Short List Election Results

Since I am not on the island, special thanks go to Kirk McBride for this short list of Beaver Island election results.

Election Results 2006

  St. James Peaine Beaver Island
Democrats 41 35 76
Republicans 28 47 75
Total votes 190 194 384
Granholm 103 86 189 52%
DeVos 82 94 176 48%
Stabenow 115 91 206
Bouchard 71 88 159
Stupak 148 126 274
Hooper 38 58 96
Proposal Yes/No Yes/No  
#1 159/21 165/24  
#2 110/73 119/72  
#3 49/136 72/115  
#4 150/33 162/27  
#5 55/127 73/115  
Cty Mil 105/73 88/92  

A day late...

I admit it, I'm a day late. It must be part of the aging process. Somehow I lost Monday and still haven't found it. I checked under the bed, in the closet, and under the rugs so I'm just going to figure the new puppy ate it.


Thank goodness it's finally election day because I don't know how many more political commercials I could listen to without running outside to bang my head on the sidewalk. Most have been negative, most have been nasty, neither party completely tells the truth. When you aren't watching 3 or 4 political commercials between shows the phone is ringing off the hook by others. We thought we were on the Do Not Call list until it finally hit us that politicians wrote that particular law and made themselves exempt. Next time there is an election I think there should be new rules, for example: candidates should be required to only say nice things about their opponent (Mom always said, "if you can't say something nice, don't say anything" but maybe their mom's didn't teach them that), if there is a debate they must answer the question posed within 60 seconds with a definite yes, no, or state their stand in 10 words or less. They have to think of something else besides "this ad is approved by" or "I approve this ad". I've never met anyone who said, "Gosh, I changed my vote because of that commercial/phone call/or wishy-washy answer." Regardless, I'm sure glad it's all over... now we can go back to watching the Aflak duck or the Geiko lizard... they are certainly more entertaining than any politician.



Girl's Basketball Tournament

Friday Nov. 10 & Saturday Nov. 11 th

Games begin at 5:00 pm Friday and 9:00 am Saturday

There will not be an admission fee

Concessions will not be available

Teams involved: Beaver Island , Grand Marais, Hannahville and Paradise

Benefit Party

As many of you may or may not know, Johnny Paul Kenwabikise's daughter, Wendy has brain cancer.

Johnny will be traveling back and forth to visit Wendy and it was suggested that the Island hold a Fundraiser to help Johnny defray his travel expenses and to help out Wendy and her family at this time. Wendy is only 36 and has 5 children.

Johnny has had so much tragedy in his life with the untimely deaths of his four sons and now in addition to all of this, his son Simon may be shipped out to Iraq in a few weeks.

There will be a Benefit Party at :
Jerry LaFreniere's Garage
Saturday, November 18
7:00 p.m. - ??

Free Will Donation
Live Music

We would like everyone to attend but if you are unable to, a fund has been set up at Charlevoix State Bank; your check should be made out to the Kenwabikise Benefit Fund and can be dropped off at the bank here on the island or mail to:
Charlevoix State Bank
111 State Street
Charlevoix, MI 49720
Debbie Robert
P.O. Box 78
Beaver Island, MI 49782

To date we have the following for Auction:

Two Night Stay at Grand Traverse Resort/Casino
One Nght Stay at AmericInn in Charlevoix
Round Trip Plane Tickets (Beaver Island/Charlevoix)
Skip Duhamel's Jewelry

There will also be a 50/50 Raffle and other prizes!

Jerry says "Don't forget to bring your checkbooks on the 18th!"

Many thanks to those who have already sent a donation and for the generosity of you who have donated for the auction/raffles.

Christmas Bazaar

Sunday, November 19th

1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Holy Cross Parish Hall

Chili and Hotdogs, Baked Goods, Candy, Cake Walk, Raffles

There will be NO white elephant table

For more information contact Sandy LoDico at 231-448-2004 or email