Island Airways Employees Save the Day

On November 5th, an Island Airways pilot picked up a distress call dealing with a sinking watercraft.  Upon landing he checked it out and discovered that the LCM (Landing Craft Mechanized) used by Mirada Ranch on South Fox Island had filled with water and was swamped on the shore.  The Ranch is owned by David Johnson who is also the owner of Bay Harbor near Petoskey.  Neal Boyle, Brian Kubesh and Tony Routes of Island Airways grabbed all the pumps they could find and immediately flew to South Fox Island to offer their assistance.

Thanks to much hard work, the LCM was saved and Island Airways staff received a thank-you letter of appreciation from Mark Moore, Sarah Moore and Dennis Brya of Mirada Ranch for the trash pumps, plane availability and man power.

Way to go, Island Airways!

Missing Bellamy Plane

Nothing yet has been discovered.  Because of deer season the Civil Air Patrol is in their "safety" mode and can not do land searches.  It would be too dangerous for them to be tromping through the woods with so many hunters out there.

The Deer Hunt

The first weekend of deer season is now history, but I have been giving it some thought which was fertilized by overhearing a conversation while in a mainland restaurant this weekend.  You know how it is, you sit down at a booth and you can hear what the folks in the booth behind you are discussing.  Since my youngest and I had about run out of things to talk about relating to the Harry Potter movie she'd just seen, I admit I was nosey and listened in to a couple of women discussing their husbands hunting habits.  Since I was eavesdropping I decided it probably wasn't a really good idea to turn around and ask them their names and introduce myself while explaining that I wanted to write down what they were saying.  So I'll just make up names for them... how about Betty for the older one and Mary for the younger one?  Works for me.  So here's a condensed version of what they were talking about.

It seems that Mary's husband hadn't been hunting ever and since he worked with Betty's spouse and had heard all the great stories about deer hunting, he wanted to take part.  To sell Mary on it, he told her that they'd save a bunch of money if he got a deer.  It would fill up their freezer and they wouldn't have to buy meat the rest of the winter.  Mary, evidently was a city girl, and thought it made sense but that he'd have to get some equipment like the rest of the guys had... gun, ammo, hiking boots, red outfit, 4 wheeler, license, the list went on until the waitress brought the women their coffee.

I missed a bit as we placed our order for breakfast but picked it up again as Mary was telling Betty that her husband had been so excited about going that he'd set the alarm clock for 1 a.m. but keep hitting the snooze bar every time it went off until Betty's husband arrived and dragged him out of bed.  Off they went to the woods... and returned about 20 minutes later to get the gun they had forgotten.

Both Betty and Mary were laughing like crazy as they were chatting about how the mighty hunters were probably doing.  Their descriptions were hysterical and it was all I could do not to laugh out loud as I listened in.  Mary said that her hubby had never been out in the woods and would most likely get lost or end up shooting a chipmunk instead.  

Betty related her husbands first hunting trip as something from the Keystone Cops.  That he'd forgotten his ammunition and had to race back home and then try to get back to the woods before daylight.  I almost blew coffee all over my daughter as she said that his first deer was a Ford pick-up.  It seems that he saw antlers along side the truck and fired... hit the radiator instead and that the antlers were from his partners' deer that he'd just finished tying to the truck.  Now they had both a dead deer and a dead truck.  Betty said she figured that IF he'd actually gotten a deer it would have been about $179 a pound figuring in the cost of gun, ammo, hiking boots, red outfit, 4 wheeler, license, and a new truck but that the experience and stories were priceless.  I'm inclined to agree with her.

Public Meetings

Regular monthly meeting of the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Board  Tuesday, November 19th at the Library.  Public is always welcome.

Third public meeting since planning began to display the architects plans for the new center. Representatives of Hobbs-Black Associates will be here at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, November 20th at Peaine Township Hall to present their final drawings.  At that time a preliminary timeline leading to the construction start will be laid out.

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