New Year's Eve at Holy Cross Hall

December 31, 2007

The Islanders and visitors gathered at the Holy Cross Parish Hall on New Year's Eve 2007. This traditional party was organized and MC'd by Julie Gillespie, and a magnificent job she did! From early in the evening by Island standards, the people were dancing and joking and reminiscing. The hall party began much before the restaurants closed at 9 p.m. with music by local musicians and favorites. Dan and Danny, Edward, Cindy, John, and Richie were joined by Sheri Timsak, Joe Moore, Hilary Palmer, Brian Roman, and Walter Lach at different times in the evening to perform traditional Island music. One of the interesting situations of the night included three different fiddlers performing different styles of music. These pictures show the spirit of the event.

John McCafferty and Cindy Cushman on Irish drum and guitar

Brian Roman and Richie Gillespie on fiddle and drums

Danny Johnsten and Ed Palmer on fiddle and piano

Dancing and dancing and hugs after dancing

Brian Roman, Danny Gillespie and Richie Gillespie

Sheri Timsak and Brian

Dancing Paul Welke and Bud Martin

Edward and Hilary

Bud Martin at the microphone singing a song

The older and younger generations dancing together.

A great get-together with a fun time for all.......

Dancing up a storm....Hey, grandpa, how's the granddaughter?

Two red-haired sisters having fun dancing together...

Cindy playing her heart out on the Irish drum...

If you could not get home for New Year's Eve, and if you want to reminisce about your previous Hall parties, you can go this page and download the videos taken on this night:

New Year's 2007 Videos

Dancing and more dancing...Bud Martin and Madonna McCafferty..great to see you dancing...

The change to the younger group of musicians took place close to 11 p.m. with the Doghouse Boodlers beginning the show with "Give Me Some of the Old Rock and Roll Music" with plenty of country and polkas mixed in as well.

Plenty more dancing and fun as the party continued...Jeremy Sowa, Hilary Palmer, Cory Palmer, and Brandon Maudrie rocking the hall with their popular music.

"Is everybody happy?"

If not, it's your own fault. A good time was had by all!