Supporting the Troops

While not everyone supports what's happening in the world today, Beaver Islanders are showing their support of the troops fighting in the war by the display of flags flying throughout the town area.  Phil and Lil Gregg have a huge yellow ribbon tied on the old oak tree in their front yard until their son, 1SG Ron Gregg returns.  As soon as I can find some ribbon, I plan on putting one on our front porch since we don't have a tree big enough to support a ribbon.  Someone suggested tying one around the lighthouse tower even.  Whatever.. it sure is great to see all this support for our Armed Forces.

townflags2.jpg (44941 bytes)    GreggsYellowRibbon3.jpg (94601 bytes)

Deputy Gives Resignation

Mike Russell announced at the EMS meeting last week that he has submitted his resignation to Charlevoix County Sheriff George Lassiter, effective June 10th.  The Russells have been on the island for 11 years.  Daughters Lindsay and Erin are graduates of the Beaver Island Community School, as will be youngest, Kristen come June.  Both Mike and his wife, Bev, have been involved in EMS and various school organizations.  We wish them the best as they set out for new adventures.

Way To Go, Patrick Cull!

Submitted by Donna Stambaugh

Patrick Cull won the Beaver Island Community School level Geography Bee, so he was eligible to take a written exam.  Based on the results of his exam , he has been invited to the State National Geography Bee.  The 100 participants will meet at Central Michigan University on April 4, 2003 to compete.  Patrick and his family will be there at Bovee Center and welcome any other friendly Islanders who will be in the area.  I heard  that Abigail Adams will be there.  Courtney?  Kyle?  When you see Patrick wish him well.

 ( His teacher has promised to kiss a cow if he wins this one!)

NOTE: Considering how good Patrick is at geography, I'd suggest that Mrs. Stambaugh start practicing her pucker-power for kissing Bossy.

The Great Mail Race

The first thru fourth graders at Beaver Island Community School are learning about the 50 states.  As part of this unit of study, the kids are partaking in a “Great Mail Race”.  Our goal is to write to someone in each of the 50 states and have that person send a post card back to us from that state.  Each child is being asked to write to at least two states.  I have pooled the resources of parents and staff and still can not find people in the states listed below.  I feel that it is important that these letters be sent to a person that ‘one of us’ actually know. It is not important whether the students or I know them personally, but that it be a reliable person who will answer their letter by returning a postcard.  Requests sent to “any 2nd Grade Class…” very often to not get answered and I would really like the children to be able to hear from all of the states.  So, this is where I need your help.  I am asking for the communities help in finding people in the following states that would be willing to send a post card from their state.  If you know of someone who would be willing to participate in this program, please email me with a name and address.  I can’t say for sure that all of the responses will be used (little hands can only write so many letters) but would greatly appreciate your help.  





Rhode Island

South Dakota


Thank you…

Debbie Robert

Teacher, Beaver Island Community School

It's A Girl

Jessica.jpg (60332 bytes)Miss Katie Lynn LaFreniere would like to announce that as of today, March 24, 2003, she is a big sister to Jessica Renee.  Jessica arrived at 4:08 p.m. at the Charlevoix Area Hospital, weighing in at 8 pounds, 6 ounces.  Parents are Gerald and Tammy LaFreniere, Jr. of Beaver Island.  Grandparents are Carol LaFreniere of Beaver Island; Gerald LaFreniere, Sr. of Beaver Island and Terry and Douglas Meany of Belding, Michigan.  Congratulations to the LaFreniere clan and to Katie upon her promotion to big sister.

Cleaning Up

gillespie catapillar.jpg (41884 bytes)Thanks to warmer weather, yes, spring HAS finally arrived, the snow has melted and left all the residue from the snow.  Rich and Laura Gillespie gathered their kids together and had a "family clean-up the sidewalk" day on Sunday afternoon.  The chore included raking and picking up excess dirt from the median in front of their home as well as sweeping the sidewalk.  Would you believe that in approximately 150' of road they picked up nearly a cubic yard of sand and gravel that will impede the grass that was planted during the street construction project from coming through this spring.  They have a challenge: "How about everyone who fronts on the street cleaning up the area in front of their property which will not only slow the progression of sand and silt but show the civic pride Beaver Island is known for."  I asked Richie if he was going to have his loader handy for those who needed help in getting rid of all the dirt and the response was that of course he would if it was necessary.  Way to go, Rich, Laura, Kerrie, Jimmy and Kevin!

Before                        After

dirt2.jpg (37248 bytes)        dirt3.jpg (33120 bytes)

Low Lake Levels

Even though it's early, it's looking as though Lake Michigan is going to be extremely low again.  Currently all of the Great Lakes are below their long-term averages.  Lakes Michigan-Huron is currently 25 inches below average!  It is also down compared to last years' levels.  For Lake Michigan-Huron the difference from the long-term monthly average level for March in inches is -13.  The difference from the highest recorded monthly mean level for March in inches is -55 (recorded in 1986) and the difference from the lowest recorded monthly mean level for March in inches is +6 (recorded in 1964).  With all this information I thought I'd look through my photo files and compare them to pictures taken today, March 24, 2003.  All were taken in the same area.  Pretty amazing, isn't it?

These taken on March 24, 2003 low water 1.jpg (50305 bytes)    low water 2.jpg (70381 bytes)

Taken in November 2000 November_low_water.jpg (43462 bytes)

Taken in October 2000 October_low_water.jpg (31396 bytes)

Taken in July of 2001 WATER LEVEL JULY 2001-2.JPG (76247 bytes)


What Big Teeth!

This isn't for the squeamish among you.  While out taking pictures we came across the dead fish on the shore.  Considering the size and number of teeth it has I sure wouldn't want to be removing a hook from the mouth of one.  Most folks I've asked say it's a trout, but I've also been told it's a pike... I'd just say it's dead.  I'm absolutely amazed by the number and size of the teeth, guess this guy didn't need a denture.

dead fish 1.jpg (88641 bytes)     dead fish close-up.jpg (98501 bytes)

Note: An e-mail from Jeff Powers: The fish skeletons in the harbor are from Chinook Salmon that were present last year in rather large numbers in the harbor trying to spawn in October and November.  They apparently thought that they could find a stream somewhere in the harbor to migrate up and spawn.  Thanks, Jeff.


Thanks to all of you who have emailed, snail mailed, called, or stopped to visit either my folks, Phil and Lil Gregg, or Joe and I, asking about Ron.  I know that Ron's wife, Ann, and their children, along with the rest of the family, truly appreciate your thoughts and prayers.  Those soldiers involved with the grenade blast at the 101st base camp in Kuwait were not a part of Ron's  company or battalion.  Our prayers and thoughts are with all those who are fighting this war.

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