B.I. New on the 'Net, May 18-24, 2009

Stoney Acre to Serve Breakfast on Saturdays

The Saturday mornings on the Island will provide one more opportunity to get you moving. Stoney Acre will serve breakfast on Saturdays beginning early and will serve through the lunch hour. The Saturday breakfast hours will be 7 a.m.- 2 p.m. Lunch and breakfast will be available from 11 a.m. til 2 p.m.

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As a subscriber to this website, you get free classified ads posting for all subscribers to read. The classified ads are one of the perks for being a subscriber. Please check them once in a while, and please use them.

BIEMS Celebrates EMS Week at BICS

Beaver Island EMS chose to celebrate EMS week by providing an educationally-sound basic health information to all students in attendance at Beaver Island Community School. There were presentations for all levels including CPR for Friends and Family for the appropriate aged groups. The Beaver Island Community School high school students all became certified in CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) and use of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) through the Kellogg Community College adjunct instructors Sarah McCafferty (parmedic and director of BIEMS), Joe Moore (paramedic and former BICS teacher), and Shirley Curtis (paramedic and paramedic instructor). The only four students not certified were not in school for their assigned classes in CPR/AED. All high school students learned CPR for adults, children, and infants, as well as the process to help these same age groups if they were choking.

The lower elementary students were introduced to the equipment in an ambulance by doing an ambulance scavenger hunt, body part bingo, and emergency word hangman. Discussion was held about calling 911 and how to stay safe . Upper elementary students were introduced to the same items and making a basic splint from a book. 7th and 8th graders did Friends and Family CPR.

Editor's Note

As you can see from the extensive coverage of the Peaine Township meeting below, attempts are being made to bring the Island into the 21st century using the technology that is available. While making this valiant attempt, a discovery was made. In order to get the volume necessary to hear the voices at the Peaine meeting, it was necessary to run each video clip through Sony Video Studio twice, each time spiking the volume up to a point that the background noise if very evident. This took a great deal of time, and it will not occur again. There is a very easy solution to this situation for both townships. One is simple and requires no investment of time or money. Each board member will need to speak in clear and audible tone of voice. Each vote must include an audible statement of positive or negative from each board member. This is the inexpensive solution.

The other solution is for both townships to consider purchasing a public address system with five microphone inputs for the board members and one or more microphone input for the public comments. This editor could invest in equipment to be set up for each meeting for recording purposes for this web site, but that would not help the public in the audience be able to hear what is going on at the board's table.

BI News on the "Net will work with any members of the two boards to help resolve this issue.

Frank Solle's Photos of Iron Ore Bay HERE

Co-Ed Softball Sign-up Announcement

Men's Golf League to Start May 27, 2009

If you are interested in playing in the men's golf league, you need to contact Buck Ridgeway right away. The teams will begin play on Wednesday, May 27, 2009, and continue through July every Wednesday night.

Transfer Station Announces Hazardous Materials Day

A Household Hazardous Material Disposal Day will take place on Saturday, June 6, 2009, from 9 a.m. until 2 p.m. at the transfer station. Doug Bugai stated that this would be by appointment only, so call to set up your appointment and ask any questions about what is considered a hazardous material, and, whether or not the transfer station can dispose of it. Doug stated that any waterbase paint is not acceptable, but that oil-based paint will be accepted on this day. If you have any doubts, call the transfer station.

News From Your Chamber Of Commerce

Beaver Island Marathon Work Needs for September 5, 2009, Marathon

1. Aid Stations: The marathon course will have 5 aid stations and should have a minimum of 3 really good individuals at each station to hand water, Gatorade, GU and candy to the runners. Aid station workers would call us if help is needed by any marathon runner. These workers will also have the responsibility of picking-up any cups/papers that may “hit the ground”. This is an opportunity for a sports team, band members or church organization to earn some extra cash. Hours would be from 9:00AM until approximately 3:00PM. Depending on the number of runners, each aid station will earn a minimum of $125 to $150 for the day.

2. Finish Line Volunteers: This position is for someone that “wants to be a part of” the first Beaver Island marathon. These volunteers (5 or so) will hand out the medals to the marathon and half marathon finishers, collect the timing chips, serve the beer and pizza at the awards party and generally help at the finish line. This is a volunteer type position.

3. Road “Pointers”: These 5 volunteers would be available from 9:00AM until 10:30 – 11:00AM. To be stationed:

a. Along Main Street (by the light house)

b. At Donegal Bay Road and Main

c. At the Marathon turn point

d. On Donegal Bay at the paved trail (both ends)

These volunteers would insure that the runners stay on course and that “all is well” between the aid stations. Possibly these volunteers would be on bikes and then be available as volunteers at the finish line.

4. Day worker(s): This individual will help with the set-up on Friday, the set-up early Saturday morning and the clean-up afterwards. This is a minimum wage per hour job and we may possibly need 2 day workers. At this point I am not sure if we will hire someone local or have someone we know come along to help. This person could be a graduating senior from high school, college student or a retiree with a strong back .

Contact Information

Ron Suffolk rsuffolk@sbcglobal.net (248.446.1315)

Sharon Suffolk Suffolk@sbcglobal.net (248.437.4524)

Last Week's St. James Township Meeting HERE

This page is completed. The sound level is quite low on these clips.

An Interesting Peaine Township Meeting

The regular meeting of the Peaine Township Board began slightly after 7 p.m. on May 13, 2009, with all five board members present and 29 residents in the audience. The beginning of the meeting was about as normal as any other board meeting with minutes approval, agenda approval, and bills approval (Did they?), but Peaine Township allow public comment at the beginning of the meeting and two proposals were suggested right at the beginning of the meeting. Pam Grassmick proposed two new commissions: Human Services Commission and the Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission. (You may click on either one to view a Quicktime streaming video of Pam's comments) Shortly after this presentation, Jack Gallagher reported on a letter received from Kirt McBride which suggested that the BIRHC Board had violated the Open Meetings Act in discussing a contract in closed session and by changing the beginning time of their meeting without notification. (A short clip of this is located HERE.)

The board went on to acting on the Committees, Boards, and Commissions appointments. There was one person who applied for the zoning Board of Appeals and this was quickly approved. (A video clip of this is located HERE.) The following three appointments to the Airport Committee began a 35 minute discussion that included disappointment, anger, and frustration, but ended in only two positions being filled on the Airport Committee: Mike Scripps and Terry Saxton were reappointed to their previous posts. What follow is a list of video clips that summarize the drama and emotion of the meeting at this point:

Colleen Martin presented a letter from the township lawyer that suggested in general terms that Paul Welke may have a conflict of interest when participating in a vote that pertains to the township airport. Martin and Welke disagree on lawyer letter (HERE) Martin and Welke disagree on lawyer letter 2 (HERE) Paul Welke categorically denies any conflict of interest. (HERE) Martin, Welke, and Gallagher discussed the lawyer letter. (HERE)

Jack Gallagher comments on the conflict of interest issue. (HERE 1) (HERE 2) Pete LoDico suggests no conflict of interest now on this vote. (HERE) Paul Welke stated he is open minded. (HERE) Paul Welke and Colleen Martin exchanged opinions. (HERE) Terry Saxton supported Paul Welke. (HERE) Gary Morgan suggest there could be a conflict of interest in some situations. (HERE) Jim Wojan asks Colleen if there is a conflict in this vote. (HERE) Rachel Teague stated she could see a conflict of interest on issue involving the township airport. (HERE 1) (HERE 2) Jack Gallagher responded to Rachel Teague's statements. (HERE) Bob Hoogendorn suggests tabling the issue until the township lawyer could give an opinion on it directly. (HERE) Jack Gallagher stated that no lawyer's opinion was needed. (HERE) Paul Welke asked if other board members might have a conflict. (HERE) Jack Gallagher supported Paul Welke's ability to vote. (HERE) (End of Round One dealing with conflict of interest.)

There were eight people who applied for the Airport Committee for only three positions. (HERE) Jack Gallagher then presented his recommendations for three positions on the Airport Committee. (HERE) Larry Kubic responded to Jack's recommendations. (HERE) From the audience Jim Wojan suggested reappointment of existing members. (HERE) Elaine West suggested that the township should keep at least one of the previous members for continuity. (HERE) Pete LoDico and Larry Kubic said let's vote and resolve issues later.. (HERE) The board voted one at a time for the existing three members of the Airport Committee. (HERE) Mike Scripps and Terry Saxton were approved by majority vote 3 to 2. Colleen Martin could not vote for herself, so was not reappointed to the committee due to a 2 to 2 tie. The other five applicants were also voted on with generally Welke and Gallagher voting "aye" and Martin, LoDico, and Kubic voting no, so the last position on the Airport Committee was not filled at this meeting.

The Cemetery Committee was awaiting a report from Joan Vyse who had been off Island to appointments, and no action could be taken at this time.

The Planning Commission had one opening at this time. There was only one applicant for this position, and Krys Lyle was reappointed. (HERE)

The Trails Committee had five openings with only four applicants, so all four were appointed. (HERE)

Jack Gallagher presented possible guidelines for Peaine Committees, Boards, and Commissions. (HERE 1 ) (HERE 2) Jack then also recommended a full review of the Beaver Island Tranfer Station operation including suggesting that the billing be done during regular hours instead of after hours. A review will take place.

Jack reported on the High Speed Internet project which included a large cross-section of the community in a meeting. The only likely funding is through the federal government. (HERE) There was a comment from several in the audience about DSL not being available, and one not happy with the service. (HERE) Jack Gallagher continue to explain the possibilities of high speed Internet using Cherry Capital. (HERE)

The position of Phragmities Administrator, which is a paid position, only had one applicant. The Board appointed Jacque LaFreniere to this position. The board also approved the part time position at the Transfer Station filled by Amy Burris.

There was also discussion about the DNR building and some plumbing changes are needed to include installing a tub-shower combination in the CCSD deputy's residence. He has a family of four and these changes need to be made to make the building more livable. (HERE) Jim Wojan commented on this request. (HERE)

The emergency generators will have to be decided upon at the next township board meeting.

The time for relaxation was over and the beginning of round three was begun with an introduction to the topic of dust control by Pete LoDico. (HERE) Paul Welke had also done some research on dust control by contacting two engineers, one of them Bob Welke, who was with MDOT. Paul's comments are HERE. Paul's comments continue HERE. And continued HERE. Terry Saxton commented about dust control by Robert Gillespie HERE. Jim Wojan had some comments about 38% versus 28% HERE. Doug Tilly also wanted to be heard about the application of the dust control during a rainstorm. (HERE) Paul Welke rephrases his opinion HERE. Jim Wojan responded to these comments HERE. In the end, the board gave the responsibility for the decision to Pete LoDico with an unanimous vote.

There was some discussion of the road gravel situation for 2009, and the board approved purchase of the road gravel at the requested priced from Rich Gillespie.

Jack Gallagher presented procedures and guidelines in a suggested framework for review by the rest of the board members. No decision was expected this night.

Jack Gallagher brought up the next item on the agenda which was the ORV Ordinance passed by Charlevoix County. Jack's comments are HERE. Hurkmans commented HERE. Gallagher continued his comments HERE. In the end the decision was made to have a public hearing on the issue on May 31, 2009, at 2 p.m.

There were a few other quick decisions made on lawn service and the meeting finally adjourned after two hours and twenty-two minutes.

Public Hearing on ORV Use Scheduled

The Peaine Township Board has scheduled a public hearing on ORV use in Peaine Township for May 31st at 2 p.m. at the Peaine Township Hall. Considering the fact that the Charlevoix County Board has already passed an ordinance which allows use on all county roads of Beaver Island except the road from the Whiskey Point Lighthouse to the Four Corners, the two townships must decide whether to honor the county ordinance or to write a township ordinance to supercede the county ordinance. At issue is whether or not Peaine Township will allow legal ORV use on the shoulder of the roads. Below is one person's opinion. We welcome other opinions as well.

The county ordinance may be viewed HERE

ORV Definition and Online Handbook HERE

Why Are US Drug Prices So High?

Research into Medication Costs

The four medications that were researched were fairly commonly prescribed medications: one for lowering cholesterol, one for lowering blood pressure, one for acid reflux disease, and one for allergies. The locations chosen for purchase included the required mail-in to Medco, our local pharmacy Central Drugs, and a Canadian pharmacy. Which one do you think can get these specific medications to you for the lowest cost?

The first attempt to gather information from Medco was met with a complete lack of information, finally having to go through the teacher retirement agency, the holder of the insurance contract, to get the information. Total cost of three month supply of medications using the contracted provider for prescriptions was $243.00.

The second attempt was made to get the same drugs from a Canadian pharmacy, a reputable one that required a prescription faxed or mailed directly to them. Canadian pharmacies do not bill insurance companies here in the US , so this cost was completely out-of-pocket with no insurance company involved. (Basically, this is a violation of the US law, but there is no admission of guilt in this article.) The cost of the same drugs from Canada with the shipping included, but without insurance company involvement, was $259.00.

The third attempt required the researcher to actually purchase the prescriptions because the teacher retirement agency would not provide the information about a non-contracted provider. Purchasing a three month supply at one time was not allowed either, so one month supply was ordered. The total cost for the same medications was $250.00 for three months supply, but two extra phone calls were required to refill the thirty-day prescription twice.

It appears that the drugs cost more in Canada , but that is not true. The drugs purchased without insurance here in the US would cost more than twice as much considering that the insurance has a 40% copay. It makes more sense to order the prescriptions from the local provider pharmacy since the increase in cost over three months is $7 or about 8 cents per day. If this researcher did not have insurance, there would definitely be an involvement with the Canadian pharmacy since the drugs without insurance from either of the US pharmacies would be much more. There is simply no reason that these drugs need to cost so much more in the US . Shouldn't our governments, local and federal, check into this? The drugs purchased from Canada had been shipped directly to the Canadian pharmacy from the US producer of the drugs. Drug companies are making a whole lot of extra money by charging the higher prices in the US .

Are the Suckers Running?

There is evidence that at least some of the suckers have run up into Cable's Creek. It is most interesting that an encounter with others wanting to find out the answer to this quest were also out near the creek, and they pointed out the evidence which was found on the side of the creek.

Cable's Creek looking toward Lake Geneserath

Looking for suckers are we, John Brady?

Dead sucker along the bank of the creek

There was more evidence of the sucker run near the mouth of the creek on Henry Hill's property.

Should You Have to Wait 40 Days to Get Your Money?

Each person reading this should take the time to investigate this situation and how it may apply to them. There was a new federal law passed that required and intermediary between the employer and the investment institution as it relates to retired workers. This intermediary needs to verify that the retired worker is in fact retired before any money can be disbursed. This applies to all 403b accounts that are considered a Tax Sheltered Annuity.

On April 6, 2009, a phone call was made to the investment firm to withdraw a small amount from the 403b. There was no conversation about this being different than any previous withdrawal, and so the expectation was that the money would arrive within the 7 day period that was always previously stated. The investment firm did not make any statement except to say that a form would arrive that would need to be signed and submitted. The form arrive in the mail in two days, was filled immediately, and mailed on April 9, 2009. It was assumed that there might be a slight delay since this was a new form, and new involvement with another agency "to verify that the holder was not employed by the company." Okay, it might take another week to get this taken care of, and the bills owed could wait another week even if it did make them slightly pass due.

On May 6, 2009, another phone call was made to the investment firm. "The disbursement has not been approved as of this morning," the investment counselor stated. With more than a little increase blood pressure evident with the hot red ears obvious, another phone call was made to the company who had originally selected the investment agency. This contact promised a quick research into the matter and a quick return phone call.

On May 7, 2009, in late afternoon, the phone call was returned with another negative answer. "We can't determine the progress of this paperwork. You will have to contact the intermediary directly, and here is their number." By this time, the blood pressure was getting higher and higher, and the patience was pretty close to non-existent.

On May 8, 2009, a phone call was placed to the intermediary agency named "TSA." After 42 minutes of hold time, because the call would be answered in the order in which it was received, a person came on the line, and the thought process was, "Okay, relax, ask the right questions to get the right answers." The conversation was very short and concise. The paperwork had been received on April 16, 2009. The paperwork had not yet been approved. There was no way that the agent could tell me when it might be approved and that approval sent back to the investment company.

The phone call must have worked its charm because on May 16, 2009, a check arrived in the mail after waiting 40 days from the beginning to the end. Now there are several questions to be asked. In this economic environment, could you wait 40 days to get your money?

Was it not possible to shorten this time period by providing direct contact with the "TSA" agency? Was it the state legislator that got my complaint or the federal legislator that got my complaint that helped move this along? Was it the threat of contact with the congressman that made the agent on the other end of the phone prioritize the disbursement at at higher priority? Was this the purpose of the federal legislation to slow down the access to this money? Was this a move to protect the investment companies for having the money taken out like a run on a bank?

Are you willing to take that chance that your access to your money may be delayed as long or longer than this? You'd better check it out and find out now when you are not in need of the money to pay your bills.

AMVETs Pancake Breakfast to Benefit Lillian Gregg

May 24th from 8:30 a.m. until noon

Thank You from the Gregg Family

The family of the late Phil Gregg would like to thank the island community, family and friends far away for their outpouring of love. Your prayers, hugs, flowers, cards, visits, phone calls, memorial gifts, food, use of motels and cars were such a help during this sad time. You made us realize that we not only lost a husband/father, but you lost a good friend. Very special thanks to the ladies at the Beaver Island Christian Church for the lovely luncheon after the services, to Paul Welke for the missing man fly-over and Mary Delamater for helping get Ron home in time to say good-bye, Heidi Conner for the water wreath, the AMVETS for their salute, and Ron Winchester for his kind help. You all helped make a difficult time much easier to bear. The love and support from all of you has, and continues to, ease our hearts. Thank you.

The Gregg family

Lillian, Phyllis and Joe Moore, Ruthie Gregg, Ron and Ann Gregg

BICS Newsletter Notes for End of Year Events

May 20 and 21st EMS Week

PreK – 2 nd Grade:  Talking about what to do in an emergency, staying safe, tour the ambulance

3rd & 4th Grade:  Same as above, plus handing out “I Know What to do in an Emergency” packets.

5th & 6th Grade:  Same as above, plus handing out “Practice Safety Every Day” packets.

7th & 8th Grade:  Friends and Family CPR.  This does not come with a CPR card, but students will be given the general knowledge and will receive the “Step by Step Emergency Guide”.

9th – 12th Grade:  Training in CPR and the use of the AED.  They will receive a certification that is good for two years.

May 23rd

School Dedication Ceremony 11:00-12:30; A picnic lunch will follow the ceremony.

May 25th Memorial Day -No School

May 26th

National Honor Society Induction Ceremony @ 12:30 School Gym; Three students will be inducted this year, Jenna Battle, Jenna Butler, and Olivia Schwartzfisher.

May 27th

Bike Rodeo

3 rd & 4 th grades – 12:15 – 1:00 p.m.

5 th & 6 th grades – 1:05 – 2:00 p.m.

1 st & 2 nd grades – 2:05 – 3:05 p.m

May 28th Academic Awards Ceremony in the School Gym

12:30 Strings Performance

12:45 Grades PreK-6

2:00 Grades 9-12

7:00 Grades 7-8 including 8 th grade graduation

May 29th

School picnic in the afternoon followed by a concert at the Community Center at 2:00

June 6th

Graduation -1:00 pm at the Beaver Island Community Center

B.I. Transfer Station is "2008 Commercial Recycler of the Year"

Read about this wonderful accomplishment by our transfer station workers in this document copied from the "Bright Recycler," which goes to all transfer stations in Charlevoix County. Congratulations to the Beaver Island Transfer Station!

Our transfer station in the news

Fish Market Open? Sort of?

Skip Duhamel had some fish available for sale, but his wife and daughter are down in Suttons Bay, and he had no one to watch the fish market. What to do? He just posted the open sign and left the market door open. He trusted everyone to the "honor system." Sure enough, when he came back to the fish market, the fish was all gone, but there was $40 there instead. Where else would this happen, but on Beaver Island? It makes you remember why you live here.

Is It a Morel? Is It Safe to Eat?

The pictures above are of the morel mushrooms that are safe to eat. The picture is not one that was taken locally, for this searcher did not find any. The morel mushroom has the cap attached to the stem, but be careful of the look alike called the false morel (picture below)

The false morel does not have the cap attached and its stem is different from the "true" morel.

Now what about the Beefsteak Morel? Most sources state that this mushroom is poisonous, but many on Beaver Island have eaten them for years without being poisoned. Yet there are those that are definitely poisoned by the beefsteak morel. Here is a picture of this beefsteak morel found on the Island along with several others on May 16, 2009.

With Boyne City having its Morel Festival this past weekend, and with rumors of a few morels being found on Beaver Island, it is suggested that you do a little research, if not necessarily BEFORE you find the mushrooms but definitely BEFORE you eat them!

Is Spring Here?

It certainly feels like spring this Wednesday, May 20, 2009, and the plum blossoms are absolutely beautiful. This picture of Charlie Carey's plum trees caused a slight traffic jam on Sloptown Road.

Who is This Little Character?

If you can tell me about this bird, please email any information to medic5740@gmail.com

So far, two votes for Solitary Sandpiper, and one for Speckled Sandpiper. What do you think?

New School Gets Exterior Work

The school is taking a different appearance now as well. The exterior painting and the exterior landscaping is putting a new look on the front of the school.

The East Elevation of the artists rendering doesn't show the darker contrasting brown in a picture of the real building.

More school pictures HERE

BICS Dedication Invitation

BICS Gets New Playground Started

The area behind the Palmers' and the "Mary Bert McDonough" home is being converted into a playground area for the elementary students of BICS. More on this story with pictures HERE.

Negotiations at Barney's Lake

It appeared that some negotiations were going on at Barney's Lake the morning of May 19, 2009. The swans, who had taken over the nesting area of the loons, seemed quite impassive as the loons explored the southern end of the small island in the lake very near to the swan's nest.

All appeared resolved in the morning with a ratified contract seeming to be a definite conclusion. There just needed to get the one other participant to agree to this nesting arrangement of "share the island." Then Mr. Swan came back from exploring and gathering. He was appalled at the suggestion, and the easy solution was not going to be. The loons were chased away that afternoon by Mr. Swan, and he remained on guard there for a short time to make certain his position was respected.

Mixed Golf Outings for the Spring and Summer

The dates for the "Mixed Alternate Shot Outings

May 31st

June 21st

July 12th

August 2nd

August 23rd

September 13th


May 31st Mixed, Alternate Shot, Golf Outing

Little Blue Angels

The island is covered with these little blue wildflowers right now... Technically, they are a Monkeyflower...

Description: This native perennial plant is 1-3' tall, branching frequently to create a bushy appearance. The stems are hairless and 4-angled, but not conspicuously winged. The opposite leaves are up to 4" long and 1" across. They are lanceolate or oblong-lanceolate, hairless, and serrated along the margins. The base of a leaf is either sessile or somewhat eared (auriculate); if the latter, it clasps the stem. Individual flowers develop from the leaf axils of the upper stems. These flowers are about 1" long, and have two-lipped corollas that are usually blue-violet (less often, pink or white). The upper lip of the corolla has 2 erect lobes, while the lower lip has 3 rounded lobes. The inner surface of the lower lip often has 2 small ridges. The throat of the corolla has a patch of yellow and is barely open because of an abundance of fuzzy hairs. The tubular calyx is green and has 5 long teeth that taper gradually to a point. The blooming period occurs from mid- to late summer and lasts about 1–1½ months. There is no floral scent. Each flower is replaced by a rounded seed capsule that contains numerous tiny seeds with a reticulated surface. The seeds are dispersed by wind or water. The root system consists of a taproot and rhizomes. This plant can spread vegetatively, but it isn't a strong colonizer.

Cultivation: The preference is full or partial sun, rich loamy soil, and wet conditions. This plant will also grow in soil that is consistently moist, particularly in partially shaded situations. The foliage isn't bothered by foliar disease to any significant degree, although it will turn yellow and shrivel away in response to droughty conditions. The size of a plant is strongly influenced by moisture conditions and soil fertility.

Range & Habitat: Monkey Flower is widely distributed throughout most of Illinois (see Distribution Map ). It occurs occasionally in the central and northern areas of the state, but is less common in the south. Habitats include floodplain forests (particularly in partially sunny areas), swamps, seeps, muddy borders of small streams or ponds, drainage ditches, and wet meadows. It typically occurs in areas that are prone to occasional flooding or standing water.

Faunal Associations: Bumblebees visit the flowers for nectar. They are one of the few insects that are strong enough to force their way into the partially closed throat of the corolla. The caterpillars of the moth Elaphria chalcedona (Chalcedony Midget) feed on the foliage. Some authorities state that the caterpillars of the butterfly Euphydryas phaeton (Baltimore) feed on Monkey Flower, but this has not been observed in Illinois to my knowledge. The seeds are too small to be of much value to birds, while little appears to be known about the food value of this plant to mammalian herbivores. The foliage is neither particularly bitter nor known to be toxic.

Full Moon Rising at Whiskey Point

(Another wonderful photo by Rory Connaghan)

Chamber of Commerce Directors Select July 4th Parade Theme

This years July 4 th parade theme will be “Our Beaver Island Favorite (person, place, thing, time, etc).” The Chamber directors wanted to offer float builders and other parade participant's maximum flexibility this year. The Beaver Island July 4 th parade is one of the largest in the country for a small community. The parade stretches out for about a mile.

Island Airways will perform a missing man formation flyover during the parade slated to start at 2:00 PM on July 4 th . Lisa Gillespie will emcee the event. For additional parade information contact the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce at (231) 448-2505 or Chamber@BeaverIsland.org .

Volunteers needed to work Chamber – Community Center

We are expecting a big increase in visitors to the Chamber office in the lobby of the new Community Center this summer. We need 3-4 additional volunteers to work one day a week between about 10:30 – 2:00 during busy boat times. It's very enjoyable meeting and helping visitors enjoy Beaver Island. To learn more please stop by the office or call Steve West at (231) 448-2505.

Friends of Beaver Island now on Facebook

http://www.facebook.com/group. php?sid= 651b5d8e1689a8918b117078928abc cc&gid=81147045215&ref=search

To the Beaver Island Community:

It is hard to believe the days, weeks and months are slipping by this quickly -- Could it have something to do with the fact that the weather has made us only remember winter?

But, the calendar does assure us that summer is coming – and so is “Baroque on Beaver” - July 30 -August 2, 2009. A lot of organizational work has taken place during the past months and the plans are developing for a wonderful combination of events and musical experiences.

This year, returning vocal director Kevin Simons from Saginaw, has carefully prepared to assure that many interested participants from the Island will be a part of the Festival Choir. And, to be certain that everyone involved feels comfortable with the musical selections and the performance, Kevin will come to introduce the music – Fri., 7:30 p.m., May 29 and Sat., 10 a.m., May 30 – both at the Community Church . By that time, the music --“Sheep May Safely Graze” by Bach, “The Heavens are Telling” by Haydn, a traditional work “Red is the Rose,” and Rutter's “Gaelic Blessing” -- will be available, both on the website, and also at the rehearsals. Following that thorough introduction, the choral group will determine and plan a schedule that works for them as they continue the preparation of the music.

Please extend this invitation to any/all people who enjoy singing and participating with others who also enjoy being a part of this exciting festival.

Please let me know if you have questions or if I can be of any help!

Jane Maehr

Transfer Station Hours Change May 1

Spring/Summer hours begin May 1, 2009, 8-5 Monday-Saturday

Art Johnson Very Ill

Update on May 20, 2009: update from Sue Oole re: Art Johnson

This morning brings dad a little closer to the end.  His breathing is more shallow and he continues to have longer periods of apnea.  He is very comfortable and pain free which is a blessing.

Today the nurses dressed Art in a shirt of kelly green--perfect for a Beaver Island guy!  I'm sure he will be happy to see his old friends from the Island who have gone before him--I know he and Karl Keebler will talk about their beaver trapping days!

We continue to pray for an easy transition.  Love to you all who continue to support us through this difficult time.

Update on May 17, 2009: Word has been received that Art is not doing well. He is very ill, and thoughts and prayers are very much appreciated.

Sue Oole (Art Johnson's daughter, emailed me with a website to update people on Art's conditionl. It is called www.caringbridge.org . You need to go to Art's personal website which is "ajj", He had a stroke in early April but is getting better, This was reported by John McNeil.

Update on May 19, 2009:

Dad is still hanging on and has been moved to Rose Arbor Hospice Residence (5473 Croyden Avenue), Room 18, in Kalamazoo.  The lower portion of his lungs have collapsed and his kidneys are failing.  The Hospice staff think that maybe he has just a couple of days left.

Their goal is to keep him comfortable as he transitions from this life to the next and they are doing a wonderful job.  There are no more IVs, oxygen masks or beeping machines.  He is in a quiet, calm atmosphere and has short periods of time when he is responsive.

Family and friends are welcome to visit and say their good-byes.  We will try to give you more updates during the day tomorrow as things progress.  Thank you for ontinued prayers for Art as he finishes his life with us.   
Dad is still hanging on and has been moved to Rose Arbor Hospice Residence (5473 Croyden Avenue), Room 18, in Kalamazoo.  The lower portion of his lungs have collapsed and his kidneys are failing.  The Hospice staff think that maybe he has just a couple of days left.

Their goal is to keep him comfortable as he transitions from this life to the next and they are doing a wonderful job.  There are no more IVs, oxygen masks or beeping machines.  He is in a quiet, calm atmosphere and has short periods of time when he is responsive.

Family and friends are welcome to visit and say their good-byes.  We will try to give you more updates during the day tomorrow as things progress.  Thank you for continued prayers for Art as he finishes his life with us.   

Ill Islanders Doing Well

Joan Vyse has announced that her cancer is in remission, and thank to all from medical center, EMS, and all thoughts and prayers.

Lauraine Dawson is home and feeling slightly better..

Paul Nelson is doing much better and has been moved to an assisted living center. His new address is

Paul F. Nelson, 1501 Woodworth St NE,  Apt. 110, Grand Rapids, MI 49525
He would love to hear from his Island friends.

UPDATED: Information about Leone Schellenberg from her husband Chuck HERE

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Open House Announcement with Dedication at BICS................Computer Class offered at BICS.................

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Winds Farms Coming in June (BIA)

Wind Farms will be the topic of a presentation on Monday, June 22, 2009 @ 7-9 p.m. at the Peaine Township Hall. Dean Solomon, Charlevoix County Extension Director, will present an overview of wind energy development potential in NW Lower Michigan and Beaver Island . Citing issues related to wind towers, new state renewable energy legislation, planning and zoning issues for wind energy will be discussed. This lecture is being sponsored by the Planning Commissions of Peaine and St. James Townships along with the Beaver Island Association. Open to the public and free of charge. Please, join us as Dean Solomon shares his expertise. Light refreshments provided.

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