More of Frank's Fall Photos

Frank Solle's eye catches the best that Mother Nature has to offer and these pictures show that. My favorite is the one of Protar's tomb. The others are Fox Lake and the red maple on the west side road sometimes referred to as Father Wren's tree. Great job, Frank!





This year's heated election has had some unfortunate side effects here on Beaver Island . In a deluded effort to influence voters, some individual(s) have been waging a propaganda war of the worst kind. They have been putting disgusting flyers inside vehicles during church services, faxing disturbing images, and mailing out rude and inappropriate letters to fellow islanders – with the “F” word and other vile language included. Some letters have had the false return address of a non-profit island organization; others have been falsely signed with an innocent individual's name.

It's a sham. It's a shame. It should STOP.

Let's all go to the voting booth on Nov. 2 and vote our own personal beliefs. Let's afford others the same right. After all, when you come right down to it…isn't being respectful of everyone's rights what America is all about?

Elaine and Steve West
Mary Stewart Scholl
Bill McDonough

Holy Cow! This is going to take some getting used to

While waiting in front of school yesterday for my daughter, I watched the paint truck "do" the road lines from the Emerald Isle past the school and continue up to the Four Corners. First the Safety Patrol kids came out and said, "Wow!". Then the rest of the students made their escape, and as they left the building and saw the road in front of the school comments ranged from, "This isn't Beaver Island anymore!"; "I hate it!", "This is cool, just like the mainland." and "Holy Cow! This is sure gonna be different!" They had it nailed... it IS different and it WILL take a lot of getting used to, but the new pavement sure beats that old stuff that was full of pot-holes and if having it painted with lines was part of the stipulation then I'm fine with it although it sure is "gonna be different." One very nice thing about it is that on both sides of the road is a bike/running/walking lane. See what you think...


Chamber does not invite political
candidates to Beaver Island events

Dear Editor,

Some questions have been raised concerning political candidates attending Chamber of Commerce sponsored events like The Bite of Beaver Island and whether or not some are invited and not others. The Chamber of commerce does NOT invite any political candidates to Island events. In fact our bylaws preclude political involvement.

We market Beaver Island as a destination widely using print, radio and press releases. During an election year those seeking office often gravitate to places where people gather and Beaver Island is no exception. In short, everyone is welcome but we do not target candidates of any political party.


Kathy Speck, President, BI Chamber of Commerce

Steve West, Director, BI Chamber of Commerce

Frank's Photos

Frank Solle took a sojourn about the island and captured some of the vivid fall colors. Autumn 2004 is certainly one to be remembered for great colors. Mother Nature is outdoing herself. Thanks for sharing, Frank.


Flu Shots

To: Beaver Island Residents
From: Beaver Island Rural Health Center
Re: Flu Shots

Any resident of Beaver Island 65 or older or a high risk person (Asthma, Diabetic, Autoimmune Disease) will be given a flu shot at the Rural Health Center. Please call for an appointment. Injections will be given through November 1st when the serum will be sent to Petoskey for their senior community members or high risk patients as they received no serum.

Children 2-18 may receive the vaccine through the Vaccine for Children Program, again only those children who are high risk (Asthma, Diabetic, Autoimmune Disease). Children less than two years old are candidates.


Dear Children, Parents and Community Members,

In the early to mid-1950's the Catholic Nuns in our community tried to find a way to keep the kids off the streets on Halloween. A large party was put on at the Parish Hall for all of the kids. In order not to miss trick-or-treating the kids began making their rounds on October 30th. As near as we can figure the hall parties stopped in the mid- to late 1980's. The tradition of trick-or-treating on October 30th did not.

As more and more people move to our community and as our population ages, it has become almost necessary to establish a set of "trick-or-treat" guidelines.

Virtually all of our surrounding communities have set dates and times for trick-or-treating, and not surprisingly, all of them are on Halloween - October 31st. These guidelines are established by a variety of different authorities from Chambers of Commerce to Township Boards to Police.

The Beaver Island Youth Consortium (which has members from both townships, the school board and P.A.B.I.) would like your help in establishing some guidelines for our community. After a lot of discussion with various members of the community, and to help ease the transition we would like to set the time this year at 5-8 pm on October 30th. (Our traditional night). Next year our plan is to keep the time and move it to the more common trick-or-treat night of October 31st.

This can and will be a good thing for all if everyone cooperates. It will give the kids a set time; parents will know when to start and when to stop and those at home passing out candy will know when to expect the kids. This will be especially nice for those older folks who are never quite sure when to "turn out the lights".

We welcome your comments and input, both pro and con, so let us know what you think..., and help us to make this a reality by followeing the guidelines set forth here.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Michelle LaFreniere
Youth Programs Director
Beaver Island Youth Consortium
448-2744 or 448-3056

Make A Difference Day

Submitted by Michelle LaFreniere

This coming Saturday (October 23rd) is National Make-a-Difference Day. I am trying to organize an effort to do something in our community. My plan is this:

With help from others, I have identified 5 individuals or families who can use some extra help getting ready for winter.

I need 5 teams of people to go to those homes and get the jobs done. I am hoping for 5-7 people per team so as to make light work of the jobs. It may be raking, washing windows, etc. My wish is that entire families as well as individuals will join in the day. It will be an opportunity to do something for others and spend some time with your family and friends.

When the job is done (I am thinking that these jobs will take no more than 2 hours to do at each place) we can meet somewhere for hotdogs and hot cocoa or something.

As of right now, I have very few volunteers, and am desperately looking for more. Please help if you can. Call me at 448-2201 or email me at school

Let's 'Make-a-Difference !!

2nd Annual Beaver Island Boodle

The Second Annual Beaver Island Boodle was a success for the year 2004. There were 65 runners/walkers registered. Due to bad weather, some runners and walkers for fogged-in in Charlevoix but their spirits were still with us. Of the 65 registered, 21 walkers actually participated in the race and 32 runners.

The top three runners were:

Top Three Runners
John Martin 21.36 Karla Erickson 23.43
Curtis Bolt 22.59 Julie Masek 27.18
John Manza 23.57 Jenni Holen 28.00
Top Walkers
Male   Female  
Rick Speck 36.57 Kerry Smith 46.27

Thanks to sponsor donations $2300.00 was collected along with $1389.00 from registration fees for the race. The only cost was about $500.00 (still to be determined for the T-shirts).

Participants in the Boodle were:

RUNNERS: Karla Erickson, Julie Masek, Jenni Holen, Jenna Battle, Cyndi Loder, Ruth Igoe, Jennifer Adnet, Kathy Murphy, shelly Aurand, Andera Tiller, June Moon, Martha Groth, Margie Wilson, John Martin, Curtis Bolt, John Manza, Larry Roy, Earl Boal, Pete Plastrik, Gary Read, John Lefler, David Blanchard, Royce Beers, Vincent Lefler, Kal Attie, John Fox, Blake Erickson, Bruce Furr, Mike Gorrie, John Murphy, Dereck McDonough, Pete Igoe, Jim Anton, David Mednedry, David Taylor, Donald Taylor.

WALKERS: Kerry Smith, Diane McDonough, Kathy Blalock, Margie Beers, Kerrie Gillespie, Laura Gillespie, Terry Meaney, Kathy Ruis, Jennifer Erickson, Carol Erickson, Susan Furr, Deb Plasterik, Jacque LaFreniere, Elaine West, Jane Boyles-Vise, Ginie Cabiness, Sharon Blanchard, Doris Hively, Sandie Parritt, Shannon Taylor, Connie Boyle, Jennifer Mitchell, Ann Urse, Peggy Haywood, Betty Scoggin, Diana Taylor, Rick Speck, Ric Blalock, David Blanchard.

Sponsors for the 2004 Boodle were: Beaver Boat-tique; Beaver Gems and Shipwreck Shirts; Beaver Island Electric; Beaver Island Lodge; Charlevoix State Bank; Daddy Frank's Restaurant; East Wind Day Spa and Hair Salon; Ed Wojan Realty; Emerald Isle Hotel; Island Airways; McDonough's Market; Northern Michigan Emergency Physicians; Paradise Bay Coffee Shop; Paradise Bay Dive Shop; Power's Incorporated; Shamrock Bar and Restaurant; Stoney Acre Grill; TDS Telecom; The Brother's Place; Weathervane Restaurant.

Congratulations to all who took part in this years' Boodle from the runners, walkers, organizers, sponsors, and watchers.. you all did a tremendous job!

Yacht Dock Facelift

Great Lakes Docks and Materials of Muskegon, Michigan have begun work on the Yacht Dock. If you'll remember a couple summers ago one of the finger piers collapsed tossing several folks into the water. At the present time, workers have removed the finger piers and are pulling the pilings. Only the main dock will remain but all the finger piers will be replaced. The entire dock will have new decking. They have a pretty nifty way of removing the pilings. It used to be that they'd either pull like crazy with a crane and/or force water down along side the piling or as a last resort simply cut it off at the bottom. Now they use vibration to shake the established piling loose, a slick thing to watch. Once it's been loosened, a line is place around it and the crane simply lifts it free. They are hoping to have the entire project finished by Thanksgiving according to the worker I talked to.