A Perfect Christmas

4th Annual Christmas Cantata

Performed by the

Beaver Island Community Choir

It's come to mark the "official" beginning of the holiday season on Beaver Island, the annual Christmas Cantata and 2004 was no exception. This years performance was a repeat of the first one and was very good. The addition of the chimes added a new dimension that was a wonderful surprise to the audience. With Judi Meister and Laraine Dawson on piano and organ to open the program those in attendance had the best of the best on Beaver Island. Brian Porter and Brenda LeFevre followed Judi and Laraine's prelude singing "Gesù Bambino". Judi and Joe Moore performed, on piano and violin, "Ave Maria" and Danielle Cary sang "O Holy Night" accompanied by Rich and Mike Scripps. The chime group rang out with "Away in a Manger" and "Silent Night" just preceding the main event, "A Perfect Christmas". While sung beautifully, just a few times a voice would over-power the rest causing this performance not to be quite as smooth as the original one done in 2001. Just the same, it was beautiful. Songs included "Listen to Christmas", "O Come All Ye Faithful", "Salvation Will Come", "In Bethlehem A Star", "Carol of the Drum", "Joy", "Away in a Manger" with soloist Christy Albin, "Mary, Did You Know?", "Sing the News", and "Come and Worship". Narration was done in tandem by Pinky Harmon and John Fiegen. Instruments and players were - Keyboards: Laraine Dawson, Judi Meister, Mike Scripps - Percussion: Rich Scripps - Bass Guitar: Patti Cull - Flute: Sharon Scripps - Trumpet: Bill and Mike Scripps - Euphonium: Doug Scripps - Chimes: Jenna Battle, Olivia Cary, Jewell Gillespie-Cushman, Brighid Gillespie-Cushman, Briana Maudrie, Brogan Maudrie, Hannah Robert, Lisa Gillespie, Diane McDonough, Jean Palmer, Deb Plastrik, Earl Seger, Kathy Speck, Beth Croswhite and Emily Gray. The Community Choir included the following - Sopranos: Christy Albin, Melissa Bailey, Shirley Detwiler, Brenda LeFevre, Krys Lyle, Christine McDonough, Sheri Timsak, Nancy Tritch, Shirley Voogt and Elaine West; Altos: Jayne Bailey, Diane McDonough, Pam O'Brien, Jean Palmer and Nancy Sommer; Tenors: Cindy Gillespie-Cushman, Susie Fisher, Betty Hudgins, Tina Morgan, Deb Plastrik, Brian Porter, Nancy White, Carol Wierenga and Dan VanderVliet; Basses: Bob Bass, Bill Detwiler, Larry Hall, Earl Seger, Gary Voogt and Tom Whitman. Kudos go to Kathy Speck for the tremendous work she does in putting this all together for the community.

The hours and hours spent in practice and then more practice certainly paid off in spades and together this entire group now have the islanders all prepped for the holidays. Taking pictures from a distance in a darkened room is difficult for my camera (not to mention the operator) so some have been changed to black and white for clarity. Here's some pictures from the Saturday extravaganza:


The Choir

The Musicians


Guest Musicians










Despite the nerves of the first games of the season, the Islanders won all games against Mackinac Island on Friday night. Boys basketball won 49-32 while girls volleyball took all three games 25-18, 25-16 and 25-18. Way to go, Islanders! The Saturday morning games went as follows: boys basketball 47 - 44 and girls volleyball 27-25, 25-21 and 25-19. This year volleyball scoring has been changed to 25 points from 15 for the game due to what's called rally score. Regardless, the teams did outstanding with their first games! Great job, Islanders! Thanks go to Christine McDonough and Coach Connie Boyle for passing on the scores of the games.

Just A Reminder

I am leaving the island Sunday at noon and at the present time do not know what day I will be back. If something newsworthy happens perhaps someone will write it in the Forum or if Jeff Cashman has time maybe he can cover it for you all here.

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