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October 22-28, 2007

Don't Forget Your Pizza at Holy Cross Hall

Sunday, October 28, 2007, from 1-5 p.m.

News from the BI Chamber of Commerce

It's 2008 Membership Renewal Time

Please help us reduce mailing cost by renewing your membership on line. The new 2008 membership form is posted on your Chamber of Commerce web . Here is a direct link to the membership information and renewal form. /2008-membership/index.html You can print the forms if you wish or simply provide the information requested on page 3 via e-mail and mail your check to the address shown.   B I C of C  /  PO Box 5  /  Beaver Island, Mi. 49782. In many cases your directory information will remain the same or consist of just a few changes. If that is the case simply send an email to or .

An example e-mail is shown.

From: ABC Cottage Rentals & Services

To:     B I Chamber

Please change my listing as follows: the weekly rental price to $1800 and the e-mail to ............................. The rest will remain the same. I mailed my check in the amount of $000.00 on 10-30-07. Thank you.

Please renew your membership today. As soon as we receive your information and check we will update the web site (usually within 48 hours). Also, as soon as all renewals are in we can print the new 2008 directory. The drop dead deadline is December 30. Please don't delay. Get it out of the way, do it today. Call or email with any questions. You will get a prompt response. Thanks. .....................  Steve West

Watch For The Official Chamber of Commerce T-Shirt

Watch for our ad in the November issue of the Beaver Beacon and Northern Islander. It is a sharp looking light gray logo shirt. On the back it says, "Welcome to Beaver Island Some of us Live and Work Here." Every member should have at least one.

Hooley held at Holy Cross Hall

About 50 Irish from Arranmore Ireland and Chicago held a “Hooley” (an Irish evening of music, song and dance) at Holy Cross Hall on Oct. 6.

For the second year in a row, the Chamber of Commerce, in a gesture of goodwill from the Beaver Island community, allowed the Irish group to use the hall after the Bite of Beaver Island Festival, and also offered the group their insurance and liquor license for the event.

“The Chamber is pleased to be able to help islanders discover more about their Irish heritage,” said Executive Director Steve West.

BICS Receives Check from BICAA

The non-profit organization that presents "Baroque on Beaver" each year and recently presented the "Chenille Sisters" in concert right hear on Beaver Island is named the Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association. Part of their mission is to provide arts exposure to the students of the Beaver Island Community School. The BICAA presented a check in the amount of $2000 to the school to help support the Strings Program. Thank you to Jeff Cashman and the Beacon for this photograph.

Left to right: Ruth Kelly, Krys Lyle, BICS Principal K. McNamara, Christy Albin, Jayne Bailey, Deb Plastrik

Behind: BICS students Caitlin Boyle and Andrea Moore

News from the Transfer Station

Beginning November 5, the Station starts opening at 11:00 am. These hours are from November 5 to April 30, 2008.
We have days when we are closed beginning in November:
Except for Christmas there will be a hopper outside on the Holidays. On Christmas Day, we do NOT leave one out because the hoppers are for people leaving the Island , and neither the boat nor Island Airways are open. The hopper will be put out at 5:00 pm.
The Transfer Station crew wishes everyone a happy holiday season

Island Treasures Resale Shop


Mondays and Tuesdays

Noon until 4:00 PM

Special Saturday

Oct. 27

10AM until 2PM

BICS Islanders Win NLL Tournament

In a very exciting day today, Saturday, October 20, 2007, the Beaver Island Community School soccer team played very hard to a tie with Paradise after winning a game against Hannaville. Because the total amount of playing time cannot exceed 180 minutes, no overtime was allowed. The only choice was to have a shoot-out. One-on-one, a player shooting on goal against a goalie. Due to the skills of the entire BICS team, but particularly to the skill of Eric Albin as goalie, Beaver Island won the shoot-out and progressed to the finals against Mackinac Island.

The two Island teams, Beaver and Mackinac, battled to a one to one tie. Beaver Island won the shoot-out and therefore won the Northern Lights League Tournament. Pictures and more story to follow in the next day or so. Congratulations to Beaver Island for first place in the NLL Tournament and to Mackinac Island for second!!

The team celebrated in the mud after winning the tournament....Thank yous to the officials...Happy kids and coach

"I told them they could put me in the mud if they won against Mackinac Island," coach Brown said. (and they did)

A dejected Mackinac captain

A happy team received their first place trophy.....

The happy winning team!!!!

Jenna calls home to tell the good news......Two of the happy seniors...

Mud Bowl Pictures BI versus Mackinac

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Question:

Lisa Rose is a visiting paramedic. She provides advanced life support services to the Island residents and visitors when she is on the Island, and she taught two paramedic classes right here on Beaver Island with co-instructors Steve Rose and Joe Moore. Lisa has island ties. Her mother and father lived and worked on Beaver Island. Can you name her mother and father?

The only person responding was Mary Palmer with a correct answer. Her father, Omar McCann, owned the store down on the main drag by the boat dock. The McCann family has quite a history on Beaver Island.

This Week's Question:

The Beaver Island Community School's Soccer Team has won the NLL Soccer Tournament in the Soo under the leadership of Marianne Brown, their coach, and three seniors, Brenden Martin, Dan Runberg, and Eric Albin. The coach who served the team previously was Mike Myers. How many years was he the soccer coach?

The first correct answer will earn a gift subscription to News on the 'Net for the months of November, December, and January for the person of your choice. Email your answers to

Report on NLL Tournament by Coach Brown

Marianne Brown sent this excellent report on the tournament held in Sault St. Marie, Michigan, on Saturday, October 20, 2007. The Islanders flew direct to the Soo Airport, courtesy of the Sports Boosters, using three Island Airways Britten Norman Islanders.

Pictures of the trip up to the Soo are Here

Game 1: Hannahville – The starters (Brenden, Bryan, Dan, Dereck, Jenna Butler, Kristy, Cameron, Patrick, Maeve, Alex, and Eric) played the first 10 minutes of the first half and scored 6 goals (5 of those coming from Brenden).  The younger players then played the remainder of the first half (I left Dan in to keep things under control… just in case!)  The 8 th graders made up the 2 strikers and 2 midfield wings… Brighid and Jenna were both VERY close at goals but the muddy conditions were tough to handle.  I made the conscious decision during half time that we needed to end this game since I knew we would need all the legs we had for the remaining 2 games that day.  All the starters finished off the game about 4 minutes into the second half.  Stats: Goals – Brenden (5), Cameron (1), Dan (1), Bryan (1).  Assists – Dereck (2), Dan (1), Brenden (1).

Pictures of the Hannaville game are Here

(Mackinac Island played Grand Marais while Beaver Island got a rest. A link to a few pictures is here.)

Game 2: Paradise – Field conditions getting worse… much worse.  Paradise is a good team, no doubt and they play a great defense.  We struggled to get anything going during the game and I think panic started to set in about half way through the second half.  Blind passes, little hustle, and not finishing with good shots became our problems.  (The captains (Dan, Brenden, and Eric) and I knew there would be no overtime because of the MHSAA rule of only 180 minutes of soccer can be played by a player in one day so since a winner was needed a shoot out is how a tied game would be decided.)  Our (especially Eric's) worst fear was realized when the end of the game whistle blew.  The rules were laid out, first five kickers would kick, if there was still a tie the next round of different kickers would go head to head (kind of like sudden death).  Paradise kicked first – goal, Dereck kicked second – goal, Paradise #2 – save Eric!!, Dan #2 – save (uhhh), Paradise #3 – save Eric!!, Brenden #3 – goal.  We have the led 2-1!!  Paradise #4 – goal, Eric #4 – misses high.  Tied 2-2.  Paradise #5 – SAVE ERIC!! Cameron #5 – GOAL!!! 

Pictures of the Paradise game are here

Shootout Videos are here. (Remember that dialup customers will have a very long wait.)

15 minutes till the next game starts VS. Mackinac

Game 3: Mackinac Island – Field conditions are worse much much worse!  The last time we played Mackinac our greatest problem was Robert Chambers.  He camps out as one of MI strikers and he has a great deal of speed!!  The rest of the MI players always look to pass him the ball.  Before the game I said to Dan your one and only job this game is to shadow Chambers!  Dan knew his job and he executed it perfectly.  Our defense won this game for us!  MI scored early in the first half but no more than 5 minutes later Brenden answered to tie the game.  We would stay at this tie for the remainder of the game.  But I have say (and I may be biased) that Beaver Island dominated the play in the second half!  The Mackinac Island coach said it perfectly during and after the game, “they (BI) wanted it more than we (MI) did” and it was obvious!  As the whistle blew to end the game in a tie I was mysteriously confident because I knew that we had the stronger keeper and a deeper bench of quality shooters!  Same rules as before… MI kicked first (Chambers) – save Eric!, Dereck #1 – too close to call from the bench but the official called it a save, MI #2 – goal, Dan #2 – save, MI #3 – save Eric, Brenden – Goal!  Tied 1-1.  MI #4 – goal, Eric #4 – save.  MI up 2-1.  Eric must make the save for the shoot out to go on.  MI #5 – SAVE.  Cameron must score to continue the shoot out.  GOAL!!  Now the shoot out goes head to head.  MI #6 – SAVE ERIC!  Bryan is the next to shoot, if he scores the game is over… (I failed to tell him this before he went up to shoot… now that I think about it later… I think that might not have been a bad mistake!!) Bryan scored and after a brief delay of confusion the rolling in the mud (myself included) began and the medals were handed out. 

Pictures of the Mackinac Game are here.

Shoot-out Videos are here. (Remember that dialup customers will have a very long wait.)

There is no doubt that this tournament title would not have been possible without the leadership of the seniors.  These boys played great defense, stayed focused and lead the team all the way to the mud pit!  Teamwork was the key… each person did their job all the way down to Michael McCafferty-Myers switching shorts with Dereck half way through the first half in the Mackinac game because Dereck couldn't even run down the field without having to hold up his shorts because they were so wet and heavy.  What a day, what a day!

Marianne Brown said, “I have to give lots of credit to Mike (Myers) for his years of work in setting up this soccer program.  Especially these seniors, they knew what to do and it was contagious through me and through the rest of the team.”

Pictures of the return trip from the Soo are here.