Laffin' School

April 30th marked another fine performance by Mrs. Stambaugh's 5th and 6th graders as they presented Laffin' School to the community as a way to earn money for Camp Hayo-Went-Ha. This camp is the highlight and reward for all those wet, cold, windy days of serving as safety patrol crossing guards. Holy Cross Parish Hall was packed and offered standing room only for this much anticipated annual event. The audience was offered chances for many wonderful contributed prizes that were awarded at the end of the program.

The actors were:

Bryan Timsak

Briana Maudrie

Alex Kuligoski

Kristy Bousquet

Cameron LaVasseur

Lindsey Kenwabikise

Jenna Butler

Dereck McDonough

Levi Connor

Clairessa Kenwabikise

Doug Campbell

Brontae Lemmink

Of course there would have been NO play without the movers and shakers (not to mention, the teacher and her #1 volunteer):


Mrs. Stambaugh and Mrs. Lounsberry

Very special thanks go to those who donated the wonderful prizes: K-Mart, Great Lakes Energy, McDonough's Market, Beaver Island Golf Course, Mary Stewart Rose, Dick and Amy Burris, Michelle Dreff, Dalwhinnie, East Wind Spa, Eager Beaver, The Station, Cary Concrete, Karl Heller, Ed Wojan Realty, Seven Sisters, The Shamrock, Shipwreck Shirts, Jim Wojan Excavation, Martin Gas and Oil, Harbour Market, Harold and Sally Lounsberry, Island Airways, Laura Gillespie, Brian Cole, Judi Meister, Mary Palmer, Beaver Island Boat Company, Beaver Island Realty, Stoney Acre, and Heidi Connor.

Acacia Returns to Set Bouys

The United States Coast Guard ship arrived last week to make sure that all the bouys are in their correct places and those that have lights are operating correctly. With the ice now out of the harbor it won't be long before we see boats coming and going with regularity. Special thanks to Frank Solle who captured the scene and shared his photo.

Letter to the Editor

BIRHC May 1st Meeting

After a brief hiatus, I was again in attendance at the May 1, 2004 BIRHC board meeting this past Saturday. I was pleasantly surprised at how well the meeting went. There was little rancor among board members, and the board made the public feel that it was a significant part of the meeting. Public comment was solicited many times during the meeting and input from the public seemed welcome. I hope this is the beginning of a new commitment by the board to include the public in the decision-making process.

With that said, I do need to chastise the person or persons who moved the optometrist into the new building without a negotiated contract as was required for the dentist. (The logic of having the optometrist in the Health Center building is apparent). However, all board members in attendance at the May 1st meeting stated that they did not know of and were not consulted in the move. After months of hand-wringing over concerns that having a private practice in the 501c3 Health Center might be illegal, and that the board had determined that there was an absolute need for a signed contract before anyone moves in, for any board member(s) to authorize or sanction such a move is absolutely inconceivable and unacceptable. Equal treatment under the law is a fundamental right in this country. I can only hope that the board members left out of the loop rein in the minority who think they can continue to run the BIRHC board without the consensus of the other board members. I was pleased to see that the BIRHC board immediately called for a special meeting to remedy this problem.

I also want to thank Jerry LaFreniere for his excellent service to the public as the EMS representative on BIRHC board and hope that now vacant EMS position on the board will be filled rapidly. Best wishes, Jerry, in your new position and responsibilities with BIEMS. I am confident that the BIEMS will continue to provide the excellent first response services that Beaver Island citizens have been experiencing.

Kenneth Jay Taylor
37059 Allens Lakeview Rd
Beaver Island, MI 49782
231 448-2864

Guess Who

Ok, I admit it. Last weeks' Guess Who was a bit difficult especially since I offered no hints. Once you took a good look at that young fellow did you guess who it was? Click on the picture below to see if your guess was correct.