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Starting sometime before the first of the year, this portion of the Beaver Island Virtual Tour, the News on the 'Net, will be changing to subscription only.  The reason for this is that the cost of maintaining a site this large and constantly updating the News section keeps rising.  At the present time it costs just shy of $500/year, without paying extra for removal of the pop-up ads.  I'm not making anything from this site, and that was never my intention, however it's also not my intention to go in the hole trying to keep it going.  Those who are already supporters will be able to access the News.  For those who are not present supporters, they will not be able to connect to this portion of the website after December 31.  Subscription will be $30 per year.  For businesses who wish to support the site it will be $150 per year and will include links to their sites and I will post their events or sales or coupons as they request.  With enough subscriptions I could bring back the Archives, get rid of those pesky pop-up ads and add more items to the News on the 'Net.  The change will go into effect on December 31st.  So if you've enjoyed all the News and photos please keep in mind that they will no longer be available without subscription after the first of the year.

After January 1, 2003 the News on the 'Net section will become a business operation and like any other island news, will be accessible via subscription.  The subscription will ONLY be for the News on the 'Net portion of the website, the tour will always be open to everyone.

Check by clicking on the "Subscribers and Supports" at the top of the page to see when your subscription will expire.

So why am I doing this when it's obvious it will probably make money?  The reason is to cover the costs incurred, to be able to upgrade equipment (computer, camera, scanner, etc.) and to add to the site (archives, no pop-ups, etc.).  Since I spend a good share of the week working on this it's become a part-time job and if it's a breaking story,  I'm on it constantly and I think it's only fair to get something back for all the time spent.  I realize that some folks don't agree and that I'll lose some readers and for that, I'm sorry.

Please be sure and let me know your email address so that I will be able to send you your password once the subscription portion of the website goes into effect.

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Bird Convention

This group was gathered at the Beaver Island Marine dock this week.  From they way they were standing around it looked as though the Great Blue Heron was offering up quite a lecture on where to find the best fishing spots.


seagulls on dock.jpg (55141 bytes)    blue heron on dock.jpg (60737 bytes)

Late Fall Aerial Photos

As most everyone knows, I seldom leave home without a camera, so when I took my youngest across last weekend it was along and I was simply forced into taking a few pictures from the plane.  The colors are past their peak but still, the muted shades are nice too.  I thought I'd share them with you.

Harbor 11-02 aerial.jpg (50713 bytes)    Enoch Hill area aerial.jpg (161797 bytes)    Font Lake 11-02.jpg (32065 bytes)


Geneserath and Egg Lakes Nov 02.jpg (38969 bytes)    Lake Geneserath main Nov 02.jpg (50481 bytes)    south east end of Beaver.jpg (43109 bytes)


Round Lake - Charlevoix Nov 02.jpg (55289 bytes)    Welke's Nov 02 landing.jpg (67989 bytes)

Thanksgiving Day in America is a time to offer thanks, of family gatherings and holiday meals. A time of turkeys, stuffing, and pumpkin pie.  It's a day to celebrate all that we're thankful for.  I, for one, am thankful for all of you readers... I haven't had a boring Monday since I started this project.  I'm certainly thankful to my family who have to listen to me grumbling and talking to myself at my computer as I try to write or having to munch on a burnt dinner if a story is breaking.


Everyone is welcome to join together for Thanksgiving Dinner at the Beaver Island Christian Church at 6:00 p.m. Thanksgiving Day.  If you like, bring a dish to pass.  

It's almost that time of year again... time to think about gifts, decorations, stockings, lumps of coal, candy, all the others things related to Christmas.  This year the Christmas Bazaar will be held on Sunday, November 24th from 1:00 until 4:00 at the Holy Cross Hall.  Be sure and mark it on your calendar because there will be lots of terrific holiday shopping!  There will be booths, white elephant items, home-made candies, fishpond, cakewalk, raffles and much more!   See you there!

AMVETS Post 46 and the AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary

are proud to present

Gift's for all ages!

Open to children 6th grade and under

All items are $1.00 or less!


Sunday, November 24th, at the Christmas Bazaar


If your child comes with a list of people to buy for, adults will be available to help them shop!



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