It's a

Sarah and Drew Oskinski, of Beaver Island, are the very proud parents of Leasel May Oskinski who made her arrival at 3:15 a.m. on November 8th. Leasel weighed in at six pounds and eight ounces. She's eighteen inches tall and has lots of black hair. Grandparents are Mike and Linda Deur of Beaver Island. Congratulations Sarah and Drew.

Community House Progress

During the past week and a half there's been a lot of work done on the Community House. Workers have been busy building the elevator shaft and now the block interior walls are being constructed. With the high winds and lower temps, it's been a wee bit chilly working on this project.


Lest we forgetů

The Students and Staff of Beaver Island Community School

Invite you to help us honor our local veterans.

Friday, November 11, 2005

10 am in the gym lobby for coffee and donuts.

Outside Flag Ceremony immediately following at 10:30 am at the school flag pole

Help us honor them..

Baroque on Beaver

Connie Currie has been busy building a website for the Baroque on Beaver, the classical music weekend on Beaver Island. She's done a fine job so check it out at

I Know I Saw That Somewhere...

You've had a whole week to check it out. Did anyone discover where this little angel is? She's been hidden in plain sight all year long and you go past her anytime that you're in town. Click on her and you'll see where she's located. Next time you pass her, give her a wink ;)

Stormy Weather

Once upon a time I, actually I should say "we", gave our youngest a trip to the mainland for her 16th birthday. I say "we" because Joe came up with the idea BUT I was the one to impliment it. This trip included one night at the Weathervane and a full day shopping. Evidently my brain cells were on hiatus and forgot how thrilling it is for me to shop (think of Christmas). Add to that a boyfriend who was meeting us. Now I like the boyfriend however shopping with two teens is a trip in itself which is a whole story onto itself... ask me about it when the Valium wears off. Nevertheless, we had gone across on Saturday and were planning on returning Sunday. Mother Nature must get her kicks watching me have anxiety attacks since she stirred up a wind storm of huge proportions that even stopped the ferry from running. The boyfriend headed home Sunday afternoon so it was just my daughter and myself to entertain. She'd taken driver's training the summer so it seemed like a good idea for her to try mainland highways. Actually she did great - Mom on the other hand is now sporting fingernail marks in her hands and lots more gray hair. We had given some thought to flying home, that is until we drove down by the lake. The waves coming in at the Charlevoix breakwall and at the old Medusa breakwall ended that idea. We made one more shopping sortie and then Andrea and I headed back to the motel, ordered pizza in and decided to wait for Monday. Mother Nature had had her chuckle and Monday was much calmer, the boat ride home was a breeze and now all I have to do is start now thinking of some reasonable gift for Andrea next year. Something that will fit in a box and does not require any traveling or shopping. Since I seldom leave home without my camera I just happend to snap a few pictures of the storm on the lake. Someone mentioned to me that the seas were running up to 15 foot and the wind gusts were over 50 mph. I can believe it!



Trying to Escape

Ted E. Bear was seen trying to escape from the green cage at the Charlevoix Boat Dock minutes prior to being loaded on the ferry for Beaver Island. Happily he ended up snuggled in the arms of his owner for the trip. Thanks go to B.J. Wyckoff for pointing out Mr. Bear's predicament.