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Before starting this weeks' news, I'd like to thank all those who sent cards, emails, and called while I was under the weather the past two weeks.  Your thoughts are truly appreciated.  Now that I've passed one of the germs on to Joe I should stay healthy for a long time to come.  Thanks again.

Heather's Colin Francis.jpg (42340 bytes)McKinley Daniel Barile would like to announce the birth of his new brother, Colin Francis.  He was born on Friday November 14 at 4:38 P.M.. He weighed 8 lbs. 2 ozs. and was 21 inches long. Proud parents are Heather (Gillespie) and Scott Barile.  Grandparents are Barbara Barile, Michael Barile, John & Jeanne Gillespie. Great-Grandparents are Ellen McLaughlin and Walter Wojan.

Beaver Island Rural Health Center

Approved 11/22/03

Board of Directors Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

Peaine Township Hall

PRESENT -   Board Members -  Anne Glendon, Dr. Brad Grassmick (via speaker conference call), Jerry LaFreniere, Pete LoDico, Barb Murphy, Dr. Paul Nelson, Don Spencer, Rick Speck, Eula Thomas, Angel Welke (via speaker conference call), Connie Wojan;  Contractors -  Arlene Brennan, Transition Manager; Grace Matela, Accountant. 

GUESTS – Joe Moore, BIEMS scheduled as a presenter in the meeting.  Many people from the community also attended. 

ABSENTBoard members - Joe Reed (proxy held by Don Spencer)

I.  Call to Order.

Welcome and Introductions. President Connie Wojan called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m., welcoming the three new board members – Dr. Grassmick, Eula Thomas, and Angel Welke – to their first board meeting. All guests were welcomed.

II. Review, revisions to agenda.

No revisions.

III. Review, revisions & approval September 16, 2003, meeting.

Motion to approve minutes of September 16, 2003 , meeting as distributed (Spencer/LoDico); approved.

IV. Report on emergency evacuation.

President Wojan introduced Joe Moore, BIEMS, and explained that the board asked him to discuss the existing emergency transport options for the island. Summary of  Joe’s report:  Island Airways is unable to fly medical emergencies off island at the present time, except in dire life and death situations, because they do not have insurance coverage and properly equipped planes for those flights. NorthFlight and the Coast Guard are the current options available. BIEMS and Island Airways are working to obtain a “module” (cost $30,000) which could be placed in a plane and used for medical transports, and to ensure that all requirements, including insurance, can be met to operate an air ambulance. The presentation was very informative for all present. There was open dialogue with the audience, with many questions answered. Although BIRHC and BIEMS are separate organizations, the commitment to work together is strong. Mr. Moore distributed a handout explaining the situation.

V.      Finance report.

Rick Speck reviewed the budget as presented. The unaudited net loss for FY 03 is $25,859. The proposed budget for FY 04 at present shows a deficit of $14,143. After discussion, motion to accept the financial report (Spencer/Murphy); approved.


VI. Resource Development report.

  1. General report. Anne Glendon reported: 1) that the annual appeal will begin in mid to late November, and volunteers are needed; 2) that BIRHC will receive a $15,000 grant from MDCH for technical assistance; 3) that quiet progress is being made on the capital campaign with 3 parties who have committed money.  Angel Welke and Pete LoDico volunteered to help with the letter and mailing.  Anne will send a draft copy of the letter to Board members for their review and response before printing.  (There will be a short turnaround time for comments.)
  2. Meeting with Senator Allen’s staff. Don Spencer reported meeting with Senator Allen’s staff person when he visited the island recently. Mr. Spencer requested support and assistance regarding the air ambulance and for island health services.


VII. Operations report.

Arlene Brennan reviewed the written report as presented. Chris VanLooy, PA-C, has announced that she has taken a job in Georgia that will pay a higher salary and take her closer to her family; she will be leaving around Thanksgiving. Sue Solle, FNP, started work October 6th. Total encounters for FY 03 are down 9% compared to FY 02, which is quite consistent with the lower tourist traffic this summer. The community presentation about billing will be Thursday, November 6th, at 7 p.m. at Peaine Township Hall.


VIII. Construction Report.

A.     Financials. Don Spencer reported that to date, $900,000 from the construction account has been spent. The estimated actual construction costs will likely be somewhere between $1,285,000 and $1,300,000. This estimated cost does not include furniture, fixtures and equipment, such as multi-media equipment, computers, window treatments.

B.     Status. Mr. Spencer reported the new facility is 70% complete and on schedule for completion around the end of December.

C.     Propane Supplier. Letters of proposal from Island Energies (three options which all involve the use of tanks) and Great Lakes Energy (one option with a direct line, no tanks) for propane gas were reviewed by Mr. Spencer and discussed at length. President Wojan allowed the audience to provide comments on this topic.

Motion (Spencer/Welke) to proceed with the Great Lakes proposal if they agree to not raise their price per gallon for one year. If Great Lakes will not agree, then proceed with option C of the Island Energies proposal, with a meter, and request that they bill according to the meter reading. Discussion occurred, and amendment to the motion (Speck/Welke) to proceed with the Great Lakes proposal if they agree to not raise their price per gallon for one year. If Great Lakes will not agree, then proceed with option C of the Island Energies proposal, with the health center installing their own meter to track the use of the propane. Amended motion approved with one no (Grassmick) vote.


IX. Old Business.

  1. Agreement with Dr. White. President Wojan reported that she spoke with Dr. Paul Nelson about the comments she made at the last meeting concerning the committee composition to negotiate terms of an agreement with Dr. White. Because previous attempts earlier this year to draft a contract with Dr. White never resulted in a draft contract, Ms. Wojan thought having new board members work on this issue might be a good idea. Dr. Nelson stated that with his knowledge and experience as a dentist, he would like to provide input in the interest of having dental services on the island, and that he is working on behalf of dental services, not a particular dentist. Discussion ensued; Dr. White provided comments. Motion that Eula Thomas and Angel Welke serve as the board representatives to negotiate an agreement with Dr. White (Welke/Thomas); approved. Ms. Thomas, Ms. Welke, Dr. Nelson and Dr. White will meet very soon and report back at the next board meeting.
  2. Mediation. Barbara Murphy reported on mediation. She read the list of issues as presented by Mr. Kirk McBride for the CCG, for mediation. Kathy Lame from Charlevoix would serve as the mediator/facilitator. Both BIRHC and CCG would identify the person who would actively take part in the mediation process. The costs involved would be transportation and accommodations; both groups would share these expenses. Angel Welke volunteered that Island Airways will donate the flight. The mediator could stay at the BIRHC condo, or, Eula Thomas offered that Ms. Lame could stay at the Emerald Isle Hotel. President Wojan reported that she still has not received legal advice from the attorney as she requested a month ago. She will pursue obtaining that advice. Discussion occurred. Motion that four (4) BIRHC board members participate in the mediation process (Welke/LaFreniere); approved. President Wojan asked for volunteers. J. LaFreniere, P. LoDico, B. Murphy and E. Thomas volunteered, and will proceed with details for the process, but that no decisions will be binding without Board approval. There was discussion about whether or not the mediation would be at an open, public meeting; BIRHC will obtain legal advice regarding this.


President Wojan indicated that M. Kur, Charlevoix Prosecuting Attorney, will be issuing a written opinion to the health center, and addressing many of the questions about being a public organization, the Open Meetings Act, etc. Ms. Kur has indicated verbally that BIRHC does not need to comply with the Freedom of Information Act.


X.     New Business

A.  Policies and Procedures. Four P&Ps were brought forward for board action. 1) Rules for Public Comments at Board Meetings – Discussion about the public having time to provide written comments after the meeting. Motion to accept the Rules for Public Comments at Board Meeting P&P as presented WITH the amendment that persons requesting their comments be included in the minutes of the meeting have 24 hours after the verbal delivery of their comments to provide the written comments, and that it will be noted at the top of those written comments that they were provided after the meeting (Glendon/LaFreniere); approved. 2) Distribution of Board Meeting Materials – Motion to approve the Distribution of Board Meeting Materials P&P as presented (Welke/Spencer); approved. 3) Confidentiality - Motion to approve the Confidentiality P&P as presented (Glendon/Spencer); approved. 4) Conflict of Interest – Motion to approve the Conflict of Interest P&P with the amendment/addition that if the President of the Board has a conflict, he/she shall present and discuss it with the Board, and the Board shall determine if there is a material conflict, and, if so, what should be done (Grassmick/Spencer); approved.

B. Meeting dates and times. Discussion about having board meetings on Saturdays from November through April to facilitate travel and to avoid having to drive home late after an evening meeting. Motion to have the board meetings on Saturdays during the months from November through April (Murphy/Spencer); approved. The next meeting will be Saturday, November 22, 2003 , at 1:00 p.m. Location to be determined. Strategic planning also needs to occur. Motion to have the first of several strategic planning sessions, Saturday, November 22, 2003 , from 10:00 a.m. to noon , prior to the board meeting (Glendon/Spencer); approved. This is open to the public, and they are invited to attend.

C.  Reception for the Solles. Eula Thomas is arranging the event and reported on options. Mr. Hodgson has donated use of the Beachcomber and some food, if it is held on a weekday evening. This seems to be the best of available choices. Ms. Thomas will finalize details and the date, and will post it.

XI.  Public Comments 

 Public comments were received by the board.


XII.  Next meeting.

Saturday, November 22, 2003 , at 1 p.m. A strategic planning session will occur at 10 a.m. until noon that day; it is open to the public.



XIII.  Adjournment

Motion to adjourn at 10:10 p.m. (Spencer/LoDico); approved.

Respectfully submitted,

Anne Glendon, Secretary

Arlene Brennan, Transition Manager

Island Time

clock full.jpg (142527 bytes)    clock face.jpg (128760 bytes)


If you've taken a drive through town this week you probably noticed the handsome clock located in front of the Transportation Authority Building.  The clock was donated to the town by Larry Malloy in memory of his wife, Joann Spaulding Malloy.  The face of the clock is well lit making it easy to read even on the darkest night.  No more can kids miss the family curfew by saying, "But I didn't know what time it was."  From now on, all the islanders should be on the same "island program"!  Thanks Larry for giving the town this timely gift.

The 2003 Squirrel War


It raged on and off all last winter, sometime the squirrels would win a skirmish and once in a while Phil Gregg would.  He actually thought he'd won the entire war, but those critters came back with an agenda of settling old scores once the weather turned cold.   During the fall months there were several squirrel conferences as they discussed how to get on to Phil's feeder.  Several imagined themselves as Rocky the flying squirrel and made kamikaze leaps from the fireplace stones to the feeder which was swinging in the breeze suspended on a thin wire between two oak trees.  Now these creatures are smart, never mind the brain is small, they learn quickly and they have a certain amount of pride.  Rocky #1, with a swagger in his climb, made it up the stone fireplace and grinned at his buddies as he crouched for the leap... he made it to the feeder and beyond, landing with a belly-flop on the hard ground.  Not wanting his furry buddies to see his failure, he immediately picked up a sunflower seed that had fallen to the ground and clutching it between his paws began to snack.  It's Phil's contention that he was not actually eating that seed, but pressing his paws to his chest trying to rub away the bruise.  The Bullwinkle of the Fur Squad sent out another brave soul to get the job done.  Rocky #2 proceeded to climb up the rain spout.  Upon reaching the top discovered it was too slippery to balance on and did a chin-banging fall all the way to the bottom and out into the yard some thanks to the little bend at the end of the spout.  He took a seat next to #1.  Bullwinkle decided if you want the job done you do it yourself so he stomped up the fireplace and made his leap, grabbed the thin wire and paw over paw made it to the feeder where he proceeded to fill his cheeks.  At this point Phil decided that having moved the feeder out from the house as far as he could he needed something extra to keep this cast from depleteing his seed supply before December. Making a trip down to Ace Hardware, Phil returned home with some small PVC pipe which he placed over the wire thinking that it would roll if Bullwinkle tried that stunt again.  Once Phil was done, he settled himself into his favorite chair ready to enjoy a good laugh as the gray and black furballs slid off the PVC, at least that's what he thought would happen.  While Phil was doing doing his PVC thing, the squirrels watched closely and made a shopping trip of their own to the Squirrel K-mart for little hob-nail boots.  They then climbed the fireplace and calmly crossed on the PVC.  Not to be out-done, Phil then exchanged the small PVC to a larger size - but not large enough as they were back the next day and easily traversed to the feeder.  At the present time, Phil says he's had a talk with them and will place food on the ground for a snack as long as they'll promise to stay off the feeder.  Of course there's always one who doesn't follow the crowd who's now sitting on the feeder enjoying a gourmet dinner.  Perhaps next week we'll see Phil out in a row boat filling a feeder that rests on a post in the harbor.  Of course I'm sure that the squirrel gang probably has access to little, tiny boats, jet-skis or miniture helicopters and will find some way to foil his plans. The Gregg family is enjoying great entertainment hearing about Phil and the Squirrel Wars.  I suppose that Rocky and Bullwinkle's families are enjoying it too as they wait for the next installment.  Most likely they'll bring in the big guns of Boris and Natasha.  We'll have to wait and see.

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