Rainbow and Sunset

On the evening of May 17th Barb Cruickshank called to tell me there was a nice bright rainbow over the harbor. Deciding to drive to the point I was lucky enough to see this beautiful sunset over the town.


Upcoming Youth Consortium Events

Event Date Time Location Ages Notes
Patriotic Art Session Tuesday, May 30 3:30-4:30pm Beaver Island Community School 1st-2nd Grade Artwork to be Displayed at the 4th of July Carnival
Patriotic Art Session Thursday, June 1 3:30-4:30pm Beaver Island Community School 3rd-5th Grade Artwork to be Displayed at the 4th of July Carnival
McDonald's Days Thursday, June 1 Lunch Hr Beaver Island Community School K-6th Orders and Payment Due by May 30
Intramural Tennis Thursday, June 1 3:30-4:30pm Community Tennis Courts 9th-12th
Intramural Tennis Monday, June 5 2:15-3:30pm Community Tennis Courts 9th-12th
Intramural Tennis Monday, June 12 2:15-3:30pm Community Tennis Courts 9th-12th
Open Beach Volleyball Thursday, June 15 7:00-8:00pm Donegal Bay Courts 7th-12th
Open Beach Volleyball Thursday, June 22 7:00-8:00pm Donegal Bay Courts 7th-12th
Open Beach Volleyball Thursday, June 29 7:00-8:00pm Donegal Bay Courts 7th-12th
Fourth of July Carnival Tuesday, July 4 Following Parade Convent Lawn All Volunteer Opportunites Available
Open Beach Volleyball Thursday, July 6 7:00-8:00pm Donegal Bay Courts 7th-12th
Volleyball Tournament Thursday, July 13 6:00pm Donegal Bay Courts 7th-12th
Open Beach Volleyball Thursday, July 20 7:00-8:00pm Donegal Bay Courts 7th-12th

If you have questions or would like to volunteer, please contact Sarah Owsinski at 448-2067.

Keep an eye out around town for postings of other upcoming Youth Consortium Events.

BEAVER ISLAND RURAL HEALTH CENTER Board of Directors Approved Minutes


Board of Directors Approved Minutes

Saturday March 18, 2006

Peaine Township Hall

PRESENT Board Members – Anne Glendon (via speaker phone), Dr. Brad Grassmick (via speaker phone), Pete LoDico, Barb Murphy, Rick Speck , Don Spencer, and Connie Wojan;

Staff – Donna Kubic , Managing Director

Absent: Karen Whitecraft

I. Call to Order & Welcome

President Connie Wojan called the meeting to order at 2:00 PM , welcoming all board members and guests in the audience.

II. Review, revisions to agenda

No changes

IV. Review, revisions and approval of minutes

Barb Murphy correction under C. Grace's Memorial , the name of the town in which the Champion tree is to be picked up from is Copemish . Rick Speck mentioned under C. Utilizations Reports the sentence would better read “ Thirty five paper smears and pathology were performed in 2005 Motion to approve minutes of January 21, 2006 with corrections (LoDico/Wojan) approved.

V. Financial & Utilization Reports

•  Financial reports presentations & discussion

Rick Speck reported patient income is tracking higher than budgeted. Snow plowing is over budget. Only one bid was received and it was higher than what was budgeted. A few categories might be added to next year's budget, e.g. Annual Appeal, fund raising and serum for flu injections expenses. The truck was purchased out of the general fund. Motion to accept the financial report (Spencer/Murphy) approved.

•  Reports on Earned revenue for Services

Donna Kubic reported that services billed in January 2006 were $12,060 compared to $9,742 in 2005. In February 2006 $12,004 was billed compared to $10,285 in 2005. 57 physicals have been done since October.

•  Utilization Reports

Donna Kubic commented that 24 more patients were seen in January 2006 than in January 2005. The billing increases are due to the fact that more physicals are being done and more procedures are being performed.

VI. Resource Development Report

A. Endowment Fund/Special Project Fund update

Connie Wojan reported $550.00 has been added to the Endowment Fund and $1300 to the Special Projects Fund in the last two months.

B. 2006 Truck Raffle

Pete Lodico reported a 2006 extended cab truck has been purchased for $20,000. He is expecting a $1000 rebate from Dave Kring. Storage insurance is in place until the time when the truck will be placed on the street for display. The board thanked Pete for all his efforts on purchasing the vehicle.

C. End of Summer Party

Discussion about the end of the summer party was tabled until the next meeting.

VII. Operations Report

A. Summary of Activities, Statistics

The Health Fair was well received. We saw 46 residents. The staff would like to make this an annual or maybe an every other year event. We will need to add an account for this expense to the budget if we decide to do it again. Thank you to EMS for helping man several of the stations. Hospice was represented . Dr White supplied a display with dental handouts.. Paul and Angel Welke, Island Airways, John Ochs from ‘Central Drug, Mark Balley from K Mart, Frank Solle, McDonough's and an anonymous donor, donated prizes to be handed out.

The hypo/hyperthermia unit mentioned at the last meeting has been used twice. It made a big diffference in the care of two patients.

We continue to make progress changing all the bookkeeping from Peachtree to Quick Books with the help of Mary Cook. Mary has been a tremendous help in the project. All information from October 1 st forward has been re entered into the new software. Checks are now being printed from Quick Books. Payroll is now being done through Quick Books via the internet and direct deposited into the employees' accounts. This new system will make reporting of financial information to the board much simpler.

A patient had a consultation via Remec with a surgeon at Charlevoix Hospital . Connie Harris was present during the consultation. Information about the procedure was explained and questions answered. This saved the patient from flying to Charlevoix for the appointment. Because Connie was present during the consultation, patient questions that came up after the end of the visit about issues that were not understood could be answered.

Our school to work student completed putting all our policies into a database. This will make keeping track of which policies need to be reviewed easier.

We are beginning to collect data for a patient study on the lowering of patients' cholesterol with medication in the past year and a half.

Jean McDonough, RN, from Charlevoix Hospital , Connie Harris and Donna will be at the school doing physical fitness and cholesterol screenings next week.

B. Washington Island visit

Don Spencer referred to an article that appeared in the Beaver Beacon describing the visit from Washington Island (copy attached). Don indicated the day was beneficial to both Washington Island and the BIRHC.

C. Survey

Donna Kubic reported on the survey that was distributed to 50 patients this past winter. 22 were returned: 12 male, 6 female and 4 with no age or gender listed. Ages ranged from 30-85. All marks were “great” or “good” with only two marked “OK.” Donna commented that this survey resulted in only one comment about a desire for a full time doctor compared to several comments on the 2004 survey. Hopefully this is an indication that island residents are becoming more comfortable with the nurse practitioner's level of practice.

VIII. Old Business:

•  Value Statement

Connie Wojan read the Value Statement she had prepared.

“The BIRHC Board of Directors values above all else the respect and support of its patients and loyal donors. We recognize that maintaining this respect means we must constantly strive to:

•  Make governance decisions that enhance the staff's ability to provide the highest possible quality of care.

•  Ensure all donated money is gratefully acknowledged, properly accounted for

and spent or invested wisely.”

It was agreed upon that this become the value statement for the board. Motion to accept the above statement as the BIRHC Board of Director's value statement. (Spencer/LoDico) approved.

B Grace's Memorial Tree

Barb Murphy reported on purchasing the $500.00 Champion Tree in memory of Grace Matela. Connie Wojan mentioned several people were willing to donate to this memorial. Barb will find out if the nursery would be able to deliver the tree. It was agreed upon for Barb to go ahead with the purchase of the tree. The tree would need to be planted some time in April.

C. Contribution Policy

Contribution policy was tabled until the next meeting. A copy of the current policy and a copy of the revised policy will be included in the next board packets for board review.

IX. New Business

•  Reelection of Board Members

Connie Wojan drew attention to the letter from Angel LeFevre Welke (attached) resigning her position from the BIRHC board. Connie reminded the board that

when Angel joined the BIRHC Board, she was supportive of the changes it was in the midst of implementing even though it was very unpopular to be supportive of those changes at the time. She volunteered for some very stressful assignments and worked hard to do them well. Her firsthand knowledge of third party reimbursement and the everyday realties of running a medical practice has been extremely helpful at many meetings. This same knowledge has also been helpful to our Quality Assurance Committee. Motion to regretfully accept the resignation of Angel LeFevre Welke from the BIRHC board (LoDico/Spencer). No responses were received from the ads in the papers for individuals interested in serving on the board . Motion was made to reelect Anne Glendon and Barb Murphy to the BIRHC board. (Grassmick/Spencer) approved.

•  Reelection of Board Liaison

Donna Kubic indicated the staff would like Don Spencer to remain as Board Liaison Motion for Don Spencer to remain as the liaison between the staff and the board for as long as Don is willing to serve (LoDico/Murphy approved).

•  EMS 20 th Anniversary

August 6 th is a good date to share in the celebration of EMS 's 20 th anniversary. The only factor that would change the date would be if the millage election were scheduled before August 6 th . In that event the Open House could be moved to a slightly earlier date.

•  Next Meeting

May 13, 2006

XI. Public Comment

No public comment.

XII. Adjournment –

Motion to adjourn at 3:05 p.m. (Glendon/Speck) approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Glendon , Connie Wojan, Donna Kubic

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