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October 12-18, 2009

Ken Bruland and His Paddle for Food

Ken Bruland presented his pictures and video clips of his trip from Beaver Island to Prentiss Bay in the upper penninsula. The 85-mile trip turned into a 100-mile trip, and Ken Bruland explained it all in an interesting presentation on Sunday, October 18, 2009, at the Beaver Island Community Center. Beginning at noon, and during the Senior Luncheon, Ken's presentation lasted from a little over an hour. There were pictures, video clips, and interesting stories along with maps and charts, with one or two amusing stories thrown in as well. More on this presentation will be posted on the update on Monday.

Island Soccer Team Storms over the Lakers

The Beaver Island soccer team is a strong team in more ways than one. First and foremost from outside observers is the obvious teamwork and the desire to help each other score goals. Second, the team is in excellent physical condition. This was just as evident on Mackinac Island as it has been here on Beaver Island at the home games.

On Friday night, the Islanders swept past the Lakers giving the Lakers a sound defeat with the final score 9-1. Scoring goals for the Islanders were: Brighid Cushman 1, Bryan Timsak 2, Jenna Battle 1, Kristy Bousquet 1, Dereck McDonough 2, Olivia Schwartzfisher 1, and Cameron LaVasseur 1. Assists were provided by Jewell Cushman 1, Jenna Butler 2, Olivia Schwarzfisher 1, and Olivia Cary 2. Jewell Cushman had two saves in the goal, Bryan Timsak had three saves in the goal, and Olivia Schwartzfisher had three saves in the goal.

On Saturday, the same type of teamwork pushed the Islanders to a 9-0 win. The Islanders scored all nine goals in the first half, so the game ended at that point. Bryan Timsak had 2 goals, Cameron LaVasseur had 4 goals, Dereck McDonough had 2 goals, and Kristy Bousquet had 1 one. Assists were by Bryan Timsak 1, Cameron LaVasseur 1, Dereck McDonough 1, and Jewell Cushman 1.

Wednesday the Island soccer team will play in their first district game at Harbor Springs against Harbor Springs Christian. If the Islanders win this game, they will be back in Harbor playing again on Saturday. On Friday, the Northern Lights League Soccer Tournament will take place on Mackinac Island. This will be a busy week for the Beaver Island soccer team. Good Luck, Islanders!

Lady Islanders Fight Hard

The Lady Islanders have played some fairly unchallenging teams recently, but the Lady Lakers were by no means easy. The Lakers were a very challenging team to play. Although the Islanders were losing on Friday night, the games showed excellent play by the Islander team. The Lakers pushed past the Islanders on Friday night in a 3-0 run in the best of five match. The Lady Islanders were up-and-at-'em on Saturday morning and playing very hard. The Islanders pushed the Lakers into a tie-breaker fifth game after matching the Lakers 2 games to 2 games. The Lakers were able to put on the brakes to the scoring of the Islanders and pushed past the Islanders winning the tie-breaker by five points. "The girls played well," Coach Kerry Smith said. "This was a good year for my first year of coaching. We got second place in the Northern Lights League. Mackinac got first place."

Having attended all the home games, this reporter is looking forward toward another year of excellent work by the Lady Islanders. Someone said, "The team has a lot of talented younger players. Watch out in the future!"

More Than One Way to Clean a Barge?

This deck gun might remind you of a fire truck deck gun shooting water to clean the barge??

Governor Granholm Comments on Technology Stimulus Funds

Governor Includes Comments about Beaver Island Last Mile Grant Application

Although there is no definite information about the grant application sent in by the newly formed Beaver Island Broadband, Inc., (BIBI) this step below shows that the governor is interested in obtaining these funds for Michigan. It will be mid-November at least before BIBI will know if they made it through the first cut, and, if so, the real work will begin. Hopefully, BIBI's grant applications will be successful for the competition and extended services that this plan will provide.

"The projects identified in the governor's letter to the NTIA as key to the implementation of the state's strategic goals would bring broadband access to 66 percent of current unserved households and 68 percent of unserved businesses across the state. In announcing today's input, Granholm also reiterated the state's commitment to making access available to every citizen in the state.

“When we launched our broadband plan in 2004, we likened it to the effort 55 years ago to build a great bridge linking our two peninsulas.  Our broadband plan is every bit as transformational, allowing us to link every community in our state to economic opportunity,” said Granholm. “Broadband will be this generation's Mackinac Bridge.”

Granholm's letter to Lawrence Strickling, U.S. Dept. of Commerce Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information, included comments on last-mile coverage in rural areas ranging from Barry County to Beaver Island to Alpena to the Upper Peninsula -- expanding service to 338,000 households and 41,000 businesses that are in unserved and underserved areas across the state. Improvements in suburban areas were also requested across the state, as well as for public computing centers in 23 counties and 155 locations and for sustainable broadband systems."

From Jack Gallagher:

On October 14, 2009, Beaver Island Broadband was included in a group of (8) Last-Mile Michigan Applicants for Federal Stimulus funding recommended by Governor Granholm for consideration by the U.S. government.  We anticipate hearing from the U.S. government between November 1, 2009 and November 15, 2009 if Beaver Island Broadband will make the "first cut" at the Federal level.  If we make the "first cut", we will move into the second phase in which the final successful applicants are selected. 

The timing for making the final announcements in phase "2" is unclear at this time.  As the timing becomes clear, we will notify you. The good news is that we are still in the race.  The hope is that we will be selected for funding.  Each of you are part of a much larger group of people who have provided the time, energy and dedication to bring us to this point.  We commend you and ask that you express our gratitude to those not listed in this e-mail who have contributed so much. 

Please call me at the Township Hall (448-2389) or at home (448-2441) if I can provide any further information.

Governor Granholm's Cover Letter

Beaver Island Fall Colors

Ominous, yet beautiful, skies in the fall over Paradise Bay

A short drive around the Gull Harbor, Paradise Bay, and Barney's Lake Road will show the fall colors are definitely here. If only we had some consistent sunshine to help show the beauty of the Island in this season.

Gull Harbor loop

Barney's Lake loop

Snowbirds! Michigan Needs you!

Michigan needs you to be Counted as a Michigander in the 2010 Census

The Area Agency on Aging 1-B (AAA 1-B) is concerned that many of Michigan 's estimated 130,000 snowbirds may get missed in the upcoming 2010 census—costing the state millions in federal dollars that are allocated based on census numbers. The problem lies in the timing of the census.

In March, the 2010 Census forms will be mailed to every residence. Residents will be instructed to complete the form and return it by April 1 st . However, many Michigan snowbirds may complete and return their census form at their southern residence, and not be counted as a Michigan resident! 

If retirees reside in Michigan for more than six months out of the year they should be counted as a Michigan resident , so that Michigan receives the federal benefits for them. Each person who is counted in Michigan brings more than $1,000 to Michigan each year in federal funding. The 2010 census count determines funding to state and local governments, money for roads, schools, businesses, and services for the elderly.

To be sure snowbirds who live in Michigan six months or more are properly counted, this is what you need to do:

•  When you receive a Census Questionnaire at your winter address, do not fill it out if you live there for less than six months out of the year.

•  If you return to Michigan before April 15, fill out the Census Questionnaire that will be delivered to your Michigan address.

•  After April 15, or if you do not find a questionnaire when you return, wait until the Census sends a census taker to your door to get a form completed.

Michigan needs all snowbirds who live here most of the time to be counted here, to help our state, our cities, and our neighbors receive a fair share of federal resources.

Lady Islanders Win Quickly over Young Ojibwe Team

On Wednesday afternoon, October 14, 2009, the Lady Islanders swept through two 3-0 matches against the very young Ojibwe team. There were high points for all the players on the Islander team with most players getting an opportunity to play, particularly the younger players.

Click HERE for Frank Solle's wonderful pictures of the matches

Quicktime Streaming Highlights Videos Below:

Highlight clip 1

Highlight clip 2

Highlight clip 3

Highlight clip 4

Highlight clip 5

Rescued Fawn Doing Well

Beaver Island News on the 'Net posted a story back in July about a rescued fawn that was brought to Jeff Powers DVM, who took care of the fawn and then was required to transfer care of the fawn to a rehabilitation center. Jeff Powers forward the email that he received recently that show that the rescued fawn that is missing one leg is doing well. You can read the original story by clicking HERE.

For more story and pictures, you can go HERE.


COA Public Forum Meeting Announced

Public Forum – Charlevoix County Commission on Aging

The Charlevoix County Commission on Aging will hold its regularly scheduled monthly meeting on Beaver Island on Monday, October 19, 2009, from 10 AM until noon at the Beaver Island Community Center .

This regular meeting of the Commission will encompass a Public Forum on the following topics related to persons age 60 and older consistent with the purpose of the Commission on Aging. Of particular interest to the Commission will be:

•  Management of Chronic Disease and Continuum of Care Issues in the Elderly

•  Fall Prevention and Injury Avoidance

•  Community Based Aging In Place Initiatives

•  Prevention Efforts  to Minimize Elder Exploitation

•  Physical and Mental Wellness/Healthy Life Style

Ken Bruland's Paddle for Food Presentation

Ken made his first presentation to the public on Saturday, October 10, 2009. There were some technology glitches, but they were provided a "work-around" and the presentation continued. This presentation will take place again on Sunday, October 18, 2009, at the COA Senior Lunch beginning at 12 noon at the Beaver Island Community Center. A few pictures and a short video can be found HERE

Beaver Island News on the 'Net will be posting more pictures of his trip after Ken has completed his presentations.

St. James Township Meeting on October 7, 2009

Thanks to Levi Connor for the video work for this month's St. James meeting

Quicktime Streaming video:

Jim Wojan comments about B.I. Marine Boat launch

CMU Boat House Restoration 1

CMU Boat House Restoration 2

AMVETs Arranmore Park

Rick Speck comments on Arranmore Park

Fresh Air Lease changes ratified

BITA appointments

Fuel Oil Bid 1

Resolution for Spring Fuel Oil Bids

Fuel Oil Bid 2

Tree Clearing Grant for Airport Motion

Lighthouse Restoration Committee

Lighthouse Restoration Committee motion

DNR Lease Expired

DNR Lease Expired 2

Posting for Waste Managment and Board of Review

Join the Fun!

Beaver Island's 1st Annual Halloween Carnival

Games ~ Prizes

Costume Contest

Snacks and Treats

Friday October 30th

7:00 p.m.

At the

Peaine Township Hall

Prizes Awarded For The Best Costumes!

This event is free of charge and open to all children, teens as well. Tickets for the games will be given out at the door along with a treat bag. Treat bowls will be set up at each game and each child is allowed one treat from each bowl. Prizes will be given for each game. The costume judging will take place after the games. There will be a separately judged costume contest for teens which will follow the judging of the younger children's costumes. Snacks and punch will be set up at the kitchen. There will also be and area for children to sit if they are frightened by any of the decorations or costumed game operators. If you have any questions or are interested in volunteering to help, please call Tina Walker at 448-2020. I would like to thank the volunteers, in advance, for their dedication in helping provide safe and fun activities for the youth of Beaver Island and I would also like to thank the Beaver Island businesses who's generous donations have made this event possible. Thank you all!

When asked why she does these activities, Tina Walker said, "I love children and love seeing them have a good time. I have been collecting holiday decorations for over 35 years, I really enjoy decorating for holidays and that my reward for everything that I do lies in the smiling faces of the children, and my volunteers feel the same way."

AA Meeting Nights Announced

There will be an AA meeting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday nights at 7 p.m. at the Beaver Island Christian Church.

Beaver Island Marathon Participant's Comments


Proposed AMVET Memorial Park

At the St. James Township meeting last night, October 7, 2009, the AMVETs Post 46 made a presentation to the township board for using the old power plant park area as a location for an AMVET Memorial Park. There are some lease issues that need to be resolved, but St. James approved this use of the property contingent upon the lease with Wolverine Power Company.

Article and pictures HERE

Transfer Station Notice

Fall/winter hourss at the Transfer Station begin November 1...........11-5 Monday - Saturday

Beaver Island Community Center

8am - 9pm Monday through Saturday and 10am - 6pm Sunday

The Hangout: Snacks & Cold Beverages Available

Monday – Saturday 9am – 9pm

Sunday 10am – 6pm

Come check us out!

October Events HERE

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Announces Mini-Grant Program

The Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association (BICAA) is initiating a new mini-grant program in 2009-10 to support the creative work of local artists who enrich the cultural life of the Beaver Island community. Funding for the program is generated by proceeds from Baroque on Beaver, an annual classical music series that combines the talents of year-round and seasonal residents with professional musicians from across the state of Michigan and beyond.

The new program was created by the BICAA Board of Directors as a means of fulfilling its mission to support year-round cultural arts in the Beaver Island community. BICAA has previously invested proceeds from Baroque on Beaver in the string program and other cultural activities for students at the Beaver Island Community School (BICS). Since BICS recently received a major grant to fund similar projects, the BICAA Board decided to refocus its resources on supporting the work of local artists. Artists will be able to apply for funding to cover costs for such necessities as time and materials to create their art, rental of rehearsal and performance space, travel expenses or fees for attending seminars or classes, opportunities to branch out into new art forms and other reasonable needs.

Eligibility criteria and applications for the mini-grant program may be obtained from BICAA Board member Miranda Rooy, and will be posted in mid-October on the BICAA website, . Applications will be accepted electronically and must be received by November 15, 2009 . A Selection Committee composed of Board members and community residents qualified in specific areas of the arts will review applications and make recommendations on awardees for Board approval. Awards will be in mid-December. For more information, please contact Anne Glendon, .

Eligibility requirements for candidates:

  1. Year-round or seasonal residents of Beaver Island for a minimum of 2 years
  2. At least 2 years of engagement in the art form for which support is being sought
  3. Submission of a completed application which includes a statement of need for funding. This would include, but not be limited to costs associated with:
    • Rehearsal or performance space
    • Release time from work to practice or create artwork
    • Materials, equipment, training
    • Other needs consistent with the type of art involved.
  4. Agreement to report on, share, demonstrate, show or perform whatever work is produced as a result of the grant during the Baroque on Beaver annual festival (July 26-August 1, 2010), or at another event to be sponsored by BICAA in association with the festival .

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association: Mini-Grant Application

Name of Artist(s):

Beaver Island Address:

Year-round Mailing Address:


Beaver Island Phone(s): _____________________Alternative Phone(s):

Approximate annual residency dates on Beaver Island :

1. Type of Art to be funded (include all that apply)

__ Musical performance

__ Musical composition

__ Visual art (please specify medium)

__ Poetry, Short Story or other literary art (please specify form)

__ Dance

__ Theater

__ Other (please specify)

2. Purpose of request: Please describe in one paragraph what the funds will be used for.

3. Statement of Need: Please explain (no more than 1 page) why you are seeking funding at this time. Describe your engagement in this art form over the past 2 years and give a compelling reason why this mini-grant is important to achieving your artistic goals.

4. Amount requested (anticipated grant range is $150-$750): _______

5. Letter of Agreement: Please attach a letter (or multiple letters from all the members of the applicant group) that clearly states agreement with the requirement to show, display or otherwise demonstrate how the mini-grant funds were used by July 15, 2010 .

6. Name and contact information of two references who can attest to your work:

Please use additional pages as needed.

Applications are due by November 15, 2009. Electronic applications preferred. Please send to Miranda Rooy, . Attachments that cannot be sent electronically may be mailed to BICAA, PO Box 326 , Beaver Island , MI 49782 . Awards will be decided by the BICAA Board and announced in mid-December

Sarah Ellen (Gaunt) Thompson

TRAVERSE CITY — Sarah Ellen Thompson, age 67, of Traverse City, died Friday, Oct. 2, 2009, at Munson Hospice House, after a courageous three-year battle with ovarian cancer.

Sarah was born June 19, 1942, in Springfield, Mo., the daughter of Paul R. and Beulah E. (Cowen) Gaunt. Sarah married Clifton C. Thompson on Dec. 1, 1978, in Missouri, and they moved to Traverse City in 2004.

After working several years as a secretary and a sales director, Sarah entered college at age 36 and graduated with honors from Missouri State University with a degree in chemistry. She then obtained a certificate in medical technology and later earned a Master of Science degree from Central Michigan University.

Following college, Sarah developed a nutrition and weight control program and counseled clients on sound nutrition practices. She also served as a laboratory instructor in chemistry at Missouri State University and at Alma College. Her endeavors in nutrition and in chemical and biomedical research resulted in the publication of one book plus numerous articles and presentations.

She served for several years as Director of Sponsored Research at Missouri State University and then held a similar position at Central Michigan University.

She is survived by her husband, Clif; daughter, Victoria Thurman; stepdaughter, Brenda (Robert) Sepanski; grandson, John Steven Sepanski; sister, Rebecca (George) Wakefield; brothers, Timothy (Karen) Gaunt and Joseph (Paula) Gaunt; nieces, nephews and cousins.

Sarah was preceded in death by her parents. Cremation has taken place.

The family wishes to extend sincere gratitude to Sarah's doctors and nurses and to the staff at Munson Hospice for their skillful and compassionate care.

Memorials may be directed to Congregation Beth El, PO Box 2445, Traverse City, MI 49685; or to Munson Hospice and Palliative Care, 210 Beaumont Place, Traverse City, MI 49684.

Please share your memories of Sarah with the family on her online guestbook at . The family is being served by Reynolds-Jonkhoff Funeral Home.

Sara and Cliff had built their home here on the east side of Beaver Island by Jacobson and Rich, then sold it a while back and moved to Traverse City. 

Cliff's address is:  c/o Bay Ridge, 3825 Scenic Ridge, Traverse City, MI 49684. 

Islander Volleyball

Stats for the season before Mackinac tournament are HERE

Mackinac Volleyball Tournament

Pictures and Story by Frank Solle HERE

These wonderful pictures are also by Frank Solle. Thank you, Frank!

There was enough wind to cause the spray from the waves to cover the bow of this large freighter.

St. Helena's Island and light, standing guard near the straits.

It looks like the bridge is twisting in the 45+ mph winds. Maybe it was.

Passing the mouth of the harbor, as inviting as ever. ...Ah, the sun always shines over Beaver Island.

Free Preventative Medical Services at BIRHC

Grant monies are still available for preventative care at the Beaver Island Rural Health Center.

Char-Em United Way has awarded the Beaver Island Rural Health Center a $6,000 grant to offer to the uninsured residents of Beaver Island, an opportunity to make an appointment with one of our two care providers for a physical, which would include a

Physical, Blood Work, Baseline EKG, Women's Health Issues at

No Charge

Please encourage anyone who might benefit from these services to call for an appointment. The service is available to those members of the community who are not insured or whose insurance may not pay for a routine physical. We are offering screening for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid disease, prostate cancer and anemia.

There is no time limit on this offer. We are grateful to Char-Em United Way allowing us to offer these services.

To date 14 residents of the island have taken advantage of the opportunity for preventative care. Two residents have had hypertension diagnosed and are being treated and one resident has been diagnosed with a blood disorder and has been referred to a specialist.

Donna Kubic, Managing Director

Clare Cull Address

If you did not know, Clare Cull suffered a stroke. She is currently in Bay City. You can write to her at the following address:

Clare Cull, Room 878, Bay Regional Medical Center, West Campus, 3250 East Midland Road, Bay City, MI 48705

BICS Seeks Girls' Basketball Coach




CERTIFICATION: High School Diploma or higher


•  Demonstrate an interest in working with children ages 13-18 years.

•  Demonstrate an understanding of the role of interscholastic athletics and communicate it to athletes, parents and the public.

•  Knowledgeable about rules, regulations, skills of the sport and be able to communicate them to the athletes.

•  Willingness to attend off-island training as required.

•  Willingness to travel with and supervise students on away trips.


SALARY: New coaches with 0-3 years of experience will be paid $1100 for the season; coaches with 3 or more years of experience will be paid $1500 for the season


STARTING DATE: November 2009

INQUIRIES DIRECTED TO Kathleen McNamara, Principal/Superintendent, Beaver Island Community School


Leone Schellenberg Update

The update is not good news. Her doctors have told her and us that they can do nothing further to cure her medical condition and recommend we sign up with hospice. This we have done. Her heart and kidneys are getting weaker and she continues to retain fluid. As far as life expectancy is concerned, we have no idea. Please continue to keep her in you prayers  as we know God does perform miracles           

With love to all:             Chuck Schellenberg

Talking Threads says, "EVERYONE IS WELCOME!"




Food Pantry and Fellowship Center Need Help

Through a cooperative effort of News on the 'Net with the Beaver Island Christian Church, you are able to donate money directly to the Beaver Island Christian Church Food Pantry and/or the Beaver Island Christian Church Gregg Fellowship Building Fund from these website links below. You will be directed to PayPal and you may enter your donation amount and charge it directly to your credit card. You will be directed to an entirely secure website. The money will go directly into the Beaver Island Christian Church account. Only the Beaver Island Christian Church Business Manager Rick Speck will have access to this account.

Directions for using the PayPal website are HERE

Use the first to donate to the Food Pantry. Use the third button to donate to the GFC Building Fund.

Donation goes to the Christian Church Food Pantry--Click the Donate Button on the far left and above.

Donation goes to the Christian Church Gregg Fellowship Center Building Fund--Click the Donate Button on the far left and above.

BICS Sports Season Continues

The BICS Soccer Team and Volleyball Teams continue their competitions this coming weekend, September 25th and 26th. Please come out and support our local sports teams and cheer them on. The sports schedule for this fall is posted below:



There will be a volleyball match against Ojibwe this Wednesday Oct. 13 @ 1:30 pm, but NO SOCCER






Northern Lights League Tournament on Mackinac Island will take place on October 23 instead of  October 24 due to ACT testing on October 24.

Where's This?

No one took a guess on this probably because everyone is so busy still with the extended tourist season. The sign at the entrace to the Beaver Lodge Road that indicates this road leads to the Laurain Lodge and the Beaver Island Lodge has this at the top.

FREE Classified Ads

Part of the website cost goes to providing the format and access to FREE classified Ads. Some have used them very successfully. As a subscriber to this website, you get free classified ads posting for all subscribers to read. The classified ads are one of the perks for being a subscriber. Please check them once in a while, and please use them.

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes