Peaine Township Meeting, November 10, 2010 Video

Pledge and Approval of the Minutes for two meetings


Begin Review of Bills, Appointments to Airport Commission added to the agenda


Airport Commission agreement discussion


Mike Scripps comment, Jack's answer, Paul's statement


Further discussion of airport commission, motion, and vote


Terms correction in airport agreement, Connie Wojan points out the change, Pete validates


Appointment of Colleen Martin to the Airport Commission


Appointment of Pete LoDico to the Airport Commission


Jack Gallagher recommendation for Member at Large of the Airport Commission


Terry Saxton comments, Jim Wojan comments


Mike Scripps Requests Appointment to Airport Commission


Pete LoDico and Jack Gallagher disagree


Terry Saxton steps aside for a Mike Scripps appointment


Colleen makes motion, Jack and Pete discussion


Mike Scripps appointment to Airport Commission passes unanimously


Judi Gallagher comments on unfairness


Waste Management Committee bylaws, Jean Palmer comments, then tabled


Meade and Hunt Discussed


Peaine re-assessment info online by Jim Birdsall


Doug Tilly Questions completeness of records


Backup generators discussed


Verizon to be contacted to see if interested in placing equipment on the township tower


Jack looks at the bills


Finished looking at bills and approval of bills


Kathy Jones asks the meaning of the word 'split' in the financial report


Connie Wojan questions Colleen related to the cost of the legal fees, Jack responds


Sandy Birdsall commends both townships for airport document completion


Shelly Scripps comments


Judi Gallagher Suggests Requirements for future appointments be posted

Judi and Shelly discuss


Jack replies to Shelly's comments


Joe Moore comments about using the microphone, Jim Birdsall makes suggestion about reading back the motions


Travis Martin has question about cell phone tower use and the cost to a provider


Mike Scripps comments that without lawyers lots of stuff gets done