B. I. News on the 'Net, October 19-25, 2015

Beaver Island Teen Halloween Party at the Library

This party was set up by the students for grades 7-12. The younger children will have a birthday party this afternoon, Sunday, October 25, 2015. It is purposely on the weekend arranged to disrupt the library operations as little as possible. The students looked like they were enjoying themselves. There were three activities going on this same night which may have affected the attendance at all three events. The radio play was at the Community Center, the Hologram presentation was at Emerald Isle Gallery, and this party was at the district library. One adult commented, "I'd have gone to the party, but the play was at the same time." Another said, "The holograms were pretty cool." Most of the teens went to the Halloween Party at the library.

Video of the party may be viewed HERE


Emerald Isles Gallery hosted an exhibition entitled "HOLOGRAPHY: THE MICHIGAN MEDIUM" on October 24, 2015, from 3 pm until 9 pm. There were couple of other events going on during this date and time. The radio play program was at the Community Center, and the teenage Halloween Party was happening at the District Library. It was also a Saturday night.

Deb Bousquet, reporter and videographer for News on the 'Net attended this presentation and took pictures and did video of the presentation by Doug E. Tyler. This was a unique exhibition of over one dozen holographic images that delighted and amazed those who attended. The images seemed to float before your eyes and were interactive, changing as you changed your position relative to the holography.

While a photograph of holography may seem inconsistent to some, these photos may help gain a little knowledge of what this artform is about.

Doug Tyler explaining the artform

"Typically, a hologram is a photographic recording of a light field, rather than of an image formed by a lens, and it is used to display a fully three-dimensional image of the holographed subject, which is seen without the aid of special glasses or other intermediate optics." from wikipedia

Some view from just one position.

View of hologram from two different positions

View of a hologram from three different positions

Reaching out to touch the three-dimensional object

Video Clips of the Holography

Viewing the holograms


Phyllis' Daily Weather

for October 25, 2015

The first beautifully, clear sky in weeks. Since I, obviously, am not a space traveler, I have to contain my star wanderings to my imagination as I wonder about them... do they ever wish they could change places and paths with each other? do they watch us humans and wonder why we do the things we do? on dark nights like this do they feel encased in velvet? I know, I know, crazy thoughts, but then I seriously doubt I've had a lot of sane thoughts. My mind does like to travel and ask all sorts of weird questions. Oh well, I could always blame it on Henry B. Nine, or just own up to the fact that I march to a different drum. Anyhow, on to the weather: right now I'm showing 43° although it feels like 39°, wind is at 7 mph from the northwest with gusts to 25 mph, humidity is at 76%, pressure is rising from 1022 mb, and visibility is at 9.2 miles. Today: Mostly cloudy. Isolated rain showers in the afternoon. Highs in the upper 40s. Northwest winds at 10 mph. Gusts up to 25 mph in the afternoon. Tonight: Partly cloudy with isolated rain showers in the evening, then mostly cloudy with scattered rain showers after midnight. Lows in the mid 30s. Light winds.

On this date of October 25, 2001 - It was announced that scientists had unearthed the remains of an ancient crocodile which lived 110 million years ago. The animal, found in Gadoufaoua, Niger, grew as long as 40 feet and weighed as much as eight metric tons.

Did you know that the little hole in some sinks that lets the water drain out instead of flowing is called a 'porcelator'?

Word of the day: tremulous (TREM-yuh-luh s) which means 1) (of persons, the body, etc.) characterized by trembling, as from fear, nervousness, or weakness. 2) timid; timo Tremulous stems from the Latin word tremulus which is the adjectival form of the verb tremere meaning "to tremble."

Events Coming to Gregg Fellowship Center and the Christian Church

The Annual Trunk or Treat will take place at the Gregg Fellowship Center on Saturday, October 31, 2015, from 5 pm until 6:30 p.m. Hot dogs, chips, and cider will be available for a free will donation. Community members are asked to bring treats and pass them out from the Fellowship Center.

The Annual Thanksgiving Dinner will be on November 26, 2015 at 6:00PM  at the Gregg Fellowship Center  If possible bring a dish to pass or a dessert to share.  We furnish Turkey, Stuffing, Mashed Potatoes, Gravy also punch and coffee or tea

The Annural Christmas Cantata at the Beaver Island Christian Church wil be on December 5 & 6, 2015, at 2:00PM.

The Annual Cookie Carnival at the Gregg Fellowship Center will start at NOON and go until 4:00pm on Thursday, December 10, 2015.  This year, anyone wanting Nutmeg Logs and/or Party Cookies are asked to pre-order.  You can call Jean Carpenter at 448-2893 to pre-order. 

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for October 24, 2015

Not exactly looking to be the "perfect autumn day", however since we're up and breathing, it's a good day! Right now I'm registering 52°, wind is at 13 mph from the south with gusts to 20 mph, humidity is at 94%, pressure is steady at 1008 mb, and visibility is at 9.7 miles. Today: Periods of rain in the morning, then periods of rain and thunderstorms in the afternoon. Highs around 60°. Southwest winds 5 to 15 mph. Gusts up to 30 mph increasing to 40 mph in the afternoon. Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Periods of rain in the evening, then a chance of rain after midnight. Breezy. Lows in the lower 40s. Northwest winds 15 to 25 mph decreasing to 10 to 15 mph after midnight. Gusts up to 45 mph.

On this date of October 24, 1948 - The term "cold war" was used for the first time. It was in a speech by Bernard Baruch before the Senate War Investigating Committee.

Did you know that Albert Einstein never knew how to drive a car?

Word of the day: fugleman (FYOO-guh l- muh n) which means 1) a person who heads a group, company, political party, etc.; a leader or manager. 2) (formerly) a soldier placed in front of a military company as a good model during training drills. Fugleman comes from the German word Flügelmann which literally means "flank man."

Rescheduled Regular School Board Meeting

October 26, 2015, 7 p.m.


PTA Asked to Help for Halloween Parties

The older kids' party (7-12th grade) is tomarrow, October 24, 2015, from 7:30pm to 11:00pm at the library. There will be a dance, snacks, and outside games.

The younger kids party (any age to 6th Grade) is Sunday, October 25, 2015, from 4:00pm to 7:00pm at the library. There will be the haunted hallway, movie (Double, Double Toil and Trouble), games and snacks.

Both are free will donation and put on be TAB

It Library Teen Advisory Board has asked if PTA members might be interested in making/bringing some snacks for the teen Halloween party or the children's party (or both). Foodstuffs left over from the Saturday party will be put away and refrigerated if necessary, but things that don't quickly  spoil, get soggy, or generally deteriorate in an unappetizing way would be best. Larissa's away right now, but I'm going to look for something easy I can throw together.

If you are able/willing to contribute, please let me or Katie Lafreniere (kllems@yahoo.com) know.

Thanks much, and Happy Autumn!

Also : the library does have plates, cups and napkins, some candy and some juice boxes. The PTA will be supplying some salty/savory snacks as well.

Patrick S. McGinnity, Director
Beaver Island District Library

Spray-Paint-in-the-Face Cat Culprit Caught

News Release from Charlevoix County Sheriff's Department

Sheriff Don Schneider reports that the Charlevoix County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a suspect in the animal cruelty case where a cat was sprayed with orange-red spray paint and its tail severely injured resulting in amputation.

Paul Wicker, age 40 from Boyne City, was arrested October 22, 2015 when a misdemeanor warrant for animal cruelty, which carries a 93 day, $1,000 fine, and community service, and a felony warrant for witness intimidation, which carries a maximum of 15 years and/or $25,000 fine, was issued by Prosecuting Allen Telgenhof. Wicker was arraigned by the 90th District Court Magistrate and bond was set for $50,000. This crime was solved by the media exposure that generated a magnitude of citizens’ response to this heinous crime.  Several citizens came forward to provide Sheriff’s Office with leads to solve the case which touched the hearts of many people.

Sheriff Schneider commends the assistance of both the citizens of Boyne City and the Sheriff’s Office Investigators. 

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for October 23, 2015

It's a bit invigorating outside this morning with the temperature at 40°, and the wind chill at 32°. Wind is at 13 mph from the southeast with gusts to 19 mph, humidity is at 83%, pressure is rising from 1024 mb, and visibility is at 9.7 miles. Today: Mostly sunny. Highs in the mid 50s. Southeast winds at 10 mph with gusts to around 25 mph. Tonight: Periods of rain and drizzle after midnight. Lows in the upper 40s. Southeast winds 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 30 mph.

On this date of October 23, 1946 - The United Nations General Assembly convened in New York for the first time.

Did you know that the corkscrew was invented in 1890?

Word of the day: convive (KON-vahyv) which means an eating or drinking companion; fellow diner or drinker. Convive is derived from the Latin word convīva meaning "table-companion, guest."

New Administrator for Holy Cross Parish

Deacon Jim Siler from Cadillac, MI will be moving to Beaver Island to become the Administrator of Holy Cross Parish effective November 1st.   Priests from St. Mary’s in Charlevoix will continue to come to the island to say mass on Sunday.

Jim’s movers will be here Saturday to move his belongings into the Rectory on Kings Highway and Jim will arrive on the island Monday.


With the island meteorologist off island for personal reasons, having to do with a pretty new black car, there was no weather report this morning. The sky right now is pretty clear in Charlevoix with some clouds visible north from the Charlevoix Airport over the lake. This less than experienced weather reporter sees possible partially cloudy day with the highs in the fifties. You will have to wait until tomorrow to find out the more detailed and more correct weather forecast from the resident weather gal!

BOBI (BIDL Book Club)

BOBI (BIDL Book Club)
For TUESDAY, 11/17 @7p: discussing Knocking On Heaven's Door by Katy Butler
For Tuesday, 12/15 @7p: An Irish Country Christmas by Patrick Taylor 
For Tuesday, 1/19 @7p: Gutenberg's Apprentice by Alix Christie 
For February (date tbd): In The Unlikely Event by Judy Blume

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for October 21, 2015

Slept like a log. Perhaps resting up for a quick trip to the mainland for a new car? Anyhow, right now it's 50°, cloudy, there's a pretty good chance that by 12:30 we'll be getting some drizzle from those clouds, wind is at 15 mph from the southeast with gusts to 19 mph, humidity is at 86%. pressure is rising from 1016 mb, and visibility is at 9.1 miles. Today: Mostly cloudy with scattered rain showers. Highs in the mid 60s. South winds 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 25 mph. Chance of showers 40%. Tonight: Partly cloudy. Scattered rain showers and a slight chance of thunderstorms in the evening. Lows in the mid 40s. Southwest winds 10 to 20 mph shifting to the northwest after midnight. Gusts up to 30 mph.

On this date of October 21, 1797 - "Old Ironsides," the U.S. Navy frigate Constitution, was launched in Boston's harbor.

Did you know that the world's most expensive spice is saffron? Saffron is more expensive than gold because harvesting it is so laborious. Each crocus flower yields three stigmas which are picked by hand and dried.

Word of the day: kakistocracy (kak-uh-STOK-ruh-see) which means government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens. Kakistocracy entered English in the early 1800s from the Greek word kákistos meaning "worst," and -cracy, a combining form meaning "rule" or "government."

Special St. James Meeting-Auditor Report

This long awaited meeting of the results of an independent audit of the St. James funds specifically related to the Sewer Fund borrowing from the Road Fund and the General Fund took place at the St. James Township Hall today, October 20, 2015, beginning at 9:30 p.m. and lasting until just before 11 a.m. Questions from the board were answered as the auditor made his presentation. The auditor was Stephen M. Peacock, CPA, from Rehmann Robson from Traverse City, Michigan.

Stephen Peacock before the meeting

Several questions were asked regarding the report and when it would be available to the public. It was determined that the draft report would be posted on the St. James Township website this afternoon. The board will have to decide if they want any changes or any other review, but will finalize the report likely at the November board meeting.

The facts show that mistakes were made, certain billings were not done, and that the actual legal responsibility was not completed in a timely manner. The township attorney was asked to answer a question from the public: "When does negligence become criminal?" The lawyer's answer was not the one that was expected by some in the audience of twenty-nine people. "Negligence never becomes criminal." So as many people view this situation, mistakes were made, and efforts are being made to recover as much money as possible from the participants in the sewer running from the Holy Cross Hall down to the King Strang Hotel including Ray Matella's house.

Early on group attending the meeting

Mr. Peacock giving recommendations

Just a few of the people asking questions

This plan for collection will also be discussed, possibly at another special meeting as soon as tomorrow, but definitely another item on the agenda for the November meeting of the board.

Link to Auditor Draft Report

Video of Special Meeting HERE

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for October 20, 2015

It's 50° outside this morning, wind is at 8 mph from the northwest with gusts to 19 mph, humidity is at 90%, pressure is rising from 1015 mb, visibility is at 4.9 miles. Today: Partly sunny. Highs in the upper 50s. North winds 5 to 10 mph shifting to the northeast in the afternoon. Gusts up to 20 mph. Tonight: Mostly cloudy. A 40% chance of rain showers after midnight. Lows in the upper 40s. East winds 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 25 mph.

On this date of October 20, 1910 - A baseball with a cork center was used in a World Series game for the first time.

Did you know that Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is the fear of long words?

Word of the day: dithyramb (DITH-uh-ram, -ramb) which means 1) any wildly enthusiastic speech or writing. 2) a Greek choral song or chant of vehement or wild character and of usually irregular form, originally in honor of Dionysus or Bacchus. Dithyramb stems from the Greek word for this specific choral song, dīthýrambos.

Phyllis' Daily Weather

for October 19, 2015

Mother Nature is so fickle...yesterday cold, today much warmer. Right now it's 51° and very windy with clear skies over the island. Lots of stars twinkling down on us. Wind is at 21 mph from the south with gusts to 28 mph, humidity is at 74%, pressure is falling from 1017 mb, and visibility is at 10 miles. Today: Mostly sunny. Scattered rain showers and a chance of thunderstorms in the afternoon. Breezy. Highs around 60°. Southwest winds 15 to 25 mph with gusts to around 50 mph. Tonight: Mostly cloudy with scattered rain showers and a chance of thunderstorms in the evening, then partly cloudy after midnight. Lows in the upper 40s. Southwest winds 15 to 20 mph with gusts to around 35 mph decreasing to 5 to 15 mph with gusts to around 25 mph after midnight. Although the forecast says scattered rain showers and thunderstorms, I'm thinking they are going to miss us (fingers crossed).

On this date of October 19, 18?14 - In Baltimore, MD, the first documented performance of "The Defence of Fort McHenry" with music took place at the Holliday Street Theatre. The work was later published under the title "The Star-Spangled Banner."

Did you know that the bigger the orange the sweeter sweeter it is?

Word of the day: mawkish (MAW-kish) which means 1) charac-terized by sickly sentimentality; weakly emotional; maudlin. 2) hav-ing a mildly sickening flavor; slightly nauseating. Mawkish entered English in the late 1600s from the now-obsolete word mawk meaning "maggot."


Mackinaw Island on Beaver Island Volleyball Saturday

The Lady Islanders were an entirely different team on Saturday morning with their green uniforms on. The teamwork seemed to catch on and the Lady Islanders won this morning's match. Congratulations, Lady Islanders!

Good job, Lady Islanders!

View video of these games HERE



Holocaust Survivor Martin Lowenberg

Video by Kaylyn Jones HERE

Airport Commission Meeting

April 4, 2015

View video of the meeting HERE

Emergency Services Authority

June 30, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

Meeting of July 30. 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

August 27, 2015

Video of the meeting HERE

September 24, 2015

Video of this meeting is HERE

BIRHC Board Meeting

March 21, 2015

Link to video of the meeting HERE

Information from Our School

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Schedule

BICS Board Meeting Schedule 2015-16


BICS Board Meetings

June 8, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

June 29, 2015

Video can be viewed HERE

July 13, 2015

Video for the meeting HERE


Video of this meeting HERE

August 28, 2015

View video of this meeting HERE

September 14, 2015

Video HERE

Anti-Bullying Presentation to BICS Parents

View presentation HERE

Peaine Township Meeting

June 10, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

July 8, 2015

Video of meeting HERE

September 9, 2015

View video HERE

St. James Township Meeting Video

The report from the St. James Township website, which is a report to the St. James taxpayers, can be viewed HERE.

June 3, 2015

Video of this can be viewed HERE

July 1, 2015

Video of this meeting HERE

August 5, 2015

Video of meeting available HERE

September 2, 2015

View video of the meeting HERE

Waste Management Committee

October 21, 2014

View video of the meeting

Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community

Effective Tuesday, 9/8/15
CLOSED Labor Day, 9/7 Happy Holiday!!
M-F 9am-5pm
Sat 9am-9pm
231 448-2022

Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

When Santa Missed the Boat to Beaver Island

as read by Phil Gregg

Click HERE

Community Calendar

A completely new feature includes a monthly calendar for each month of the entire year of 2015. Please send me your events and they will be posted so others can schedule their events without conflict. Email your schedule of events to medic5740@gmail.com.

If you or your organization has an event you'd like posted on this Community Calendar, please contact me and I'll add it in.  Please try to get me the information as early as possible.

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The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Beaver Island District Library Board Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!

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Petroqueen Maiden Voyage

Bud Martin's Shamrock tug and the new fuel barge Petroqueen entered Paradise Bay tonight, October 18, 2015, at about 5 p.m. This was the first true fuel voyage, and it had been delayed by government paperwork for months.

The Petroqueen herself was awaiting the arrival of the fuel barge with her cousin.

The Petroqueen had quite a load based upon the depth of the barge in the water.

Video of the Petroqueen's arrival in Paradise Bay


Islanders Soccer Team At Tournament

The Islanders Soccer team flew off the island at 8 a.m. on October 17, 2015, and headed to the soccer tournament on Mackinaw Island. This is the Northern Lights League Soccer Tournament @ Mackinac Island. Beaver Island won one game and lost one game in this tournament. Beaver Island won one game 4 to 1. Beaver Island lost to Hannahville 4-0. (Pictures and video by Deb Bousquet)

The Islanders returned to the island before the tournament was over, cold and tired, but satisfied that they had done their best in this tournament. Congratulations, Islanders! The community is proud of your efforts and your sportsmanship!

View video of the games HERE

A Beautiful Tribute

Today, October 17, 2015, the communities, on Beaver Island and Escanaba, said goodbye to a wonderful man. LaDonis Mooney's funeral was at 11 a.m. with a full Holy Cross Church. After the Mass, a graveside service took place at the Holy Cross Cemetary. This was followed by a wonderful luncheon at the Holy Cross Parish Hall.

Cover and Inside

Sheri's Lyrics

Inside and Back cover


by Cindy Ricksgers

BIA Posts Letter About Healthcare on Beaver Island

After extensive research, interviews, and many discussions, the Beaver Island Association has posted a letter on their website related to healthcare on Beaver Island. While possibly upsetting to some people on the island, it is obvious that a lot of hard work that went into this. This letter was addressed to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center Board, the Beaver Island Emergency Services Authority, and the two township boards.

The BIA has completed some specific activites in the summer season which included the "Thank You to First Responders" and the Maine Islands Institute. The BIA has been working to get information about many aspects of the island, as well as attempting to gather information about other islands and how these other islands have handled some of the same issues. Whether you agree with the letter's content or not, the hard work deserves accolades.

Read the letter from the BIA website HERE

Beaver Island Community Players to Present Radio Play

Vintage Hitchcock: a Live Radio Play will be presented by the Beaver Island Community Players on Oct. 24th at 8 p.m. Community Center. Tickets are $13 and available at the community center.  Kids are $8. The play is much like we did last fall with It’s a Wonderful Life.

 We have a great group, some familiar faces and some new faces. We’ve had help from techno wiz, Kevin Boyle with the sound and music. Get tickets now before they are all sold out!

Spies, murder, love, and other trademarks of Alfred Hitchcock come to life in the style of a 1940s radio broadcast of the ‘Master of Suspense's” earlier films. A daring train chase, a psycho killer and the magic of live sound effects create a thrilling evening of theatre!

The following pictures were taken by Deb Bousquet of a rehearsal:

Peaine Township Meeting

The regular meeting of the Peaine Township Board took place on Wednesday, October 14, 2015, at 7 p.m. The agenda included the routine itmes of approval of the agenda, approval of minutes, and approval of the bills to be paid. The board appointed a member to the Beaver Island Emergency Services Authority and to the NRESC. election inspetors were appointed. The WVBI placement of a tower on the emergency services tower on Kings Highway was on the agenda.

Seven attendees were present as well as the board members.

View video of the meeting HERE




Community Center Movies

CC Transit Bus Back to Monday-Friday

In an email, Bob Tidmore notified me that two new transit bus drivers have been hired and effective immediately, the transit bus is back on its Monday through Friday schedule.

Preparing the Community Calendar

BINN is beginning the preparations for the 2016 Beaver Island Community Calendar. The events that are already scheduled for the coming year will be gladly be posted on the calendar. Any organization that has dates can be posted, but they have to be sent to the editor. Joe Moore said, "I have to be aware of the activity in order to post information about the activity." Save your dates now, so there are fewer conflicts!

Bank Hours Change

Starting Tuesday September 1st, the hours at the Beaver Island branch of the Charlevoix State Bank, will be : Monday - Friday 9am until 1pm, Monday through Friday.

Beach Rangers

Beach Rangers, now is the time to start walking the beaches and recording any dead birds, and fish found.   Recently found were 4 Red Neck Grebes on Donegal Bay. Contact me if you wish to participate and are willing to walk the beaches this fall.
Jacque, 448-2220

BINGO Announcement

Organizations Wanting Dates on the Community Calendar

BINN sponsors a Community Calendar as a one-stop location for anyone to view the meetings, programs, and events taking place on Beaver Island. BINN just included the entire year of 2015 in this location. Events already planned for a specific week or date could be placed in this location, so that no one else schedules an event that might conflict with your meeting, program, or event. In order for the editor to place these meeting, programs, or events on the Community Calendar, that information has to be emailed to the editor at medic5740@gmail.com. Please get this information to the editor as soon as possible.

Airport Commission Regular Meeting Schedule

Talking Threads Quilt Guild WEDNESDAYS

Talking Threads Quilt Guild invites all quilters, sewers, knitters, crocheters, weavers, spinners, and any other crafters to Peaine Township Hall on Wednesdays from 9:30 until noon. � Bring your projects, supplies, and enthusiasm. � Call Darlene at 448-2087 if you have questions , or just stop in on Wednesday.

Island Treasures Resale Shop

Island Treasures Resale Shop will start the spring schedule on Tuesday, May 19.  We will be open from noon until 4:00 Tuesdays through Saturdays.

Open for shopping and donations

If you need help with your donation, call the shop at 448-2534

or Donna at 448-2797.

BIRHC Meeting Dates Set

The board of directors of the BIRHC has set these meetings for 2015:
All are Saturdays at 10 AM in the Community Room at the Center:

Dec. 12 -annual meeting

B I Christian Church Worship Leaders

9:30 a.m. service

October 11:  Howard Davis
 18 and 25:  Harvey Ouwings; Grand rapids MI

Nov 8:  Howrd Davis
November 15:  El Zwart; Hudsonville MI

Bible study

every Tuesday evening at 7:00; discussion led by pastor of the previous Sunday-

-Everyone welcome!! Bible study 7:00 - 8:00; coffee/dessert fellowship after Bible study.

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

Auditor's Report for St. James Township

for Year Ending March 31, 2014

Thanks to Bob Tidmore for the link to this report.




Rumors About Emergency Transport

Rumor #1: There is a rumor going around that suggests that an emergency patient does not have any choice about how and where he/she will be transported. This is not a true statement. Every single emergency patient who is able to make a decision about how and where they are to be transported, will be transported how and where they want to go. It may involve a discussion with family and the medical control physician, but the final decision is with the patient. Yes, BIEMS will transport you to the medical center if that is where you want to go. It may be suggested that you go to another destination, such as Charlevoix Hospital, McLaren Northern Michigan, or Munson Hospital; but the choice is still yours to make. You may be asked to sign a special release, but you still get to go where you want to go, as long as you are alert enough to make that decision.

Rumor #2: Another rumor going around is that there is a conflict between the medical center and the local EMS. The local EMS group must follow the laws of the State of Michigan, the administrative rules for that law, and the State of Michigan Model EMS Protocols as approved by the Charlevoix County Medical Control Authority. This includes written physician orders for many aspects of emergency medical care that EMS must follow including assessments and treatments as well as recommended transport destination. The local EMS group is licensed by the State of Michigan to provide emergency medical transport. These license requirements and the written physician orders are required to be followed unless other orders are received from the medical control physician. The assessments and treatments can be refused by any patient capable of making that decision. There will be a continuity of excellent patient care offered to every emergency medical patient by the local EMS agency.

Rumor #3: Taking the locally licensed emergency medical air transport will cost more than using an off-Island air transport service. This is also false. The local air transport vehicle is leased by the local EMS with aircraft and pilot provided by Island Airways. BIEMS accepts all insurance plans and participates in most insurance plans including Medicaid and Medicare. Valley Med out of Iron Mountain also accepts the same insurance plans and also participates in Medicaid and Medicare. The only out of pocket costs for either service is the co-pay required by either insurance companies or Medicaid or Medicare. BIEMS accepts the payments from insurance companies, Medicaid, and Medicare as payments in full. Northflight Air out of Traverse City state that they also participate, but previous experience with Northflight was the reason for licensing a local air transport vehicle.

Rumor #4: Valley Med and Northflight can provide a higher standard of care than our locally licensed air transport. This is also false. The same level of emergency prehospital emergency care is provided in the local ambulance and in the locally licensed air transport vehicle as is available in either of the other two operations. In most emergencies in the last twenty-eight years, critical care transport paramedics and nurses were not necessary. They may be necessary in a patient transfer from one licensed hospital to another licensed hospital, but the efficient transport time provided by the locally licensed air transport gets the patient to the definitive care facility in a much shorter period of time, is provided by friends and neighbors by the same license level in prehospital care, and fits into an emergency medical system that has twenty-eight years of experience right here on Beaver Island.

Rumor #5: I can refuse local EMS transport without them ever being called. This is true, but why would you not want to give yourself the benefit of the physician-directed, efficient emergency transport system designed and adapted over twenty-eight years to fit Beaver Island, and operated by your friends and neighbors? Why would you not want the excellent patient care requirements, fitted to your personal situation? Do you not want the assessments, monitoring, and treatments recommended by the emergency physicians throughout the State of Michigan? Did you know that the paramedics on Beaver Island passed the same certification and licensing requirements as paramedics in any major city of the United States? Did you know that many nationally accepted patient care standards for specific emergencies were actually special study assessments and treatments tested right here on Beaver Island? These included automatic external defibrillation, Epi-Pen administration for severe allergic reactions, and intravenous administration of dextrose for low blood sugar in diabetics. Some others include the training and certification of medical first responders and Basic EMTs to insert an advanced airway called a Combitube or double-lumen airway, new requirements of first responders and EMTS to provide Narcan to possible drug overdoses, as well as the administration of aspirin and nitroglycerin by EMTS for chest pain patients. All of these were done on Beaver Island prior to their general acceptance in the field of basic prehospital emergency care.

BOBI Book Club- Upcoming Titles/Dates

(New) For MONDAY, November 16th, 7pm: Knocking On Heaven's Door by Katy Butler

*Please speak to Patrick, MG, or Kathy regarding BOBI book availability, there is a BOBI sign out sheet at the desk :)

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