B. I. News on the 'Net, May 8-15, 2011

May 2011 Wildlife Club Meeting Video

Video Clips of the Entire Meeting HERE

Interlochen Public Radio News Radio Now Broadcasting From Harbor Springs

May 13, 2011---Interlochen Public Radio is now broadcasting 24-hour news and information in Harbor Springs, Petoskey and the Straits. WHBP 90.1 fm began broadcasting IPR News Radio at 11:30 this morning. News Radio also broadcasts from Traverse City on 91.5 fm and from Manistee on 89.7 fm. Interlochen Public Radio also serves northwest Michigan with three Classical music signals.

BICS May 10, 2001, Newsletter

This is a WORD Document

Help Wanted

Charlevoix County  Leadership Program  Coordinator Exciting opportunity to coordinate and facilitate a comprehensive leadership program sponsored by the Charlevoix , Boyne City, East Jordan and Beaver Island chambers of commerce. Position is approximately 10 hours per week, year-round. Must be an enthusiastic self-starter with strong public relations experience , leadership skills and organizational ability. Familiarity with Charlevoix County a plus. Email resume and references by May 23 to Erin Bemis, bemis@charlevoix.org , at the Charlevoix Chamber.

Story about Brett Maudrie's Homecoming in the Charlevoix Courier

Read the article HERE

Sidewalk Construction at the District Library

The district library will have some construction going on this week. The cement sidewalks and the bike rack area are going to be getting some new cement. The library staff will still be opening the library during this time, so they ask you to :

Please Use the Side Door on the Lumber Company Side

Due to construction work, the main doors to the library will be closed and patrons are asked to use the furnace room door on the right side of the library until the work is completed. Thank you for your patience while all the cement is being replaced.

Rainy Day Didn't Stop Nature

The loons playfully swimming and diving were not disturbed by the rain.

Neither was the nesting mute swan.

Or the returning Caspian Tern

Or the fishing osprey..

All of the above were taken at Barney's Lake....

And the partner osprey sitting in the tree on Sloptown Road

They all ignored the rain and went about their business as usual...

Let's Celebrate----NOT!

Over-the-Counter Hoax

So the national drug companies are working very hard to get their prescription drug medication as over-the-counter medications to make them more available to the general population. Let's see how much it costs for an uninsured person to get a prescription for an allergy drug named Allegra. If you are uninsured, it will cost you for a doctor's visit, approximately $80, to get the prescription. Then it will cost you the full cost of the prescription. If the Allegra is available over the counter, you won't have to pay the $80 for the doctor's visit. You benefit!

What about the seniors on Medicare with supplemental insurance, and those who are fortunate enough to have insurance that includes prescription coverage? These "fortunate" people will also not to have to go to the physician's office to get a prescription for Allegra. Instead, they can call a pharmacy or purchase over-the counter medications just like the uninsured. The difference here is that, instead of the co-pay for the prescription, you now will also have to pay full price for the same drug you got before as a prescription. So who wins?

The answer is that the drug companies win. The drug companies have been getting exhorbitant rates for the drug as a prescribed drug, and now they are getting top dollar for the over-the-counter drugs as well. The uninsured seem to get an improvement, and the insured or Medicare seem to get the shaft. Wasn't government healthcare supposed to help? It is certainly not helping those who are insured in this instance.

Before Zyrtec became over-the-counter, retired teachers and Medicare enrollees would get this prescription for $7-10 a month or $84-120 per year. When it became over-the-counter, the cost leaped 300% or more for the exact same medication. The situation will happen with Allegra, now that it is over-the-counter. No matter what, the drug companies get their ridiculously high profits, and the people, insured or uninsured get to decide whether or not they can afford their medications this month.

The drug companies also contract with the insurance providers to make certain that you have to pay your copay amounts every 30 days. The copay on a specific drug for high blood pressure named Lisinopril costs $7 per month, and you have to get it refilled every month with a prescription. For a yearly maintenance prescription, this amounts to $84 per year. Without any insurance at all, you can get the same drug from Walmart pharmacy for $60 per year. At least you can now, before the drug becomes over-the-counter. This is the same with several prescriptions that have a generic equivalent. The cost is $15 for a ninety day supply.

Someone needs to take a serious look at the cost of medications in this country. The same medications in the same containers can be obtained in Canada for less than one-third the cost. Why are Americans having to pay so much for the same drug, in the same manufacturer's container?

Update: This morning, Wednesday May 11, 2011, on CBS were some warnings about counterfeit drugs. There certainly are counterfeit drugs out there, even ending up in the US pharmacies' drug supply. There are also warnings out there about purchasing drugs from Canada. How much of this is an effort by the US drug distribution companies to keep their profits up?

July 4th Parade Theme

The Beaver Island Chamber Directors have selected "In Tribute to our Armed Service Men & Women" as the July 4th parade theme.

Travel Costs This Spring

As everyone is concerned about the cost of gasoline to fuel their cars, lawn mowers, and boats this summer, there are other costs that are effected by the increase in fuel costs. At well above the national average, Beaver Island's cost of fuel is currently $5.399 per gallon. This increase in cost will also effect the cost of flights to and from the island. At this time the cost of a one way flight is $45 with Island Airways (IA) and $47 with Fresh Air (FA). There is another issue that visitors need to consider, and that is parking a vehicle in Charlevoix. Currently, the costs for parking are the following:

Days Cvx Airport FreshAir BIBCO
Public Private Parking
1 5 3 4
2 10 6 8
3 15 9 12
1 20 15 20
2 40 30 40
3 60
1 60 45 50
6 110 75 110 (April-Sept only)
12 200 125

So, you need to include the costs of parking in the cost of your trip. If you are on-Island for three nights, the cost of one person round trip flight and parking is $105 (flight $90, parking $15) flying with IA and $103 (flight $94, parking $9) with FA. If the stay is one week, then the costs are IA $110 and FA $109. If the stay is one month, then the cost is IA $150, FA $139. This does not take into consideration more than one person, nor any parking fees on the island.

If the cost of traveling is the issue, then the real savings will be obtained by taking the Beaver Island Boat Company ferry. Again, each of these is the cost of one person round trip.

Trip to BI
Days IA+park FA+park BIBCO+park
1 95 97 54
2 100 100 58
3 105 103 62
4 110 106
week 1 110 109 70
week2 130 124 90
week 3 150 139 100
month 1 150 139 100
month 6 200 169 160
month 12 290 219

No matter how you decide and who you travel with, the flight costs are comparable, and the ferry is the most economical, although it takes an extra couple of hours of travel time each way.

Unusual Bird Feeder Visitor

May 9, 2011

May 10, 2011

So the birds were not coming to the bird feeder, and the reason why seems to be this visitor who was spending the day hiding under the branches of the cedar hedge. So this looks like an owl, but not sure.. Some have suggested that this is a Merlin Falcon. Whatever it is, it had captured a robin on the morning of May 10th. Earlier in the day on the 9th, the geese in the back yard began making some really strong and insistent noise, and they were also in an unusual position and location, on the roof of Stoney Acre Grill.

Kentucky Derby Hat Contest Winners

The winners....

Other participants...

Mother's Day Weekend

This past weekend was quite busy with the BICS Banquet at Holy Cross Hall and Mother's Day. BINN would be happy to share any photos that you might have for banquet.

This special day of the year is to honor our mother and other women in our lives, including our wives, girl friends, significant others, and other female friends. It was quite a beautiful day on Beaver Island with the special service at the Beaver Island Christian Church to honor the graduates of the Lighthouse School program for this year. In addition, Holy Cross Catholic Church held First Communion Service for the young Catholics on this special day. Lots of people were seen working outside preparing for the spring and summer as well, a couple was seen working diligently and very hard over at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center yard. Mother's Day this year was a beautiful sunny day with many spending the day with their mother and others remembering their mother who had passed on. To BINN this is a very special day and a private day for families, so there were no pictures or video completed on this day. BINN would be honored to share any photos and any other information about this day if and only if the families wish it to shared. BINN is willing to post First Communion photos or any family photos. If you are interested in sharing, please send your pictures to:


One Lap to Barney's Lake and Back

A quick lap of the Barney's Lake Road and Sloptown Road provided these pictures and videos on the night of May 6, 2011. The BINN editor has never been closer to an osprey without even knowing that the osprey was there. At Barney's Lake, the call of the osprey was really, really close. Rolling down the window of the car, this picture was taken before the osprey sensed the presence of a human.

The osprey flew off down the lake and landed in a dead tree. It's pretty easy to see how this osprey could be mistaken for an eagle by the naked eye. This picture is taken with a zoom lens.

All these birds were seen on Barney's Lake in this short visit.

a loon, ducks, and mute swan seemed to ignore the osprey.

And still one lonely sandhill crane in the field on Sloptown Road.

Videos Taken on Sloptown Road of the Osprey and the Sandhill Crane


Patricia LaFreniere Passes Away

Patricia Lynn LaFreniere, 45 of Ludington passed away suddenly Thursday at Memorial Medical Center. She was born on July 30, 1965 in Ludington. She is survived by 1 son Kyle Neff of Fenton, 1 daughter Alysha Watkins of Freesoil, her mother Glory LaFreniere and her father John LaFreniere both of Ludington, a brother Ed (Julie) LaFreniere of Ludington, sisters Jeanette (John) Bogus of Ludington, Judy (Tom) Swartz of Ionia, Johnell LaFreniere of Ann Arbor and her longtime love, Terry Yarborough, nieces and nephews. Memorial services will be held on Monday at the Alexander-Rye Funeral Home at 11:30 AM. In lieu of flowers please consider contributions to the family to help with final expenses. Friends and family may view and sign the online guestbook at www.alexanderrye.com .

Hat Decorating Day

A small group of ladies gathered at the Shamrock Bar and Restaurant for an opportunity to go wild and decorate a hat for the Kentucky Derby or just for fun. These ladies produced some very interesting decorative hats from the materials provided by Tina Walker, the organizer of the event. This was the first official fundraiser for BICAF, (Beaver Island Community Activities Fund). Some of these participants will be wearing their hats to the Shamrock for The Kentucky Derby Hat Contest. Pictures and story by Tina Walker.

  Here we are at The Shamrock for the Hat Decorating Day!

Tina Morgan is showing Doug Tilly how nice  he  would look with a few flowers on his hat! What do you think Doug?

Dorothy Willis, Tina Morgan and Sharon Cole have selected their hats and supplies.

   Shirley Sowa likes pink on pink for a softer look.

Tina and Sharon are deciding on flower placement.

Dorothy is hard at work.

   Penny Young and Audrey Beilman have chosen their hats and flowers.

  Penny is doing a beautiful job!

Tina Morgan is one sophisticated lady!

Sharon's hat is very classy!

Shirley's adorable smile is as cheerful as her hat!

Dorothy is one classy gal!

Audrey looks as sweet as can be!

  Penny looks like she's ready for the next royal wedding!

This hat was created for the bibabes, who could not attend. Hope you like it ladies!

Thank you, ladies, for helping to support the Beaver Island children's events, sponsored by BICAF. A BIG thanks to Eric and Dana Hodgson for  allowing us to use the space at  the Shamrock to make the hats! Special thanks to the ladies who could not  attend but have donated so generously. The donations for this event totaled $60.00. This is BICAF's first event and we look forward to future fundraisers.

  All dolled up at the Shamrock to watch The Kentucky Derby!

National Prayer Day Celebration

There were a total of thirty-six adults and a few children that gathered at the Holy Cross Memorial to celebrate with the rest of the nation for National Prayer Day. This was an ecumenical event with representatives from all four of the churches on Beaver Island. This event was organized by Kate Garland, and it was appropriate for her to do the introduction and the unity prayer, which is reprinted here:

"Dear God and heavenly Father, on this National Day of Prayer, we gather on behalf of our leaders in government and for those in authority over us, for our military men and women, the imprisoned and persecuted, for the media and service providers, the future of our children, and for our personal renewal and moral awakening. Please hear all our petitions of prayer as we join together as a community with unity in our hearts, to show our faith and trust in God the Father and Jesus Christ our Savior. Amen"

The next to do a reading and to do a prayer was John Works from the Episcopal Mission:

The participants were intent on providing the unity and the serious prayer for this unity as well as the specific prayers stated in Kate Garland's initial Unity Prayer.

The next two readings and prayers were provided by Bob Hoogendoorn, pastor of the Lighthouse Fellowship.

The next reading and prayer was offered by Pat Nugent representing Holy Cross Catholic Church.

The next reading and prayer was offered by Peg Hoogendoorn representing the AMVETs Ladies Auxiliary.

The next reading and prayer was offered by Bob Bass representing the B.I. Christian Church.

The conclusion and last prayer was offered by Jayne Bailey representing the B.I. Christian Church and the Unity of those present.

The statement for the day was this: "The family that prays together, stays together." What an exellent way to demonstrate the Christian Unity of our community and nations this was!

St. James Township Meeting Video, May 4, 2011

The St. James Township Board met on May 4, 2011, with all board members present. The agenda included monthly approval of minutes and bills to be paid. The supervisor had received several pieces of corresondence. Then under Old Business, a resolution was passed authorizing the township to enter into a three-party agreement with the company, the township, and the bank. This agreement was to allow an Installment Purchase Agreement for the rehabilitation of the WWT system septic tank. This resolution was passed unanimously. The appraisals for Whiskey Island and the harbor DNR property were discussed. The appraisal were put on hold for a couple of weeks to allow the approach directly to the DNR to see if this trade could be expedited without the cost of an appraisal. However, the supervisor was empowered to complete the appraisals if required. A position that was not filled on the Planning Commission is to be reposted. Under new business, Heather Cary and Kerry Smith made a presentation to the board about erecting volleyball court on the public beach playground property. A motion was passed to approve this volleyball court with Jim Wojan dissenting.

The suggested location of the volleyball area

It was agreed and a motion passed to post for the assistant harbormaster/ trash pickup/restroom cleaning position. The supervisor was empowered to hire this position after two weeks of posting. The board went into closed session to discussion the airport RPZ property.

Beginner's Adult Computer Class

The spring adult computer class will be BEGINNING LEVEL Topics:  basic computer operation , internet, email, Microsoft Word (letters, documents), Publisher (making signs, greeting cards…) If you have no experience, you will begin with the basics.  If you have  some experience, you will be able to start where you are  comfortable.    Should you miss a class, you will not “fall behind”.  The classes will meet on Mondays and Wednesday s from 5:30 — 6:30  pm starting Monday, May 23rd — Wed, June 8 .  No class Memorial Day . (Note:  If these days/dates don't work, call Connie Boyle and depending on others who sign up, perhaps we can make changes to the schedule!  The cost for the class is $20.  Please make checks payable to “BICS” ( Beaver Island Community School ).  You may bring your payment to the first class.  Please call the school (448-2744) or email Connie at connieb@bics.us to sign up for the class.

School Election Results

There were 116 Votes Cast in the school election. Votes for School Board members were Brian Cole -- 94.... Jessica Anderson -- 109. These two were both elected. For the Char-EM ISD Board, the votes received were: Jane Roberts -- 66 Beverly G. Ostek -- 62, with both elected. Char-Emmet PT ISD Bd Thelma Chellis received 63 votes. The renewal millage for out school passed with votes of Yes -- 98 No -- 18.

What's Jon Bonadeo Doing Near the Yacht Dock?

The answer can be determined by the following pictures that starts with pictures of the permits on the outside wall visible from the roadway.

Pictures from the yacht dock side

Pictures from the Nackerman/Cull side

Photos of the front yard

So what is Jon Bonadeo doing with this property? He is creating two boat slips. He is digging out the slips alongside the business building near the yacht dock. It's a pretty big job.


Sandhill getting a drink

Not so coordinated landing on the water

Northern Lights League All-League Basketball Press Release

First team members include Beaver Island player Olivia Schwarzfisher.

Second team include Beaver Island players include Olivia Cary and Jenna Battle.

5th and 6th Grade Play-"Putting on Heirs"

Video of the performance

Beaver Island Rural Health Center Newsletter, Spring 2011

Walleye Fry Release, Monday, May 2, 2011.

Wildlife club members Doug Tilly and Tina Walker, placing the bags of fry into the Walleye pond so that the temperature of the water, in the bags of fry, gradually equalize to the 20 degree lower temperature of the pond.

Doug checks to make sure the temperaturel is right.

Next, Wildlife Club president, Jeff Powers and Doug Tilly prepare to release the fry.

Jeff captures the event on video. They are all released! Ella and her new friend, Pippa, are curious about what is going on here.

Ella decides to get a cold drink of water. ...


No, Ella did not catch any fry! The excitement is over and it's time to leave.

(Pictures and story by Tina Walker)

Link to YouTube Video by Jeff Powers

Drew Goes to Prom

Through an absolutely wonderful program, Drew Garland has attended a prom on the mainland last year and this year. This is one of those fantastic things that people don't generally talk about, but that should be applauded wholeheartedly. Kimberly Read first found out about prom when she went over for a meeting last year with the transition coordinator for Char Em, John Murphy and Lisa Hammond (who is one of the amazing teachers at Taylor in charge of putting on prom for the kids at Taylor).  Taylor school is part the Char Em ISD and is a center based program for students with disabilities. Beth Croswhite and Kate Garland were also with Kimberly when Lisa Hammond told them about prom. Kimberly said, "We all decided to give it a go for Drew last year."

 It was such a great experience for Drew last year Kimberly and Kate decided he should go back again this year.  Kimberly thinks this year was even better. Drew interacted with a lot more students this year.  Kimberly thinks there were probably around 50 Students in attendance this year along with a lot of paraprofessionals and parent chaperones.  Kimberly believes the only schools there were Taylor and a school from Gaylord and our two kids.  Attending also was Brighid Cushman who is thinking about becoming a special education teacher.

Kimberly said, "It was a great experience for Drew with a lot of positive peer interaction.  There was dancing and limo rides and lunch provided.  I also brought Brighid Cushman with us this year to job shadow.  She is interested in becoming a special ed teacher someday."

Our two kids doing the train

Kimberly, Brighid, and Drew in the limo

Drew and Brighid doing YMCA

Michigan Bans Transport of Firewood to Beaver Island Archipelago

And Other Islands

Due to the present absence of the insect, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development has banned the transport of hardwood firewood to several locations including the Beaver Island Archipelago. This poster was made by the department to announce this to the visitors to Beaver Island who come by ferry or personal boat. Although Beaver Island is only one of several islands where this is banned, it is obvious that an attempt is being made to prevent the introduction of the emerald ash borer to these locations. The penalty can be quite expensive.

Thanks goes to the previous membership of the NREC and the previous officers of this organization for following up on this important issue.

4th of July Golf Tournament Information

Note time change on this new flier

Congratulations to Pete LoDico

2011 Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year

President Kathy Speck's Speech Outlines the Nominees

Welcome – our 10th Annual Citizen of the Year Awards Banquet

Acknowledgments – Stoney Acre Grill – Liam and Marilyn and staff--Ted Nicholas – new song/video

Steve West and Chamber Board – Rachel Teague, Sheri Timsak, Pat Anderson, Marijean Pike, and new directors this year – John Works, Diane McDonough, Tim McQueer

And now, I would like to present our nominees. These are people who do extraordinary things to improve their community. They were recognized in the many letters we received by the people who live and work with them right here on Beaver Island . In no particular order, I'd like to read some excerpts from these terrific letters:

The Yellow Ribbon Campaign Ladies:

Kate Garland, Mary Palmer, Marie LaFreniere, Tara Palmer

A group of Island women undertook a very special project this past year and one that was dear to the collective heart of Beaver Island . They organized a Yellow Ribbon Campaign, which allowed all to join in publicly recognizing and supporting those Islanders serving in the Armed Forces. They traveled around the Island taking photos of those whose homes sported the bright reminders of our patriotism and put the photographs in a beautiful bound book for two of our deployed Islanders. It was a heartwarming project and an excellent reminder of what makes Beaver Island such a special place to live, work and visit. By the end of the Yellow Ribbon Campaign, 200 ribbons bedecked our streets, lamp posts and trees and fences. It helped us all feel a connected part of the Beaver Island Community. Bless them all!

Donna Stambaugh:

One person wrote about her: I would like to nominate Donna Stambaugh as Citizen of the Year. Her efforts with managing Island Treasures Resale Shop and its activities toward raising money for support of the Beaver Island Fire Department should not go unnoticed. Donna's involvement here as well as other community activities should easily qualify her as an excellent candidate for Citizen of the Year.

(Actually, I would just like to personally comment that Donna was and still is the backbone of the Resale Shop. She has spent countless hours towards getting it started and keeping it running and she should be recognized for all of her efforts toward this very important part of our community.)

Ed Wojan:

This person wrote: I think it's time for Ed Wojan to be Citizen of the Year. He has served the Island for decades, often behind the scenes without recognition. Time and again he has provided his valuable professional assistance with a number of land purchases, trades, etc. that benefit Beaver Island and in addition he has cut or completely donated his real estate sales commission on these transactions. His development efforts are environmentally friendly. His contributions to the Chamber budget for many years have included major dues payments, advertising investment and wholesale map distribution rights. His money has helped increase Island awareness and helps all boats (even non-members) float higher. He has continued to do so even during a very difficult recession that has been most difficult for real estate and construction firms. He puts his money where his mouth is and puts Beaver Island first, and stands tall and speaks out for what he believes will make Beaver Island a better placed to live, work and visit. He has earned the title Citizen of the Year.

Pete LoDico:

A few comments written about Pete were: He is a true volunteer in the community as shown with his involvement with the Beaver Island Rural Health Center, Holy Cross Church, Beaver Island Development Corporation, Beaver Island Boat Company, the Wildlife Club, AmVets, etc., etc. He has stepped up to a leadership role on the Peaine Township Board. A decade ago an Islander saw the very real need for affordable senior housing on Beaver Island . He envisioned a facility that would allow senior citizens to remain in familiar surroundings, with family and friends close by for their last years instead of having to move to the mainland. Because he is quiet and unassuming in nature, most will never know the many obstacles faced in the many years of bringing this project to fruition. He determinedly moved forward, always keeping in mind that the apartments were more than a building; that they represented the Island community's commitment to our seniors and others in need of such housing. A full decade of steadfast work and holding to that vision has resulted in the Forest View Community which will be opened this spring. He has persisted in his work for the Island and has proven to be a valuable asset and benefactor to the community.

Beaver Island Community Development Corp.

Someone wrote: The experience of work with Pete LoDico and this group has been a very exciting and inspirational one as I see the possibilities for Beaver Island expanding. A lot of people have great ideas but exceptional people make those ideas a reality. Beaver Island holds treasures for its residents because of the hard work of individuals like Pete and the BICDC organization.

Gail Weede:

The letter we received nominating Gail posthumously was signed by several people. They commented that the Boodle 5K Run/Walk was started by her – everything organized to perfection. All the money went to the Sports Boosters program of Beaver Island and will continue – her commitment to the youth of Beaver Island . She and husband Mike came to the Island with a business – Paradise Bay Dive/Scuba shop. She held a director position for four years on the Board of Education, was a substitute teacher which she loved and enjoyed, then when needed refereed some games. A real tribute to the youth of Beaver Island is the 21 st Century Learning Scholarship that was established in her memory. On the Library Board she gave her input on the rules and displays. A helping hand to everyone at Dalwhinnie's was her appearance. She would listen and laugh with the customers that would come back to hear her stories – so truthful and funny – they all loved her. Now the 1 st Annual “Gail's Walk” will be held Sunday, May 29 th to help raise money for Island families who experience long-term medical treatment. She always made a significant contribution to making Beaver Island a better place to live, work and visit. Would you join me now in applause for this special person who meant to the community of Beaver Island , Gail Weede.

Bill McDonough:

Someone wrote: Never one to sit idle, Bill seems to work tirelessly in promoting the Island with our elected officials. He quietly travels about the state and makes phone calls to make sure that Beaver Island is never forgotten by Lansing . He has an uncanny ability to view heated Island politics from a distance and offer his guidance and influence to help bring everyone together. This was made very apparent during last year's QDM discussion. He had no interest in deer hunting, however, he saw the opportunity that QDM represented for the future of the Island . In March he attended a seminar about deer presented by Bob Ducharme in order to gather all the information he could about the subject. When tempers flared and discussion got heated Bill was always there to get to the bottom of the rumors and settle everyone down. Often a behind the scenes figure, Bill is a staple of Beaver Island, whether it's supplying the Island with needed groceries, meeting with state officials, lending his guidance and support to heated Island issues, remembering every person's name that he meets, or just always greeting Island newcomers with a firm handshake and a warm smile, Bill is the quintessential Islander.

Judy Boyle:

A few people commented: I think she is the perfect example of what we should all aspire to when living in a small community. In the short time that she has been here, her kindness and caring and hard work have made an impact on so many. She is involved in the Volunteer Core, Animal Fund, Cottage for Karen Group and Vice-President of the Sports Boosters. She has taken over the 4 th of July Carnival and purchased many items with her own funds to be used in coming years, so that these items that are costly to rent wouldn't have to be rented from across and brought over to the Island. Her willingness to get her hands dirty is well known when the time comes to quit talking and get down to work. She is involved with all things that concern her children, and sets such a great example for them, that they in turn are all such an asset to have in our community of young people. Her generous spirit is extended to everyone she meets, and she has such a great outlook on things that you always feel better after seeing her and talking to her. She has never expected thanks, praise or applause for anything she has done and she has done a lot in her short time here on the Island . Our community is so much the richer for her family having moved here.

Congratulations to all of our nominees! The letters that were written about all of you show that people have a great respect and admiration for all that you do in our community. Thank you.

I was amazed at the number of letters we received about one nominee. I think in the ten years I have been President of the Chamber this is the most letters we have received for a Citizen of the Year nominee. One of the letters was even signed by 12 people! Obviously the hardest part of my speech tonight was trying to sort out just few more comments from these letters. Believe me, we would be here all night if tried to read them all! We've already heard a lot about what this person does in this community, but here are a few more comments:

•  He moved to the Island with his wife to enjoy retirement and all the things they have always loved about Beaver Island . For at least the last dozen years I doubt that he has had much time to really enjoy his retirement because he has worked extremely hard as a volunteer and/or board member for many organizations and many projects.

•  He also has a carpet cleaning business and spends any free time he might have caring for and loving his four grandchildren.

•  He has been committed the past two years with some very controversial topics and has never lost sight of what is best for Beaver Island .

•  Unknown to many is his Agriculture College knowledge. Just ask John Works, Jr. about his corn.

•  He is a team player; he never lets his ego get in the way ofaccomplishing good for the Health Center . He is generous in giving credit to his fellow board members and is one of those people who possess the courage to speak up but know how to disagree without being disagreeable.

•  He is the kind of board member who never waits to be asked but always volunteers to do more than his fair share of the work.

•  Year after year he volunteered to research and negotiate the best possible deal for the Health Center raffle vehicle, sold more tickets than any other individual and donated his credit card reward points to reduce the cost of the vehicle.

•  He spearheaded the senior housing project and assisted by Nina Simpson-Jones, the non-profit Beaver Island Community Development Corporation was created.

•  Despite 10-plus years of tireless effort, despite many steps backward and some disappointments, the new senior housing building broke ground last year and is now almost complete. He will tell you he couldn't have done it without so many people believing in this project and the donations that have poured in over the years, but without his commitment to see this project through, it would never had made it to where it is now.

•  He is a man of great integrity, willing to listen to both sides of a problem, and weigh the pros and cons before he makes his decision.

•  In a very special letter received, one person commented that:

I have the opportunity to work with many different community leaders, property owners, and government officials throughout the state of Michigan , but he stands out because he is a direct part of his projects and his actions are driven by his beliefs. The Forest View apartment community project is bringing statewide attention to Beaver Island because of its renewable energy resourcing and its outreach to other areas.

There was so much more written, but a few words written in one of the letters we received sums it perfectly: There are many wonderful people on the Island that also deserve this recognition. He has made his mark as a most valued citizen and we would like him to understand that we truly appreciate his hard work and loyalty to Beaver Island .

Yes, we really do appreciate him, so please join me now in a standing ovation for our 2010 Citizen of the Year – PETE LoDICO

Pete walking to receive his award.....Steve West presenting a certificate

B.I. Citizen of the Year Pete LoDico posing with his wife Sandy, with Kathy Speck, and with his family Kristen, Sandy, and Nicole.

Citizen of the Year mementos...

Video of Steve West Introduction


Video of Kathy Speck's Speech on All Nominees


Video of Kathy Speck's Comments About Pete LoDico


Pete LoDico's Comments as Citizen of the Year


Father Pat to Retire

It is with much sadness, but, at the same time, celebration for his fifteen year gift to Beaver Island and Holy Cross that BINN posts the following letter.

... ...

WIC on Beaver Island

Don't miss the Enrollment Clinic, May 19th at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center. McDonough's Market is accepting WIC Benefits. WIC provides free food such as cereal, juice, milk, formula, and fresh produce to women who are pregnant, women who are breast-feeding and infants and children up to age 5.

For more information or to schedule an appointment call

Donna Kubic
Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Wildlife Last Week

Searching and calling for a mate...

Nesting on Barney's Lake...

Meandering deer....Who is that?

Being distracted with all the traffic into the Graves' driveway...

Lots of squirrels hunting for food..

Beaver Island To Host National Outdoor Writers

Indigo Guide Service and the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce along with Beaver Island Lodge , The Shamrock, Harbor Market, Fresh Air Aviation and the Beaver Island Boat Co will host a group of national outdoor writers in late May.

“This visit has the potential to produce stories that if purchased as advertising would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars,” said Chamber Executive Director Steve West. “Flats style fishing for carp is growing in popularity very rapidly and Beaver Island is the finest location in the nation for it. Our members have teamed up and are going all out for this group of writers.”

 “Now it seems that everyone in the outdoor media world has to do everything.  I'm expecting that we will see these guys blogging from the island, creating immediate interest for the 2011 summer,” said Indigo Senior Guide Kevin Morlock. “Then we will see articles and videos from weeks to even a year to follow.”

Matt Dunn Indigo Guide Service Communications Director and Guide provided the following biographical information about the visiting angler / writers:

Kirk Deeter - editor at large for Field and Stream, editor of Angling Trade, co-editor of Field and Stream's Fly Talk blog, frequent contributor to Field and Stream magazine, published three books on fly fishing , contributed to numerous magazines and websites.

Tim Romano - photo editor for Fly Fish Journal, managing editor of Angling Trade, co-editor of Field and Stream's Fly Talk blog, frequent contributor to Field and Stream magazine, featured photographer on MidCurrent.com , his photography has appeared in numerous other magazines and websites including several cover shots.

Will Rice - contributing editor for The Drake magazine, written for the Denver Post, Saltwater Fly Fishing, the Fly Fish Journal, and is a regular contributor to Angling Trade. 

Caleb Reinhold - creator and manager of Fishpornfix.com , very hip and popular fly fishing video blog, fly fishing filmmaker, will be shooting video at Beaver Island .

Jean Paul Lipton - creator and manager of Roughfisher, leading carp fly fishing blog, publishes regularly in US Carp Pro magazine, written for Bloodknot Magazine and others.

“This is a great example of partnering with members to leverage our marketing investment,” said Chamber of Commerce Vice President Rachel Teague. “Field and Stream is America 's premier outdoor sporting magazine. A one page ad cost $125,000. A typical 2-3 page feature story about Beaver Island fishing would exceed in value our Chamber marketing budget for a decade,” said President Kathy Speck.

PHOTO: Indigo Senior Guide Kevin Morlock prepares to release a large carp after a long fly rod battle in the Beaver Archipelago. His boat is equipped much like bone fish guide boats used in the Caribbean .

PHOTO: As the sun sets an Indigo Guide searches for “one more.”

PHOTO: Brent Pike and his son prepare to release an 8 pound small mouth bass. The Indigo Guides think the next Michigan state record smallie swims in Beaver Isle waters.

Computer at District Library Views Eagle's Nest

The Beaver Island District Library Board voted to set up a special computer to be able to view the eagle's nest webcam that is on the Internet. The webcam is set up out in Iowa, and some watched the hatching of the eggs as the new lives began. Now the two eaglets are too big to be hiding under the adults. You too can view our national bird's nesting habits. You can stop by the district library and view it on the twenty-two inch monitor, or you can go online with your own computer and view it at home. You do have to have Adobe Flash installed on your computer in order to view this webcam. Access the website HERE:


Bernice V. Ruis Passes Away

Bernice V. Ruis, 99, of Ellsworth, passed away on April 22, 2011, at Charlevoix Area Hospital. Friends may call 4-7 p.m. Friday, May 13, 2011, at Hastings Funeral Home in Ellsworth. This is the mother of Marv Ruis and Lauraine Dawson.

The funeral service will be 11 a.m. Saturday, May 14, 2011, at Belltower Reformed Church with the Rev. Celia M. Hastings officiating. Burial will be in Atwood Cemetery.

Barney's Lake Action

Of course there is lots of action out at Barney's Lake. The mute swans are hanging around the old boat landing when they are not sitting on their nest, located at the site of the loon's previous nesting site. The loons are on the lake also, but don't seem to be interested in nesting yet,. They spend a lot of time diving and swimming under water. They spend the majority of their time much farther out on the lake. There was yet another bird flying low over the reeds on the far side of the lake, but getting a good clear picture was not very easy.

The osprey was just flying off as the photographer arrived, so no picture was taken of the osprey at the lake. The deer were up on the top of the Barney's Lake hill near the Fogg property. And there were plenty of turkeys hanging around as well.

Jeff Powers DVM Powerpoint on Comorants

Management of Cormorants in the Beaver Island Archipelago 2010

Little Sand Bay Preserve Needs Help

Here is a list of known debris on the Little Sand Bay preserve.  We hope to clean up all of it, so we have not really prioritized it.  On Friday 5/13 I will be working with Bill Cashman from the Beaver Island Historical Society and a crew of about 12 students from CMUBS.  We will start cleaning the inside of the house, and work our way out to the exterior debris.  On Saturday 5/14, (I don't know who might show up to this cleanup) we'll try to clean up any remaining debris from the exterior, including demolishing the outhouse and the shed/wellhouse building.  I've talked with the transfer station and they know we're coming. 

I hope this gives you a better idea of what we will be doing. Please ask if you have any more questions.

Cindy Mom, Stewardship Specialist, Little Traverse Conservancy, 3264 Powell Road, Harbor Springs, MI 49740

231-344-1011 phone

231-347-1276 fax


Here is a list of the stuff that needs to go to the Transfer Station. Looks like they may need some help. List Here.

Michigan / Beaver Island Rated # 1 in Nation by Field & Stream Magazine Editor Kirk Deter

Editor Kirk Deter is slated to visit Beaver Island for guided fishing this spring. The reference to “….best “flats” action in America ….” Is about the Beaver Archipelago. More information about a major team effort to bring national writers to our Island in will be available in early May.

" 1. Michigan . Another sentimental pick, for sure.  But the first brown trout in America was planted here.  Trout Unlimited started here.  You're never more than a few miles or so from a fly-fishable body of water .  There's bass, pike, panfish, steelhead, salmon... and the carp fishing can rival some of the best "flats" action in America , no joke."


Beaver Island to Be Monitored for Emerald Ash Borer

Several different organization are attempting to make certain that the Emerald Ash Borer does not get out to Beaver Island. In an attempt to measure this, sixteen monitoring sites are being identified. A trap will be placed at each site. The traps will be placed mid-May by an invasive species specialist and taken down in August as part of an EAB monitoring program that was discussed last August with the MDA.  Signs related to the Island's  quarantine  were sent out yesterday from the MDA for the boats, marinas and airports and should arrive shortly for distribution.  The EAB work was also discussed as part of the Nature Conservancy's planning meeting held on Beaver Island in February with Tribes, DNRE personnel, and island organizations.

This is what the traps will look like when they are placed. You can help in this monitoring attempt by leaving the traps alone and leaving them in place. Whether you think that they are an eye-sore or not, the organizations mentioned above have put a great deal of thought and effort into this project, and it is really important to keep this insect off the island.

Soccer Camp Signup for Summer

Click HERE for the flyer and registration

2011 Senior Impact Award

Honoring senior volunteers who make a difference in their communities


Priority Health is pleased to collaborate with the United Way and the Volunteer Centers of Michigan

for its Senior Impact Volunteer Recognition Program to honor volunteers who are age 63 and older.

This is an endeavor that offers another way to recognize the energy and commitment our seniors give to our community. Our senior volunteers demonstrate the power of giving and caring every day. This is your chance to nominate a senior who generously volunteers their time to improve lives and build a stronger community.

Our community volunteers step-up to mentor children, serve the hungry and the homeless, assist the elderly, prepare taxes for low income families and much more. Not sure who to nominate? Look around you and you'll see great volunteers. Stop a moment and think what your organization is able to accomplish because of your volunteers' efforts. It should be easy to take this opportunity to honor one of those special people in your organization.

Please complete and return the attached form to nominate that special senior volunteer. You may download additional forms or use the online form at priorityhealth.com; search for keyword “senior award” .

If you should have any questions or concerns, please contact Pamela Mulliner at 616 464-8680, pamela.mulliner@priorityhealth.com.

Yours in community,

PamMulliner sig

Pamela Mulliner

Marketing Communications Consultant

Priority Health

View flyer and application HERE

All Beaver Island Women's Prayer Luncheon to be held May 25

All Island women are invited to attend the “All Beaver Island Women's Prayer Luncheon” on May 25, 2011. The event is being hosted by the Beaver Island Christian Church and will be held at noon at the Gregg Fellowship Center. The luncheon will be a salad bar and dessert potluck – please bring a dish to pass. Table service and a beverage will be provided. A brief inspirational and motivational talk will be given by Chairperson Kate Garland, followed by a unity prayer led by Davi Stein. The fabulous lunch will follow. This is first time in several years the Prayer Luncheon has been held. Garland hopes that it can become an annual event. Call her with any questions: 448-2056.

YARD SALE – First Annual at Gregg Fellowship Center

Bring it, sell it, take it away.

Saturday May 21, 2011 is the date to save

From 9 – Noon. at the Gregg Fellowship Hall.

Meet in the parking lot for Beaver Island's first out-of-your trunk or pick-up truck YARD SALE.

If you want to sell your wares – Call Judi Meister at 2963 or Judy Boyle 3189. $5 reserves a spot in the parking lot for you. $10 gets you a spot in the lot AND a table. (Bring your own table covering.) Either way, you sell your own stuff. Bring it, sell it, take it away. Will we have coffee? Probably. Baked goods? Probably. Get rich? Maybe. If you want to shop – just show up!

Forest View Apartments Construction

Floor plan of the entire building (large view)

Floor plan of just the common areas (large view)

Floor plan of one bedroom apartment

Forest View Senior Housing Walk Through

Right after the Senior Dinner at the BI Community Center, the seniors were invited to have dessert at the Forest View Senior Housing facility, and to walk through the facility with a guided tour. The seniors at the dinner were quite curious about the progress of the building, the size of the apartments, and the building in general.

Interview of Pete LoDico


Video Walk Through of the Building


Forest View Apartments Wish List


1 Computer

1 Printer

Common Area

1 42” wall mount HD TV

3 round dining tables

12 dining chairs

1 couch

2 loveseats

2 coffee tables

3 upholstered chairs

4 end tables

1 game table

2 game table chairs

Art Work from local artists

Donations are requested. Please contact Connie Wojan for further information. The cash donations will be used to purchase these items new.

Men's Golf League Forming for Summer

The link takes you to view the golf sign-up sheet that Buck Ridgeway has posted in the clubhouse. The total number of teams that sign up determines the length of the league play for the summer, so please call if you are unable to stop in and sign-up at the golf course.

Link to Men's Golf League form

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

The Human Services Commission of Peaine and St. James townships has put together a resource manual--a guide to services available to all residents of Beaver Island.  A copy of this resource manual appears below.  Printed copies will soon be available at a number of locations, including the medical center and the library.  Other locations will be announces later.  Many thanks to Joan Vyse and Judi Meister for coordinating the information in the manual.

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

The Beaver Island Community Development Corporation

"The Beaver Island Community Development Corporation is an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the quality of life for seniors and disabled adults residing on Beaver Island by providing and maintaining adequate, high-quality, cost-effective housing."

This grouip is the one that is responsible for the building the Forest View Apartments across the road from Stoney Acres and next to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center. They have a very nice website that is up on the Internet that provides a great deal of information. You can view that website at this link HERE

Forest View Community - Grand Opening Celebration

The Grand Opening Celebration is scheduled for July 11, 2011 from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
The building will be complete and the apartments will be occupied.

Please try to attend one or both of these events to help us celebrate!

Beaver Island Community Development Corporation
Affordable Housing for Seniors
PO Box 190
Beaver Island, MI 49782

Official Program of Michigan Archival Association

for June 14 and 15, 2011, Conference HERE

An idea about how to maximize our benefit from our ownership of

Whiskey Island

After listening to several people and considering their diverse opinions, an idea occurred to me about how we might obtain a satisfactory and beneficial resolution to our recent purchase of Whiskey Island. St. James Township was very fortunate to obtain such a beautiful, pristine asset in the Beaver Archipelago. This island, the middle of three small private islands lying northwest of Beaver, consists of two lots, one of 43 acres and the other of 53. Many people have supported the possibility of trading Whiskey Island to the State for the property on Paradise Bay in St. James, which was intended to house Beaver Island`s DNR employee, but for the past 25 years has been home to our Deputy Sheriff. The lot starts at the water and extends across the road and back into the woods. It contains a building, which the two townships have contributed equal funds to maintain and improve.

Other people have suggested that this proposed trade would short-change Beaver Island because Whiskey Island has to be worth much more than a single lot.

My idea is that we band together and work hard and smartly to obtain some additional considerations for this trade. First and foremost is that we make it a joint effort between St. James Township and Peaine Township. Showing Island-wide support is necessary for this to be accomplished. Some other conditions would facilitate this plan:

l) We need to get Bud Martin and his supporters on board.
2) St. James and Peaine should be the co-owners of the new acquisition, with Peaine reimbursing St. James for half of its expenses to date.
3) The two Island Townships should collaborate on the development of this acquisition to enhance the likelihood of receiving grants.

Improvements to the harbor property could include:
a) The creation of a public launch ramp and fishing pier on the waterfront;
b) The installation of off-street parking for boaters and fishermen, far enough behind the home to not constitute a nuisance;
c) The building of a picnic area and restrooms on the property, which could be called “Larsen Park,” after Sybil and Big Art Larsen; and
d) The continuing joint-Township maintenance and improvement of the home used as the Deputy's quarters.

I believe the DNR lot and these improvements could be obtained in trade from the State, and that this could be done in exchange for one of the two Whiskey Island lots. Creating this facility in St. James would relieve our current congestion and allow us to offer greater boating and fishing opportunities, enhancing our appeal to tourists from all over the Midwest. My hope is that we can simultaneously trade the second Whiskey Island lot for a line item ten-year bequest from the State's Commtmity Health Budget of $50,000/year for each of the Rural Health Centers in the island consortium of Drummond, Mackinac, and Beaver. We can accomplish great things, but only if we overcome our differences and work together. This plan could be a turning point, and lead to several comparable future benefits.

~ Bill McDonough, 3-10-201 l

Proposed Conceptual Drawing

Many Thanks to Jeff Cashman for this wonderful conceptual drawing!

BI Christian Church Resident and Visiting Ministers


15: Jim Vander Meiden

22: Bob Whitlock (Baccalaureate for BICS students)

32 Miles of Water

(Copyright 2004, Phillip Michael Moore)

Update: 2/19/11---This video has had 108 viewings in the months of January and February so far. We hope that the views are getting the importance of having an air ambulance on Beaver Island and ready to go for the emergencies that have occurred here. It is obvious that ill and injured people are searching out other methods of transport since the transports for 2010 were down 50% compared to the last four years. While part of the cause is the depressed economy, the other part is the concern of being transported to the mainland and having a huge bill for that transport. BINN will continue to have this video available until something gets resolved with this issue. Comments so far: "You must be very proud of your son for doing this excellent video." "We never realized that this was still an issue." "Wow, a very important issue that seems to have been put on the back burner for too long. It's a burning issue."

Beaver Island has two flight services, and neither of them are currently certified or licensed to transport emergency patients from Beaver Island to the mainland. We thank the crews of the USCG helicopters for coming to do medical evacuations. We thank the flight services that have helped us get patients to the mainland for the last seven years and before. We thank Northflight for providing this service as well.

While a lot of things have changed over the last 7 years including a new school, a new executive director of EMS, new township supervisors,and new rural health center board members, there is one thing that has not changed.

Beaver Island does not have an FAA Certified Air Ambulance that is licensed by the State of Michigan.

When Phillip Michael Moore made this video as a Master's degree project, no one would have guessed that seven years later Beaver Island would still not have achieved this goal.

Please take the time to view the video. Please take some time to think about this, and then start asking some questions about how this can be resolved.

Beaver Island News on the 'Net Presents "32 Miles of Water" in its final form (28.5 minutes). The previously video, viewed here, was a slightly shortened version. The video is in high quality, but is still streaming video.


1st Annual "Gail's Walk"

The first annual "Gail's Walk" will take place on Sunday, May 29, 2011, at 3:00 p.m. In honor of Gail Weede, each year we will have a Memorial Weekend Walk to raise money that will help Island families who experience unexpected or long term medical treatment.  This fund would help with bills or expenses related to the condition. A minimum donation of $10 per person is asked for this 5k untimed event.  Children 5 and under are no charge.  There will be commemorative long sleeve t-shirts available for $10 each (please pre-order your shirts).  Be sure to include quantity and sizes.

To pre-register for the walk and/or t-shirt, please make your check out to BIRHC (Beaver Island Rural Health Center) memo: Gail's Walk, and mail to Beth Croswhite, P.O.Box 143 Beaver Island, MI 49782.
If you are unable to join us, but would still like to donate to this worthy cause, any donation would be welcomed and appreciated. This walk would begin and end at the Public Beach Parking lot.
Any questions call Dawn Marsh  at 231-448-2910.

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

BICS Calendar for 2010-11 Approved

There are lots activities going on at the Beaver Island Community School. If you have no connection with the school, you can find out what's going on using the calendar link below.

School Website Calendar

Beaver Island Transfer Station Information

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You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


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