For Immediate Release from the Beaver Island Transportation Authority and the Beaver Island Boat Company

The Beaver Island Boat Company and the Beaver Island Transportation Authority negotiating teams have tentatively come to an understanding on the issues of mutual concern contained in their agreement.  The proposal will be brought before their respective boards for review, discussion and potential approval.

Peace Vigil

Approximately 25 individuals gathered at the parking lot of the Beaver Island Christian Church on Sunday afternoon for a peace vigil.  A short prayer for peace was said before the gathering walked quietly to Holy Cross Catholic Church where each received a candle as they formed a semi-circle.  Upon lighting the candles Phil Gregg led them in the Lord's Prayer. Afterwards the group walked through town and back to the Christian Church.  Just a small group who is hoping, and praying, that the world crisis will be resolved without war.

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Celebrating St. Pat's "Island Style"

StPats1.jpg (83453 bytes)Since St. Patrick's Day fell on Monday this year, the island celebrated it this past weekend.  Of course there were those who were suffering from jet lag, having just returned home from the Arranmore trip, and those who were just suffering because of starting the celebration a wee bit early.  Nevertheless, those who were about enjoyed themselves.  I only covered the outdoor games this year, but they will give you an idea of how little it takes to entertain us as winter draws to a close.  This year the weather was perfect for the outdoor games, being in the mid-50's.

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While the Shamrock was filled with people, many more ventured out into the nice day to watch and take part in the games.  Ages ranged from just months to... well, let's just say that some are retired.

The games were started off by Jeremy McBain on the bagpipes.

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The first game is always the shopping cart race.  This involves a team of five people, one of whom sits in the shopping cart (usually wearing a crash helmet).  There are six "stations" that each team must pass in the quickest time possible, they are:

  1. The team must walk in unison with feet strapped to two 2 x 4's up to the shopping cart which contains their 5th member, this is where they can discard the boards and then race to the next station pushing the team member in the cart.

  2. All team members must jump rope, including the person in the cart, who must return to his/her cart between each station.

  3. All team members must play a game of leap-frog.

  4. Each team member must rotate the hula-hoop five times before it falls to the ground.

  5. The team must hold hands while singing and doing ring-around-the-rosy

  6. Each member must traverse the tires as fast as they can.

It seems as though the first station is the hardest for most - especially for the Charlevoix Courier crew led by Editor Jeremy McBain and for Judy Hansul and family which made most of the audience aware that neither the Scots (McBain's team) nor the French (Hansul aka LaFreniere's team)  had a good sense of rhythm going for them.  Station four came in a close second.  Here's what those of us saw who watched these great athletic events saw:


Stations One

shopping cart race 1.jpg (54753 bytes)    shopping cart race 2.jpg (61565 bytes)    shopping cart race 4.jpg (68901 bytes)

CMU shopping cart race1.jpg (60553 bytes)    CourierCrew-shopping cart race1.jpg (66665 bytes)    CourierCrew-shopping cart race3.jpg (68661 bytes)

CourierCrew-shopping cart race4.jpg (71353 bytes)        CourierCrew-shopping cart race2.jpg (65089 bytes)

LaFreniere shopping cart race1.jpg (57565 bytes)    LaFreniere shopping cart race2.jpg (64725 bytes)


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