Golden Morning

Tuesday morning was a "golden" morning. One of those mornings that makes you glad you live on Beaver Island and able to see the glorious sunrises, the whisps of fog; to hear the muffled sounds from around the harbor from kids going to school to boat captains giving their crew orders; to the smell of the water. Just as the sun was getting ready to make an appearance, through the fog came this behemoth barge with tug followed by a smaller barge and tug all headed to the yacht dock to get to work. The sun didn't take long to scatter a golden hue on the harbor. What a great morning it was!


Autumn Flight

Depending upon how you look at things, I was lucky to have a mainland doctor appointment on Tuesday. The day was beautiful for a flight and with the trees beginning to wear their calico dresses, my camera insisted upon coming along. The fog that had been seen in the harbor and upon the lake was still whispering across the island looking much like those sheer, flat spider webs sometimes seen in fields. Out on the lake as I was snapping the banks of fog I discovered that I'd taken a couple of a freighter as it made its way south. On my return flight in the afternoon, the fog had been chased away and the views were much clearer including the one of Big Rock Point where the tall smokestack is being removed by a huge crane. The island lakes looked like mirrors. Absolutely beautiful day without the high winds that had made all island travel so interesting over the past weekends.





Another Busy Weekend

With weddings every weekend it seems along with all the other socializing things that happen on the island, trying to attend everything is impossible. As a result I wasn't able to cover the Island Boodle nor the Taste of Beaver Island although I've heard that both were a success and that the food was wonderful! Congratulations to all those who helped the Chamber of Commerce make this a third time success.

If anyone has photos of this past weekend events and/or wish to write an article, please send it/them to me.


This week congratulations go to Sarah Myers and Dan McCafferty who were married at Green's Lake on Saturday by Sarah's grandfather.

Michigan Out of Doors Television Visit

Photos and story by Jeff Powers

Over the past few days Jim my Gretzinger, Executive Producer of MOOD-TV, Jenny Olsen, Associate Producer of MOOD-TV and Linda Gallagher, Outdoor Writer and Photographer for the Traverse City Record Eagle, MOOD-TV and numerous other publications visited Beaver Island . Jimmy, Jenny and Linda met with Steve West and the Chamber of Commerce, members of the Beaver Island Wildlife Club, and many others in exploring Beaver Island . The crew experienced an awesome fall turkey hunt, and visited numerous natural sites on the island. The crew was very appreciative of all of the hospitality they received from everyone on the island visit and plan to come back again in the future. Here are a few scenes of their visit; including Jimmy's fall gobbler and Jenny and Linda visiting the great birch tree near Fox Lake . In less than two weeks they will feature Beaver Island on Michigan Out of Doors television so be sure not to miss this show!