Sunday afternoon from 1 until 4, the Island community enjoyed a early taste of the Christmas holidays at the annual Bazaar hosted by Holy Cross.  Although numbers seemed to be down from previous years, all who did attend enjoyed themselves as they shopped for everything from toys to books, to artwork, make-up, clothing, food-stuffs and various other items.  Two of the big hits for all the "children" from ages 2 on up to 92 were the cake-walk and the raffle.  The adults enjoyed watching to see which child would carry off one of the delicious donated, and decorated cakes.  As for the raffle, everyone wants to win a CD player, a teddy bear, a sled or some other item.  It was a great afternoon and special thanks go to those who organized the entire event and to those who supplied all the wonderful tables of goodies to chose from.  

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It seems that Gerald LaFreniere really wanted one of those cakes.  He trotted about the marked circle on the stage several times but missed out.  Luckily he's married to a marvelous cook!  He claimed that he was "just helping Katie Lynn follow the numbers" but those of us who know him, know better.  Sisters, Sandy LoDico and Joan Banville, were in charge of the raffle and did an excellent job dealing with very eager youngsters who could hardly wait for their number to be called.

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East Wind Spa, owned by Jayne Bailey and Karen Whitecraft-Wurth, offered jewelry, make-up, ear-piercing, along with being able to make an appointment for that massage to ease away holiday stress or an appointment for that new Christmas hairdo.

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The Beaver Island Historical Society table, manned by Bill and JoAnn Cashman, presented shoppers with all the Journals of Beaver Island History along with many other books pertaining to the island and the Great Lakes.  They also had a few of the South Head Lighthouse ornaments that I'd designed several years ago.

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Lisa and Cody Gillespie, from Beaver Gems, had on hand a variety of delightful items.  One of their most popular was the sparkling cider that shoppers sometimes enjoyed even before making it home.

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No island craft event would be complete without Jo Hooker's lovely pottery from her business, Trillium Pottery.  Jo's delightful dishes make terrific gifts or just a present to yourself and her painted ceramic trivets are just as great.  Impressive! Oops! I apologize, Jo just let me know that she doesn't do the paintings, but that Mary Scholl, of the Toy Museum, does them for her.  Both ladies do an excellent job.

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The Christmas Bazaar gave everyone a chance to purchase gifts for the holidays.  Jellies, candies, games, perfumes, paintings.. the list goes on and on.  Mary Jean Pike's sock monkeys' brought back many warm memories for a lot of folks.  Nancy Cull's jams and jellies made mouths water.  The local Boy Scout troop marched out their popcorn for sale along with holiday wreaths.  Jane Dwyer displayed Avon items for sale.  Mrs. Stambaugh's 5th and 6th graders sold a large quantity of their annual Beaver Island Birthday Calendar, and if you don't have yours yet, contact any child in the fifth or sixth grade to purchase one.

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