Geoffrey Todd Tillett

Geoffrey Todd Tillett, age 31, died October 2, 2002 in Clarksville, TN.  Survivors include his wife, Melissa Wagner Tillett, Clarksville, TN; four sons, William Jacob Tillett, Austin Smith Bradley-Tillett, Brian Edward Howard and Brady Howard; daughter Darrian Elizabeth Howard; his parents Steven M. and Donna Dunlap Tillett, Clarksville, TN; sister, Jessica Leigh Tillett, Murfreesboro, TN, maternal grandparents, Ben and Charlotte Dunlap, Knoxville, TN; paternal grandparents, Albert Samuel Martin and Delores Tillett, Lakeland, FL.  Geoffrey was a blaster for R. P. Industries.  Funeral services were Sunday, October 6th at the McReynolds-Nave and Larson Funeral Home.

Our condolences to Melissa and the entire family.

NOTE: Geoffrey's widow, Melissa, is the daughter of Bonnie and Dennis Wagner of Charlevoix and the granddaughter of Marge Wagner.  Melissa attended school on Beaver Island before her family moved to Charlevoix.

Open House

BB front full.jpg (84161 bytes)

Make plans now to visit the Bluebird Bed and Breakfast on October 20th for their Open House from 2:30 to 5:30 p.m.   This is your chance to stroll through this beautiful home that is over 120 years old - one of the oldest on the island.  What a perfect way to spend an autumn afternoon!

Fall Cleaning

I really tried to ignore that the fall season was coming.  I wore shorts until you could have hung a sweater on the goose-bumps that arose on my legs.  I swore I wasn't going to need my winter coat until at least November.  I lied.  When I got up this morning and headed outside to walk the dog I discovered that over night Mother Nature had changed from a kind mythological person to someone who's extremely warped.  Needless to say I'm now wearing knee socks, long johns, sweats and my winter coat... and that's just to get to this machine.  The change in the weather from warm to downright cold also meant that I have to tackle some fall house cleaning - what a challenge!  Frankly, I'd rather do anything than that - have a root canal, smash my thumb with a hammer - I keep telling my family that I have other talents and none of them include housework which is painfully obvious if you've ever stopped by.

So here I sit "thinking" about doing some fall housecleaning and in the process have noted several things that should be pointed out to the world:

  • Vacuuming should be a national holiday and done only once a year NOT on a daily basis

  • You should never, ever knock down those cobwebs - who else is going to catch the spiders and flies?

  • My dust rabbits need c-sections to deliver their dust bunnies which are closely related to those Furbies that were popular a while back.  The bunnies just sit there and look at you with big eyes and mine sometimes even talk back

  • Dust?  Did you know that after seven or eight years dust can't get any deeper?  So, since I haven't dusted in that long there's no reason to do it now

  • Fall colors?  Heck, according to the piles of laundry on the floor this house is displaying a full spectrum of colors including a new shade called dirt

  • Are you a packrat and save everything including all the artwork that your 30 year old did?  Use those little magnets and cover the dirt on the fridge, stove front, dishwasher, etc and display those pictures you've been saving

  • Scrub the floor? I know, I know, we've all heard folks say, "my floor's clean enough to eat off of"  who the heck wants to eat off the floor anyhow?  Well, ok, the dog does but he isn't fussy anyhow, remember he also drinks from the toilet.  

  • Kill a couple birds at once .. train your family to save on dishwashing detergent by having them eat with their hands instead of the usual utensils and make sure that they do it over that kitchen floor.  That way you can also save on dog-food since he'll eat whatever they drop.

  • Don't bother washing the windows, as it is now all those finger-prints work to identify who's who in the house

  • Most importantly, save time and trouble by talking your family into just turning the clothes they're wearing inside out, that way they can get another weeks' worth of wear before it heads to the washer.  Besides, that well-worn look is really popular.

Ok, I thought about doing a fall house-cleaning and delivered my pointers on the topic that's more than enough about cleaning for me.  I think I'll just turn my shirt inside out and go for a drive until any residue of the cleaning urge is gone.

Autumn Arrives

October is here and with it comes all those great scenes that we all love.  Apples ready to be picked, hay in bales lying in the fields, trees donning their colorful dresses, the fungus Chicken of the Woods making an appearance, milkweed pods exploding with their wispy innards flying upwards and drifting off ... all this makes the season one of my favorites (minus the house cleaning part).  With that in mind, here's some fall scenes of the island:

Fall - colors 1.jpg (99381 bytes)    Fall - beaver chew close-up.jpg (78981 bytes)    Fall - beaver swamp and chew.jpg (93273 bytes)

Fall - berries.jpg (112241 bytes)    Fall - swamp colors 1.jpg (104717 bytes)    Fall - swamp colors close-up.jpg (67965 bytes)

Fall - blue flowers and leaves.jpg (113941 bytes)    Fall - second creek 1.jpg (101401 bytes)    Fall - Queen Anne's lace.jpg (106809 bytes)

Fall - apple tree and hay bale.jpg (78377 bytes)    Fall - creek 3.jpg (103757 bytes)    Fall - creek 4.jpg (101377 bytes)    Fall - creek 4 close-up.jpg (109825 bytes)

Fall - corn field.jpg (95929 bytes)    Fall - milkweed field.jpg (108445 bytes)    Fall - milkweed close.jpg (80429 bytes)    double chick of the woods.jpg (89177 bytes)

Fall - apple tree.jpg (81209 bytes)

Changes Coming to the News on the 'Net

Starting sometime before the first of the year, this portion of the Beaver Island Virtual Tour, the News on the 'Net, will be changing to subscription only.  The reason for this is that the cost of maintaining a site this large and constantly updating the News section keeps rising.  At the present time it costs just shy of $500/year.  I'm not making anything from this site, and that was never my intention, however it's also not my intention to go in the hole trying to keep it going.  Those who are already supporters will be able to access the News.  For those who are not present supporters, they will not be able to connect to this portion of the website after December 31.  Subscription will be $30 per year.  For businesses who wish to support the site it will be $150 per year and will include links to their sites and I will post their events or sales or coupons as they request.  With enough subscriptions I could bring back the Archives, get rid of those pesky pop-up ads and add more items to the News on the 'Net.  The change will go into effect on December 31st.

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