B. I. News on the 'Net, May 31-June 6, 2010

St. James Township Meeting of June 2, 2010

Video clips HERE

Dale Boyles Passes Away

Dale K. Boyles died at the age of 101 on June 4, 2010 at Hazel I. Findlay Country Manor in St. Johns, Michigan. He was born in St. Louis, Michigan on October 30, 1908, the son of Claud J. and Mary E. (Keyser) Boyles; he graduated from Lansing Central High School in 1926, and from Michigan State University in 1932. On October 12, 1935 he married Gertrude J. Findlay, They were together for 68 years until her death on August 15, 2003. Mr. Boyles was a longtime employee of Parke-Davis, an accountant at the home office in Detroit, and business manager of the research facility in Ann Arbor from its opening in 1959 until his retirement in 1973. In 1996 he and his wife moved their residence to Beaver Island, Michigan and thereafter seasonally divided their time between the island and Ft. Myers, Florida. He was a member of the Christian Church on Beaver Island. Before retirement he was active in civic affairs in the Ann Arbor area. He was a reserve army officer on active duty for five years during World War II. For the last several years Mr. Boyles has been a resident of Clinton Commons, a retirement community in St. Johns, Michigan, where he has enjoyed the acquaintance and company of others of his own generation.
Surviving Mr. Boyles are his two daughters, Jane E. Boyles-Visel of Ann Arbor and Kay Barbara Flournoy of Waterford and his son, Fredrick J. (Barbara) Boyles of Grand Blanc. Also surviving are his three grandchildren and four great grandchildren. A grandson, Jason Boyles passed away in 2000.
There will be a visitation at the Osgood Funeral Home in St. Johns, Michigan from 10:00 am until 12:00 pm on Thursday, June 10, 2010. At his request the only services will be held at the graveside in Lowe Cemetery, Essex Twp., Michigan following the visitation. Memorial contributions may be made to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Endowment Fund, Beaver Island, Michigan 49782.

Baroque on Beaver Seeks Singers

Osprey Pair Interaction

It would be really nice to see what is going on inside the osprey nest when these two ospreys are interacting. The first part of this video clip shows one osprey approaching the nest and the other responding to that approach. Sure wish there was more information available. It would be available with a little help from TDS Telecom and CMU. Maybe we'll get the help next year.

Osprey Interaction  

Rain, Delicious and Revitalizing

Those out there who are visiting Beaver Island for the first time or for a short time are probably quite unhappy with the rainy weather that Beaver Island is experiencing today, Friday, June 4, 2010. Its a little after 3 p.m. as this is written and the rain is still coming down. Hooray!! The grass on the golf course and elsewhere had already gone dormant due to the hot dry days of our most recent past. This rain will allow the grass and plants an opportunity to revitalize and must certainly be seen as a delicious treat to these plants. The dreary days may make some of us slightly depressed, but the life that this rain provides to the plants around us will be enjoyed for days to come. Every cloud has a silver lining, as the saying goes, but our Island really, truly needs this rain and more like it.

Hazardous Materials Disposal by Appointment Only

Birth Announcement

Ella Rose.Lounsberry was born on May 24, 2010, at 5:06 am. She weighed 7 lbs. 4 oz. and was 20 1/4 inches long. The proud parents are Jeff and Kathy Lounsberry. The big sisters are Grace and Ava, and the big brother is Blake. The proud Grandmas are Ama (aka Sally) Lounsberry of Beaver Island, MI, and Sheryl Dunlop, of West Bloomfield, MI.

4th of July Golf Tournament

The 4th of July Golf Tournament is really on July 3rd. See poster for more information

Garden Island Clean-up

One site with trash

(From the minutes of Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission) "Mike Weede presented the review of the Garden Island Clean-Up initiative. Earlier in May, Weede, Bruland, and Mastenbrook traveled to Garden Island to view proposed dump site clean-up areas. On May 20-21, 4 sites were inventoried and trash removed with the help of 8 volunteers. The majority of the trash was removed from the “3 Brother's”, behind the DNR building, and another old deer hunting camp site. The steel items were recycled. 25 trash bags, 17 bags containing beer cans and various large items were removed. Mike used his barge and 2 skiffs. The Transfer Station is expected to accept the trash without fees. In addition, Carol and John Runberg also removed 2 boat loads worth of trash from North Cut Bay. Signage will be developed by Ken Bruland and Brian Mastenbrook. Yellow tape was placed around the DNR dump site. Mike Weede stated that he will watch when transporting deer hunters/others that they pack out their garbage with each trip. Future work will require a bobcat and leveling the DNR site. Jeff Cashman from the Beaver Beacon was on hand to document the efforts with photographs. Mike indicated that a future vision be developed for Garden Island related to recreation activities such as mountain biking."

Link to more story and pictures HERE

Happening at Stoney

Congratulations to Beaver Island Graduates!

Join us this weekend and you & your guests will receive 10% off your entire check...PLUS you will receive a complimentary dessert.

Our Specials this Weekend are...

THURSDAY Slow Roasted, dry herbed, Chicago-style
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Boursin-stuffed CHICKEN BREAST, topped with grilled Vidalias, and a Lingon berry-Port reduction, with rice pilaf, veg & biscuit. $12.95
PLUS WHITEFISH PENNE, Sauteed baked Whitefish, Onions, Garlic, Seasonings, & wine, finished with cream over Penne Pasta, and topped with grated Asiago. $14.95
Grilled and/or Fried, with Potato or Rice & Veg or Slaw, & biscuit. $17.95
.50 Cents from every Shrimp Special to benefit B.I. ANIMAL FUND
Full Menu Available Daily

Our best to you,
Liam & Marilyn

Garter Snake Crosses Kings Highway

When the dogs begin barking loudly and emphatically, it is necessary to check out what they are barking about. These high strung dogs live at the corner of the Kings Highway and Carlisle Road. In the investigation, this snake was found crossing the Kings Highway. The snake was moving quite slowly until the photographer arrived and the vibrations on the road caused it to begin an immediate departure from the area. These two photos were snapped as the snake was on the 'run.' They can move quite quickly even if they are a little over three feet in length, and they seem to disappear when in the grass and junipers.

The snake was headed toward Font Lake. Was (s)he interested in food or mating? Was the snake just out sunning itself in the middle of the road or enroute to a specific destination? These answers will be unknown since the snake could not be found once it reached the woods.

A Memorial Day Remembrance at Holy Cross



Our Beaver Island resident veterans were on hand today, Monday, May 31, 2010, at 11 a.m. to help us remember the reason for the day. This was a reminder of the complete sacrifice that some of our veterams have made, so that we can continue to live in the freedom that our country stands for. Bob Tidmore brought the group to attentions as the bells tolled at the Holy Cross Church at 11 a.m.

Bob Tidmore provided an explanation of the itinerary for the celebration.


The celebration included a poem about veterans giving the final sacrifice.


John Runberg read the list of veterans from Beaver Island who gave the final sacrifice.


Kathy Speck led the group in singing "God Bless America."


Howard Davis led the group in prayer.


The program ended with the recorded music of "Taps."


Wendy Anne Returns

The tug Wendy Anne brought in some more items on the barge today, May 31, 2010. It is fascinating to see what materials the Wendy Anne will bring to the Island on its trips.


Front District Library Garden Renewed

The beautifully flowering cherry tree was moved nearer to the parking area.

View of the renewal of the garden

Reminder of the reason for the gardens


Video clip of the front of the district library and garden

Hot, Hot, and more Hot until Monday, May 31, 2010

The public beach was the location-the place to be--for the last few days. The entire weekend was very warm, in the high 70's, and the sun made it feel like 80. These people knew the way to enjoy the day at the public beach in town. Some, as you can see, were very brave to attempt to swim in the cool waters of the Paradise Bay swimming area.

Video clip of the public beach  

The BI Rural Health Center Holds Open House

The purpose of the open house day was to show the telemedicine hook-up with Charlevoix Area Hospital Emergency Room, and to also showcase the digital X-ray machine with the ability to send digital X-rays to the doctors and the radiologist at Charlevoix Area Hospital. The open house took place on May 30, 2010, from 11 am until 1 pm.

Donna Kubic, manager, shows the video and audio connection to CAH ER.

Sue Solle, FNP, demonstrated the digital X-ray

Frank Solle designed this poster for the BIRHC Car Raffle

Video clip of the telemedicine demonstration and the digital x-ray demonstration  

Sally Lounsberry was the winner of the drawing taken on this day from those already signed up for the car raffle. Sally won $1000 cash for her early purchase.

Cormorants Are Beginning to Be Seen

Several Cormorants were seen flying toward Beaver Island and a few settled in the Gull Harbor area on May 30, 2010.

Dragon Flies Abound on Barney's Lake

Dragonfly, or Darning Needle, the name for an order of large, beneficial insects that feed on harmful insects such as gnats and mosquitoes. Dragonflies occur in the swamps and streams of all temperate and tropical regions. There are two suborders—damselflies and true dragonflies

Dragonflies generally are brightly colored with yellow, green, blue, or red spots or stripes that stand out against darker backgrounds. A dragonfly has a large head, bulging eyes, and strong jaws. Three pairs of medium-sized legs are attached to a short thorax, behind which is a long, slender abdomen. Two pairs of transparent, veined wings are attached to the thorax. Wingspan is from two inches (5 cm) to seven inches (18 cm). Dragonflies can fly forwards, backwards, and sideways, because at any one time their wings can rotate, move up and down, or move forward and backward.

Damselflies are smaller and more fragile than true dragonflies. Damselflies hover over reeds and grasses bordering ponds, where they obtain food by seizing other insects. At rest, damselflies hold their wings straight up from their bodies.

True dragonflies pursue insects through the air and use all six legs to seize the prey, which they then crush with their jaws. At rest, true dragonflies spread their wings flat, at right angles to their bodies.

Damselflies lay their eggs on soft plant tissue just beneath the water's surface. True dragonflies drop their eggs on the surface of the water. Both damselflies and true dragonflies pass through an immature aquatic stage that lasts several years.

Dragonflies belong to the order Odonata. Damselflies make up the suborder Zygoptera; true dragonflies, the suborder Anisoptera.

(information from "How Stuff Works" website.)

Waxwings at Barney's Lake

There seemed to be a flock of waxwings feeding on something near the shore of Barney's Lake. These birds are not interested in human observation nor in photographs. Each time the photographer got up to move closer, they all flew away, only to return after the distance exceeded 20 yards.

Spring Flowering Trees and Bushes

This picture was taken right next door to the post office on the Gregg property. The horse chessnut tree and lilac are both in bloom. There are many flowering trees and bushes seen on a drive around the harbor.

"This Way, Honey"

The male turkey was following the hen turkey from one side of Barney's Lake Road to the other and then back again. This snapshot is of the pair on the lake side of the road near the old boat launch area.

Helicopter Lands Near Clare Cull's Home

This helicopter landed near the water on the Nackerman's property right next door to the Clare Cull home on the harbor. The four occupants were not to be found to interview, but managed to get back into the helicopter and take off again. "Only on Beaver Island," was the statement that one Islander made as he was asked about the helicopter.

Clare Cull Comes Home

Clare Cull, who had some serious health issues, is back on the island at her home. "This is the best she's been since her problem that caused her to leave," reported her caretaker. "It must be the clean Island air." Whatever the cause, the result is wonderful. Welcome home, Clare!

Mary Ann Bendewald Dies

Mary Ann Bendewald, 72 of Lake Villa, Illinois, formerly of Oak Forest, Illinois; beloved wife of the late Guy; loving mother of Constance (Neal) Boyle and Deborah (Charles) Slack; dear grandmother of three; and fond sister of Barbara (Raymond) Rozhon and the late John (Susan) Stochmal. Memorial Mass will be at 1 p.m. Saturday, May 29, 2010 at St. Peter Church, 557 Lake St. Antioch, Illinois 60002. Visitation is from 10 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Saturday at Strang Funeral Home, 1055 Main St. (Rte 83) Antioch, Illinois 60002. Interment of ashes in Holy Sepulchre Cemetery, Alsip, Illinois.

Info 847-395-4000 or www.strangfh.com.

Donations to Children's Memorial Hospital, Chicago appreciated. (Published in Chicago Tribune on May 28, 2010 and taken from the BI Forum.)

Chamber Moves To Former Harbor Master Office

The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce office has moved from the office it occupied for two years in the Community Center to a newly redecorated office on the grounds of the Municipal Marina. The Chamber was in that location (former Harbor Master office) for eight years prior to moving to the Community Center.

According to PABI President Judy Gallagher, “The board voted to no longer rent or lease the space that the Chamber has used for the past two years. The board wishes to strengthen the Welcome Area, including concessions sales, donor recruitment and recognition area and visitor reception and accommodation area. We will continue to be an active member of the Chamber of Commerce.”

“Given the Chamber of Commerce's principal mission of marketing Beaver Island to potential visitors the less expensive new office will allow us to spend more on advertising the Island,” said Chamber President Kathy Speck. “We appreciate the good relationship we continue to have with PABI and are pleased that they plan to continue to distribute Chamber literature.”

“One of our key goals is to maximize the effective use of member's dues to market the Beaver Island Archipelago as a tourist / vacation destination by using all manner of current electronic and print media,” said Executive Chamber Director Steve West. “The new office is a good fit. My mission is to get new visitors to experience Beaver Island . Once they are here our Island 's friendly folks do a great job of making them feel welcome.”

Spring Hazardous Material Cleanup at Transfer Station

Spring Hazardous Material cleanup at the Beaver Island Transfer Station is June 5, 2010, from 10 a.m.-2 p.m.. If you want to bring anything you need to make an appointment. If you have questions or make an appointment you can call 448-2228.

From the Cape Dory Association Website

It's official: The Lake Michigan Cape Dory Rendezvous is scheduled for August 2-6 in St. James Harbor, Beaver Island. Mark your calendar and set aside the dates! Ariel and her crew will be anchored in the harbor and look forward to meeting up with other Cape Dorys and their owners.

For information about Beaver Island, visit the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce website, or read David VanDenburgh's harbor report .

For those interested in driving in, the Emerald Isle Ferry offers daily arrivals and there are a couple of motels for lodging. There may even be room aboard a boat.

If you are interested in attending and have questions, feel free to leave a comment here and someone will get back to you. Hope to see you there!

Glen McDonough Memorial Concert

The 2nd Annual Glen McDonough Memorial Concert will be held on Saturday, July 10, 2010, at 7 p.m. at "RED DEER" on the Kings Highway (the log cabin before the curves). All donations will go to the Glen McDonough Menorial Music Scholarship fund for young musicians. (From Eleanor McDonough)

Coincidence or Human Intervention Gone Awry?

During this past week, there were several huge rocks placed across the public boat access to Barney's Lake on Barney's Lake Road. The question for those involved is very clear. Did your intervention help or hinder the loon nesting site on the lake? Did your intervention help or hinder the mute swan nesting on Barneys Lake also?

The day before the rocks appeared the mute swan was on the nest on the far left of the Barney's Lake, the southeast end. The day before the rocks were placed, the loons had built a nest less than 30 yards away from the public access site. The day after the rocks were placed no loons nor mute swans could be found on the lake including the small cove the farthest point away from the boat launch.

loon on the nest with the partner out swimming on the day before the rocks were placed

Video clip of loon nest

mute swans on the day before the rocks were placed

 Video clip of the mute swan nest

From a wonderful place to observe these kinds of wildlife, the placement of the rocks appears to have turned the lake into a place to watch turtles, frogs, and ducks. Is this possibly a plan to help wildlife that didn't please the wildlife? Did the heavy equipment scare these birds away? Only time will tell if the placement of the rocks will accomplish its purpose, but today, May 24, 2010, there are no loon or mute swan nests on Barney's Lake that had a nesting bird on the nest.

loon nest on 5/23 and on 5/24....no loons to be seen on the lake

mute swan nest on 5/23 and the same on 5/24...no mute swans seen on the lake

Perhaps this is just a coincidence, but just where did these nesting birds go?

A new theory comes to mind. With all of the turtles on the lake, is it possible that the turtles chased these birds out of the nests? There are articles on the Internet that suggest that many loon eggs are lost to turtles. With the huge population of turtles on Barney's Lake, could the turtles have just overpowered the loons and the mute swans?

Update: On June 1, 2010, the call of the loon could be heard on Barney's Lake again. Whether this is the same pair that was nesting previously or a different pair is unknown. Whether they will stay on the lake and nest is also unknown. It was wonderful to hear the warning call of the loon as the eagles flew overhead, apparently on their way to Font Lake. Rest assured that this website will keep you informed about the loons and nest on Barney's Lake. If you have other nesting sites, please make this editor aware.


Video clip of loons on Barneys Lake


The ospreys were perched in a dead tree on Sloptown. The little birds didn't seem to mind this bigger predator being in the same tree. Ospreys usually feed on fish, not other birds.

A trip down the road to visit the osprey nest on Sloptown Road was disappointing since there wasn't a bird in the trees on the north side of the road and no action or movement could be seen in the nest on top of the microwave tower. Shutting off the car and getting out allowed the ears to hear an unusual sound coming from up above in the sky. Looking up, nothing was seen. Where did that sound come from? Looking closer and squinting the eyes allowed the focus to show the ospreys high in the air seemingly playing on the air current and with each other.

What were they doing? Not sure, but it was fascinating to watch.

The larger mate has the freedom to perch and play in the currents on a hot summer day

While the smaller mate is finally up in the nest....

Video clip of the ospreys, one in the tree, the other in the nest  

Tern Pictures

This bird can be seen flying over Font Lake sometimes and over Barney's Lake sometimes. There could be two birds or it could be the same bird fishing in two different locations. These pictures were taken at Barney's Lake.


AMVETS Post #46 has been placing flags on our veterans' graves at both cemeteries for quite a few years. We do the best we can to make sure every veteran has a flag at their grave by Memorial Day. However, there very well could be people buried that we don't know were veterans.

If you happen to be at either Holy Cross Cemetery or the St. James Township Cemetery and notice a veteran's grave without a flag, please contact Brian and Dee Gallagher, who are members of AMVETS Post #46 and Ladies Auxiliary, and members of the Holy Cross Cemetery Committee.


Beaver Island Veterans Memorial Park

On May 21, 2010, Rick Speck, St. James Township Supervisor and Bob Tidmore, AMVETs, signed the agreement with Wolverine Power that will allow the construction of the Veterans Memorial Park at the old power plant site called the “Agreement to Develop Conservation Easement Property." The agreement states the Wolverine must approve the final plans before construction can commence. Fundraising for the project will now begin.

There will be three monuments.  One will provide information on Post 46. One will salute the veterans who served in the armed forces, One will provide with the names of those from Beaver Island who died in the service of their country.   There will be three flagpoles. Two will be 30 feet tall with a rotating service flag, and the center flag of 35 feet will have the American flag . 

The AMVETs wo;; sell 4 x 8 bricks with the name, service dates, and service affiliation that will be in one of the three areas in front of the monuments.  The AMVETs also are proposing to sell 8 x 8 bricks that will become the sidewalk to the memorial.  These will be sold to any business, individual or organization that wishes to make a donation.  The 4 x 8 bricks will be in the neighborhood of $50.00 each and the 8 x 8 will be around $100.00 each.  If anyone wants to donate a flag pole or bench please let the AMVETs know.

The AMVETs will organize the fund raising structure this week and hopefully have it in place by Memorial Day .   In the meantime if anyone has any questions they can e-mall the Post at amvetspost46@yahoo.com or write to them at Box 319 Beaver Island, MI  49782.

AMVETS Pancake Breakfast

The AMVETs pancake breakfast was a resounding success this year. Held on Sunday, May 30, 2010, at the Holy Cross Parish Hall, the many workers were kept busy with the crowds of hungry people.

The morning breakfast crowd close to closing time

Not so busy they couldn't pose for a quick picture.

Video clip of the AMVETs Pancake Breakfast  

Men's Golf League Well Under Motion

The Men's Summer Golf League started on May 19, 2010. The league play takes place every Wednesday night throughout the summer. Ten two-man teams will play a "best ball" scramble format with each team playing each other team spread out throughout the summer. There are two 'position-night' matches scheduled, one on June 9 and the other on July 7, as well as a play-off night on August 4. These special nights have first place playing second place, third playing fourth, etc., to keep the league competitive throught the 12 week season. Buck Ridgeway puts in a lot of time working this schedule out and avoiding as many conflicts as possible.

Some new out-of-bounds markers have been place on the course. On hole number seven there was previously nothing considered out-of-bounds off the tee box, but this year there are posts marking the legal field of play. On number nine, there was also no out-of-bounds near the entry driveway to the course. This year, the parking areas have a line of posts for out-of-bounds. Another new rule involves the bunkers on the golf course. Previously, a ball in the bunker could be placed on a more level hitting area still within the bunker. This year, wherever the ball lands in a bunker, it must be played from that position. The only exception to this is the bunker on hole #4, which is considered casual water from the sprikler system, and relief of a drop away from the green is allowed.

With two weeks of the golf league past, the lead is being held by the team of Jeff and Ryan with 31 points, followed by Larry and Joe with 28. Rob and Dan are in third place with 44, Joe and Howard in fourth with 23, and Ron and Bob infifth with 21. This year's handicap scores range from 36.5 to 47 on a par 35 course. This year is starting out to be a very competive year.

Update: The men's league standings after three weeks show an interesting change in the standings. Wednesday, June 9, 2010, will find the closest teams playing against one another. Jeff and Ryan will play Howard and Joe (1st vs. 2nd); Ron and Dan will play Ron and Bob (3rd vs. 4th); Larry and Joe will play Chuck and Ernie (5th vs. 6th); Francis and Larry will Ivan and Buck (7th vs. 8th); and Frank and John will playBill and Bob. With two 33's and one 31 in last week's rounds of golf, this coming week will be very interesting.



1:30 START 

The first Outing will be our traditional Outing with the men hitting off of #1, #3, #5, #7, & #9 and the women hitting off of #2, #4, #6 & #8.

Entry fee for each team is $15.00 for the Outing + Green Fees if you are not a BIGC member.

Please sign up for the Outing on the signup sheet on the desk at the Clubhouse.

If you have any questions you may call the Golf Course, 448-2301 or Buck at 448-2680.


I will be off island to watch our grandkids play baseball and softball leaving June 3rd . Buck

Women's Golf This Summer

The Tuesday night women's golf league has been canceled this summer at this point. The Thursday morning lady's golf get-togethers are still taking place. This is a come one, come all, lady's Thursday morning golfing get-together that meets right now at 10:00 a.m. The golfing is followed by an 'out-to-lunch' gathering as well. As the season progresses, the time may go to one-half hour earlier, 9:30 a.m. There is a Lady's Golf Tournament scheduled for

Peaine Township Meeting on May 12, 2010

Discussions get hot, heated, and personal

Click here to view video clips of this meeting

District Library News

The Beaver Island District Library has reopened with a “new” look. Instead of the rose colored carpeting, we now have blue carpet squares that were made for a commercial building and it looks wonderful! Come on in and check it out!

While you're at the library, browse through the books. We have many of the NY Times bestsellers: The Help by Kathryn Stockett; Girl With the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson; South of Broad by Pat Conroy; Wicked Prey by John Sanford; Last Song by Nicholas Sparks; Mennonite in a Little Black Dress by Rhoda Janzen; Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert; Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson; just to list some of them.

We also have some of the newest videos on DVD : Avatar ; Blind Side ; It's Complicated ; Sherlock Holmes ; Extraordinary Measures; Iron Man; New Moon . Pre-ordered to arrive this summer are: How to Train Your Dragon; Jesse Stone – No Remorse ; and Life narrated by David Attenborough.

Come Memorial weekend the gardens should be planted and ready for the summer.

Please stop in and see the changes.

BI Community School Press Release

Results of May 4, 2010 Annual School Election: Results of the May 4, 2010 Annual School election showed strong support for renewal of the district's local operational millage and for renewal of Char-Em ISD's vocational-technical millage. Board member candidate Jessica Anderson was elected by a 6 vote margin and incumbent board member Barbara Schwartzfisher was reelected.

By a vote of 152 yes and 31 no, the school's operational millage renewal passed. The district wishes to thank the many voters who took time to make it to the polls and to thank the many citizens who are subject to payment of the non-homestead tax upon which the operational millage is levied. The distinct realizes that many of those who pay the non-homestead taxes are not year-round residents and do not have children in school. It is the desire of the school district to use the tax dollars to provide a top quality school system that all community members and property owners can be proud of.

By a vote of 134 yes and 38 no, the Char-Em Intermediate School District 's vocational-technical millage renewal passed. Thanks to Beaver Island voters for renewing this millage. Funding from this millage allows the district to run two state-certified vocational programs and helps with purchase of technology and internet connectivity costs. This is one regional millage where the amount the island receives back is actually more than is generated by the district's tax dollars.

With State of Michigan budget uncertainties, the Beaver Island Community School district is indeed grateful that the majority of its revenue is not dependent upon State funding – only 7% of the district's revenue comes from the State. Approximately 75% of the district's budget is funded by renewal of the two millage sources described above. Again, thanks to the community for continuing to support the school.

Contact: Kitty McNamara

Beaver Island Community School

37895 King's Highway

Beaver Island MI 49782


Phone 231 448 2744

Fax 231 448 2919


Chamber of Commerce NEWS

Contact: Steve West – (231) 448-2505 – Chamber@BeaverIsland.org

Ron Suffolk of marathon promoter Good Boy events reports that, after a slow start, entries for the September 4 Beaver Island Marathon hit 100. A new improved “13.1 out and back” course is slated to be certified in June.

July 4 Parade Theme

By unanimous vote the Chamber of Commerce directors selected “Beaver Island: Looking to the Future with Strong Traditions” as the July 4 parade theme.

New Chamber VP

Rachel Teague of Fresh Air Aviation was elected by the directors to fill the unexpired Vice President term.

Room Finders Program – Attn: Accommodations Members

The Chamber’s Room Finders program begins in June. Accommodations members should advise the office Chamber@BeaverIsland.org via email each Monday of any openings during the busy July / August season. Many calls are received June – August requesting help in finding a place to stay. “We do our best to match potential visitors with open locations,” said Chamber Executive Director Steve West.

Beaver Island Rural Health Center Announcements for May 2010

Click for Video Clips below:

Men's Health Screening Day-will be scheduled this summer

JUMPSTART to Wellness Starts --starts now with no deadline

Chiropractor and Opthamologists Visit the Island -Chiropractor every other Friday

Aging Parents and the Legal Issues Telehealth Presentation- coming June 15th

How Should We Plan for the Future of Beaver Island

The Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission (NRETC) is inviting all interested parties to make sure that Beaver Island remains the special place we all love and enjoy.  Please join the NRETC on June 28 th at the Community Center and help as we begin to discuss the future of our forests and wildlife resources. We have invited many excellent speakers to come and talk from 9-12. After lunch at the Community Center we will discuss forest and wildlife management objectives for Beaver Island . This is a time for people to voice what they enjoy about Beaver Island , what it was that drew them to the Island and their vision for the Island 's future. Please join us for the whole day, but if you can only attend at certain times please feel free to do so. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to contact me (Eric) via E-mail: E_R_Myers@yahoo.com . Or phone Jacque, 448-2220 or Pam 448-2314.

Beaver Island Natural Resources/ Eco-Tourism Commission

Part I of a Series of Symposiums on Understanding and Managing Beaver Island 's Ecosystems

For Sustainability and Economic Growth 

Symposium Number I

Managing our Forest and Wildlife for Sustainability

June 28, 2010, Beaver Island Community Center 

8:15- 8:45a.m. Registration, coffee and snack – sign up for lunch at community center

8:50 am. Welcome, Keynote Address -- Eric R. Myers

9:00 -- Our Beaver Island Forests Today

•  Beaver Island Forest Resources – Past Impacts, Current Conditions and the Future Brian Mastenbrook -- MI DNRE

9:45 -- Our Forest of the Future / Effects of Land Management Decisions on Our Forests

•  Forest Succession and Sustainability Eric R. Myers -- Ph.D. Forestry, MSU

•  Unique Communities and Invasive Species Phyllis Higman -- MI Natural Features Inventory

•  Private Land Management (Forest Management and Conservation Easements) Tom Bailey -- Little Traverse Conservancy

Short Break

10:55-- Effects of Land Management Decisions and Wildlife Management. Discussions on Wildlife Species/ Habitats of deer, turkey, ruffed grouse, woodcock, wood duck, beaver.

Eric Ellis -- Conservation Resource Alliance

11:55 Song Birds and Eco-Tourism Kay Charter -- Saving Birds thru Habitat

12:30 -- Break for Lunch: Purchased from the Community Center or nearby restaurants.

Submit written questions for morning speakers.

1:30 -- Reading of Written Questions for Morning Session Speakers

2:00 -- Roundtable Discussions: Specific questions will be discussed in groups. The overall objective is to begin a dialog on working to reach island consensus for Beaver Island forests and wildlife

2:45 -- Roundtable Presentations- conclusions and new questions from each table

3:15 - 4:00 -- Panel Discussion by experts on issues raised –questions from roundtable and wrap up—where do we go from here?

Preventive Care / Wellness Screening at BIRHC

$25.00 fee includes the following:

· Review of Medical History

· Height & Weight

· Blood pressure check

· Cholesterol , anemia , and blood sugar screening


To make an appointment for a Wellness Screening, call the BI Rural Health Center - 448-2275

You can schedule a screening Monday thru Friday 8:30am to 5:00pm , or after hours upon request.  Beaver Island Health Wellness Screening Program is designed to emphasize the benefits of preventive medicine .

from Donna Kubic, RN, Managing Director

St James Township Meeting May 5 2010

You can view the video clips of the whole meeting by clicking on this link below:

Meeting clips

Food Pantry Open House Planned

The Beaver Island Food Pantry in planning on an open house on June 12, 2010. The time has not yet been determined. The reasons to have an open house include the ability of Islanders to see the food pantry in its location, to see how food distribution works, to ask questions, and to offer suggestions. Mark your calendar for this date to visit the food pantry.

Beaver Island Women's Golf Tournament Scheduled

Women golfers, mark your calendar for the annual Beaver Island Women's Golf Tournament to be held on Saturday, July 17, 2010 at the Beaver Island Golf Course. Teams of four golfers will compete in a scramble format, and all levels of golfers are welcome. There will be lots of fun individual contests as well.

Sign up in advance at the Golf Course as a team or individually to be added to a team. The fee to play is $20 which includes lunch at the course following the tournament. Sign in at 8:30 and the shotgun tournament starts at 9 a.m. For further information, contact Jean Carpenter, 448-2893, Sharon Scamehorn, 448-2641 or Sandy Birdsall , 448-2982.

Beaver Island Transfer Station Information

Health & Human Services Fair Scheduled for September 16, 2010

The Beaver Island Human Services Commission is hosting a health and human services fair this fall. The event will take place at Gregg Fellowship hall on September 16, 2010, from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. Mark your calendars so that you do not miss out on this great opportunity to get in touch with a wealth of information aimed at improving your health, happiness, and well-being.

Editor's Note: The Human Services Commission is working to get a wide variety of mainland services introduced to the needs of Beaver Island, a part of Charlevoix County.

NEW Community Calendar Feature

New Events Scheduled!

At a request from a couple of emails, the BINN Community Calendar has been extended from one or two months to include the rest of the entire year of 2010. Several people wanted to schedule their events without having a conflict with another event. The BINN reply via email was, "Of course, we would be happy to include a full calendar year in the Community Calendar!"

Please send us your calendar of events for the the entire year. We will put all scheduled events on one calendar with one place to check!

This will only work if all those people with scheduled events send a quick email with those events to the editor of this website. We will gladly post them on a community calendar available to everyone. Please take the time to send your events to:


Beaver Island Bike Festival

How to Have Fun at the Bike Festival

Free T- shirts -1st Beaver Island Bike Festival

Online registration information is now available for the 1st Beaver Island Bike Festival on June 26th. FREE T-SHIRTS for the first 250. The registration brochure will be available at the Chamber of Commerce office in the Community Center in early April.

On line registration is now available for the June 26 Beaver Island Bike Festival. Also, a brochure registration form is available at the Community Center.


Your chance to experience the unique unspoiled beauty of Lake Michigan’s most remote island in a fun festival atmosphere. Bikers will ride at their own pace and enjoy incredible scenery, Island monuments, historic sites, a beach picnic lunch, a downtown after party and all the friendly hospitality Beaver Islands residents are famous for,” says promoter John Sohacki.
June 25 - 27, 2010

"The Beaver Island Bike Festival (June 25-27) is your chance to experience the unique unspoiled beauty of Lake Michigan’s most remote island in a fun festival atmosphere. Bikers will ride at their own pace and enjoy incredible scenery, island monuments, historic sites, a beach picnic lunch, a downtown after party and all the friendly hospitality Beaver Islands residents are famous for,” says promoter John Sohacki.

For complete information and registration information for the new Beaver Island event see the events section on the home page of The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce web site www.BeaverIsland.org .

The new route map and course description for the second annual Beaver Island Marathon (September 4) is now available on the Chamber web site.

The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce is a principal sponsor of both events.

Subscriptions to Expire

There are quite a few subscriptions that will expire in June or that have already expired. We appreciate your support and ask you to renew your subscription as soon as possible. Emails have been sent out, but quite a few have been returned without delivery, which means that BINN does not have your current email address.

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community

Thank You SO MUCH for supporting your Beaver Island Community Center !

We have another great year in store...stay tuned!

Summer Hours begin on June 7, 2010

Monday-Saturday 10am-9pm

Sunday 10am-6pm

Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

May COA Menu click HERE

May Senior Center Activities click HERE

May Community Center Ad page

June COA Menu HERE

June Senior Activities click HERE

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010 NEW!

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission Minutes NEW!

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes (includes agenda when available) New Feature for 2010!

Waste Management Committee Minutes (New for 2010!)