Beaver Island News on the 'Net, Oct 20-26, 2008

CD Release Party Friday Night at the Shamrock

CD Release Party for Pinky Lee, Josh, 'n Me  will take place at the Shamrock on Oct. 24, 2008, at 8 pm. They will also be performing on Oct. 25th.

Story and Pictures from the CD Release Party HERE

The Elusive Rainbow

Friend Ken Bruland brought the rainbow to this editor's attention and a quick drive to attempt to catch the rainbow digitally was not as successful as planned, but here are a few photos of the ends of the rainbow. It was much more beautiful than the photos show, but was only intermittent.

Beach Cleanup 2008

This year's Beach Cleanup was a great success. Twenty-seven volunteers participated, patrolled, and cleaned over 27 miles of Beaver Island shoreline. Although Beaver Island beaches are quite clean, almost 180 pounds of trash was picked up by the volunteers. The most common items were: plastic bags, balloons, bottle caps, cigarette filters, and fireworks debris. The most unique item was a backscratcher.

The event was a bit different from last year. While many volunteers participated on the "official" day of September 27, other volunteers cleaned beaches during the September 20 to October 17 time period. No matter when they helped all volunteers were welcome at the Community Center on Saturday, September 27 for a complimentary hot dog lunch.

Many thanks to the Community Center for hosting the lunch, the Transfer Station for accepting all the trash, and McDonough's Market for donating the hot dog buns. But the greatest thanks go to the volunteers who freely gave of their time to help keep Beaver Island the Great Lakes Jewel it truly is.

Look for the 2009 Beach Cleanup next September and volunteer to help! 

(From Ken McDonald)

BICS Volleyball at Ellsworth Tournament

(written by Coach Connie Boyle)

Today we played in the Ellsworth Invitational Varsity Volleyball Tournament.  It was a highly competitive tournament with the following teams:  Alanson/Littlefield, Central Lake , McBain Northern Michigan Christian, Grand Traverse Academy , Bellaire, Northern Michigan Christian Academy , Ellsworth and Gaylord St. Mary's.

Our team was at a bit of a disadvantage, as we were missing 8 of our players, including a number of our older, more experienced players, as they were participating in the Northern Lights League soccer tournament .

Traveling to the volleyball tournament were:  Seniors Caitlin Boyle, Deven Cook, Heather McDonough, Sophomore Clairessa Kenwabikise, 9th Grader Brogan Maudrie, 8th Grader Marissa Crandall, and 7th Graders Erin Boyle and Olivia Cary.

We played hard and made a lot of successful plays.  We scored a lot of points, although we didn't win many games.  The first highlight of the day was when we beat McBain N. Michigan Christian one game during pool play. 

Then, in bracket play, we met Gaylord St. Mary's in round one.  When I told our seniors we were going to have to face the #1 team, their response was, "Well, that's ok.  That's why we came today -- to play!"  (Now those are words that coaches love to hear!)  Our goal was to win, but, at least not to "get killed" as one of the girls said.  We had just watched another team get beat 25-8 and the girls didn't want that to be us!  Well, we were even ahead of St. Mary's a couple of times in the first half of the game, and that was very exciting.  At one point my girls pointed out we were in double-digits!  (And, we had to make their coach call 2 times-outs, which really made us feel good!)  They had a run on us at the end of the game, though, and we lost 16-25.  But, we were happy with how we played.  I was proud of the seniors for pulling together, playing their game, being aggressive, and helping the younger players.  And I was very proud of the younger girls for playing so well in a situation that usually requires a lot more experience.  Nice job, Ladies!

Here are some stats from the day:

Aces:  Caitlin 8, Heather 5, Brogan 3, Olivia 3, Deven 3, Clairessa 2

Good Serves (including aces): Caitlin 26, Heather 13, Brogan 11, Deven 10, Olivia 9, Clairessa 7, Marissa 3

Digs:  Caitlin 9, Olivia 8, Deven 5, Heather 4, Clairessa 1

Kills:  Heather 9, Caitlin 4, Clairessa 4, Deven 1

Good Hits (including kills): Heather 19, Deven 14, Clairessa 10, Caitlin 9, Olivia 2, Brogan 1

Assists:  Caitlin 15, Brogan 7, Deven 5, Heather 4, Olivia 4, Clairessa 2

BICS Soccer Season Comes to a Close

The Islander soccer team has much to be proud of with this year's soccer season over. As usual, this year it was a battle between the two islands of Beaver and Mackinac. Beaver Island came in second with Mackinac taking first place. Mackinac took first place in a heart-breaking Islander loss of the final game at the tournament held last weekend, and Mackinac took first place in the Northern Lights League also.

Congratulations to the Beaver Island Soccer Team who took second place in the Mackinac tournament and second place in the Northern Lights League! It was a good year for the Islanders with 7 wins, 2 losses, and one tie game.

Pictures from the Mackinac tournament HERE.

It's a Boy!

Sleeping on the plane ride home

Brittany Hohn gave birth to Cameron Marshall Hohn at 10:30 p.m. on October 17, 2008, at 10:30 p.m. at Charlevoix Area Hospital. Cameron weighed 8 pounds 4 ounces and was 23 and a half inches in length. Congratulations to Brittany and her Aunt Sue Solle and Uncle Frank Solle also!

Mom and newborn son

Aunt Sue and Cameron Marshall

BICS Walkaround 101808

Remember when the first artist rendition was shown to the community? Here are two elevations that are posted on a sign out in front of the construction site.

The East Elevation (looking up from the public beach area with nothing in the way)

The South Elevation (looking at the building from Palmer's back yard nearer to Mary Bert's house, nothing in the way)

Walkaround pictures

On this same day, a walk-through of the school building was accomplished from the south side of the building to the north side of the building. A video camera was taken along to show the location and the size of the rooms. These video clips will also help to see what stage of completion each part of the building was in on October 19, 2008.

The destruction/construction project has been in operation for almost five months now. There is a lot of work yet to be done, but draw your own conclusions.

Video clips of the walk-through are located HERE.

Fire Destroys Gillespie Building

From the Beaver Island Forum posted by forum owner Rich Gillespie:

"At around 5 pm last night a fire broke out at my warehouse just west of the four corners, this is immediately west of Martin's propane tank farm. Well, the building, 80x68 was a total loss but Beaver Island's Volunteer Firefighters put forth a fantastic effort not only to attempt to save the building but when that could not be done focused their efforts on keeping the East wall of the building intact which deflected heat and flames from a 30,000 gallon propane tank sitting less than 75 feet away, it was something to see. This writer virtually loss all possessions acquired in a lifetime in business but it means nothing to the sacrifice and courage of these brave men and women. The Beaver Island community should be very proud of these people and those who are not on the fire department roster who showed up and gave their all. Laura and I and our children want to express our complete gratitude for the effort made, thank you all!!"

The structure was pretty much fully involved by the time that the BIFD arrived in full force with many others from the community there willing to help in any way possible.

The Kings Highway was completely shut down to all traffic to allow the tanker truck unobstructed access to the water source. The BIFD pumpers were there pumping water to the hoses. These same pumpers were drawing water from "swimming-pool-like" portable tanks. The job of those driving the tanker trucks was to try to keep these "swimming pools" full. As always on Beaver Island, the challenge is getting enough water, soon enough to make a difference in the outcome of the fire.

It was obvious that the BIFD had gotten the best of the fire at this point when there was more smoke and steam than flames.

Flying above the fire scene was Paul Welke providing whatever help he could and relaying locations of the tanker trucks.

BIEMS personnel coming back up the roadway after taking some supplies down to the fire department members. Keeping hydrated and prevention of overheating is one of the things that is important for the firemen as they fight the fire.

With the Beaver Island deputy blocking off the Kings Highway at the northern location close to the township line and Beaver Island EMS blocking the road at the East Side Drive and the Kings Highway down by the car wash and laundromat, traffic into St. James Township from Peaine Township came to a standstill.

With this many people all working toward the same goal, it explains a lot about why people want to live on Beaver Island. Thanks go out to McDonough's Market who opened up to allow BIEMS to pick up cases of bottled water. Thanks to Angel Welke for the two cases of pop and water to help also. Thanks to Stoney Acre Grill for the sandwiches, chips, and cookies for all the firefighters and EMS personnel. Thanks to the BIEMS personnel who forced some of the firemen to take a short break and to breathe in a little fresh oxygen. Thanks to the Beaver Island CCSD Deputy for helping keep the roadway clear for the tankers. To all who helped out, Thank you very much!!

Here are a few video clips of early on in the fire:

Video Clip 1

Video Clip 2

Video Clip 3

Video Clip 4

Video Clip 5

As part of the normal process of fire investigation, Detective Lt. Michael Wheat of the Charlevoix County Sheriff's Department will work with the Fire Marshall at the site of the fire today, Friday, October 17, 2008. Here is an exterior view of what they have to work with in their investigation.

Chamber of Commerce Plans Members Input Reception

The Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce board of directors will hold a Members Input Reception on Thursday November 6 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM at the Shamrock. The Chamber will provide hors d'oeuvres. Members, their guests and potential members are cordially invited to attend. “We want your comments and suggestions about the Celtic Games, Bite and Boodle. We would appreciate your ideas about how we can most effectively market Beaver Island,” said Chamber President Kathy Speck. The board will thank the volunteers who helped out this summer and give a report on the increase in visitor traffic at the Chamber as well as extended visitor information and literature availability hours at the new Community Center location. “Our advertising theme -You've never been to Beaver Island? – has helped with marketing our shoulder season. However, there is plenty of room to do more,” said Chamber Executive Director Steve West.

The Chamber of Commerce 2009 membership drive is now underway. New business memberships start as low as $150. About half of the group's annual budget is spent directly on marketing Beaver Island. For more information call (231) 448-2505 or look at the Chamber web site .

BICS Temporary Position Posting

Beaver Island Community School has available a temporary bus driver position beginning approximately December 1 through the month of January.

Qualified applicants must possess a valid CDL and be available for training and testing October 23 in Charlevoix and October 24 - 26
near Ludington, MI, if he/she does not already possess "S" and "P" endorsements. Qualified applicants must also pass a physical examination and drug test.

Rate of pay is $35.00 for two runs per day -- bus leaves the Beaver Island Christian Church at 7:55 a.m. and leaves CMU at 3:05 p.m.

Interested applicants should contact the school office (231) 448-2744 as soon as possible.

Sports Boosters Spaghetti Dinner

There will be a Spaghetti Dinner to be held on Saturday, October 25, 2008 from 5:30-8:00 p.m. at Nina's Restaurant.
Reservations Recommended (Take-out available)  448-2396.  Free Will Donation.  Proceeds to Benefit the BI Sports Boosters.

Coming Events at the Shamrock

The annual Halloween Party will take place at the Shamrock on Oct. 31, 2008, and will feature the Whitey Morgan--Country Band. They will also be performing on Nov. 1st.

Ballots Available to See

The ballots for St. James Township and Peaine Township are available for viewing online right here. You must have Adobe Reader to view these ballots:

St. James ballot

Peaine ballot

You can, of course, go to the website listed here to view them also: govern4740482.asp govern4740482.asp

COA Lunch

COA Lunches Offer a Great Deal for Seniors

The Charlevoix County Commission on Aging in conjunction with the Shamrock Bar and Restaurant and the Beaver Island Community Center has put together a wonderful luncheon menu for the seniors of the Beaver Island community. If their first week is any indication, the seniors of the Island are in for a treat all winter.

The lunches began on Wednesday, October 1, 2008, and the menu for this first three days included Grilled Chicken, Broccoli, Carrots, and Peaches for Wednesday; Hamburger with bun, Green Beans, Tater tots, and fresh fruit for Thursday; and Baked Fish, Spinach, potatoes, and pears for Friday. This editor found out about the lunch and tried it for the last two days of this week. The food was excellent, nutritious, and filling for almost any size appetite. The lunch included two-percent milk as beverage also.

While the menu may change over the rest of the month, the menu includes main courses of macaroni and cheese, beef and noodles, Polish sausage, Baked chicken, Tuna casserole, Chili, BBQ Pork sandwich, Chicken and noodles, Wing dings, baked fish, meatloaf, chicken alfredo, ham and scalloped potatoes, meatballs, stuffed peppers, beef stew, ham casserole, BBQ chicken, and Salisbury steak.

The senior lunch costs $2 as a suggested donation for seniors over 60, and for those under 60, the donation is $4. We're guessing that hungry seniors may discover this wonderful luncheon opportunity and take advantage of the savings for an excellent meal. The food is only part of the opportunity. There is also a chance at meeting other seniors and socializing, which may be a draw unto itself.


The Beaver Island Rural Health Center has announced a number of services now available on the island. A sliding fee schedule to help those without insurance, new equipment, new services, new Providers and new classes are all available now at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center .

Sliding Fee Schedule to Make Care Affordable

As an additional service to make health care affordable to everyone on the island, a sliding fee schedule is available to those without health insurance, and a payment plan can be arranged for those with insurance deductibles who are delaying care because of inability to pay. “One of the missions of the Health Center is to provide care for all residents regardless of ability to pay,” explained Donna Kubic, Health Center , Managing Director. “We don't want anyone to avoid getting care they need, and particularly in difficult economic times like these, we want everyone to know we are here to help.”

The sliding fee schedule is based on income and family size and the numbers are determined by the federal government. For example, a single person household making less than $20,800 would qualify for a discount. The amount of the discount depends on the actual annual income. A person who has an income of less than $10,400 would have services provided at no cost. For a family of eight, an income of less than $71,200 would qualify for a discount. The exact discount is determined by the actual income. An income of $35,600 would qualify the family of eight for free services.

The entire schedule is available at the health center. Anyone desiring further information on the schedule or needing a payment plan should contact Donna Kubic at the Health Center , 448-2275. All contacts and information will be kept confidential.

Digital X-Rays Available

New equipment includes a digital x-ray machine which allows x-rays to be taken at the Health Center and transmitted to Charlevoix Hospital for review by the physician in a matter of minutes. The machine eliminates waiting for x-rays to reach the Hospital allowing faster diagnostics and providing a clearer x-ray. The Health Center can x-ray spines, necks, chests, and extremities.

New: Chiropractor, Acupuncture, and Yoga

Chiropractic service is now available on the island. Dr. Jessica Carden, a licensed chiropractor has already come to the island and the interest has been great enough that she will be here on Thursdays, October 23, November 6, November 20, and continuing every other Thursday throughout the winter. Appointments can be made by contacting Betty (448-2275) at the Health Center .

Nationally board certified in acupuncture and Chinese herbology , Tamara Graf will be coming to the island on a regular schedule on dates to be determined as of this writing. Ms. Graf is a graduate of SAMRA University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles and practices in Traverse City . She will be offering help in holistic health, nutrition, smoking cessation, chronic pain, headaches, arthritis, and low back pain.

Yoga Classes will be held on Thursday evenings, at 6 p.m. at the Peaine Township Hall starting October 23 rd .. Cost is $10 per class. Classes will be taught by a yoga instructor coming from the mainland. No prior experience is necessary to take the classes.

Preventive Care, Physicals, and Doctors Services Available

Flu shots are available at the health center now. There is no charge for Medicare cardholders. Pneumonia shots , which are needed only once every ten years, are also available. The Health Center is also equipped to provide Medicare physicals which much be taken within six months of enrollment in Medicare. The physicals include EKGs and blood tests, all of which can be performed at the Health Center . The Health Center staff can also perform the physicals necessary for a pilot's license and boat captain's license, school physicals, and drug screenings.

The two physicians who come to the island regularly have announced their November schedule. Dr. Mann will be here Tuesday, November 11, and Dr. Newcomb will be here Tuesday, November 25. December's schedule will be available in November by calling the Health Center . Appointments can be made by calling Betty, 448-2275.

Transfer Station News

This is FREE BRUSH MONTH at the Transfer Station. Free brush includes twigs and small branches, not cut down trees etc. Leaves are free anytime.

Dale Boyles Turns 100 on October 30, 2008

Dale Boyles, longtime summer resident of Beaver Island, turns one hundred years old on October 30, 2008. There is a SURPRISE Party planned for Dale at Clinton Commons where he resides. If you would like to send Dale a card wishing him a Happy Birthday, it is requested that you send the cards to the following address:

Attn: Kathy Orson

1105 S. Scott Road

St. Johns, MI 488879

This announcement was given at the BI Christian Church last Sunday, but Judi Meister wanted it to go out to anyone that might read it on this website. Congratulations, Dale!

Beaver Island Community House Movie Schedule

Updates will be made to this schedule as soon as they are received. Click on the page to enlarge it.


Updated on 10/5/08

Wood Chips Available

The Transfer Station is selling woodchips and will until the road back to the woodchips is impassible, Anyone wishing to buy some woodchips must contact Darrell Butler, Jr. @ 448-2896 to make arrangements. The price is $8.00/yard if Darrell loads it or $6.00 if the person loads it themselves. Darrell still needs to be contacted either way.

Transfer Station Reminder

A reminder from the Transfer Station crew: The hours will change beginning November 1. The Transfer Station will be open from 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday starting November 1st. Also, the Transfer Station will be closed the opening day of the firearm deer season.

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Question:

The Old Rectory by the Catholic Cemetary was operated as a restaurant and bar for many years. The last owners operated it as the Old Rectory. Prior to that two different owners operated this busines as the Circle M. One operated it during the time of the Beaver Island Invitational Soccer Tournament. One operated it quite a while before that. Can you name the two previous owners of the Circle M?

There were lots of answers to this question, and two correct first answerers. The acceptable answers included either the McGlocklins and the Martins OR the Heinigs and the McGlocklins, but the first answer was sent in by Mary Palmer followed shortly by Sally Lounsberry, Joyce Bartells, and Beth Croswhtie. Thanks for playing BI Trivia.

This Week's Question:

With the fire department and the EMS services very busy these last couple of weeks, can you guess the maximum number of patients that BIEMS has had to deal with all at the same time?

The first correct answer will earn a gift subscription to News on the 'Net for the months of November, December, and January for the person of your choice, anyone who is not already a subscriber. Email your answers to:

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The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to

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