Intersession EMT Class

Submitted by Krystal Timsak

On the afternoon of Tuesday, March 29 th , the high school EMT class (Emily Gray, Christine McDonough, Melissa Bailey, and Krystle Timsak.  Absent were Jimmy Gillespie and John Albin) entered the cold, icy harbor to do Ice and Water Rescue Training. Before hitting the water all of us were able to drive the ambulance at high speeds down the Township Airport runway, just to get a feel for how it handles. We each had a turn driving, manning the radio, and being the patient strapped to the cot. After the driving was done, we went to the docks behind what used to be Out On A Limb. We were met by two firefighters (who are also MFRs), Tim McDonough and Jim Stambaugh. We brought all of our gear down and pulled out our dry suits. We suited up in pairs, since we only had two suits. Melissa and Christine went first. We practiced floating, getting up on the ice with ice picks, one and two person rescue, and getting the patient into a floating cot. I was hesitant about getting into that freezing cold water with a little suit on and a rope tied to me, but once I was in the water I didn't want to get out. It was wicked awesome being able to swim in the harbor in March; I mean who gets to do that? On behalf of our EMT class, I would like to thank Mr.Moore, our wonderful instructor and Timmy and Mr. Stambaugh for helping us learn these new skills. We have had a great year so far and hope to do our hospital and ambulance clinicals in April.





Egg-specially for the Kids

The AMVET's Auxiliary did the funding. The Catholic Youth Organization did the hiding. The island kids did the finding. Saturday, March 26th, was a beautiful, sunny day and a perfect one for the annual Easter egg hunt at the school. Susie Fisher and Jacque LaFreniere were the main movers and shakers for this fun event. Jacque's CYO group consisting of Emily Gray, Leaha Cary, Brenna Green, Krystal Timsak and Caitlin Boyle hid literally hundreds of the colorful eggs in front of, beside and behind the school. Although the event wasn't slated to begin until 11:00 a.m., by 10 the kids were beginning to gather clutching their baskets and bags. This year the limit was set to 10 eggs per child and if they found more they were asked to share with those who didn't have such good eyes. Some were easy to see as they were right out in the open while others were hidden deep in the snow, usually inside of a footprint. It didn't matter to all the little ones, they had a great time running around the school yard. One dropped his basket but quickly put all the eggs back into it and was ready to start looking for more. Even the littlest ones were having fun. Thanks go to the AMVET's Auxiliary and to the CYO for all the work they did making this event so much fun for all. You did an egg-cellent job!




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