Lunar Eclipse

My daughters and I spent a few hours lying on our backs in the backyard last night watching the lunar eclipse.  I know that one won't want to wake up for school come morning and the other won't be crazy about getting up for work, but they will always remember the three of us cuddling under the blankets watching the moon disappear for a few minutes.  I took pictures, but without a telescope they didn't turn out great, but you can tell that they were of the eclipse and we could really see the red colors from the dust in the earth's atmosphere.

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I probably should have hauled my tripod outside too, but the girls said it wouldn't fit under the blanket.  We didn't stay out for the second half of the show as the island's favorite blood-sucking critters showed up en mass and we raced indoors before two of those mosquitoes could impale one of us and fly home with a feast for their young.

It's Tough Being Short and Round

It's tough being me, being under five feet tall.  When folks ask, I tell them that's one of the main reasons I married Joe, who's over six feet tall, because we desperately needed some height genes in the family pool (not to mention he knew how to cook and I was old enough to buy the beer).  It's worked very well since 1971.

While there are some advantages to being short, and rather round, the other side of the scale sort of weighs a lot more.  Try being my size and buy clothing.  This just recently happened to me.  My inseam is less than a yard so after giving it some thought I decided to try buying capri pants - you know, the old pedal-pushers.  On the model it showed that they only went past her knees so I figured that on me they'd go to my ankles.  Yeah, right.  I'm the only person I know who bought capri pants and still has to roll them up!

Me&Dog.jpg (68365 bytes)We went to the house party this past weekend and Beth brought out their "puppy".  Some puppy as you can tell by the photo my daughter took of me and dog.  Notice I'm standing and he's sitting!  This is definitely not a lap dog for short folks.

Being height deprived, I get all sorts of comments made to me.  "... and which dwarf are you?"  "Did your mother leave you in the dryer too long when you were a kid?"  "Gee, I can see your feet on your drivers license picture".   It's okay.. in my next life I'm coming back at a height to match my weight and I'll be 9'7" and I'll bet I won't have to roll up those stupid capri pants then.

Signs of the Coming Season

It's almost Memorial Day, the "official" beginning of the summer season.  Every day more of our island "snowbirds" arrive back via ferry or plane.  Folks are driving different vehicles than those old beaters that they traveled around in all winter.  Even the real birds are slowing coming back as evidenced by the feeders in our yard.  They must have some kind of party line that lets them know that Joe's recently filled feeder #6876 because within 14 1/2 minutes there's a waiting line for sunflower seed or niger seed or whatever is on the menu for that particular feeder.  I captured a few of them checking things out this morning; Indigo Buntings, Baltimore Oriels, Rose-breasted Grosbeaks, Goldfinches, and Blue Jays.  What a pretty way to start the day watching these birds from my kitchen windows.

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House Party

Saturday afternoon, May 10th, was the monthly House Party, a program done on the island through a Rural Arts Grant.  This month's party was held at John and Beth McCafferty's new home/horse barn.  Not only did folks get terrific music - hosted by John McCafferty and Joe Moore, but they got to watch the horses.  This was a particular hit with two little girls, Hannah Robert and Katie LaFreniere.  Beth McCafferty topped off their day by giving them a ride around the indoor arena on "Tater Tot".  Caitlin Boyle was there exercising her horse.  John and Joe had some stiff competition from all the critters, but those who found a seat in the riders lobby enjoyed hearing and singing along to old favorites.  The House Party for June will be held on Father's Day at Mike Sowa's home (the old Bonner farm).  If you're on the island, plan on attending for a great time.  Remember, these gatherings are smoke and alcohol free.

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