B. I. News on the 'Net, November 7-13, 2011

Full Moon on Saturday Night

A fairly warm night with the full moon rising over Paradise Bay

11/11/11 at 11 a.m. Veterans' Day Observance

Flags at half mast

Special flag for November

Many island community members joined several island veterans at the Veterans' Memorial Park on November 11, 2011, at 11 a.m. to observe a remembrance ceremony for all veterans of the United States of American, and particularly those veterans, serving now and in the past, that have connections to island families. This day was windy and chilly, but the forecast rain and snow did not arrive.

Video of the Veterans' Day Observance on Beaver Island (approx. 8 minutes)


The text of the observance

Poppies passed out to those present by the BICS students

Community members and BICS students attended

AMVETs Post 46 represented by Bob Tidmore and Alvin LaFreniere

Kayln Jones presented "In Flanders Fields," one of the most popular poems written during World War I.

Bob Hoogendoorn presented a prayer

Bob Hoogendoorn played "Taps"

The Veterans' Day Observance ended close to 11/11/11 at 11:11 a.m.

Circuit Court Decision on the Airport Property

Friday, November 11, 2011----The hearing in circuit court, held over the last two days, allowed a jury of peers to decide the issue in the two island townships' property dispute with Keith and Christy Albin. The jury reviewed the facts of the case and made a decision. Allen Ackerman, attorney for the Albins stated, "This was a jury decision, and I hope there is no ill will. Let's hope this can finally be resolved and everyone can move on. This decision was not the fault of the people of the island nor the fault of the island officials."

The decision was in the favor of the Albins. The decision found that the date of the "taking of the property" was 2003. This was a significant decision in that this decision determined the value of the property. The year 2003 was the actual value of the property and this is when Albins lost the property. "The value of the property, based upon an appraisal at that time by the townships, was $750,000," stated Mr. Acherman, "and the jury awarded the amount of the Albin-obtained evaluation of 2003 which was $693,000."

The property was taken from the Albins eight years ago based upon the jury's decision. This amount is significantly higher than the amount that was offered by the townships, based upon an appraisal done in 2010. In 2010, the value of the property, by the townships' newer appraisal, was $350,000. The jury awarded almost twice this amount.

Mr. Ackerman stated, "This was one of the most quiet court cases that I have been involved in, and I'm sixty-four years old. There was not one raised voice. The townships presented their case with integrity."

Mr. Ackerman stated, "My hope is that the island people and island officials can get past this and move on into the future with no ill will."

The jury in this trial had to decide three issues:

Issue 1 was to determine when the" property had been taken." The jury decided in this judgement that the property "had been taken" on August 18, 2003. Issue 2 was to determine the amount of acreage taken. The jury decided in its judgement that the entire 150 acres had been taken. Issue 3 was to determine the value of the property taken. The jury in this judgement determined the value of property was $693,000.

From the beginning, it was known that amount of property needed in the "runway protection zone" was a specific twenty acres of Albin property, yet the negotiations for the property continued to include the entire 150 acres. The 150 acres was valued at that time at $5000 per acre, which was $750,000. During this time the agreements were signed by the townships and the Albins at least twice, once as an exchange for DNR property, and this exchange plus the other exchange was denied by the State of Michigan. Interesting as well is that the Airport Committee and the two townships have known since 2001, the year the airport was improved; paved, the runway extended, and widened; that the FAA required this specific twenty acres as part of a "runway protection zone."

This judgement is against St. James and Peaine Townships and not against the Airport Commission. The townships had previously paid the Albins the amount for twenty acres evaluated in 2008-9 at $191,000. This means that the amount of money owed the Albins in this judgement is still $502,000. The Albins may still be entitled to not only this half million dollars, but also interest, appraisal fees, and lawyer fees over the last 8 years.

A Letter from Jack Gallagher Related to the Airport Lawsuit

Update On Land Acquisition for Townships' Airport 

To Peaine Residents and Property Owners:

Lawsuit Verdict and Potential Consequences:

Last Thursday, a Charlevoix County Circuit Court jury reached a verdict in the Townships' lawsuit to acquire land for the Township Airport. After considering evidence presented at the trial, the jury upheld the Albins' claims that the Townships took 150 acres of their property next to the Airport in August 2003 with a value of $693,000. This value is $502,000 greater than the $191,000 paid to the Albins in June 2010 and creates a potentially significant liability for St. James and Peaine Townships. The Townships are also responsible for interest from August 2003.

Acquisition of this land, including various fees and costs, (legal fees, appraisal fees, court costs) was to be financed with 95% Federal/State funds. The original amount allocated by the State for this acquisition, including fees and costs, was $300,000. The Townships were to provide 5% of the cost. At the present time, the actual amount of fees and costs for this acquisition is not known but should be known in about a month.

Additional funding from Federal/State allocations is expected to be received by the Townships to assist in payment of the costs and fees incurred in this acquisition. It is possible, however, that the allocations received will not cover all acquisition costs. In this case, the Townships will be responsible to pay the difference. The amount of additional funding or when it might be received is not known at this time. A delay in obtaining this information is expected. Using additional allocations to pay for the land acquisition may well defer other planned Airport investments for some period of time.

Significant Information about the Lawsuit:

In June 2010, St. James and Peaine Townships filed a lawsuit in the Charlevoix County Circuit Court to acquire property owned by the Albins next to the Township Airport. This property was required as a result of expanding the length and width of the airport runway in 2001. Approximately 20 acres were required to satisfy the land requirements of Federal and State aviation authorities. The lawsuit was filed under the Townships' right to acquire private property for public need and use.

The Townships asked that the 20 acres be transferred to them for use as a “runway protection zone”. Title to the property was transferred to the Townships shortly after filing the lawsuit and $191,000 was paid to the Albins. The amount paid was based upon a professional appraiser's estimate of the value of the 20 acres.

Under the law governing the taking of private property by a governmental authority, the Albins had the right to challenge the Townships' claims concerning 1) the value of the property taken, 2) the date on which it was taken and 3) the amount of the property taken. In this type of lawsuit, the jury, after considering the evidence submitted, provides the answer to each of these issues.

The Townships claimed 1) the property was taken in June 2010, shortly after filing the lawsuit, 2) only 20 acres were taken and 3) the value of the property taken was $191,000. The Albins claimed 1) the property was taken in August 2003, 2) 150 acres were taken (all property owned near the airport) and 3) the value of the property taken was $693,000.

After nearly two days of testimony and evidence, the jury upheld the Albins' claims.

Additional Information:

As additional information is received, it will be reported to you. You may contact me by telephone (Township Hall 448-2389 or Home 448-2441 or email johngallagher@tds.net ) if you wish further details.

Supervisor Jack Gallagher

Peaine Township Meeting, 11/09/11

The Peaine Township meeting started at 7 p.m. at the township hall, with the first decision being about who should run the meeting since Jack Gallagher was over in Charlevoix attending a legal proceeding. The winner ended up being Larry Kubic, who ran the meeting quite well, and accomplished all the items on the agenda including two items that were added to the agenda, the need to schedule a joint township meeting with St. James with Michael Slattery, consultant on the air ambulance/air transport issue. Also added was the desire to have the two townships share the costs of having Mr. Slattery come to answer any and all questions about this important issue.

Video of this meeting can be watched HERE

November Library News

It hardly seems possible, but Christmas is almost upon us. With that in mind, the Beaver Island District Library is going to have a Children's Book Sale on November 25th and 26th from noon til five.. This will be children's books only , no adult books. This would be a terrific time to pick up some new books for your kids. Books make wonderful Christmas gifts, so please stop in and check out all the great books we'll have for sale.

We're all set for Mother Nature to slip on her white coat. Plants and planters are stored, the new Dan Gentle benches from the Memorial Garden are on display in the entryway and getting rave reviews from those who hadn't seen them while they were outside, the new eaves are up and working great. We are ready for Jack Frost to begin painting our windows!

Did you know that libraries are magical places? It's only at the library that you can travel back in time. It's only in the library that you can change forms – you can be a giant, a dragon, a tiny ant, even an earthworm. In the library you can fly, you can become a Super Hero, you can be and do anything. How you ask? Though your imagination and a good book! Stop in, bring the kids and introduce them to fantasy books, science fiction, and authors such as Tolkien and Rowling or Keene and Stein, check out fun books like “There's a hair in my dirt” or “Diary of a Whimy Kid”. We have literally thousands of books to pick from.

When you enter the library check out the posted lists of Best Sellers just inside the door. We think you'll be pleasantly surprised by how many of them we own. Remember, if it isn't available, we can reserve it for you when it is returned.

We also have many, many new DVD's for your entertainment. While we love getting them as gifts, please do not donate those that are severely scratched/broken. You don't want to watch those, and neither do our patrons. We can repair a lot of minor scratches, but if it looks as though it's been kicked around on the floor, we'd just as soon you toss it in the trash. Remember, we do NOT take any VHS tapes.

With the holidays upon us, remember we have a huge music collection and each CD may be checked out just like a book. You can listen to jazz, classical, country, Irish, and many Island musicians.

Working with the school's 21st Century Learning program, librarian M.G. Roe, has been reading to many of the school children as part of the after school project. This is a great way to get the younger generations interested in reading.

Don't forget, The Children's Book Sale on November 24th and 25th from noon to five! Lots to chose from and they make great gifts. Think of all the happenings coming up in 2012 – New Year, Birthdays, Christmas, Easter, and for just the fun of it and to exercise your, and your kids' imaginations. We look forward to seeing you!

Special Christmas Shopping Event – Dec 9

The Chamber of Commerce will purchaser a full page ad in the December issues of the Beaver Beacon and NorthernIslander to support: Christmas After Hours Open House – 5-8 PM Friday December 9, 2011.

Participating member businesses will be listed in the ad. Member businesses that want to be included should send their business name and a one sentence description of their sale event to Chamber@BeaverIsland.org no later than November 20 .

“This is the second year we have been pleased to support this local retail event. We hope this encourages Islanders to plan some local Christmas shopping,” said Chamber Executive Steve West.

St. James Township Board Meeting, November 2, 2011 Video

View video of the meeting HERE

View contents at the link above.


Custodial and Hospitality Lead

Job Duties

The CMU Biological Station is looking for a seasonal Custodial and Hospitality Lead for the 2012 season, April 1 to October 31. The person who fills this role will work in the spring and fall doing custodial, hospitality, and kitchen assistant duties. During the summer the person will do custodial and hospitality work while supervising one student employee. These duties include but are not limited to cleaning bathrooms, cleaning classrooms and labs, cleaning housing units, washing linens, cleaning social areas, washing dishes, assisting with food preparation, and other duties as assigned.

Duties will require moderate to heavy lifting and the individual to be on their feet throughout the day.


The minimum qualifications for the position are:

•  High School degree or equivalent

•  At least one year of work experience

•  Possession of a valid driver's license

•  Must live on Beaver Island

Desired qualifications:

•  General computer knowledge

•  Previous supervisory experience

•  Some college or an associates degree

$10.50/hr, 40 hrs per wk (may be less at end of season), plus 3 meals per day. Position does not include benefits.

Job offer would be contingent upon passing a criminal history check, preemployment physical, and driver's license check.


CMU, an AA/EO institution, strongly and actively strives to increase diversity and provide equal opportunity within its community.

NRESC Executive Committee Special Meeting, 11/1/11

(Minor changes were made to the draft minutes from P. Grassmick to present this information. Thank you, Pam!)

The meeting of the NRESC Executive Committee was called to order by Pete Plastrik, at the request of Brian Mastenbrook, with two professors from MSU, John Beck and Julie Breckman, to learn about their offer to facilitate a Beaver Island natural resources management planning process. All five Executive Committee members were present. Three other Steering Committee members attended the meeting: Paul Johnson, Bill Parsons, and Ed Wojan. (Elaine West/ Northern Islander  also attended, as did the DNR's Rex Ainslie.) The offer of MSU resources had been communicated by Mastenbrook in September to both townships and there had been a meeting with the township supervisors, who said that the offer should be presented to the NRESC.

At the outset of the Tuesday meeting, Plastrik made it clear that the Executive Committee was only there to learn about the possibility, that it would let the Steering Committee know what it learned at the scheduled 11/21/2011 meeting of the Steering Committee, and that the Steering Committee would be the decision maker about whether or not to accept the offer and under what conditions.

The offer proposed: MSU facilitators led by Beck and Breckman would work with the NRESC, and whoever else we want to have involved in the planning process, to design and then facilitate/support a process for developing a natural resources management plan for the Island. MSU's work/expenses would be paid for by the DNR. The process would be our process, period--not the MSU process and not the DNR process. The goals, scope and activities of the planning process would be decided by the island.

The process would include activities to gain broad public input. The process would take as long as we want/need it to take, although if we want to include seasonal residents, it would have to last into summer. It seemed likely that the process could take 12-18 months. The DNR would be a stakeholder/participant in the process, but would not have any other role. Beaver Island is one of the first places for the DNR to try it.

During the conversation, many of the SC members expressed strong interest in pursuing the process and real appreciation of the DNR/MSU offer. After the discussion, the Executive Committee members agreed to recommend the following: (a) Plastrik should send to the Steering Committee a short note describing the meeting; (b) the Township boards would be briefed about the meeting; and (c) The Executive Committee would recommend to the Steering Committee that the offer be accepted.

Charlevoix-Cheboygan-Emmet Counties to participate in National Activation of Emergency Alert System - Nov 9th

by CCE Central Dispatch on Friday, October 28, 2011


FEMA, in coordination with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), will conduct the first nationwide Emergency Alert System (EAS) Test on November 9, at 2:00 p.m. Eastern.

The purpose of the Test is to assess the readiness and effectiveness of the EAS and identify incremental improvements to better serve our communities in the preservation of life and property. Although the EAS is frequently used by State and local governments to send weather alerts and other emergencies, there has never been a national activation of the system. FEMA, the FCC, and NOAA's vision for improving the EAS is incremental, which means testing the readiness and effectiveness of the EAS as it currently exists today is the first step. For this reason, the Test is not a pass or fail measure. The Test may look like regular, local EAS tests that most people are already familiar with, but there will be some differences in what viewers will see and hear. Typical EAS Tests we have been accustomed to only activate on one or two channels or radio frequencies at a time. This test will activate all EAS stations (television, cable, satellite, and radio) at the same time, interrupting programming throughout the country. The audio message will repeat “This is a test.” The video message scroll may not indicate “This is a test.” The message will last for approximately three minutes and then regular programming will resume.

Contacting 911 centers regarding the test is not necessary.

Future testing of the EAS will assess the effectiveness and reliability of other technologies to achieve the ultimate goal of timely alert and warning to the public in the preservation of life and property.

For additional information please contact the Charlevoix, Cheboygan, Emmet County Office of Emergency Management at 231-439-3306 or eoc@cceoem.net

From Stoney Acres and Donegal Dannys

Cindy, Danny & Danny @ Danny's Pub this Sat. Nov 12th @ 8 p.m.

Wed. Nov. 16th. Doe Camp at Danny's! Featuring 'TWO BUCK' Nite for the Ladies!
'TWO BUCK' Domestic Beer, House Wine, Well Pours, & 10oz. Drafts... AND ...$3 BOMBS & Specialty Drinks!
Happy Hour on everything else ALL NIGHT! Games/Munchies/& More! HUNTERS WELCOME!!!
Fri. Nov. 11th. Veterans Day ...Complimentary Burger & Fries Lunch at Stoney for all Veterans, and a Complimentary Soda/Coffee for their guests.
Our Thanks to all who Served!
Sun. Nov. 20th . TRIVIA by Linda & Carol! The Fun begins at 3pm. Benefits the Beaver Island Food Bank! Please Join Us!
ALSO... Sunday Lunch & Dinner starts this Sunday! Stoney's regular hours 11-2 & 5-8:30pm. Full Menu!
Safe & Happy Hunting...Our Best to You! Liam & Marilyn

St. James Township Lawyer Report

During last month's St. James Township Board meeting, Rick Speck was asked by his board and Donna Kubic to get an opinion from the St. James Township lawyer regarding the possibility of some type of combination of the Beaver Island Rural Health Center and Beaver Island Emergency Medical Service. St. James board members seemed to agree that these two organizations have similar goals, work well together, and are more likely to benefit from a combination instead of the Emergency Services Authority that was established in 2002 and constituted. The lawyer's opinion can be read below in a memorandum from YOUNG, GRAHAM, ELSENHEIMER & WENDLING, P.C. to Rick Speck, St. James Township Supervisor:

Read the Memo HERE

Being an American Essay Contest Deadline Approaches

Students Can Win Up to $1,000 in National Essay Competition Focused on the Constitution

Arlington, VA – The deadline for high-school students and their teachers to submit essays for the Bill of Rights Institute's national Being an American Essay Contest is fast approaching.  The Contest asks students to explore the Founding principles outlined in the Constitution by answering the question: “ How does the Constitution establish and maintain a culture of liberty? ”

The Contest, which has quickly become the largest high-school essay competition of its kind, totaling over 80,000 submitted essays, is administered by the Bill of Rights Institute, a non-profit educational organization in the Washington, D.C. area devoted to educating young people about the Constitution and Founding principles.

“This contest is unique in that it gives students the opportunity to think about the important Founding principles communicated in our Constitution,” said Dr. Jason Ross, Bill of Rights Institute Vice President of Education Programs. “This contest is vital to helping students see the Founding principles as a meaningful part of the American experiment of self-government.”

The top three student winners from each of five geographical regions will be awarded cash prizes of $1,000 (First Place), $500 (Second Place), and $250 (Third Place). Teacher sponsors of each student winner will also receive a cash prize of $100. 

Essays must be submitted online at www.BillofRightsInstitute.org/ Contest by 11:59 P.M. PST on December 15, 2011. Supporting contest materials, including lesson plans meeting Common Core standards, are provided at no cost to teachers who want to incorporate the Essay Contest into their classroom.

The Contest is sponsored by the History Channel . “We are pleased to support the Bill of Rights Institute's Being an American Essay Contest,” said Dr. Libby O'Connell, SVP, Corporate Outreach and Chief Historian, History Channel. "The contest encourages students to think critically and truly makes the past relevant in their lives today."

The Essay Contest serves as a key part of the Bill of Rights Institute's mission to educate young people about the words and ideas of America's Founders, the liberties guaranteed in our Founding documents, and how our Founding principles continue to affect and shape a free society. Complete contest details can be found below. 



North Eastern Region:
Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont

Southern Region:
Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia as well as Puerto Rico and the United States Virgin Islands
Mid-Western Region:
Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, Wisconsin

Central Region:
Colorado, Kansas, Montana, Nebraska, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Texas, Wyoming

Western Region:
Alaska, Arizona , California, Hawaii, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Washington as well as Guam, American Samoa, and American Armed Forces Schools Abroad (APO)

SPONSORING ORGANIZATION:  Bill of Rights Institute, Arlington, VA.

The Bill of Rights Institute, founded in 1999, is a nonprofit educational organization. The mission of the Bill of Rights Institute is to educate young people about the words and ideas of America's Founders, the liberties guaranteed in our Founding documents, and how our Founding principles continue to affect and shape a free society.

FUNDING PROVIDED BY:  History Channel (New York City, NY).

CONTEST GOAL:  To help promote dialogue among students and teachers about American Founding principles. The Essay Contest serves as a key part of the Bill of Rights Institute's mission to educate young people about the words and ideas of America's Founders, the liberties guaranteed in our Founding documents, and how our Founding principles continue to affect and shape a free society.

ESSAY QUESTION : “ How does the Constitution establish and maintain a culture of liberty?”

ELIGIBILITY:  Students in grades 9-12 who are U.S. citizens or legal residents and are either attending public, private, religious, or charter schools, being home-schooled, or participating in a GED or correspondence school program but are no older than 19 years of age.  Military bases and U.S. territories are also invited to participate.

ESSAY LENGTH:   No more 1,000 words.


JUDGES:   High school teachers

STUDENT CASH PRIZES:   Three cash prizes per region will be awarded to students: 

TEACHER CASH PRIZES:   Cash prizes of $100 will be awarded to the teachers of all winning students: 

CONTEST START DATE:   September 17, 2011

DEADLINE FOR ESSAY SUBMISSIONS:   December 15, 2011 at 11:59 p.m. PST. All essays must be submitted at www.BillofRightsInstitute.org/ Submit .

WINNERS ANNOUNCED:   February 2012

WEB SITE AND CONTEST GUIDELINES: www.BillofRightsInstitute.org/ Contest

Outdoor Writer Hosted by Chamber and Partners

Outdoor writer Darren Warner is on the Island this weekend bow hunting for deer and learning about the Beaver Island Quality Deer Management (QDM) story. He will be preparing stories for several publications. Over the next five years as QDM develops the Chamber of Commerce will host / assist Warner and others each fall to document and tell the story of improved deer hunting and the economic impact on Beaver Island .

A big Thank You to Chamber of Commerce host partners Fresh Air Aviation, Paul Johnson, Jeff Powers DVM, Ed Wojan and Todd Ireland .

CMU BioStation Has Research Facility Plans for USCG Boat House

At the St. James meeting on Wednesday, November 2. 2011 CMU representatives presented a plan for use of the boathouse for research. Their plans include the ability to modify the environment including temperature of each of the proposed twelve tanks to be installed there, each with its own individual heat pump. This will make this research facility unique in the State of Michigan. Here is the newsletter that they passed out at the meeting, so you can read more about it.

Christmas Bazaar

November 13, 2011,   11a-2:30p

at the Gregg Fellowship Hall. 

If you want to sign up call Jean at 448-2856.

Not much table space left!!  Reserve your space today--call Jean Kinsley (2856) to request a reservation form. 

Deadline for reservation forms is Monday, November 7.  We MUST have a signed reservation form to reserve table space; telephone reservations not accepted.

Beaver Island Recreation Plan Survey

Your Input Requested

Here is an opportunity to have your voice heard in an important planning process on Beaver Island. The St James Township Board is developing a 5-year recreation plan with goals and priorities. As part of the process the township is seeking input from all year-round and seasonal residents of Beaver Island, as well as visitors. There will also be an opportunity for public feedback on a draft plan.

Please take a few minutes to respond to this survey online by going to this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/ s/RRRHSF5 .   It's easy and fun—if you haven't taken one of these online before, try this one!  If you prefer to fill out a printed copy of the survey, it can be picked up at (and returned to) the Community Center, the Health Center, the Library, McDonough's Market, or Welke Airport terminal.  The survey results will be included in the plan. Thank you.

Mammograms Save Lives

With the help of the Circle of Strength Voucher Program,

at Charlevoix Are Hospital, no woman has to go without

a mammogram.

Please call the Beaver Island Health Center

for more information  448-2275.

Fire on the Water Picture

This double reflection, first off the windows in the house across the harbor and then reflected off the water is quite an impressive sight. This picture was sent in by Bob Tidmore. This just-before-sunset picture is wonderful. Thank you, Bob!

EB Lange's Address

Chelsea Retiremenht Community

805 W. Middle Street

Chelsea, MI 48118

Island Connected Business Manager Helps Veterans

Randi Hunter, manager of the Charlevoix AmericInn and a Navy veteran serving from 2000-2004, is establishing a discount program for veterans. The idea is for veterans to obtain an ID card from the Veterans Affairs offices in Charlevoix and Emmett counties. When this card is produced at area businesses, the veteran would receive a discount on purchases or services. Registered veterans will then be provided with a list of participating merchants.

"There isn't much out there for veterans after their service," said Randi. "I wanted to change that. Anyone who has ever served can get this ID card and then qualifies for these discounts. I was interviewed on Monday the 24th by the Petoskey News Review, and I hope to expand this to many more businesses in Charlevoix and Emmet counties. There are over 7800 veterans in these two counties, and they deserve something after serving their country."

Participating businesses who have already signed up to provide discounts to veterans are: Island Airways will give a 10% discount year round, Northern Michigan Dust Control will give a 25% discount year round, Fox Motors of Charlevoix will give a 10% discount on parts and labor.

Business owners or managers who wish to register for the program may contact Hunter at  (231) 237-0988 or via email at Charlevoix.mi@americinn.com.

What Are All the Cars Doing at School Late in the Afternoon?

This question has been asked many times by many older folks as they are driving by the school in the late afternoon. "I thought school got out around 3:30," someone remarked recently. There is an excellent program in the afternoon after the school day is officially over. It's called the After School Program, funded by a grant received by the Beaver Island Community School. The program director of this afternoon, after school program is Laura Gibson. Laura administers the program and Patty Cull works with her. Here are some documents that were sent out to parents. These should answer some of the most frequently asked questions by those not having contact with the school. Here are the documents that tell when and what and how often about the activities taking place at school after school hours. Then you need to add the sports program information to the high school and junior high school students as well. Our Beaver Island students have lots of activities and educational programs to attend.

Activities for grades 7-12.......... Activities for K-8

Newletter about after school activities

Calendar of after school activities for the year

Birthdays This Week

Monday: Kim Moline

Tuesday: Jon Barrett, Aubrey Michelle Moniz, and Micaela Cole

Wednesday: Matt Reisler, Doug Turnbull, and Trish Williams Scott

Thursday: Mary Vandenbosch

Friday: John Cull

Saturday: Kat Dill, Joyce Higdon, and Hannah Harris Rox

Attention Deer Hunters

Attention: Beaver Island Deer Hunters

Welcome to Beaver Island for the 2011 Deer Hunting Season.  This is the first year that Antler Point Restrictions are in place as we continue our efforts to increase the quality of the Deer Hunting Experience on Beaver Island and Garden Island.  Our club's efforts to produce a detailed data set of observations and harvest information was crucial in obtaining this new management status for Beaver Island.  Your help is needed to help us to continue and expand these record keeping efforts.  You can help in the following ways:

1. Beaver Island Wildlife Club volunteers led by Jacque Lafreniere will be available at the Boat dock prior to your boarding the ferry to conduct Deer Biological data checks.

2. Complete the attached Camp Survey form, which will provide us statistical information on deer observations, and your harvest information on any deer taken.

3. If you are unable to do either of the above, send an email photo of your deer with as much data as you can provide us, such as : Sex, Antler Points, Diameter of antler beam at the base of the horn, if a doe, was she producing milk?   These photos can be sent to any of the Beaver Island Wildlife Club Board Members:

Jeff Powers                   jfpowers@tds.net                 Tom Kludt        northtom@tds.net

Mark Lafreniere          jacquel@tds.net                   

Bob Tidmore              b_tidmore@hotmail.com

Phil Wyckoff               pjwyckoff@aol.com               Doug Tilly       tillydoug@yahoo.com           

Paul Johnson               kpjohnson@tds.net              Gary Morgan garymorganandsons@mail.com

Bruce Beaudoin          bruce@buildersnorth.com     Bill Detwiler   wgdetw@gmail.com

Don Tritsch                 dtritsch@tds.net

Good Luck and enjoy the 2011 Deer Hunting Season

Jeff Powers, President, Beaver Island Wildlife Club

Fundraiser for Soldiers of the Michigan Army

The Beaver Island Community School National Honor Society is doing a fundraiser for the Soldiers of the Michigan Army.

No alcohol can be in the items, and nothing flammable can be sent.

View flyer

Free Health Tests

Free Cholesterol Screening, Blood Pressure monitoring, EKG test.

Call the Beaver Island Rural Health Center 448-2275 for an appointment

This is made possible through a grant from the American Heart Association.

Peaine Township Meeting, October 12, 2011

The Peaine Township meeting on October 12, 2011, began with the adding of two items to the agenda. The two items were to fill a Planning Commission position with Adam Wirth and to allow Donna Kubic and/or Sarah McCafferty an opportunity to present the idea of some type of merger of BIEMS/BIRHC and allow for legal opinions on how this could be done if it could be done. The bills, the minutes, and the Central Dispatch Authority were discussed and quickly approved. There was some issue about whether the BI Wildlife Club members had approved the position for representation on the NRESC. After discussion this was explained by Doug Tilly and approved. The idea of a merger between BIRHC and BIEMS was next on the agenda. Donna Kubic explained that this was just being explored and requested that the Peaine board approve the exploration. Supervisor Jack Gallagher suggested a task force be formed. There was much discussion about this issue including many in the audience. It was finally decided that St. James attorneys, who drafted the Emergency Services Authority document, should continue to explore this possibility of some type of merger between BIEMS and BIRHC.

To View Video of this Meeting, Click HERE

SOLEC-State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference

In 2010, Peter  Annin, journalist and author of the 2006 book  Great Lakes Water Wars , organized a marvelous long weekend for top journalists on Beaver Island.   Peter was scheduled to come to the Great Lakes Islands Symposium when the symposium was cancelled largely due budget crunches in organizations and Great Lake agencies.  Peter came anyway and built on the symposium idea for alumni journalists of the Institute for Journalism and Natural Resources to better understand issues related to Great Lakes islands.  Both Dave Ewert (TNC) and Karen Vigmostad of the GL Islands Network(former International Joint Commission-GL Islands) presented on Beaver Island along with many others, and they are now scheduled to present at the SOLEC meeting.  This is an important meeting for Great Lakes policy makers and researchers which occurs every two years and brings Beaver Island into the spot light. This conference will take place October 26+27, 2001, at the Bayfront Convention Center in Erie, Pennsylvania. Dr. Jim Gillingham has agreed to attend the conference and report back to the NRESC.

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2011 October BICS Newsletter

 Now Available

The DVD, "I Dream of the Island"

Great Christmas Gift

The video is now in stock at McDonough's Market (231) 448-2733 and the Beaver Island Boat Co (888) 446-4095 . The suggested retail price is $9.95. There would be a charge for shipping and handling if you want the DVD mailed.

The updated and complete list of Chamber member merchants selling the new I Dream of the Island DVD: McDonough's Market, Beaver Island Boat Co. (both locations), Paradise Bay Coffee Shop, The Blue Pearl, The Community Center, and the Beaver Island Marina. This DVD makes a wonderful Christmas gift.

St. James Township Board Meeting 10/5/2011

The St. James Board met beginning at 7:30 p.m. on October 5, 2011. The Board quickly approved the minutes of the previous meeting and approved the bills to be paid with additions. There were some letters that were read by Supervisor Speck, and the meeting proceeded quite efficiently. A report was made by BIEMS Executive Director Sarah McCafferty with BIRHC Manager Donna Kubic that is proposing that the BIEMS be merged into the BIRHC. A list of several positives and only a few negatives was circulated to all present. The Lighthouse Restoration project is soon to be requesting funds through two grants to restore the exterior of the lighthouse. A request for bids will be posted to re-roof the St. James Township Hall. It will include tearing off the existing shingles, repairing any sheeting issues, and using 30-year shingles. The NRESC Bylaws were approved as was the Beaver Island Wildlife Club representative on the the NRESC, Jeff Powers. There was a request from the Office of Emergency Management to submit a letter to participate in the FEMA Hazard Mitigation Plan Update. This also was approved unanimously. A motion was passed to approve the supervisor discussion with the township attorney about merging BIEMS and BIRHC. Connie Wojan thanked Don Vyse for his years of dedication to the Lighthouse Restoration project. Jim Wojan thanked Don Vyse for his continued support and work on the Airport Commission. The meeting adjourned.

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The Beaver Island Rural Health Center is seeking applicants interested in serving on its board of directors. Board positions will be filled at the annual meeting, Saturday, January 21, 2012.

Board terms are for three years and directors are not compensated. The BIRHC board meets every other month on the third Saturday. Directors are expected to attend most of the meetings, either in person or by speakerphone.

Candidates should be team players who will champion the cause of the Health Center and be willing to contribute their time and talents to board activities, including fundraising. Full or part-time residents are encouraged to apply by letter to the BIRHC Selection Committee, P.O. Box 146, Beaver Island, MI 49782.

For more information, applicants may contact Donna Kubic, Managing Director; Denny Cook, President; John Martin, Vice President; or John Works, Secretary. Candidates should send or drop off a letter which states their interest and tells a little about themselves by the deadline of December 21, 2011.

Christmas Contata Rehearsals Underway-

11th Annual Christmas Cantata

Yes, there will be a Christmas Cantata again this year!  Music has been ordered (also part-dominant CDs!)

The rehearsals are scheduled for Sundays at 11:30 a.m. at Beaver Island Christian Church. 

Former choir members--new choir members--come join us in preparing this annual gift to the Beaver Island community. 

BIA Invasive Species Mind Map

Link to Flowchart

NRESC Meeting Dates Determined

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-tourism Steering Committee

2011-2012 Meeting Schedule

All meetings open to the public

Entire Steering Committee to meet at 7 p.m. at Peaine Township Hall

November 21, 2011

January 16, 2012

March 19, 2012

May 21, 2012

July 16, 2012

Executive Committee to meet at 4:30 p.m. at Peaine Township Hall **denotes date or time change

November 21, 2011

December 19, 2012

January 16, 2012

February 20, 2012

March 19, 2012

April 16, 2012

May 21, 2012

June 18, 2012

July 16, 2012

Beaver Island Community School College and Career Day, May 29, 2012– Volunteers Wanted

Volunteer to support The Beaver Island Community School

College and Career Day! - May 2012

Click Here for information and Form for Submission

Beaver Island Food Pantry and Gregg Fellowship Hall Donations Accepted

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Flu Shots Available

Donna Kubic, manager of the BIRHC, announced today that the flu shots are now available. Please call BIRHC at 448-2275 to set up an appointment. 

B. I. Community School Board Meetings Schedule

View Meetings Schedule HERE

Beaver Island Association Invasive Species

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Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

We post school events, religious events, sports events, visiting minister events, and many other events including musical events, special events, and even regularly scheduled events. At the very least, the event will go on the Community Calendar, so others won't schedule something at the exact day and time of your event. Imagine the following:

Two well known and exceptional fundraising events are scheduled on the same day. How sad for those who work so hard to raise funds for a good cause.

This can be avoided by sending your dates to BINN,. You can send them by postal mail, email, or even call the editor at 448-2416. Email medic5740@gmail.com

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

The Human Services Commission of Peaine and St. James townships has put together a resource manual--a guide to services available to all residents of Beaver Island.  A copy of this resource manual appears below.  Printed copies will soon be available at a number of locations, including the medical center and the library.  Other locations will be announces later.  Many thanks to Joan Vyse and Judi Meister for coordinating the information in the manual.

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

Consultant Report Available

The Feasibility Evaluation for Establishing a Fixed Wing Medical Evacuation Capability for Beaver Island EMS was presented to both St. James and Peaine Townships at their meetings in August. This feasibility evaluation was completed by a consultant Michael Slattery to eliminate any misunderstandings and to provide the information for BIEMS and the two townships to move forward. This report is many pages long, but Beaver Island News on the 'Net believes that it is important enough to post the entire document including all of the legislation that pertains to this issue. You may view this report by clicking on the link below.

Feasibility Evaluation for Establishing a Fixed Wing Medical Evacuation Capability for Beaver Island EMS

Air Transport for Island Medical Emergencies (ATIME for Us)

by Joe Moore

Read Article HERE

32 Miles of Water

(Copyright 2004, Phillip Michael Moore)

Update: 2/19/11---This video has had 108 viewings in the months of January and February so far. We hope that the views are getting the importance of having an air ambulance on Beaver Island and ready to go for the emergencies that have occurred here. It is obvious that ill and injured people are searching out other methods of transport since the transports for 2010 were down 50% compared to the last four years. While part of the cause is the depressed economy, the other part is the concern of being transported to the mainland and having a huge bill for that transport. BINN will continue to have this video available until something gets resolved with this issue. Comments so far: "You must be very proud of your son for doing this excellent video." "We never realized that this was still an issue." "Wow, a very important issue that seems to have been put on the back burner for too long. It's a burning issue."

Beaver Island has two flight services, and neither of them are currently certified or licensed to transport emergency patients from Beaver Island to the mainland. We thank the crews of the USCG helicopters for coming to do medical evacuations. We thank the flight services that have helped us get patients to the mainland for the last seven years and before. We thank Northflight for providing this service as well.

While a lot of things have changed over the last 7 years including a new school, a new executive director of EMS, new township supervisors,and new rural health center board members, there is one thing that has not changed.

Beaver Island does not have an FAA Certified Air Ambulance that is licensed by the State of Michigan.

When Phillip Michael Moore made this video as a Master's degree project, no one would have guessed that seven years later Beaver Island would still not have achieved this goal.

Please take the time to view the video. Please take some time to think about this, and then start asking some questions about how this can be resolved.

Beaver Island News on the 'Net Presents "32 Miles of Water" in its final form (28.5 minutes). The previously video, viewed here, was a slightly shortened version. The video is in high quality, but is still streaming video.


On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

Beaver Island Transfer Station Information

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