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Kellie (Gillespie) Knox to Graduate Friday

Kellie Gillespie has her nursing school “pinning” tomorrow, Thursday, May 10, 2007, and graduates Friday from NCMC.  She begins training Monday as a member of the Munson Health Center team, where she will work full-time as a registered nurse.    Congratulations, Kellie!

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Reminder of Chinese Dinner

It's this Friday at Nina's from 5:30-8:00 (reservations recommended)  also there will be take-out available.

Brett Maudrie's Graduation

Today, May 8, 2007, at approximately 12:10 p.m., Brett Maudrie received his high school diploma from Ms. Kathleen McNamara, principal of Beaver Island Community School.

Congratulations, Brett !

Levi Connor, Young Entrepreneur

Levi Connor's Business Venture

Levi has purchased a Pedi-Cab. His plan is to transport people around the harbor area and out as far Stoney Acre Grill this summer. He can also use the bicycle trail out to the St. James Township Campground. The Pedi-Cab will hold up to four hundred pounds of people and/or freight. When the business gets operational, we will post more information about it. Paradise PediCab can be reached at 231-838-0019.

"Doc, Doc, Goose" A Marvelous Program!

The 5th and 6th grade play for this year was "Doc, Doc, Goose." It was performed on May 4, 2007, at 7 pm. In Act One, Dr. Goose is in quite a fix. She needs to tend to her patients, look after her help and still try to save her clinic. Can she save the clinic and heal all of Nurseryland? In Act Two, Goldilocks has an attitude. Will Dr. Zhivago close the clinic? It's up to Dr. Goose and Nurse Gosling to convince him to let the Nursery land Clinic stay open.

photo by Frank Solle

photos by Phyllis Moore

The cast of characters were covered by the 5th and 6th grades students with pleasantly humorous lines.

The Characters

The Cast

Dr. Goose Marissa Crandall
Nurse Gosling Jewell Cushman
Mac Donald Jr. Dylan Left
Guest Appearance Michael McCafferty
Crooked Man Ron Marsh
Wee Willie Winkie McCauley Connaghan
Jack B. Nimble Dylan Left
Jack Sprat McCauley Connaghan
Wife Ron Marsh
Polly/Jill Olivia Cary
King of Hearts Dylan Left
Goldilocks Olivia Cary
Jack McCauley Connaghan
Dr. Zhivago Ron Marsh

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