Don't Forget to Change Your Clocks

"So you aren't late for Easter services, remember to change your clocks and watches Saturday night before you go to bed. It's spring forward time. Must mean winter is about over??" Certainly a mistake on my part. I read it wrong... it starts for the European Union on the 27th BUT doesn't start here in the U.S. and Canada until April 3rd. So sorry about that.

Another Unique Quality of Beaver Island

Submitted by Joe Moore

The Beaver Island Community School has been looking toward the future ever since the development of “ 21 st Century Learning on Beaver Island ,” a list of recommendations determined by a commission with representatives from all walks of life in this community.  Recommendation II from this document is titled, “A Community That Mobilizes in Support of Each and Every Learner”.  As part of this mobilization, our school has developed Learner Support Groups for each student from 7 th grade through 9 th grade and will continue to expand one grade level until all 7 th through 12 th grade students will have a Learner Support Team. 

Each Learner Support Team includes the student, his parents, one teacher, and one community member.  These Learner Support Teams have been meeting since last winter developing individual goals, determining responsibilities, and attempting to provide a positive environment for each student to develop his/her strengths.

Two projects have developed that are particularly interesting.  These projects were developed as part of the Learner Support Team meetings within the last year.

Harold Lounsberry is Bryan Timsak's mentor.  He and Bryan try to get together at least once per week to discuss how things are going at school and to work in Harold's woodshop.  Bryan , with Harold's help, has combined two 21 st Century Learning Goals by completing two projects.  As part of a community service goal, Bryan and Harold have made some sign boards for the Beaver Island Sports Boosters.  These sign boards will allow the Sports Boosters to advertise any fund raising events.  As part of technical learning goals, Bryan is learning woodworking and has made a shelf, which could be used for CDs, DVDs, or books.



Tina Morgan is Deven Cook's mentor.  The Learner Support Team determined Deven's project to include three areas, going beyond “service learning,” “using their minds well,” and “make positive contributions to society.”  Deven's project was to work with her mother, father, and mentor to build a loon-nesting platform to be used down on Lake Geneserath .  Plans for the project were provided by Jacque LaFreniere.  Apparently this idea was an excellent one, and its uniqueness included journaling of all aspects of the project.  As of today, the project is completely built and is awaiting the break-up of the ice on Lake Geneserath .  Two magazines have expressed interest in publishing an article about this project, Highlights and Michigan Out-of-Doors .  An independent reporter has come to the Island and gathered information about this project.  We look forward to seeing a pair of loons nesting on this homemade platform.



Easter Breakfast

Beaver Island Christian Church

12:30 p.m.

Everyone Welcome

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