Island.

A note to all members of our Beaver Island family from the Beaver Island Food Pantry: “We strongly encourage residents who find themselves in need of Food Pantry assistance to contact us at one of the local numbers listed below.”

Drop-off locations for food donations are: Beaver Island Christian Church, Beaver Island Community Center, Beaver Island Rural Health Center, Fresh Air Aviation, and Island Airways. Financial contributions may be sent to Beaver Island Food Pantry, PO Box 21.

The Charlevoix County Community Foundation is a local charitable organization dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for all citizens of Charlevoix County by building permanent endowment, addressing needs through grantmaking and providing leadership resources to serve the community. More information about the Charlevoix County Community Foundation can be found at http://www.c3f.org or by calling 231-536-2440.

More information about the Beaver Island Food Pantry can be found by calling Judi Meister (231-448-2963 ) or Patrick Nugent (231-448-2329 )

Several Subscriptions Expire in March

Several family and business subscriptions expire in March 2013. This is a reminder to those that wish to renew online. If you do renew online using a credit or debit card, and the Paypal SUBSCRIBE button, BINN will automatically make a donation of $10 in your name to the Beaver Island Food Pantry. If you are not sure when your subscription expires, please email the editor at medic5740@gmail.com, and your subscription expiration will be included in a return email.


Rooms Needed for Blacksmithing Event


Live View of the Ice Classic

Live view of the Ice Classic at McDonough's Market Webcam

There is a live feed of the Ice Classic tower thanks to the camera at Dalwhinnie Bakery & Deli

Tickets are at McDonough's or the Community Center

Beaver Island Ice Classic

It's BACK again, the winter's favorite event, the Beaver Island ICE CLASSIC!

Jimmy Wojan
Bob Banville
Jon Fogg
Pat Nugent
Dillon Butler

The contest is over the 1st day of spring or if there is warm weather it will be earlier. This year the first day of spring is Wednesday, March 20.

Each guess is $5.00 or 6 (yes 6) for $20.00

2011 12:22 pm April 10 $1000
2010 4:10 pm, March 18. Prize $700
2009 1:58 pm, April 9 Prize $1100
2008 11:34pm, April 8 Prize $1200
2007 2:52pm March 28 Prize 1200
2006 8:29 pm March 29 Prize $600

Tickets will be available at McDonough's Sunday February 10, 2013 or at the Community Center or from PABI board members.

Off the island and want to participate? e-mail me at b_tidmore@hotmail.com Bob Tidmore

Proposed Beaver Island Garage

For Charlevoix County Services on Beaver Island

Site plans and artist renditions may be viewed by clicking on the schematic above.

Wondering About Invasive Species?

If you are interested in finding out about invasive species, the following links will take you to the State of Michigan website. There is a a lot of information there about aquatic and terrestrial invasive species. The website is very well done, and the information is presented in an interesting and logical way including "Invasive Species of the Month." If you've been wondering what this is all about, here's a chance to take a look at the state's information.

State of Michigan Website on Invasive Species

Contact information for Invasive Species

Resource List for Emmet County


The Beaver Island Rural Health Center is seeking applicants interested in serving on its board of directors. Board positions will be filled at its next meeting on Saturday, March 23, 2013.

Board terms are for three years and directors are not compensated. The BIRHC board meets every third month on the fourth Saturday. Directors are expected to attend most of the meetings, either in person or by speakerphone.

Candidates should be team players who will champion the cause of the Health Center and be willing to contribute their time and talents to board activities, including fundraising. Full or part-time residents are encouraged to apply by letter to the BIRHC Selection Committee, P.O. Box 146, Beaver Island, MI 49782.

For more information, applicants may contact Donna Kubic, Managing Director. Candidates should send or drop off a letter which states their interest and tells a little about themselves by the deadline of February 22, 2013.


Airport Commission Live Streamed and Productive

The two ladies who visited were Kendra Thompson, architect, and Stephanie Ward from Meade and Hunt and these ladies participated in the meeting beginning at 11 a.m.. They will not be referred to by their names in this article.

Kendra Thompson and Stephanie Ward

There were two meetings today, January 26, 2013, the regular BI Airport Commission meeting, and a meeting with the architect and Meade and Hunt. The meetings today were very productive with decisions made that provided both visitors with the information that is needed to move forward, and stay on a good timeline toward completion of the airport terminal project.

Video of the Airport Commission Regular Meeting HERE

The first item that was passed as a motion was the determination of the location and shape of the parking areas. This was needed to be determined to allow bids for tree removal to get moving. The tree removal must be completed, at least the trees must be down on the ground, prior to the April 1st deadline to protect the nesting locations of migratory birds. "We don't want these birds to build a nest in the trees and then cut down the trees." The adopted parking plan with tree removal was to included a more square parking area with fewer drive areas instead of a very long rectangular parking area that would cause an almost 400 feet walk for the person parking in the furthest parking spot. The difference would cause approximately two acres of trees to be felled instead of 1.5 acres of trees. It was felt that this extra half acres of tree removal would be well worth it to make fewer plowing areas and shorter walking distances.

The second item that passed as a motion was the approval of the floor plan and elevations as presented and dated January 26, 2013. This presentation was the fourth decrease in square footage of the planned terminal since the 2008 plan was made. The board, as a whole, did not want to see any more cuts in the size of the building and accepted the multi-use concept of these drawings.

The third item determined by motion was the use of geothermal for heating and cooling. The payback time for the increased cost of geothermal when compared to conventional propane or electricity is approximately four or five years. The Meade and Hunt representative suggested that it might be possible for the geothermal work outside of the "four walls of the building" to actually be qualified as part of the federal grant for site preparation instead of the state grant for the building.

The first meeting began a little after nine a.m. This meeting was missing Mike Scripps because he was flying from off the island. Elaine West chaired this portion of the meeting. Included in this meeting were the listing of the questions that the BIAC wanted to ask of the architect and of Meade and Hunt. This meeting was suspended and went into recess for approximately fifteen minutes after the business was completed with the exception of the budget. Mike Scripps arrived at approximately ten a.m. and the meeting was resumed to work on the budget. This budget was completed and agreed upon by 10:45 a.m. and the first meeting was adjourned.

The second meeting included presentations by the architect and by Meade and Hunt and began at 11 a.m., the time posted. This meeting continued for approximately two hours with decisions being made as mentioned above. Lots of progress was made in the planning of the terminal building construction plans and the site preparation work as mentioned above.

The Airport Committee.......the audience early on

The work session with tables pulled together

Video of the Planning Session including decisions

Here is the plan.

The site plan presented by Meade and Hunt

The floor plan presented by the architect after four reductions in size

Conceptual plans for the four views of the building

Possible costs for parts of the plan

Beaver Island News on the 'Net Live Streamed the entire time from the beginning of the first meeting until the end of the second meeting. Video recordings of these meetings were also made and are available at links above.

Schematic Drawings from the Architect

(Click on each pictures below to see the full size schematic)

Floor Plan


Airfield View and Entry View

NRESC Produces Timeline

NRESC Planning Process – Adopted January 21, 2013

The NRESC intends to produce a full draft set of recommendations for natural resource management that will be submitted to the Township Boards and shared with the community/stakeholders for feedback by May 1, 2013. Once a draft is completed, the NRESC intends to hold a 45-day feedback process, after which it will revise the draft and submit final recommendations to the township boards.

Process/Timeline for Producing Recommendations


Time Line

Adopt deadline and revise process for completing draft recommendations

Completed - January 21, 2013

Establish subcommittees to develop recommended Strategies for three Goal areas.

Co-chairs are:

Resource Management : Grassmick, Mastenbrook, Parsons

Economic Growth: Powers, Plastrik

Informed Public : Cashman, Tilly

(Plastrik will serve as liaison between the subcommittees, to ensure minimal duplication of effort, and coordination of recommendations)

Completed – January 21, 2013

Subcommittee co-chairs review input to date, gather additional input, and develop recommended Strategies for review by full NRESC

January 22-February 22

Working session of NRESC to review/revise draft recommendations from subcommittees

February 23 (public session)

Subcommittees revise/redraft recommendations based on feedback

February 24-March 8

Working session of NRESC to review/revise draft recommendations from subcommittees, and to assemble overall “unified” draft of recommendations

March 9 (public session)

Plastrik leads process of drafting unified recommendations for NRESC consideration

March 10-March 29

Working session of NRESC to review/revise unified recommendations draft

March 30 (public session)

Completion of draft recommendations (additional input, as needed)

March 31-April 30

Submission of draft recommendations to the community, stakeholders, and township boards for feedback

May 1

Feedback processes

May 1-June 15

Working session of NRESC to review/revise draft based on feedback from various sources

June 22 (public session)

NRESC submits final recommendations to township boards

July 1


The Beaver Island Rural Health Center Board of Directors has set its meeting schedule for 2013. The board will now meeting quarterly instead of every other month. Meetings are held at 10 a.m. in the community room of the BIRHC. Meetings will be held on the following Saturdays: March 23, June 22, September 28. The annual meeting will be held on Saturday, December 14.

Stoney Acre Senior Meals

Stoney Acres began serving senior meals on January 2, 2013. These are a few examples of their menu. Here is a copy of their completed menu.

Half turkey reuben.....Small Cobb salad

Beef Nachos........Two piece chicken basket

Seniors' Meal Options

Besides the home delivered meals prepared by Dahlwhinnie, there are options currently at two restaurants, Dahlwhinnie's and the Shamrock. The menus are down below, but there are times where a picture is worth a hundred words. These pictures are not meant to depict the entire menu at either place, but just to give you an opportunity to see what some of the options look like. The editor can attest to the excellent meals that have been consumed over the last few months. The seniors, who have not participated, should seriously consider these wonderful meals. The seniors that have been participating should invite another senior to go with them.

Breakfast at Dahlwhinnie's is an excellent opportunity to sit down and socialize. The #1 breakfast at Dahlwhinnies was sampled by the editor and it received a two thumbs up, once the thumbs were done proving help to the hands in consuming this excellent meal. Here is a picture of the meal:

Eggs, hashbrowns, toast, orange juice, milk or coffee, and pears

Dahlwhinnie's is also participating in lunch. Breakfast runs from 7-10, and lunch from 11-2. The honey mustard chicken salad is another wonderful meal as is the tuna melt.

Downtown at the Shamrock Bar, there is no breakfast, but an excellent lunch is awating all seniors for a reasonable cost. These same senior menu items are available to the general public for $7.00. Here are a few pictures of the lunch items available at the Shamrock: Again, the senior lunch and dinner menu is posted below.

Soup and Salad is a wonderful combination of homemade soups and fresh salad with dressing, bread, and butter, Add coffee, tea, or iced tea as a beverage and a fruit cup and you have one excellent lunch.

This wonderful chicken salad is also available as one of the lunch or dinner items for seniors.

A hot beef sandwich with mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, and fruit cup along with your choice of three beverages can't be beat.

Barbeque pulled pork sandwich with mashed potatoes

Chicken wings with French fries and cole slaw

Pasta and Meatballs, very nice

Taco salad, yum, yum

So, there are plenty of Dining Out menu options and, at this time, at least two places to go for lunch. What are you seniors waiting for? Meet you for lunch?

The Shamrock is also offering these same menu choices for dinner for all seniors. The Dining Out program is part of the services offered by the Charlevoix County Commission on Aging.

Dahlwhinnie's Dining Out Menu

The CC Commission on Aging's representatives have approved the menu submitted by Dahlwhinnie's to offer seniors an additional option when deciding to dine out. The addition of a a breakfast menu to a lunch menu provides another option for Dining Out seniors. The menu was available as of Monday, October 8, 2012, and is presented below exactly as presented to BINN with only one thing added. The thing added was the word 'and' in front of the word 'milk.' The following menu items are available from 7-10 a.m.:

#1 1 egg, hashbrowns, orange juice, fruit cup, toast with butter, and milk

#2 1 egg, hashbrowns, orange juice, fruit cup, oatmeal, and milk

#4 Egg sandwich with cheese, orange juice, fruit cup, hashbrowns

#5 1 egg vegetable cheese omelet, hash browns, orange juice

The Dining Out Lunch Menus available from 11 a.m. until 2 p.m. is:

#1 Fresh spinach salad with grilled chicken, red onion, honey mustard dressing, fruit, bread with butter, and milk

#2 Chili--(beef, chicken, or turkey) with tomatoes, beans, peppers, and onions, fruit cup, crackers, and milk

#3 Meat loaf, potatoes, vegetable, fruit, roll with butter, milk

#4 Open face pulled pork sandwich, vegetable, sweet potato, fruit, and milk

#5 Hot turkey or beef sandwich and potatoes with gravy, vegetable, fruit, and milk

#6 Tuna melt on wheat with cheddar, fruit, mixed vegetable

Shamrock " Senior" Menu Available to ALL!

Donate to the Live Streaming Project

The Live Streaming Project includes BICS Sports Events, Peaine Township Meetings, Joint Township Meetings, and much more.

Your donation may allow these events to be live streamed on the Internet at http://beaverisland.tv