Track and Field Day

Friday was the day most of the school kids looked forward to... track and field followed by the school picnic. This year the entire school was divided into teams mixing kids from all grades which made a great way to teach team work. Older ones helped the little ones and together they all had a great time. Thank you to Connie Boyle who took all the team photos.



Games were various from foot races, to high jump, hurtles, shot. Following the games the kids again divided out according to grades with the K-4 having a picnic at school, 5/6 graders had an island tour picnic, 7/8 graders went to Donegal Bay for more games while the 9/12 grades when to Garden Island thanks to Dan Higdon, Bud Rouch, Mike Weede and John Runberg. Everyone had a great time and came home worn out and sporting evidence of being in the sun.



For the Birds

With the advent of summer upon us, some of our favorite birds are showing up to mix with those who remain year 'round. Feeders and woods are sporting a multitude of colorful visitors. As the school track and field games began a flock of geese announced their fly-over with loud honks, Frank Solle discovered the barred owl while the others were at our feeders. Then there are the wild turkey, a flock of which seem to have adopted the Carlisle Road area. This week Tom has been busy showing off to the ladies... and they have been pretty much ignoring him.




Special Meeting

The Beaver Island Rural Health Center Board of Directors will hold a special meeting on Wednesday, May 26, 2004 at 5:30 p.m. at the Peaine Township Hall. The single item on the agenda is the Approval of Contracts

Strang Writers Spring Conference

From Friday, May 21 until Sunday, May 23 a group of people interested in James Jesse Strang gathered in the Emerald Isle Motel conference room to share ideas, thoughts and works. Some of the most knowledgable folks on the subject were in attendance which was organized by Bill Cashman, Director of the Beaver Island Historical Society and Bill Olson, editor of Jackson Harbor Press. Those attending included Rebecca Carlson, John Quist, John and Robert Baldwin, Frank Solle, Vicki Speek, Rod Nackerman, Robert Cole, Jennifer Nix, and Constance Chappel.

Although Friday was a windy, rainy, blustery day that didn't deter a soul. Cashman welcomed everyone to the island and Olson led the evening discussions which included reading from work or works in progress - fiction and/or non-fiction. For individuals as myself taking part in the conference was an enlightening experience.

Saturday morning, following breakfast at Dalwhinnie, was divided into two sections: Discussion of Strang's intellectual life and "towards a psychological understanding of Strang" (speculaton about his style of thinking and its causes) and Strang: Fact vs. Fiction and "the value of fiction in a poverty of in-depth fact"? The afternoon was to consist of a trip to the outer islands that had to be cancelled due to inclement weather and a island tour of Strang sites. The evening sessions consisted of: work on Mission Statement and plan for a possible sesquicentennial of Strang being shot followed by some brief remarks by Bill Cashman on the BIHS's changing attitude towards Strang and apicture of one possible future in which a Center of Strang Studies sits in St. James. The evening concluded with a reading of John Baldwin's play, "Strang! King of All the Nation!" which was produced by Michigan State University.

While I was unable to attend all the sessions of the conference, those I did sit in on were educational.

Lost? Forgotten?

It's that time of year again when school is almost over and we sit on the doorstep of summer. During the long, cold months of winter folks used the Beaver Island District Library to escape into books and videos however... many, many of those books and videos are now long overdue. The library does not charge late fees however replacement costs for most books and videos is between $20/$30, while recorded books may run as high as $200 therefore please check your shelves, under the bed, in the car, your kids' bookbags and return those over-due items. There is an outside dropbox at the library so you don't need to wait for open hours. Thank you.

Guess Who?

Gee, I didn't have anyone email me with a guess of the mystery person this week so it must have been a hard one. Take one more look at the picture above and take a guess then click on the photo to see if you were right.