Certified or is that Certifiable?

I'm back on the island and certified as a Michigan librarian. Whew! I apologize for not keeping up with what was happening on the island while I was gone and not making arrangements for anyone else to cover the site.

Clyde W. Fogg

Clyde W. Fogg, 89, of Holland, died at Hospice House of Holland on Friday, June 10, 2005.

Born in Winona, Minn., he served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He owned and operated Fogg Filler Corp. for numerous years, and was member of VFW Post 2144 and Holland American Legion Post No. 6.

He was preceded in death by his first wife, Verna; and granddaughter, Jennifer Fogg, in 1989.

Surviving are his wife Glenna; children, Mike and Pattie Fogg of Holland, Jon and Sally Fogg of Beaver Island; six grandsons; eight great-grandchildren; stepchildren, Tom DeWilde of Fennville, Paula and Rick Dervin of West Olive, Jill DeWilde of Holland, Jack and Lila DeWilde of West Olive; brother, Dick and Dorothy Fogg of Ohio; sister Evelyn Scheer of Indianapolis; nieces, nephews and cousins.

Private family services will be held.

Cremation has taken place. Arrangements were by the Northwood Chapel, Dykstra Funeral Homes. Memorials may be made to Hospice of Holland.

Drowning Victim Identified

From the Petoskey News Review - June 7, 2005

BEAVER ISLAND - Authorities have identified the man who apparently drowned after falling off a boat on Lake Michigan late Sunday as Sheldon Reynolds, 51, of Beaver Island.

Charlevoix County Undersheriff Don Schneider said Reynolds and friend Thomas E. Marsh, also of Beaver Island were on their way back to Beaver Island from Garden Island in a pontoon boat at about 9 p.m. Sunday when Sheldon fell overboard.

Coast guard officials said Marsh threw a life vest to Reynolds, who reportedly could not swim, and then Mash flagged down a nearby boat who radioed the coast guard for help.

After about an hour of searching, a coast guard helicopter from Traverse City located Sheldon and directed a private vessel involved in the search to his location. Sheldon was pronounced dead once on shore.

Schneider said the investigation into the incident is continuing, but preliminary information points to it having been an accident.

NOTE: I have been unable to find an obituary for Sheldon Reynolds and have no further information as to services.

Beaver Island Community School
Awards Day

June first marked the annual Beaver Island Community School Awards Day. Held at Holy Cross Parish Hall, this year the ceremonies were divided into three separate times. First the Pre-kindergarten to 6th grade academic awards were presented at 12:45 p.m., followed at 2:00 with the academic awards for the 9th to 12 th grades. At 7:00 in the evening the 7th and 8th grades received their academic awards and the 8th grade graduation took place. These awards celebrate the students' diverse talents and accomplishments throughout the entire year. Sports awards were presented at an earlier date.

Although all the children receive certificates for accomplishments there are a few that each child hopes to receive: the Student of the Year and the Citizen of the Year plaques. This is also where the graduating Salutatorian and Valedictorian are announced, if they meet the requirements.

For this school year the Citizen of the Year awards were presented as follows:

Emily Gray- Salutatorian
Melissa Bailey - Valedictorian
Emily Gray - 9-12 Citizen of the Year
John Albin - 9 - 12 Student of the Year
Ron Marsh, Olivia Schwartzfisher - K-6 Citizens of the Year
Jenna Battle, k-6 Student of the Year

Thanks go to Elaine West of the NorthernIslander for sharing her photographs of those who won the coveted prizes.

Ron Marsh, Jenna Battle and Olivia Schwartzfisher K-6 Emily Gray, John Albin and Melissa Bailey 9-12

4th of July

With the 4th of July drawing ever closer I'm finding lots of email in my box with questions about the parade and when the holiday will be celebrated (some folks wondered if it would be the 3rd which is Sunday rather than the actual date on Monday). To avoid any mixups I contacted Steve West at the Chamber of Commerce and received the following reply:

Yes indeed the 4th is the 4th and that's when we will have the parade etc. Theme is, Peace and Democracy on Beaver Island. Jet flyover approved by FAA subject to weather/operations. Island Air missing man flyover also. Working on a new and special aerial surprise. Cannon fire by John Works. Start at 2:00. Lisa will encee parade on the sound system. Parade floats etc should be lined up at Holy Cross Church no later than 1:30.

Sandhill Cranes

Reader Nancy Peterson made a fun film capture and generously is sharing with us. She discovered this Mama Sandhill Crane and baby crossing the Kings Highway. Once Mama discovered she had watchers though she sent her youngster back into the field and away from the road. Look carefully and you'll see the baby standing beside Mama and lookinig both ways... a safety patroler in training perhaps. Thanks so very much for sharing, Nancy!


Sandhill Cranes are an important part of Michigan's natural heritage. Once nearly lost from our state, their recovery is a wonderful success story. Unfortunately, many other species of wildlife have not fared as well. Cranes and many other species of wildlife need our support. Next spring, as it has for thousands of years, the unison call of a pair of Sandhill Cranes will announce the beginning of another nesting season. More importantly, this pronouncement declares that here is a crane marsh fit for not only Sandhills, but for hundreds of other members of the wetland community. Endangered plants, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, waterfowl, wading birds and many other plants and animals depend on wetlands. It is a call that challenges us to insure that the crane's stamp of approval will continue to be heard.

Michigan History Trivia... Holy Toledo!
The Toledo War

Most wars leave people injured, dead, and leave damage in their wake. The Toledo War was an exception. It was not an official war, no one died, and there was little damage. The war was waged between Michigan and Ohio in 1835 over a small piece of land called the Toledo Strip. Both wanted to develop the city of Toledo into a great commercial port.

The war began in the spring of 1835 when Ohioans started to survey the border between Michigan and Ohio . At the time, Ohio was a state and Michigan was a territory working to become a state. Because existing laws were unclear about the boundaries between future states, both Michigan and Ohio claimed the Toledo Strip.

In April 1835 a Michigan sheriff's posse of thirty men surprised a smaller group of Ohio surveyors working in Michigan 's Lenawee County . Nine Ohioans were captured and imprisoned at Tecumseh , Michigan . They were charged with violating Michigan 's Pains and Penalties Act. This law said only Michiganians could operate as public officials in the Toledo Strip.

Several Ohio surveyors escaped capture. They returned to Ohio and told Governor Robert Lucas that “an armed force of several hundred men” stretched across the border between Michigan and Ohio .

The Toledo War had begun.

In midsummer, tensions grew. On July 15, 1835 , Monroe County deputy sheriff Joseph Wood arrived in Toledo to arrest an Ohioan who had violated the Pains and Penalties Act. The Ohioan resisted arrest and stabbed Wood. The wound was not serious and Wood recovered. He was the only person wounded in the war.

In retaliation, Michigan governor Stevens T. Mason ordered a posse of two hundred men to Toledo . When the Michiganians arrived, they discovered the Ohioans had fled to the safety of Ohio .

The climax of the Toledo War occurred in early September 1835. On the first Monday in September the Ohioans planned to hold a session of court in the Toledo Strip, hoping that doing this would make the land part of Ohio .

Governor Mason responded by leading a force of 1,000 armed Michiganians into Toledo . Twenty-one-year-old J. Wilkie Moore wrote that as they marched to Toledo they “had a vast amount of fun.” According to Moore , the farmers along the way “welcomed us enthusiastically because we were fighting for Michigan .”

When Mason's men arrived in Toledo they found no Ohio soldiers or government officials. The Michiganians returned home thinking they were victorious. They were unaware that the Ohioans had held their court session quietly and quickly and returned to Ohio before the Michiganians reached Toledo .

When Mason returned to Detroit he learned that President Andrew Jackson had fired him as governor of the Michigan Territory . He was replaced by a new governor who favored the Ohioans. That autumn, the Ohioans surveyed the border with Michigan without any problems.

The Toledo War ended, and more than a year passed before Michigan became a state. In the end, Michigan was forced to give up the Toledo Strip in exchange for the western Upper Peninsula and statehood.

Reverent Morning Walks

No matter the weather, Reverend Howard Davis and his wife, Sally, make a morning pilgrimage to the Point and back again. With the loss recently of their beloved golden they've had to do the trek alone. It's said that animals sense things and that may be the case here. Adam Anderson has a golden at Beaver Island Marine. He's an older dog and mostly spends the day sleeping, warming his bones in the sunshine. Lately though, as Howard and Sally pass by the Marina on their morning walks Dexter gathers himself up and walks along with them all the way to the lighthouse. On their way back to the Parsonage Dexter returns to the Marina to await the next days' hike. He must know something. Regardless, it's a nifty scene the three of them walking along as if they've done it for years. Thanks to Gale Segar for telling me about it.

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