Waiting in Line

Submitted by Rich Gillespie

Although Daddy Franks isn't scheduled to open until May 1st, these turkeys were lined up and ready for a meal Monday afternoon. The question is, what flavor of ice cream do turkeys crave after a long winter?

20th Annual Talent Show

On Friday, March 24th, the 20th annual talent show took place at Holy Cross Parish Hall. With lots of music and acts this was a well-filled dance card. Participants included Melissa Peters, Deb Plastrik and Company aka the Chimers, Girl Scout Troop #388, Bill Detwiler, Sheri Timsak, Hannah Connor, Desire Duhamel, Krystle Timsak, Jayne Bailey, Julie Roy, Joe Moore, Brogan Maudrie, Sharon and Mike Hurkmans, Larry Hall, Judi Meister, Charlene Skinner, and Jewell, Brighid and Cindy Cushman. Lisa Vance-Gillespie acted as Emcee. A great job was done by all involved and kudos certainly go to Sheri Timsak for organizing the entire program. Special thanks to Joe Moore for taking the photos.





Daylight Saving Time

Don't forget to turn your clocks forward on Sunday, April 2nd. Since that's a Sunday morning, do it Saturday night so you aren't late for church!


Board of Directors Approved Minutes

PRESENT Board Members – Anne Glendon (via speaker phone), Dr. Brad Grassmick (via speaker phone), Pete LoDico, Barb Murphy, Rick Speck , Don Spencer, Karen Whitecraft, and Connie Wojan;

Staff – Donna Kubic , Managing Director

Absent: Angel LeFevre-Welke

I. Call to Order & Welcome

President Connie Wojan called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM , welcoming all board members and guests in the audience. She extended a special welcome to Bob Tambellini, President of the Charlevoix County Community Foundation.

II . Presentation by Robert Tambellini, President

Charlevoix County Community Foundation President Mr. Robert Tambellini explained the Investment Performance Summaries ending December 31, 2005 . Attached as part of the minutes are handouts presented by Mr.Tambellini. The fourth quarter 2005 financial summaries for the BIRHC Endowment Fund and Special Project Fund are also attached .

III. Review, revisions to agenda

Old Business: C) Grace's Memorial

New Business: C) Chamber of Commerce Membership

IV. Review, revisions and approval of minutes

Pete LoDico made the following correction: page one IV. Financial & Utilization Reports

A. Financial reports presentations and discussion. A check for $1408.66 not $2400.00. Connie Wojan corrected IX. 2006 Meeting Dates : August 6 th will be the Open house and not a board meeting. Motion to approve minutes of November 19, 2005 with corrections (Murphy/Spencer) approved.

V. Financial & Utilization Reports

•  Financial reports presentations & discussion

Rick Speck reported on the Income Statement. Software system is in the process of being changed. The auditor and Mary Cook are working on assigning new general ledger numbers. There was a discussion about approaching Shell Gas later this year to hold the price we are paying for propane to heat the Health Center. The audit will be presented at the next board meeting.

Motion to accept the financial report (Spencer/LoDico) approved.

•  Reports on Earned revenue for Services

Donna Kubic reported the billing in November and December 2005 has increased $5,000 a month from 2004. Through calendar year comparing 2004 and 2005 billing was increased by $47,173.76 and collection increased by $18,425.09.

•  Utilization Reports

Donna Kubic reported that the end of the year patient numbers show 590 lab draws, 131 x rays and 47 referrals were made during calendar year 2005. Thirty five pap smears and pathology were performed in 2005.

VI. Resource Development Report

A. Endowment Fund/Special Project Fund update

The fund balance for the BIRHC Endowment Fund as of 12/31/05 was $857,102.03. This figure includes pledges as well as cash. The BIRHC Endowment Fund will generate about $17,000 interest for use in 2006. This income can be used for operations. The balance in the BIRHC Special Projects Fund as of 12/31/05 was $89,490.69. Motion to empower the CCCF to withdraw the maximum amount of earned income from the BIRHC Endowment Fund and hold it in a money market account until it is needed for Health Center operations. (Glendon/Wojan) approved.

B. Annual Appeal

Connie Wojan reported that contributions of about $17,000 have been received in response to the Annual Appeal. The 2005 -2006 budget projects that money from the Special Projects Fund will need to be withdrawn for operations.

C. 2006 Truck Raffle

Pete LoDico reported that buying the same truck as last year would cost $23,000 because no rebates are being offered this year. If BIRHC buys the truck outright rather than financing it, $250 in truck insurance and $400 in interest could be saved. Pete and Ken Slater will donate GM credits and discounts to save BIRHC a significant amount on the purchase. It was agreed that just 500 tickets would again be sold. Motion to authorize Pete LoDico to purchase extended cab truck to be paid for out of Special Projects Fund (Glendon/Murphy) approved.

VII. Operations Report

A. Summary of Activities, Statistics

The Health Center now has a hypo/hyperthermia unit thanks to a generous donation from an island resident. A check for $450.00 was received from the Grand Rapids Club. A $1,000 donation was sent by the appreciative family of a patient in honor of Paul Welke. The family also sent a letter of thanks to EMS and the BIRHC staff for emergency care.

With Bay Street Orthopedics' approval from start to finish, BIRHC staff cared for a non displaced fibula in December. The Bay Street consultation allowed the provider to do the casting and follow up care without having the patient leave the island. Another patient will receive routine intravenous infusions in collaboration with a urologist saving the patient frequent trips off the island.

Donna, Betty, Don, Sue, and Brad (on speaker phone) met to review policies as required as part of the performance improvement committee. The committee has chosen to work on improving the tracking of labs as its next goal. Eighty one policies need to be reviewed. A database will be set up to make the process easier. Don Spencer asked that one of the policies, Management of Contributions to BIRHC, in the Administration policy be put on the March agenda to be reviewed.

Karmanos will be on the island three days instead of two this year. Last year there were several women who were unable to schedule their mammograms because the mobile unit was booked for the entire two days. The dates will be Sept 25, 26 and 27.

The Medicare Part D Prescription plan seminar was well attended. Marge Krchak from the Commission on Aging and John Ochs from Central Drug were kind enough to come to the island. Medicare patients are welcomed to pick up forms at the Medical Center , fill them out and then BIRHC will fax them to the COA. COA will then supply the Medicare patient with four options for drug coverage.

The Health Center will be participating in a school to work program with a BICS student two days a week, two hours a day. The student will be one who is interested in pursuing a career in the medical field.

The retirement plan explanation in the Employee handbook needs to be revised. “Full time employees” should be changed to “employees earning more than $5,000.” Also the last sentence should read “anyone earning more than $5,000”. Finally, the last sentence should read “Although the Board of Directors has approved up to a three percent match of gross wages paid by BIRHC this can be amended on a quarterly basis”.

B. Visit to Munson

Don Spencer reported on the visit to Munson Medical Center with Donna Kubic to meet with Kathy McManus, Senior Vice President. The president of Munson Healthcare, John Rockwood has recently retired. The purpose of the visit was to renew the working relationship between the Health Center and Munson which was established earlier through Arlene Brennan. The Health Center will be able to obtain items through Munson's purchasing department on a small scale. Kathy McManus was very supportive.

VIII. Old Business:

A. Value Statement

Don Spencer reported working with the staff on a value statement (attached) which they have adopted. Don asked the BIRHC Board to develop their own value statement. In seeking HRSA grant monies a value and mission statement are key. Don stated he would like the board members to come prepared to discuss a value statement at the next meeting. The staff will begin thinking about an outcome based program which would collect data to document progress. Documentation of progress could then be used to obtain grant monies .

C. Grace's Memorial

Barb Murphy reported on a Champion Tree which might be an appropriate memorial to Grace Matela. These trees can be seen in high-profile locations such as Henry Ford Museum , Dow Botanical Garden , Arlington National Cemetery and the Pentagon. A six foot Norway Maple, could be purchased for $500.00. The tree

would need to be picked up in Copemish sometime in April. Additional information can be seen on line at Championtreeproject.org. It was agreed a decision would be made at the March meeting.

IX. New Business

•  Social Security Number Privacy Policy

Motion to accept the Social Security Number Privacy Policy (Wojan/Murphy) approved. ( See attached.)

•  Annual Meeting

Motion to set March 18, 2006 as the Annual Meeting (LoDico/Spencer) approved. Notice for new board members will appear in the next issue of the Beacon and Northern Islander . Anne Glendon and Barbara Murphy are up for re-election to three year terms at this meeting.

•  Chamber of Commerce Membership

The Board discussed the value of joining the Chamber of Commerce and adding a web link to the BIRHC website from the Chamber of Commerce website. Motion to join the Chamber of Commerce for $150.00 a year (LoDico, Murphy) approved.

•  Next Meeting

March 18, 2006

XI. Public Comment

No public comment.

XII. Adjournment –

Motion to adjourn at 4:30 p.m. (Spencer/Glendon) approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Glendon , Connie Wojan

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