Special Ferry

There will be a ferry on April 9th departing Beaver Island at 8:30 a.m. and returning from Charlevoix at 11:30 a.m.

Spring Has Arrived

For the majority of folks in Michigan spring is marked by the first robin or the crocus poking their colorful petals up through the snow. We've always known that we Islanders were different. We mark the beginning of spring as the day the icebreaker arrives. This year the Acacia could be heard long before she could be seen. Thursday morning found the island cocooned in a thick shroud of fog. We could hear that wonderful sound of the ship making her way through the ice but it wasn't until she was well into the harbor and almost to the dock that someone shouted, "There she is! I can see the shadow of the boat" and shadow was the right description. Like a ghost ship from a Stephen King like story the Acacia came gliding through the fog, riding up on the ice and then dropping back down as the huge chunks of ice cracked and then broke off. From the looks of it the ice in the harbor was about a foot and a half to two feet thick even though we've had several warm days and even a bit of rain.

The coming of the Acacia is an annual cause for celebration and a mock holiday marked by all the school students racing down the hill to be on hand to see the harbor opened up. Old timers were on hand to compare this opening from previous ones while everyone discussed how last year the Acacia and the Emerald Isle accidently physically touched. This year it wasn't even close but the job was completed and the Acacia backed out through the crushed and broken ice retreating into the fog off to open another port on Lake Michigan.

Maurice S. Teeter 1927-2004

Maruice S. Teeter came into this world the son of a proud Detroit Police Officer in 1927. He joined the Merchant Marines during World War II at the age of 16. He later joined the Army. He became a Livonia Police Officer in 1953 and rose to the rank of Lieutenant. He was known for his integrity, honesty and fairness. He loved woodcarving, fishing and deer hunting. A loving husband, father, grandfather, uncle, brother and friend, he departed this world as a Christian and proud father of a Livonia Police Officer. After a lengthy and courageous battle with cancer, he passed away on Thursday, March 18, 2004. He will be missed.

School Board Candidates

Three seats are up for election at the June 14, 2004 Annual school election.

Any individual interested in running for the office of Beaver Island Community School Board of Education will need to submit by 4:00 p.m. on Monday, april 12, 2004, a completed nominating Petition (or $100.00) and an Affidavit of Identity.

Forms are available at the school office (448-2744) during regular business hours.

Again No Monday Update

Again this coming Monday this site will not be updated as I will be off island until Tuesday, weather permitting. We'll have to pretend that this is the Monday update and I'll add to it when I return home.