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It's a Wonderful Life ...

The Gregg family would like to express their deepest appreciation for all of the efforts of this wonderful community. During Phil's recent episode at the hospital, our family began receiving a nearly continuous influx of love and support from friends. There is no way we can really truly express how deeply touched we all are by the sincere and generous support of a community that has become an extended family.

The fact that the island has come together to support our family is really no surprise, but the magnitude of the generosity is overwhelming. The prayers, phone calls, rides, cards, hugs, meals, and visits are truly priceless.

We are so happy we could bring Dad back to his island home, but nobody is happier about this than Dad. As he told Russ Green on the trip home from the airport, “Even the bumps in the road feel good.”

This community has once again outdone itself, and we are so happy that Dad decided to move here all those years ago. We always knew we were blessed with a great family, but with the recent events we began to see just how large our family really is. This is a very special place, and you all contribute to what makes it special every day.

We will never again be able to watch the movie, It's a Wonderful Life without thinking of the events of this past week.

From the bottom of our hearts we thank you all for all you do and for being who you are.

Sincerely with Love,

Phil & Lil Gregg [and Bobby too]
Joe, Phyllis, Michael, Jessica, Courtney, and Andrea Moore
Ruthie Gregg, Michael Himebauch, Kevin, Angie, and Victoria Mogford
Ron, Ann, Tom, and Kayleigh Gregg

St. Patrick's Day Island Style

Since the biggest holiday of the island fell mid-week, the celebration of St. Pat's was held on Saturday, March 20th. Not only was the wearing of the green cause for tipping a few but it was also the official first day of spring. There were a few "walking wounded" about having begun to celebrate a wee bit early but even they were up and about to take part in the games that make up this particular island party.

St. Pat's on Beaver Island has become what Homecoming once was, a gathering of family, stories, parties, and lots of fun. Here's to many, many more as fun as this one was.

It's become tradition for the games to be started by Jeremy McBain, editor of the Charlevoix Courier and piper extrodinaire. This year Jeremy was a bit slow in donning his kilt but before the afternoon was over he was in proper attire. Once the pipes have sounded the games begin with the Shopping Cart Race, then the Tug of War and the Fish Toss. The games continued inside the Shamrock until late in the evening however I did not attend that part of the day. Main Street was lined with folks, some in costume and others just bundled up against the breeze. Even a couple pets got into the mood.. Taz, the Irish Wolfhound, sported an Irish flag while Snow, Amy and Dick Burris' dog flaunted a half green body. Even the littlest baby was wearing an Irish hat.

The People

The Games

Shopping Cart Race

The outdoor games consisted of the Shopping Cart Race. The original cart went into retirement this year to be replaced by a three wheeled vehicle built by Rich Gillespie. This race begins by four members of the team marching in tandem on a pair of 2 x 4's with foot straps navigating to said cart where the fifth member of the team waits. After a short distance all members must take part in a game of leap frog, back into the cart for the driver while the others push to the next station where the members must all jump rope five times. All back into place as they move to the next item which is doing jumping jacks, then on to each member rotating a hula hoop five times followed by Ring Around the Roses and the finale which is stepping through a line of tires. Fastest time wins.

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