B. I. News on the 'Net, Nov 9-15, 2009

Peaine Township Meeting 111109

All appearances suggest an all-out war between the two townships on Beaver Island. There is a Joint Township Meeting scheduled on November 23, 2009, at 7 p.m. at the Peaine Township Hall. You can view video clips and get a synopsis of the discussions at the Peaine Meeting by clicking on the link below:

Peaine Township Meeting November 11, 2009

Thanks to Levi Connor for the Video Work at this meeting!

Veterans Day on Beaver Island

(11/14/09, 10 a.m.)

Veterans Day 2009 was a real delight on Beaver Island.

•  Thanks to Heidi Conners and the Beaver Island Gardens for the great breakfast at Peaine Township hall. Good fellowship and great food.

•  Thanks to Kitty McNamara and the junior and senior students from the Beaver Island Community School for attending the breakfast and presenting the veterans with a greeting card.

•  Thanks to Stoney Acres for the free hamburger and fries and their donation to Post 46.

•  Lastly thanks to all the citizens and visitors who attended the Veterans Day ceremony at the Holy Cross memorial and to Kathy Speck for leading the song and Jack Spanack for his meaningful presentation.

Bob Tidmore, AMVETS Post 46

Veterans' Day Celebration

The groups gather to pay tribute to the veterans.....

More pictures and Story HERE

11/11/09, 12:30 p.m.

Quicktime Streaming Video Clips of the Celebration


Bells Toll for the Veterans

Bob Tidmore Welcomes and Gives History

Kathy Speck Leads "God Bless America"

Jack Spanhak Speaks 1

Jack Spanhak Speaks 2

Jack Spanhak Speaks 3

Jack Spanhak Speaks 4

Bob Hoogendoorn Thanks the Community

Bob Hoogendoorn Prays

Taps and Dismissal

Veteran's Thank You Breakfast

(11/11/09, 10:30 a.m.) Organized by Beaver Island Gardens, Heidi Connor and Wayne Holman, the menu was certainly one for veterans to remember. There were scrambled eggs with spam and onion, hash browns, cooked apples, toast, SOS (chipped beef on toast), cereal, fruit, two wonderful breakfast breads, oatmeal, and rolls. Anyone who walked away hungry did so by choice. The food was excellent, but the company was even better. Many from our local AMVETs post were partaking in the meal cooked in their honor.

The juniors and seniors of BICS came to the breakfast and brought a card signed by the students of BICS. This large thank-you card was passed around the breakfast tables from person to person. A very nice thing to do for our Island veterans this truly was!!

More pictures HERE

Quicktime Streaming Video Clip of the Breakfast

Fire on the Water

These two photos were sent in by Bob Tidmore taken from his yard. The pictures must be a reflection off the windows of the buildings across the harbor, but it sure fits the description of "Fire on the Water." Thank you, Bob, for sharing these pictures.

Thank You, Ken!!

Getting in the kayak........Headed to Hog Island

Can all of us paddle a kayak? Maybe....But who of us would paddle 100 miles to provide food for someone else? Ken Bruland did---and it was his gift to the Beaver Island's Food Pantry. Money that has come in to date as a result of Ken's Paddle for Food campaign totals approximately $2400.

Thank you Ken, from the bottom of our hearts!

The Beaver Island Food Pantry

The Beaver Island Food Pantry

How you can help and how you can get help

Was it just a year ago that people started talking about an Island food bank? Yes. And since then, there has been tremendous wide-spread community support.
From its inception, donations of money have been steady. Some community members gave money which allowed the committee to purchase specific foods at the best possible prices and to provide vouchers for dairy products, meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.

(11/09/09 6:50 p.m.)
Beaver Island community—this is YOUR food pantry. It's here to help ease the squeeze. For example, you shouldn't have to make a choice between medical attention and food. Or blow your budget because of unusual circumstances.

Below is a table showing the income guidelines established by the Food Pantry committee. The income includes—but is not limited to—employment, unemployment, disability, Social Security, trust funds, pensions, food stamps, WIC, child support, etc.

Household Size

Add $579 monthly or $133 weekly for each additional member

Food distribution takes place the first Saturday of each month. To help maintain confidentiality, please call for your specific food pick-up time. Call Jayne Bailey:448-2933 or 448-2881.

Eleanor Mooney Passes Away

Eleanor (Pischner) Mooney, 68, of Beaver Island passed away peacefully on Saturday, November 7, 2009 in her home, surrounded by her family. She was born the oldest child of Elston and Lovicey (O'Donnell) Pischner on Beaver Island. Eleanor was raised on Beaver Island, and after graduation moved to Arizona. She returned to Michigan after marring her Island sweetheart, Don Mooney, two years later. Don and Eleanor moved back to their hometown of Beaver Island in 1978 to raise their six children, which included a set of twins. She was a dedicated wife and mother, who still found time to be a secretary and bookkeeper for the family's electrical business. She enjoyed making trips to watch the boat come in (multiple trips per day!), going for rides up to the point, and around the Island to sight see. In her spare time, she liked to put together jigsaw puzzles and complete word searches. One of her greatest passions was decorating her home for the holidays all throughout the year. She loved to keep in touch with others through cards and letters.

Eleanor is survived by her loving husband of 48 years; children Duane (Greg), Sheri (Joe), Terry (Linda), Dawn (Bob), Roberta (Keith), and Darryl (Katie); brothers Richard and Don (Jan), and sister Kay; grandchildren Joey, Krystle, Bryan, Ronnie, Jordan, and Skylar; great-granddaughter Chloe; and many nieces and nephews. Welcoming her to heaven with open arms are her parents; brother Robert; sisters Sharon, Barb, and Helen; and daughter Rosemarie.

The funeral mass and celebration of her life will be held in the spring. Details will be announced at a later date. In lieu of flowers, the family requests donations to be made the Beaver Island Medical Center. Eleanor will be greatly missed, not only by her family and close friends, but also by many others whose lives she has touched.

Frank Solle Reports on Islander Volleyball

Lady Islanders take Harbor Light to the limit

(11/10/09, 1:40 p.m.

In the only match of the day with any excitement, the Lady Islanders provided a lot of it as they took the Harbor Light Christian Lady Swordsmen to fifth-game decider in district volleyball semifinal action at Pellston last Saturday.

More Story and Picutres HERE

Gillespie Enterprises Firewood Defeater

(11/09/09 1:10 p.m.) One moment of watching this power take-off driven piece of equipment will make you desire one like it or decide to purchase the firewood on the spot. This amazing piece of equipment brings the firewood up to the chainsaw and with a slow flip of the wrist, the cutting bar begins to cut through the log. The cut log drops down onto an automatic splitter that splits the wood into four pieces. Then the elevator brings the wood up and dumps it into the truck ready for delivery and stacking.

Video clip added. 11/09/09 6:25 p.m.

See pictures and video clip of this machine HERE

Unusual Play Pals

This unusual pair spent many minutes awaiting the approach of the "idiot" human golfers who were out on the course near the pond. Were they playing tag? Not sure, but they certainly hung around for quite a long time even after the golfers passed.

Cookie Carnival Announcement 12/10/09

The Cookie Carnival.will be held at the Gregg Fellowship Center on. Thursday, December 10, 2009 from  noon until 3:30 PM.  There will be a gift table plus the usual Gregg Peanut Brittle, Nutmeg Logs, and Party Cookies.  Anyone wanting to preorder nutmeg logs or party cookies can call Jean Carpenter  448-2893 and place your order.

Holiday Bazaar Scheduled 11/22/09

There is a a holiday bizaar scheduled to take place at the Beaver Island Christian Church Gregg Fellowship Center on November 22, 2009. It will run from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. If you are interested in renting a $10 table for this event, please contact Karen Johnson or Judi Meister. Besides the vendors there selling items for the holiday gifts, each vendor will donate an item for a "Vendor" raffle with tickets on sale for 25 cents each. What would a bizaar be without food? There will be a soup kitchen with soup on sale to benefit the Beaver Island Food Pantry. Looks like an exciting day for all!

Community Thanksgiving Dinner 11/26/09

A Thanksgiving Dinner will be held beginning at 6:00 PM at the Gregg Fellowship Center of the B.I. Christian Church.  All are welcome to attend. (No church affiliation required.)

Turkey and all the trimmings (mashed potatoes/gravy.stuffing)will be provided.  Bring a side dish to pass or a dessert.  Beverages will be provided.

Previous Tree Destruction Leaves Unanswered Questions

Story and Pictures HERE

UPDATE: (11/10/09, 3:30 p.m.) The property owner was contacted, and BINN was informed that these trees were dying. The owner decided to girdle the trees and use them for firewood. Thank you to Joe Timsak for providing this information. Thank you to Karl Heller also, the property owner, for calling to clear up the issue.


The AMVETS Post #46 Ladies Auxiliary will hold a Children's Lunch with Santa on Saturday, December 12, 2009 from  11:30 - 1:00 at Gregg Fellowship Hall at the Beaver Island Christian Church.  All children and their parents and/or grandparents are invited to come and have a hot dog lunch before seeing Santa who will arrive at 12:00 Noon.

Because we can no longer obtain polaroid film, will the parents please bring their own camera to take a picture of your child with Santa.

The AMVETS and AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary will also again be having the Santa's Workshop on Monday, December 14, 2009, at Beaver Island Community School.  This will be for children to buy presents themselves for their families.  Each child is to bring nametags for the gifts.  Younger children will have an adult to help them make their purchases.

2009 November St James Township Meeting

The meeting was centered around just a few specific topics. One, an allegation of a violation of the Open Meetings Act. Appointments to committees was also important. The discussion of fuel oil bids, the specifics of two board members being told that they could not vote due to a possible conflict of interest, and the topic of snow removal related to the township buildings and the sidewalks in St. James Township. The Board decided not to plow or blow snow off any sidewalks this winter.

Quicktime Streaming Video Clips

Alleged Open Meetings Act Discussion 1

Alleged Open Meetings Act Discussion 2

Alleged Open Meetings Act Discussion 3

BITA Issue, Two Board Members on BIBCO Board Could Not Vote

Beaver Island Broadband Cost Discussed

Approval of Bills with Additions

Assessment NOT in Compliance with State Law

Fuel Oil Bid-only one

Lighthouse and Veteran's Memorial

Need Oil Tank Size 1

Need Oil Tank Size 2

Ed Troutman Appointed to Waste Management and Board of Review

Airport Resolution Should be Added to Joint Meeting Agenda

Joint Township Meeting Recommended for 112309

Snow Removal Discussion 1

Snow Removal Discussion 2

Snow Removal Discussion 3

BICS Soccer Team Statistics

While every person on a team is important to the team's success, it is always interesting to view the team players as individuals and to praise them for their successes. Here is the stats sheet from Coach Matt Ritchie for his soccer team. These stats are from regular season league play and do not include the Northern Lights League Tournament Stats.

Players Goals scored Assists Shots on goal Saves
Jenna Battle 1 5 20  
Brighid Cushman 6   30  
Doug Campbell 5   16  
Bryan Timsak 12 10 28 3 of 4 75%
Dereck McDonough 13 8 30  
Kristy Bousquet 2 2 7  
Cameron LaVasseur 24 6 39  
Olivia Schwartzfisher 1 2 3 19 of 23 83%
Jewell Cushman   3 5 19 of 21 90%
Olivia Cary 2 3 8  
Alex Kuligoski     3  
Jenna Butler   2 4  
Ronnie Marsh     2  

An excellent season! Go, Islanders!

Transfer Station Notice

Fall/winter hours at the Transfer Station begin November 1...........11-5 Monday - Saturday

Update on Sally Davis

(from Jean Carpenter)

 (11/2/09, 10 a.m.) Shortly Sally will be going through chemo for about 4 months.   A check up after the 4 months than a possibility of radiation.  Sally says she feels good and cannot believe there is anything wrong with her.

Cards can be mailed to this address:

Howard and Sally Davis, 4438 White Road, Pierson, MI 49339.

Boathouse Gets a Complete Makeover


The boat house at Whiskey Point is getting a complete makeover this fall. As already reported in the video clips and the minutes of the St. James meeting for October, CMU is changing the siding, the windows, and the roof. Although the materials to be used will be modern materials, CMU will attempt to provide an historically correct replacement of these items. It will be interesting to see the results.

Where's This? Answered

In the off season, this feature seems to be quite popular. Even if gun deer hunting season isn't over yet, it ought to be easy to remember where you saw this.

A couple of you almost described this location, but didn't get it quite right. It is at the end of the Rich and Laura Gillespie driveway on the tree.

Where's This?

Where is this located? The howling at the moon or at something else is common this time of year.

Email your answers to medic5740@gmail.com

Date Set For Marathon 2010 – Planning Underway

By Kathy Speck & Steve West

Recently the Marathon Principals Committee (made up of the primary event sponsors) met to begin the planning process for next year. The group reviewed comments from many interested parties including runners, business owners and Beaver Island residents that totaled 12 single spaced typed pages. Comments were 95% positive with suggestions for improvement. We hope people will understand that differing interests made it impossible to implement all the good ideas. September 4 th has been selected for the 2010 Beaver Island Marathon.

We want to share with the community a few of the many factors which influenced the decision to select Labor Day weekend again and some planned improvements. Frankly, for the last several years prior to this, Labor Day weekend has not been a great one for Beaver Island. In 2009 boat and air travel to Beaver Island during the three day weekend increased nearly ten fold.

354 Runners plus 435 friends and family for a total of 807 people

98% stayed for 2 or more days

They came from 16 states and Canada. Most were first time visitors to Beaver Island. Overwhelmingly they said they had a wonderful time, want to return and many plan to bring more family and stay longer. For a large number the three day holiday weekend was a key to being able to come and spend 2-3 days. The event was a big success because of the warmth and hospitality of the Island and the professionalism of Good Boy Events.

Pushing the event further into September historically risks windy weather not suitable to comfortable travel. Moving back into August bumps into greater likelihood of hot weather and booked accommodations. Other long standing mid-west running events are also a factor. Late June is a future possibility, perhaps for a triathlon.

Again being candid, some of us under estimated the economic impact and were not completely ready to deal with the numbers. The first event is always a learning opportunity. Planning for next year is already underway and numerous opportunities for improvement have been identified. To mention a few changes: A new 13.1 mile course that will reduce and shorten the business impact of less vehicle traffic; More participation by business along the course route; Additional marketing focus on extending the Beaver Island visit.

We believe there is plenty of opportunity to make next year's Beaver Island Marathon bigger and better for the participants, the promoters and our Island. We welcome questions and suggestions from the community.

Kathy Speck is President of the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce. Steve West is the Executive Director.

Adult MFR Program to Start

The adult medical first responder class will begin on November 16, 2009, at the Governmental Center (the old medical center). If you are interested and haven't contacted the instructor Sarah McCafferty, please do so right away.

AA Meetings Continue

There will be an AA meeting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights at 7 p.m. at the Beaver Island Christian Church.

Beaver Island Community Center

The Beaver Island Community Center hours of operation will be reduced now that the peak season has come to a close. Beginning the last week of October—on the 26tth—the Center hours will be from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday , and from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday . The Center will close on Sundays , except for once-a-month occasion when the COA dinner is served. Current plans are to keep these hours until Memorial Day week-end in 2010.

Movies and events will normally be held on the week-ends. The Center staff encourages everyone to check the event listings on www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.Org ., as well as in the local papers, and at the Center. The fall, winter, and spring seasons will bring a variety of activities for the Island Community's enjoyment.

10am - 6pm Monday through Thursday

Friday and Saturday 10am - 9pm

CLOSED Sundays (except for senior dinners)

The Hangout: Snacks & Cold Beverages Availabl

Beaver Island Community Center and the Charlevoix County Commission on Aging

•  Mondays & Thursdays: 10:00 am – Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program!

A certified community-based recreational exercise program designed to assist in reducing pain level, increase flexibility and mobility, and enhance the ability to cope with arthritis and daily activities. Two classes per week, each progressing with different fun activities, information, exercise routines and relaxation techniques. Sign up now at 448-2022—or just come join us.

•  Tuesdays: 12:30 pm – Make Me Laugh!

Get your week in proper gear with the best medicine around— laughter! Rowan & Martin's Laugh-in, Red Skelton, Bill Cosby (when he did stand up!), even funny pet videos!

•  Fridays and/or Saturdays: 7:30 pm – Special Movie Presentations

Check listings at the Community Center or at www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org .

•  Every Month:

Birthday Cake – November 2 nd ! Sunday Dinner – November 15 th 11 am - 1 pm

Celebrate the month's Senior Birthdays with cake, ice cream and “extra” goodwill! Great food, company and fun for the whole community! Suggested donation for Seniors 60 and older is $3, and those under 60 $6.

•  Special November Dates of Interest:

•  21 st 2 pm : Special Family Movie & Treats

4 pm : Create a Christmas Cookie & Ornament

5 pm : PABI KUBOTA raffle drawing!!!

•  22 nd 11 am -2 pm Christmas Bazaar At the Beaver Island Christian Church.

•  26 th & 27 th The COA will be closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday ! Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!

•  30 th – “Grandfriends” Gingerbread House Construction Zone Join Master Designer and Builder Heidi Conner as she leads novice through experienced on a lip-licking adventure into edible architecture! 2-5pm, Materials (and treats) provided, and you are welcome to bring some too!

•  Sign up at 448-2022. Fee TBD.

•  Special December Dates of Interest:

•  5 th & 6 th – Christmas Contata Check listing for times and location.

•  11 th & 12 th 8 pm Holiday Hilarity The “world premiere” of the all-new Beaver Island Comedy Groups' original holiday production!

•  15 th – Beaver Island Community School Christmas Presentation An unforgettable staging of holiday spirit!

COA Lunch Menu

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Announces Mini-Grant Program

The Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association (BICAA) is initiating a new mini-grant program in 2009-10 to support the creative work of local artists who enrich the cultural life of the Beaver Island community. Funding for the program is generated by proceeds from Baroque on Beaver, an annual classical music series that combines the talents of year-round and seasonal residents with professional musicians from across the state of Michigan and beyond.

The new program was created by the BICAA Board of Directors as a means of fulfilling its mission to support year-round cultural arts in the Beaver Island community. BICAA has previously invested proceeds from Baroque on Beaver in the string program and other cultural activities for students at the Beaver Island Community School (BICS). Since BICS recently received a major grant to fund similar projects, the BICAA Board decided to refocus its resources on supporting the work of local artists. Artists will be able to apply for funding to cover costs for such necessities as time and materials to create their art, rental of rehearsal and performance space, travel expenses or fees for attending seminars or classes, opportunities to branch out into new art forms and other reasonable needs.

Eligibility criteria and applications for the mini-grant program may be obtained from BICAA Board member Miranda Rooy, mirandarooy@hotmail.com and will be posted in mid-October on the BICAA website, www.baroqueonbeaver.com . Applications will be accepted electronically and must be received by November 15, 2009 . A Selection Committee composed of Board members and community residents qualified in specific areas of the arts will review applications and make recommendations on awardees for Board approval. Awards will be in mid-December. For more information, please contact Anne Glendon, aglendon@sbcglobal.net .

Eligibility requirements for candidates:

  1. Year-round or seasonal residents of Beaver Island for a minimum of 2 years
  2. At least 2 years of engagement in the art form for which support is being sought
  3. Submission of a completed application which includes a statement of need for funding. This would include, but not be limited to costs associated with:
    • Rehearsal or performance space
    • Release time from work to practice or create artwork
    • Materials, equipment, training
    • Other needs consistent with the type of art involved.
  4. Agreement to report on, share, demonstrate, show or perform whatever work is produced as a result of the grant during the Baroque on Beaver annual festival (July 26-August 1, 2010), or at another event to be sponsored by BICAA in association with the festival .

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association: Mini-Grant Application

Name of Artist(s):

Beaver Island Address:

Year-round Mailing Address:


Beaver Island Phone(s): _____________________Alternative Phone(s):

Approximate annual residency dates on Beaver Island :

1. Type of Art to be funded (include all that apply)

__ Musical performance

__ Musical composition

__ Visual art (please specify medium)

__ Poetry, Short Story or other literary art (please specify form)

__ Dance

__ Theater

__ Other (please specify)

2. Purpose of request: Please describe in one paragraph what the funds will be used for.

3. Statement of Need: Please explain (no more than 1 page) why you are seeking funding at this time. Describe your engagement in this art form over the past 2 years and give a compelling reason why this mini-grant is important to achieving your artistic goals.

4. Amount requested (anticipated grant range is $150-$750): _______

5. Letter of Agreement: Please attach a letter (or multiple letters from all the members of the applicant group) that clearly states agreement with the requirement to show, display or otherwise demonstrate how the mini-grant funds were used by July 15, 2010 .

6. Name and contact information of two references who can attest to your work:

Please use additional pages as needed.

Applications are due by November 15, 2009. Electronic applications preferred. Please send to Miranda Rooy, mirandarooy@hotmail.com . Attachments that cannot be sent electronically may be mailed to BICAA, PO Box 326 , Beaver Island , MI 49782 . Awards will be decided by the BICAA Board and announced in mid-December

Free Preventative Medical Services at BIRHC

Grant monies are still available for preventative care at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center.

Char-Em United Way has awarded the Beaver Island Rural Health Center a $6,000 grant to offer to the uninsured residents of Beaver Island, an opportunity to make an appointment with one of our two care providers for a physical, which would include a

Physical, Blood Work, Baseline EKG, Women's Health Issues at

No Charge

Please encourage anyone who might benefit from these services to call for an appointment. The service is available to those members of the community who are not insured or whose insurance may not pay for a routine physical. We are offering screening for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, prostate cancer and anemia.

There is no time limit on this offer. We are grateful to Char-Em United Way allowing us to offer these services.

To date 14 residents of the island have taken advantage of the opportunity for preventative care. Two residents have had hypertension diagnosed and are being treated and one resident has been diagnosed with a blood disorder and has been referred to a specialist.

Donna Kubic, Managing Director

FREE Classified Ads

Part of the website cost goes to providing the format and access to FREE classified Ads. Some have used them very successfully. As a subscriber to this website, you get free classified ads posting for all subscribers to read. The classified ads are one of the perks for being a subscriber. Please check them once in a while, and please use them.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes