Beaver Island News on the 'Net, November 8-14, 2010

Gail Weede Passes Away

Gail Weede, 59, resident of Beaver Island, passed away on November 11, 2010. Visitation will be at Holy Cross Church from 6-8 pm on Monday, November 15, 2010. Service will be a 11 am on Tuesday November 18, 2010. More will be posted when available.

Gail Weede, 59, of Beaver Island, MI, formerly of St. Joseph, MI, left her beautiful world on Thursday, November 11, 2010.

She is survived by her very loved husband, Mike, children Rebecca Sailor-Dawson, Jeffrey Sailor (Lisa), Allyson (John) Arnold, Joseph Weede and Stephanie Sailor. GG will be sadly missed by her grandchildren Jack and Adele Dawson and Conley and Alexandra Arnold.

She was born in Gary, IN into the loving arms of Loren and Adele Courtright. Sharing her crowded family home with Carol (Dave) Rudzinski (deceased), Jim Courtright, JoAnne (Jim) Meyer, Jeff (Renee) Courtright, Paul Courtright, Peggy (Larry) Heaslip, Patty (Jim) Herrin, Jean (John) Musial, Annette (Mike) Gronek and Liz (Jim)Houchin.
In her large family, Gail was the ‘best aunt ever’ to many nieces and nephews, too numerous to list.

Gail lived an always exciting life, and moved from Indiana to many different parts of the U.S. She accomplished much throughout her life. She got her college degree from Siena Heights College at the age of 40 and then proceeded to teach as an adjunct professor at Lake Michigan College. For a period of time she worked within the State of Michigan’s court system for the care and support of abused women, coached track and volleyball, and was a certified volleyball referee. She went from being a non-swimmer to achieve the level of Padi Divemaster and tri-athlete. She ran and finished 12 marathons. She was bold enough to pick up stakes and start a new life and new business in a small town on a small island in the middle of Lake Michigan. She valiantly stared down cancer and put it in its place.

There will be a celebration of Gail’s life, starting at the ferry that will return her to her beloved Beaver Island, departing the Charlevoix ferry dock on Monday, November 15 at 11:30 a.m. Following, there will be visitation at Holy Cross Catholic Church from 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. Tuesday, November 16, there will be a mass celebrated by her good friend, Father Pat, to remember and rejoice Gail at 11:00 a.m. at Holy Cross, followed by a luncheon at the Peaine Township Hall. Funeral services are provided by Winchester Funeral Home, Charlevoix, Michigan.

A memorial service will be held in the St. Joseph area at a later date.

In lieu of flowers, donations to the 21st Century Learning Scholarship Fund, in care of the Beaver Island Community Schools, 37895 Kings Highway, Beaver Island, MI 49782 would be appreciated.

Gail's Walk

Sunday, November 14, 2010, Gail's Walk, a walk in memory of Gail Weede, will take place at 3 p.m. This is a picture of the back of one of the tee-shirts that were ordered for the participants, a combined effort of LynnAnne Cary, Dawn Marsh, and Joanie Banville and the school.

School Closed on Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Due to the unexpected death of board member Gail Weede, BICS will cancel school on Tuesday, November 16, 2010 so that staff and students are free to attend the funeral. Gail Weede has been a vital and positive school board trustee for many years. Additionally, Gail organized the annual BI Boodle which generated several thousand dollars for the school’s sports programs. Gail also helped out as a substitute teacher when needed. Gail was an integral part of the Beaver Island Community School family and we mourn her loss.

Transfer Station Closings

The BI Transfer Station is closed for opening day of firearm deer season. The transfer station will also be closed on Thanksgiving.

Boodler Bash or Real Estate Crash?

Jeff Powers sent this picture of the results of the Sowa Brothers performance at the Shamrock Bar last night. One of the 'boodlers' must have taken the real estate crash' quite literally. It doesn't resolve the issue of the damage to the building, or provide any information as to who hit it or were they injured in the crash.

The Sowa Brothrs performance at the Shamrock was well attended. Perhaps the most important attendee was their grandmother, Shirley Sowa. She had her first opportunity to hear her grandsons perform.

Veteran's Day on Beaver Island

November 11, 2010, was a wonderful day to honor and thank our Beaver Island veteran's. The day started with a reminiscent breakfast for the veterans put on by Beaver Island Gardens Heidi Connor and Wayne Holman. Heidi and Wayne invited Troy Garniner, the Army Recruiter from Traverse City, and his wife to attend the breakfast. The breakfast was free for all who wanted to attend. The Beaver Island Community School students attended and spread out to sit, converse, and eat with the veterans that were present. Approximately 80 people attended the breakfast which was for the entire community. Next, the AMVETs Post 46 did the annual Veteran's Day ceremony at the Holy Cross garden area. This ceremony will be moved in the future to the Veterans' Memorial down on the harbor next year, after the project is completed. The very next event was a free hamburger and French fries lunch at Stoney Acre Grill for the veterans.

Thank you to all the veterans of all the services for your service to our country!!

Veterans' Day Breakfast

Breakfast and thank-yous to our vets......Recruiter and his wife with Ms. McNamara....Socializing and enjoying each other's company

Veteran Steve West talks to organizer Heidi Connor

Veterans' Day Service at Holy Cross Garden

Gathering and preparing for the service

Called to attention as the bells toll at Holy Cross Church

Ron Stith welcomes the BICS students and all those present

BICS students participate by reading the history of Veteran's Day and the history of Islanders who have died serving our country while Ron Stith, leader of the service looks on.

Community Choir members, led by Kathy Speck, sing "America"

Bob Hoogendoorn leads the group in a prayer of thanksgiving for the sacrifices of our Beaver Island veterans

The service ends with the playing of "Taps" by Bob Hoogendoorn

Video of the breakfast and entire service HERE

St. James Township News


7:00 pm




St. James Township Board will hold a special meeting to sign the Intergovernmental Agreement Creating Beaver Island Airport Commission, and approve an amendment to article VI, section B. township allocations. In addition the board will appoint (3) three members from St James township to the Airport Commission.

Rick Speck, Supervisor

St James Township

Peaine Township Meeting, November 10, 2010 Video HERE

Mute Swan Convention

On November 10, 2010, out of the corner of the photographer's eye, these spots of white were seen. Stopping in the middle of King's Highway was probably not a very good idea, but it was necessary to do that and back up to view sixteen mute swans on Paradise Bay. No camera was in sight, so a quick trip home was necessary to grab a camera. Camera in hand, the two groups of mute swans had moved apart, but were both feeding on something on the bottom of the harbor. So you better beware of this photographer. You never know when or where he will stop. Perhaps, he will stop right in the middle of the road in front of your driveway. Right, Kate?

Feeding mute swans

Video of Mute Swans


Beaver Island Has An Airport Commission

After a lengthy and sometimes frustrating period of discussion and argument of months and months, both St. James and Peaine Townships have come to an agreement and have approved the document creating the Beaver Island Airport Commission. Peaine Township passed the document with an unanimous vote at their township meeting tonight, Wednesday, November 10, 2010,, just as St. James Township did last week at their meeting. In addition to passing the airport commission document, Peaine Township also passed the Rules of Procedure at their meeting tonight as they relate to the B. I. Airport Commission.

In a related motion, Pete LoDico offered Colleen Martin as one of the Peaine Township Board representatives on the Airport Commission which passed unanimously. Colleen Martin offered a motion to put Pete LoDico onto the Airport Commission as the other Peaine Township Board member, which also passed unanimously. The Peaine Township Member-at-Large position was hotly debated with Jack Gallagher offering his person, and with two previous members of the airport committee also being offered for this one position. Terry Saxton decided to bow out of the consideration in support of Mike Scripps, who had also applied. After several exchanges, some quite heated, Colleen Martin made the motion to appoint Mike Scripps and Pete LoDico seconded the motion. When the final vote was taken, it too was a unanimous decision approving Mike Scripps to be the Member-At Large. Colleen was appointed for three years, Pete LoDico for two years, and Mike Scripps for one year, all with the opportunity to serve two additional three year terms.

Other Peaine Township Business

Carol Burton was appointed to the District Library Board to complete the term vacated by the death of Loraine Dawson. This term will expire in 2012. The proposed by-laws for the Waste Management Committee were tabled to give that committee another opportunity to work out issues raised by St. James Township Board. The public meeting involving the airport consultants Mead and Hunt was also tabled due to an expressed desire to have the airport commission positions filled and the document completely finished, prior to any presentation,. Jim Birdsall reported on a general education session being offered by the Peaine Township Assessor regarding the many confusing vocabulary words in the field and to answer questions. Jim also reported that all of the Peaine Township tax Record Card System was available online at the Peaine Township web site for each taxpayer to review. This was done to avoid the cost of mailing. The generators, one for the Peaine Township Hall and one for the East Side Fire Station, had been sent out for bids. Only one bid was received. Installation of the generators can not be completed, but no date of completion was set. Peaine Township will apply to Verizon, stating the townships willingness to work with them to improve the cell phone service on the Island. Specifics were not available, but the first step was to fill out the application and send it to Verizon. It was reported that the township audit was in progress.

Extended public comment ensued and can be viewed in the video of the meeting when it becomes available.

BICS National Honor Society Works to Help Soldiers and Afghanistan Students

The BICS National Honor Society (Jenna Battle, Marissa Crandall, Olivia Schwartzfisher, Kaylyn Jones, and adviser Connie Boyle) organized the collection of items for soldiers and students in Afghanistan at the school.  Students in grades K-12 were invited to donate items.  There was a friendly competition to see which class could collect the most.  The students in grades 1-2 and 7-8 tied for first place.  The NHS collected a total of 281 items!  The students also made Christmas cards for the soldiers to be sent with the items.  The items for soldiers will be sent to Charlevoix and combined with their school's collection and shipped to the soldiers.  The items for students will be sent from the Island.  The BI Amvets Auxiliary made a generous donation to cover the shipping of the school items.

How Did Beaver Island Do in the NLL Soccer Tournament?

This question, after the team returned from Grand Marais, did not get a public answer for a while. No one seemed to want to talk about it. The normal contacts did not send any information. The students didn't want to talk about it when questioned. It's almost as if there was a secret that didn't want to escape the building at 37895 Kings Highway. Either that or the school felt that everybody who needed to know, did know. Unfortunately, several people were asking the question, and the answer finally arrived by a short email from Coach Matt Ritchie. Here is the email in its entirety:

"Beaver Island lost in the 1st round of the Northern Lights League soccer tournament 1-0 against Munising Baptist. The weather conditions were pretty rough, and we obviously had a rough time generating some offense because of it. Despite the loss, I feel like the team still accomplished a lot this season and should still proud of how they performed."

BINN guarantees that, if invited, it would have provided coverage of this event with pictures and video clip highlights. Perhaps a better job of investigative reporting may have found this answer more quickly or a straight up confrontation may have worked, but is it possible that the school could do a better job of providing information to those not connected to the school?

Senior Housing Project Gets Concrete Floor Update

Update on Wednesday, November 10, 2010: It appears that the concrete floor of the senior housing project is completely poured from the pictures taken today. Schwartzfisher StoneWorks did the concrete for this building project sub-contracted by the overall contractor Beaver Gems. The Martin Well Drilling rig is also gone, so that may mean the well(s) is/are also completed. It was unusal this morning to not see a whole crew working on this site. At 10:30 a.m., there were no workers on this site.

November 10th Video of Senior Housing Project


Update on Friday, November 12, 2010: Yesterday, the well rig was back in action on the east side of the concrete floor construction.

View from BIRHC rear parking lot

Views from Carlisle Road

Senior Housing Project Gets Concrete Floor

The concrete floor was being poured beginning on Saturday and Continuing on Sunday, November 7, 2010. Schwartzfisher StoneWorks was mixing and pouring concrete as quickly as possible on this morning starting well before sunrise. The crew was working feverishly to keep up with the loads of concrete arriving by truck. The crew of five or six, depending on how you count them, were busy working on the second of the three large sections after completing and covering the first section Saturday night.

View from BIRHC Parking Lot

View from Carlisle Road

Another load of concrete is brought in and dumped with Dave Schwartzfisher in the driver's seat.

Video of Concrete Delivery and Work


Beaver Island News Archives Adds Search Engine

All of the years of Beaver Island News on the 'Net are available except for a short period of time when some of the months at the beginning were lost. Phyllis Moore started this website in late 1999 or early 2000 which means that the archives have ten years of Beaver Island history, the last ten years. The Archives are open and available to anyone to view from the homepage at http://beaverislandnews or directly at for your viewing pleasure. There has been added a Google Search Engine to this archives website for those that don't want to page through and read all 520+ pages of history. The Sample website page has been removed since the archives are open to anyone from the homepage of this website. The Archives of 2010 are still only available from this subscription only page.

Beaver Island Featured in AP Story

From the Chamber of Commerce Direstor Steve West
Here is the teaser sent out today (11-5-10) to Associated Press (AP) member subscribers for the 2,800 word Beaver Island piece. Story breaks on Monday the 8th. This will increase traffic at and phone inquiries to the Chamber office. Your Chamber provided assistance to the writer and photo editor for this story.


BEAVER ISLAND, Mich. — Muggs Bass doesn't own a computer, use e-mail or have a cell phone. "When you don't have it, you don't miss it," says the 70-year-old resident of this remote island in Lake Michigan. But once a month, she drives to the rural health center here and joins other islanders for a cancer patient support group that meets by video conference with a similar group a long ferry ride away. They chat, laugh, cry together. It's just one of many ways technology is making this rugged place less remote than it once was and, some would say, more livable for many. 2,800 words, moved Nov. 3 for release Monday, Nov. 8. An abridged version will move. By National Writer Martha Irvine.

The longer version of the story was featured in the Petoskey News Review dated November 5, 2010 on pages 9 and 10 of that issue.

Update: from Steve West, Chamber Director, November 11, 2010:

As a result of the Associated Press (AP) story the Chamber web site got 65,000 visits between Sunday and Wednesday November 7-10. One of over 500 web links to the story:

"The Chamber of Commerce would like to thank Joe Moore who contributed photos to AP for the story," said Chamber Director Steve West .

St James Township Meeting, November 3, 2010

St James Township Special Meeting, November 4, 2010

St. James Township Board, at its special meeting last night, November 4, 2010, approved the re-creation of an airport governing commission to be called the Beaver Island Airport Commission. Supervisor Rick Speck presented the changes to Jean Wierenga, clerk, Jim Wojan, treasurer, and trustees Ray Cole and Tim McDonough. There were some specific changes that the St. James Township Supervisor pointed out at that meeting. These changes have not yet been agreed upon by the Peaine Township Board, who will meet on Wednesday, November 10, 2010, to discuss this at their regularly scheduled township meeting. The changes requested by St. James Township include the following items:

One more item was requested to be made in the document. It included the extension of the time served to be from "one additional consecutive term" to "two additional consecutive terms."

Video of this 11-minute meeting


November 2nd Election Results

The election of November 2, 2010, was an interesting one on the local front as well as on the state and national front. Island resident Rich Gillespie won the County Commission seat from Shirley Roloff, placing an Islander on the county commission. Good luck, Rich, on your political office! In St. James Township, Ray Cole won the Trustee seat from Bob Tidmore, both local residents. Congratulations, Ray, on your continued work for St. James Township. Rick Speck ran unopposed and was elected as township supervisor. So how did the voters of Beaver Island vote?

Below are the results from St. James and Peaine Townships:

St. James Election Results

Peaine Election Results

Joe Moore Receives Thank You from Northern Michigan Hospital

There are two words that don't seem to be used as much on Beaver Island as perhaps they should. The Island residents are somewhat expected to participate and help out in the community in whatever way best fits their talents. So, as an example of how the rest of the world may handle the situations that may crop usp, here is an example. It is a thank you from Northern Michigan Hospital for Joe's teaching at a Stroke Conference held at Bay View Yacht Club at the NMH 4th Annual Stroke Conference. "There were 110 paramedics, nurses, and nursing students in this program. Every student said thank you after the course was over. It kind of makes you want to go back and do it again," Joe said. "This is very special, and makes me glad I became an Advanced Stroke Life Support Instructor."

This course has been taught several times on Beaver Island by Joe Moore with the first being three years ago, shortly after Joe became an ASLS instructor.

Request for PGA Interpretation

With Frank Solle going out to play golf in a 70+ gusting wind and with Buck Ridgeway and Joe Moore going out to play golf in a driving snow, this editor would like to get some interpretation of the 'winter rules' from the PGA, the Professional Golf Association, for these uniique situations. So here goes.

If your golf ball, hit straight and long in the middle of the fairway, ends up in pile of leaves and cannot be found without moving the entire pile of leaves and thereby probably moving your golf ball, do you get two penalty strokes, one for not playing the ball where it lies and another for the movement of the ball?

If you hit your golf ball onto the green, which is really white in the middle of a snowstorm, are you allowed to wipe off your golf ball before you putt through the snow? How do you read the green when you're not sure how much snow and ice will be stuck to your golf ball on its way to the hole?

If your seven iron gets covered with ice and snow, are you allowed to wipe the snow off and use a heat source to melt off the ice, such as a handwarmer inside of a winter glove?

If your grips on your golf clubs become caked in ice are you allowed to do the same as far as warming the grips to get the ice off? Is there a penalty for throwing a golf club when the ice-covered grip slips out of your hand? Do you get to replay the shot without penalty if the club misses the ball when it leaves your hand after slipping out?

How many stokes of penalty do you get if your golf club goes farther than the golf ball when the club slips out of your hand when covered with ice? While each golfer is responsible to locate his own golf ball, is it a two stroke penalty to dig in the snow to find the ball when you see the hole, but hot the golf ball?

Can a player take relief without penalty when the ball ends up in a hole dug for the purposes of draining the sprinkler system or does the golfer have to play the ball where it lies?

If the snow accumulates on the golf ball after a long putt, can the ball be replaced by another golf ball without penalty?

Is there anything in the rules that allow a rule that cancellation of the out of bounds areas in the winter time or in October and November and winter time?



The AMVETS and Ladies Auxiliary will again host a Santa’s Workshop at the Beaver Island Community School on Wednesday, December 14, to enable the kids to purchase affordably priced gifts for their families and friends. Older students and adults will be available to help the youngsters select and wrap their purchases. Notices will be sent home from school as a reminder of this great event.

Also, the AMVETS and Ladies Auxiliary of Post #46 will again partner in the Annual Children’s Christmas Party to be held on Saturday, December 11, 11:30 – 1:00 at the Phil Gregg Fellowship Hall, Beaver Island Christian Church. Hot dogs, chips, cookies, ice cream and beverage will be served to the kids as well as their parents and/or grandparents at no charge.

Santa and Mrs. Claus will be there to hear the Christmas wish lists and pass out gifts to the kids. Because we can no longer get Polaroid film, will parents please bring their own camera to take a picture of your child with Santa.


Erin McDonough (517) 775-9500
Dave Nyberg - (517) 230-1738

Bar set high by outgoing DNRE Director Humphries

MUCC issues statement on Rebecca Humphries' announcement of departure from DNRE Director post,


LANSING, MICH - Michigan United Conservation Clubs Executive Director Erin McDonough issued the following statement today on the announcement of DNRE Director Rebecca Humphries' decision to accept job offer with Ducks Unlimited:

"Rebecca Humphries set the bar high for natural resource management in the state of Michigan. She truly understands the benefits that hunting, fishing and trapping bring to our state and has always been a steadfast supporter and protector of our outdoor heritage. In working with Director Humphries, MUCC especially appreciated her understanding that conservation of our natural resources is and should continue to be at the heart of Michigan's prosperity. MUCC wishes Director Humphries well in her new venture with Ducks Unlimited. As a true leader in conservation, it's only fitting that Becky's next move is with an organization to match."


Episcopal Church Services Change

St. James Episcopal Church will not hold Sunday Services on November 7th and November 14th. Services will resume on November 21st at 10 a.m.

Veteran's Memorial Bricks Being Placed

Some of the Veteran's Memorial bricks were being placed at the Veteran's Memorial this morning, Saturday, October 29, 2010. There were five veterans doing the location and placement.

Bob Tidmore, Bob Hoogendoorn, Richie O'Donnell, Jack Spanak, Alvin LaFreniere, and Brian Gallagher

Down on their knees working on the brick placement included previous officers of the military and Island verterans...

Some Samples Individual Brick Pictures Below:

Video of bricks being installed


161 AMVETS Veteran's Memorial Bricks Installed

This is a video of the bricks themselves with Kate Smith Singing "God Bless America"


Information and Referral Hotline Launches Service

Local access to the national 2-1-1 Information and Referral system moved one step closer today with the launch of an interim toll-free hotline. Callers seeking non-emergency health and human services information can call 1-877-211-LAKE (5253).

They will be connected to a highly-trained information and referral specialist who can provide information and referrals to local services. The service is available 24/7/365 and is free to callers. These specialists can help residents with a variety of needs including housing and utility assistance, location of food pantries, where to volunteer, information about after school programs, senior care services, mortgage foreclosure and more.

Char-Em United Way has been spearheading development of the 2-1-1 service for Charlevoix and Emmet Counties for the past several years.

“The local database has been developed, and the information and referral specialists are trained and ready to take calls from our community,” says Martha Lancaster, Executive Director of Char-Em United Way. “We are working with 7 other counties in northwest lower Michigan to submit our application for certification to the Michigan Alliance of Information and Referral Systems and apply to the Michigan Public Service Commission for use of the 2-1-1 phone number.”

Once those steps are in place, the service will shift to the 2-1-1 phone number, which is easy for residents to remember and is in service in other parts of Michigan and around the country.

The funds needed for the start-up of 2-1-1 have already been secured through a challenge grant from CMS Energy, as well as donations from the Early Childhood Investment Corporation, the Charlevoix County Community Foundation, the Petoskey-Harbor Springs Area Community Foundation, Petoskey Rotary and Char-Em United Way. The Frey Foundation has awarded a $30,000 challenge grant toward the first three years of operating expenses. This will cover about one third of the needed funds for the first three years of operations.

“Now that the service is in place – even with the interim number – we will begin seeking funding for the operational phase of the system,” continues Lancaster.

Currently, Michigan 2-1-1 Call Centers serve 80 percent of Michigan's population, with expansion projects underway in 26 additional counties. In 2009, Michigan 2-1-1 Call Centers received 663,923 calls, a 441 percent increase since its inception in 2004 and a 22 percent increase from 2008.

For more information about 2-1-1 contact Char-Em United Way at (231) 487-1006 or email or log onto

Emily Gray, RN

Emily Gray is now a licensed Register Nurse by the State of Michigan. Emily's license has an effective date of 10/29/2010 as shown on Michigan Department of Community Health website. Way to go, Emily!!

Emily at her graduation from NCMC

DVD "What Do We Do on Beaver Island.... When You're Not Here"

The last date for purchasing the DVD is December 31, 2010. If you don't have your copy, please pick one up. The $15 cost for the DVD at local businesses will benefit the Beaver Island Fire Department Auxiliary, the Beaver Island Medical Center, and the Beaver Island Food Pantry. They are available at McDonough's Market, Harbor Market, Island Energies, and Power's Do-It-Best Hardware. If you wish to purchase one directly, please send $20 to: Joe Moore, Beaver Island News on the 'Net, P.O. Box 50, Beaver Island, Michigan 49782.

Peaine Township Meeting, October 13, 2010

Besides the everyday business of keeping up the roads, planning the budget, and setting tax amounts, the Peaine Township Board is working on an intergovernmental agreement that will help govern the township airport and provide some legal framework to the already functioning airport committee. The meeting was well attended with several people prepared to launch an attack on the supervisor over his self-published questions and answers about the township airport and the possible ten-year airport plan. The major complaint was that Jack Gallagher had included the label of Peaine Township Supervisor to his personally prepared and funded publication available around the island at several locations. Some suggested that his use of the supervisor title was inappropriate. Some suggested that his report was inaccurate. Some even personally attacked him for his publication of this opinion related to the airport. One even attacked him with words related to the suggestion that some relationship may have influenced inappropriate actions. All in all, quite an interesting meeting with the first 80 minutes somewhat calm and reasonable. The public comment at the end lasted twenty-eight minutes with several people frustrated and angry with supervisor.

Video of the meeting can be found HERE

The video with all the public comments is completed 9 a.m., October 15, 2010.

Holiday Bazaar

Mark your calendars!!

The holiday bazaar will be Sunday, November 14, 2010, at the Gregg Fellowship Center from 11:00 – 2:30. Registration forms for tables can be picked up at the Community Center or from Jean Kinsley at the Prudential Realty office.

The popular 25-cent tickets for a drawing will return this year.

Hot soup and beverages will be available in the kitchen for a donation; proceeds will go to the Food Pantry.

If you have any questions, call Judi Meister (2963) or Jean Kinsley (2856)

Cookie Carnival

The Women's Circle will be getting ready for the Cookie Carnival again this year. The date is Dec 9 NOON until about 3:30PM. Heidi Vigil will be at the event with her Gingerbread Houses. She may have a silent auction on the houses again this year. Judi Meister is preparing a silent auction on some Santa Clause and whatever else she can find. Of course we will have the Nutmeg Logs, Party Cookies and Grandpa Greggs Peanut Brittle and many other favorites. Anyone wanting to order Nutmeg Logs or Party Cookies the price is the same as last year $3.50 a dozen $1.75 half dozen. Feel free to give Jean Carpenter a call and place your order 448-2893..

New Transfer Station Video Clip with Pricing

Tim Myers, employee of the BI Transfer Station, put together a new walk-through video for the transfer station, and it includes current pricing for items that cannot be recycled as well as some procedural information about what is done with the recycled materials as far a processing by the transfer station staff.

At the Shamrock


Fall Specials

Video is Continued, But January-mid July 2010 Video Is Gone

As previously reported on this website, the MotionBox video company has gone out of business and the company was sold to a another company that will not be supporting the videos placed on this website from January 2010 until mid July 2010. The videos numbered over 700 clips during this period of time. Unfortunately, the videos taken during this period of time and placed on MotionBox are no longer available. The MotionBox links quit workinbg on October 31, 2010.

We will continue to do video clips for this website, hopefully expanding the meetings, the events, and the news that takes place on Beaver Island. We will attempt to bring you, our subscribers, "Today's news as close to today as possible." Unfortunately, yesterday's news from January through mid July 2010 in the form of video clips are no longer available.

Brett Maudrie's Address Changed

Maudrie Brett W.
B. Co. 2-237 IN, 1st BCT
101st ABN DIV
...Attn: FOB Joyce COP Fortress
APO, AE 09354

BICS Calendar for 2010-11 Approved

Beaver Island Transfer Station Information

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