B.I. News on the 'Net, October 25-31, 2010

Veteran's Memorial Bricks Being Placed

Some of the Veteran's Memorial bricks were being placed at the Veteran's Memorial this morning, Saturday, October 29, 2010. There were five veterans doing the location and placement.

Bob Tidmore, Bob Hoogendoorn, Richie O'Donnell, Jack Spanak, Alvin LaFreniere, and Brian Gallagher

Down on their knees working on the brick placement included previous officers of the military and Island verterans...

Some Samples Individual Brick Pictures Below:

Video of bricks being installed


First AMVETS Veteran's Memorial Bricks Installed

This is a video of the bricks themselves with Kate Smith Singing "God Bless America"


Congratulations to Emily Gray

According to the Michigan Department of Community Health, Emily Ann Gray of Beaver Island, Michigan, has her Registered Nurse license pending. This status means that Emily has passed her nursing board exams and is awaiting the printing of her license throught the MDCH. Congratulations, Emily! We never had any doubts!!

Emily at her graduation from NCMC

Freighter Seeks Refuge off Sand Bay

The freighter was seen first from Gull Harbor which gives an unusally small amount of information about the vessels location. The points between Gull Harbor and Sand Bay are not easily seen from Gull Harbor.

Then a trip down Esch Road to check out how far away the freighter was.

Then down Pebble Beach Road to the water to check out the larger vessel.

Finally down Mike Boyle's Beach Road to view the vessel almost straight out from the beach there.

Video of the McKee Sons


The curiousity not quite satisfied, an Internet search provided the following information:

The self-unloading barge McKee Sons was built in 1945 initially as a type "C4-S-B2" fast troop transport by Sun Shipbuilding and Drydock Co., Chester, PA christened as the Marine Angel. Her overall length at construction was approximately 510 feet with her power coming from a 9,900 shp steam turbine engine. The Marine Angel was acquired by Amerisand Steamship Co. in 1952 with partial ownership shared with Boland & Cornelius (American Steamship Co.) whose fleet would operate the converted vessel on the Great Lakes. The retrofit of the Marine Angel included lengthening of 123 feet, new fuller bow, replacing the midship pilothouse with a new bow pilothouse, and an overhaul of her engine. This was completed at Maryland Drydock Co., Baltimore, MD. After being towed up the Mississippi River into the Great Lakes, her conversion to a self-unloader was finished at Manitowoc Shipbuilding Inc., Manitowoc, WI in 1953. She was christened McKee Sons and entered service that same year. As such, she became the first salt water vessel to sail as a self-unloader on the Great Lakes. The vessel was named in honor of the 11 sons of the 3 McKee brothers who were the principals of Sand Products Corporation, Detroit, MI.

The McKee Sons sailed as a steamer until 1979. From 1980 through 1990, she lay idle in Toledo, OH. Upper Lakes Towing Co., Escanaba, MI acquired the idle steamer in late 1990 converting her to a barge and shortening her hull by 53 feet 10 inches in 1991. The conversion included removing her aft accommodations and propulsion system as well as the installation of a notch in her stern. Her 6 holds are fed by 28 hatches where she can carry 18,400 tons at maximum Seaway draft of 26 feet and is capable of carrying 19,900 tons at her maximum mid-summer draft of 27 feet 6 inches. She is equipped with a bow thruster. The McKee Sons has a 250-foot bow-mounted self-unloading boom that can be swung 120 degrees to port or starboard. The barge was paired up with the 297 GRT Upper Lakes Towing tug Olive L. Moore. The 6,000 bhp diesel powered Olive L. Moore was built in 1928, rebuilt in 1980; her dimensions being 125' (loa) x 27'01" x 13'9".

The McKee Sons and the Olive L. Moore sailed as a pair for the first time in 1992. They sailed for Lakes Shipping Service Co. (managed by Upper Lakes Towing) in 1996; then for Upper Lakes Barge Line Inc., Bark River, MI from 1997 into the 2000 navigation season.

After the McKee Sons charter was terminated in early 2000, she was long-term bareboat chartered to Grand River Navigation Co., Cleveland, OH; and affiliate of Lower Lakes Towing Ltd., Port Dover, ON. After being refurbished and painted Lower Lakes colors at Sarnia, ON, she was paired with the ocean articulated notch tug Invincible. This tug was built in 1979 at Jacksonville, FL as the R.W. Sesler; a name she retained until 1991 when she was renamed Invincible. This tug is 99' (loa) x 35', is equipped with an upper pilothouse with a 60 foot height of eye, and has a Budworth linkage. Her twin screws are powered by E.M.D. diesel engines rated at 5,750 bhp. The tug was purchased from Dixie Fuels Ltd., Houston, TX where she had been engaged in pushing the 18,816 dwt hopper barge Mary Cecilia. Leaving Texas on June 6, 2000; the Invincible arrived in Sarnia, ON via the St. Lawrence Seaway system on June 20. The McKee Sons and Invincible left Sarnia on their first voyage together Sept. 4, 2000.

Their first month of sailing was not without incident. The pair encountered difficulty in the Cuyahoga River, Cleveland, OH including running soft aground while attempting to navigate up the river with a load of stone.

The Grand River Navigation Co. has kept this pair busy engaged primarily in the stone, aggregates, coal, and salt trades.

This freighter, or self-unloading barge, left Sand Bay enroute down the lake at 8 a.m., Friday, October 29, 2010.


Trunk or Treat at Christian Church

Beaver Island Christian Church will be sponsoring their second annual Trunk or Treat on Halloween Sunday evening. If you live out of town or off the beaten path in town and miss seeing the youngsters all decked out in their Halloween finery, please come join us. We had a good time last year and will have more fun this year if you decide to join us.

Place: Gregg Fellowship Center parking lot

Time: 5:00 – 7:00

Come in costume if you can; decorate your trunks; and enjoy the evening!!

You do not need to make reservations—just come!!!

Hot chocolate provided

If you live out of town and never get trick-or-treaters, this is for you!

Bring your candy and let the kids pick out their treats from your car. Costumes are encouraged but not required!


Beaver Island 's marketing department successful

By Elaine West

Despite the extremely weak economy in Beaver Island 's primary market area - Michigan and the Mid-West, the Island 's business improved this season. This wasn't an accident. We weren't simply lucky. It is directly related to ongoing marketing efforts by the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce.

For the last several years the Chamber has managed a marketing program that has included radio, billboard, TV, print, web and a journalist host program. Many of these efforts were pursued in partnership with members who offered services that ranged from food and transportation to fishing charters, thus leveraging the investment made by the Chamber. The Boat Company has also run a strong advertising program. It's wise to remember "all boats float higher, even terrestrial ones, on a rising tide of public awareness." The award winning Pure Michigan ad campaign is a plus as well.

The Chamber also develops, sponsors and/or promotes a variety of events that attracts new visitors and gives those who own summer homes a reason to spend more time on the Island . The Marathon , the Bike Festival, 9 & 10 TV News visits and the ever expanding Bite of Beaver Island are some good examples. The Chamber hosted Michigan 's Outdoor Writers a couple of years ago - which is still netting us articles about the Island . Next June, Michigan Archivists will be holding their convention on the Island . Working to develop and market our outdoor sporting resources will contribute to more visitors in the future as it has in our past.

Visits to the Chamber web site www.BeaverIsland.org have been growing at 20% a year and exceeded 100,000 annually in October. If you Google " Beaver Island " the award winning Chamber site comes up first and beaverisland.org/accommodations is second. The average site visit exceeds four minutes.

The 2011 Chamber of Commerce membership drive is now underway. Individual members as well as business members are welcome. Annual memberships start at $150.

Show your support of the work of the Chamber and contribute to the economic health of Beaver Island by becoming a member. Learn more at the website: www.BeaverIsland.org or call the Chamber office: (231) 448-2505.

Worst of the Storm is Past

Although the wind continues to blow, its velocity and force are down quite a bit today, Thursday, October 28, 2010, 1 p.m.. The trees that are down are slowly, but surely being cut up and transported away. The trees in the library back garden are not yet taken care of, but this too will get accomplished. The crews have worked very hard over the last two days to keep the power on, to keep the roads clear, and to provide for the community safety throughout the wind storm. If you see Mike McDonough, Jean and John Gillespie, or Jim Wojan, take a moment and thank them for all that they have done and continue to do. THANK YOU!!

Storm of October 27, 2010

If you live on the Island and are here right now, this story will tell you nothing that you don't already know, pretty much. The Island fire department, the Charlevoix County Road Commission guys, and the Great Lakes Energy techs were kept busy on and off all night last night and all day today. There were trees and power lines down all over the Island from the north end to the south end. Some power poles just snapped to bring down the lines. Others were brought down by falling trees. The storm continues and its about 4 p.m. There's still a lot of the storm not past the Island yet, so these hard workers will be at it a long time today.

There were two trees that came down in the wooded area behind the district library between the library and Kim Connaghan's and the school. These two trees came down almost in a straight line. One took out some benches and chairs behind the library. The second landed on a propane tank and a shed. There may still be more trees coming down in this area. These trees are quite large, not only in length, but also in diameter. Both are mature pines.


Tree behind Kim Connaghans

The wind at Donegal Bay

The trees did not have to be large or dead to be blown over as you can see in these photos. The small trees with limited root systems were also blown down. These two are cedars.

Hardwood branches were also game as well as some of the infected beech trees.

And this poor sailboat had been left in the water. It was beat up pretty bad in this storm. You can see the sail has been destroyed. The damage to the hull will have to be determined after it is removed from the water.

Gull Harbor waves with the white caps being blown off

Video of the sailboat and the Gull Harbor waves


Tree down at Gull Harbor in the road......a picture of the root ball of the tree that was down

Gathering of ducks at Gull Harbor

Flags atop Dahwhinnies

Lowest Low Pressure Area Near Beaver Island

With winds steady at 29 mph, but gusting to 45 mph, and a low pressure area in and around Beaver Island, the public organizations have decided to begin closing. The wind forecast for Wednesday is to be even higher. There are several people on the mainland that don't want to fly in this weather, and the BIBCO has cancelled its run on Wednesday, October 27, 2010. So try to batten down the hatches and ride this one out!

While working on the pictures and the video the power blinked off twice, so the process had to be started over again.

Donegal Bay waves out toward High Island

Gull Harbor waves with the tops of the white caps blown off...

The following video starts out at Donegal Bay looking out toward High Island and over toward Trout Island. Then it shows the wave action coming in at Gull Harbor. No wonder there is no boat going tomorrow!


BICS and BI District Library to Close on Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Due to the expected bad weather, the Beaver Island District Library will be closed on Wednesday, October 27th. We will reopen on the 28th.

Election Day 2010

With election day coming up here very soon, one week from today on November 2, 2010, there were a couple of issues that were not very well know to many on the Island. A big thank you to Kevin Elsenheimer for sending this information out in an email.

Constitutional Convention.....Amend the Constitution

We have lots of items to vote upon including the race for our Charlevoix County Commisioner. Beaver Island's Richard Gillespie is the Republican who will be on the ballot. Shirley Roloff, who lost in the primary, is running a write-in campaign against Richie. If you have any questions about how to do the write-in, you should call your township clerk. It is important that you complete this section of the ballot properly since, if done improperly, your ballot will be a spoiled ballot and will not count for anything for any of the races. Good luck to our Island candidate!

In St. James Township, Rick Speck is running to be able to complete the term, since Don Vyse retired, that ends 11/20/2012 as Supervisor. Ray Cole is running to be able to complete his appointment term that ends on 11/20/2012, but Ray Cole has an opponent. Bob Tidmore is running to finish out this term as township trustee, so Ray Cole and Bob Tidmore are running against one another for this trustee position. There is also a renewal millage for Grandview Operations on the ballot countywide.

Peaine does not have any millage other than the Grandview renewal. There are no local people up for re-election, but the Charlevoix County Commissioner race is also in Peaine Township. According to the Peaine Township Clerk, the ballot with a write-in would not be a spoiled ballot unless both circles were filled in. She also stated that the election inspectors at the Peaine Hall on election day would have to hand count the write-ins after the machine counted all the other items.

Halloween Carnival Thank Yous

Words cannot begin to express my heartfelt appreciation for all of the help with this years Halloween Carnival. You wonderful people just, absolutely, amaze me! Thank you all so very much! You have all helped make another dream come true for me. It is one thing for me to come up with the ideas and have the ability to provide these activities for the community but you are the life-blood that makes it into a reality.

Outer Space Volunteers:

Cindy Cushman - Photo Op' & Security
Shirley Detwiler - Ticket Lady
Kathy (Kate) Garland - Decorating
Bob and Peg Hoogendoorn - O-Ring Toss & Lunar Landing Pad
Tina Morgan - Decorating & Asteroid Crash
Pam Nicholas - Decorating & Alien Splat
Kathy Richards - Orbital Duck Pond
Kathy Ruis / Ladies AMVETS Auxiliary - Capture The Alien
Ken and Betty Scoggin - Decorating & Consessions
Doug Tilly - Tech. Support
Gail Weede - Alien Orb Bounce
Tom Whitman - Flying Saucer Fling

Thanks to these fine folks for such a speedy clean-up as well!

Pictures by Tina Walker

A very special thank you to Saundra Fries for helping me with shopping

Congratulations to:

Jessica LaFreniere

Winner of the "Out Of This World" Prize Package!

Thank you to all of the Beaver Island Businesses and Organizations for your generosity in helping to provide this event for Beaver Island. Your financial support is greatly appreciated.


An Occasion To Remember
Beaver Island Boat Company
Beaver Island Community School
Beaver Island Golf Courst
Beaver Island Historical Society
Central Drug Store
Charlevoix State Bank
East Wind Spa
Fresh Air Aviation
Harbor View Motel
Hogarth's Pest Control
Island Airways
Martin Gas & Oil
McDonough's Market
Paradise Bay Dive Shop
Powers Hardware
R. Gillespie Enterprises
Shamrock Bar & Restaurant
Stoney Acre Grill & Pub
TDS Telecom
Wendy White D.D.S.

A very special thank you to all of the people of this community, who have also given financial support to help provide this activity for everyone to enjoy.

...and a special thank you to my mother, Myrtle Walker, for her constant love and support as I continue to be able to provide these events for Beaver Island.

Thank you to all who attended the carnival!

Tina Walker

Last Islander Volleyball Match of the Season

The last Islander volleball match of the season was against Maplewood Baptist Academy, a Christian school located up near Kincheloe according to the grandfather of one of the team members. The Islanders were successful in the back to back matches, but they may have met a new formidable opponent in the future years of the Northern Lights League. Maplewood won one game of the first match, but during the afternoon matches, one game went six points past the normal ending.

Dedicated fans cheering on the Islanders with Coach Kerry Smith and Assistant Coach Heather Cary on the right

Maplewood Baptist Volleyball team

The Islanders

The Islanders were in control of the match, but they had to work to keep the lead. Brighid Cushman had an interesting gleam in her eye at the net.

The Islanders ended up having to play really hard in one game that went from 25-25 to 26-25 to 26-26 to 27-27 to 28-28 to 29-29

The Islanders pulled off the win with a two point edge witht he final score 31-29.

A few of the younger players got into the games as well......getting ready to play the final game......our scorekeepers Jamie Campbell and Rick Speck

The Islanders ended up winning both of the non-league matches, but some of the games were not so easy. 25-21, 25-15, and they lost one 21-25.

Video of the Volleyball Games HERE

Senior Housing Project

The cement block work has been completed, and the sealing of the block work was started Saturday morning with the project foreman the one with the sealing brush in his hand. The crew has been working from just before daylight until just before dusk every day to get this work completed. The project is just a little ahead of schedule at this point. The video here shows a pan of the housing project site from the rural health center parking lot first. Then, there is a pan of the site from the Carlisle Road entrance. Finally there is a walk-around with several clips put together starting from the Carlisle Road entrance and going around the building site in a counter clockwise direction, southeast corner to northeast corner to northwest corner to southwest corner and back to the southeast corner again. The video was taken at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, October 23, 2010.


Red Rowley Turned 80 Today

With a wonderful gathering at the Harbor Market, Red Rowley, surprised or not, had a small party of men show up to give him birthday greetings. October, 22, 2010, makes Red eighty years old. Red has been going out in the mornings, early mornings, for coffee for years. If you see Red today, wish him a Happy Birthday!

Event Rescheduled!!




Important update!!!!: Due to weather, this event is cancelled for tomorrow. [url]The event will be held at a later TBD date.[/url] Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming date for Lights On After School celebration.

Light's ON

District Library Board, Township Boards, BICS School Board, BICS Teacher’s and Staff, Beaver Beacon, Northern Islander, Beaver Island News, 21st CCLC Instructors, Friends and Family,









Laura Gibson

Laura Gibson
Site Coordinator
21st Century Community Learning Center
Beaver Island Community School
37895 King’s Highway
Beaver Island, MI 49782
laurag@bics.usPhone: 231-448-2744 ext. 334
Fax: 231-448-2919

DVD "What Do We Do on Beaver Island.... When You're Not Here"

The last date for purchasing the DVD is December 31, 2010. If you don't have your copy, please pick one up. The $15 cost for the DVD at local businesses will benefit the Beaver Island Fire Department Auxiliary, the Beaver Island Medical Center, and the Beaver Island Food Pantry. They are available at McDonough's Market, Harbor Market, Island Energies, and Power's Do-It-Best Hardware. If you wish to purchase one directly, please send $20 to: Joe Moore, Beaver Island News on the 'Net, P.O. Box 50, Beaver Island, Michigan 49782.

Larry Hall Sick

Larry Hall is in the hospital at Northern Michigan Hospital in Petoskey. He is currently unable to see visitors. He is very ill, and would appreciate some prayers in his behalf.

New Purdue Baby

Laney Megan Perdue, 8lbs 9oz/20.5" long, came into the world to the delight of her mother, Christie Heller Purdue and Mike Purdue.

BICS Sports, Weekend of October 15th and 16th

Soccer Friday 15 October

Friday night highlights video is available now.

Volleyball Friday 15 October

Friday night videos are available for the pregame entertainment and games 1-4.

Soccer Saturday 16 October

Volleyball Saturday 16 October

Saturday Videos are available for the games 1-5


Following the weekly K-12 Flag Ceremony, students and staff at the Beaver Island Community School gathered for a photograph as part of Beaver Island’s Yellow Ribbon Campaign. The yellow ribbon campaign is for the safe return of our local soldiers and for all service men and women everywhere. The photograph will join those of many other Islanders in an online album for viewing by Island soldiers. The school’s National Honor Society will be running a campaign to provide care packages to soldiers in Afghanistan.


BIRHC Receives Check

For a long time, the BIRHC manager, staff, and board have awaited the State of Michigan Budget Office release of the funds that were passed into law and allocated to three rural health centers. These three centers were to share an amount of $100,000. The Budget Director had refused to release the funds, but lots of pressure was exerted on behalf of these rural health centers, and the funds were received in the form of a check. More information will be provided when it is received.

From Donna Kubic, manager BIRHC:

Seeing is believing--- Here is the check

As a member of the Beaver Island , Mackinac and Drummond Island Alliance, the Health Center was thrilled to receive a check for $33,334 from the State of Michigan last week.

The economic slump over the past two years has resulted in lower patient revenue, declining revenue from property taxes and drastically lower income our endowment fund established to supplement operating costs . With our share of the funding, we are now confident we can meet our financial obligations for the coming year and continue to serve the medical needs of the community.


Peaine Township Meeting, October 13, 2010

Besides the everyday business of keeping up the roads, planning the budget, and setting tax amounts, the Peaine Township Board is working on an intergovernmental agreement that will help govern the township airport and provide some legal framework to the already functioning airport committee. The meeting was well attended with several people prepared to launch an attack on the supervisor over his self-published questions and answers about the township airport and the possible ten-year airport plan. The major complaint was that Jack Gallagher had included the label of Peaine Township Supervisor to his personally prepared and funded publication available around the island at several locations. Some suggested that his use of the supervisor title was inappropriate. Some suggested that his report was inaccurate. Some even personally attacked him for his publication of this opinion related to the airport. One even attacked him with words related to the suggestion that some relationship may have influenced inappropriate actions. All in all, quite an interesting meeting with the first 80 minutes somewhat calm and reasonable. The public comment at the end lasted twenty-eight minutes with several people frustrated and angry with supervisor.

Video of the meeting can be found HERE

The video with all the public comments is completed 9 a.m., October 15, 2010.

Interesting Happenings at BICS

Cyber safety On Friday October 8th, the Michigan Attorney General’s office held internet safety presentations for our K-12 students. The student presentations happened during school hours. The presentations varied depending upon grade level, and included such topics as keeping safe on the internet, cyber harassment and social networking. For more information contact Beth Croswhite. bethc@bics.us

Early college Two high school students are earning college credit through a cooperative agreement called Early College between local school districts and North Central Michigan College in Petoskey. The two seniors, Jake Drost and Brontae Lemmink, are enrolled in teacher Connie Boyle’s Personal Finance class along with many of their peers who are earning high school credit. Connie Boyle also happens to be a NCMC adjunct professor, and is teaching both classes simultaneously. The students taking the class for college credit have additional assignments and requirements. It is expected that more early college courses will be offered at BICS next year. For more information contact Connie Boyle connieb@bics.us or Kitty McNamara kittym@bics.us .

Suzuki strings BICS is extremely lucky to be able to provide a K-12 strings program. Beginning this year all students in grades K-4 will have free group and individual Suzuki Method violin lessons. Students have lessons during the school day and, if they choose, can take afterschool private lessons. Parents are strongly encouraged to attend the lessons along with the students. The school district received a grant from the Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians to help fund the program. Crooked Trees Arts Center in Petoskey is another partner in keeping this program alive and well. Crooked Tree funds and instructor for students in grades 3-12. Interested students in grades 5-12 will have group and individual Orchestral Method strings instruction in the stringed instrument of their choice. For more information contact: Kitty McNamara kittym@bics.us , Laura Gibson laurag@bics.us or Sheri Richards richaada@gmail.com .

Stained glass windows All three of the windows are completed and installed! Thanks to island resident Steve Hagerman, these beautiful windows in the main entry tower of the school were completed within the budget of the grant. Again, Grand Traverse Band of Ottawa and Chippewa Indians supported this project which was envisioned as part of the new school building project. The center window depicts the school crest with its emphasis on academic achievement, wisdom, the arts and island culture. The crest is flanked by a Celtic design and a native American design. For more information contact: Kitty McNamara or Steve Hagerman.

Best Wishes,
Kitty McNamara
Kathleen McNamara
Superintendent & K-12 Principal
Beaver Island Community School
37895 King’s Highway
Beaver Island MI 49782
231.448.2744 phone

Holiday Bazaar

Mark your calendars!!

The holiday bazaar will be Sunday, November 14, 2010, at the Gregg Fellowship Center from 11:00 – 2:30. Registration forms for tables can be picked up at the Community Center or from Jean Kinsley at the Prudential Realty office.

The popular 25-cent tickets for a drawing will return this year.

Hot soup and beverages will be available in the kitchen for a donation; proceeds will go to the Food Pantry.

If you have any questions, call Judi Meister (2963) or Jean Kinsley (2856)

Cookie Carnival

The Women's Circle will be getting ready for the Cookie Carnival again this year. The date is Dec 9 NOON until about 3:30PM. Heidi Vigil will be at the event with her Gingerbread Houses. She may have a silent auction on the houses again this year. Judi Meister is preparing a silent auction on some Santa Clause and whatever else she can find. Of course we will have the Nutmeg Logs, Party Cookies and Grandpa Greggs Peanut Brittle and many other favorites. Anyone wanting to order Nutmeg Logs or Party Cookies the price is the same as last year $3.50 a dozen $1.75 half dozen. Feel free to give Jean Carpenter a call and place your order 448-2893..

Peaine Township Board Special Meeting, October 12, 2010

Peaine Township Board met at 3:17 p.m. today, October 12, 2010, and Jack Gallagher explained that this meeting was taking place ot comply with the Open Meetings Act. The board, however, would be going into closed session while it conferred with its attorney. The Board would come back to open session just long enough to adjourn the meeting. Jack Gallagher further stated that no motions or other discussion would take place after the board reconvened. He stated that the discussion would take place publicly at the Peaine Township Regular Board Meeting tomorrow, October 13, 2010. With that, the Board went into closed session.

Library News


It's October already? The past summer raced by and now we've slowed down to a walking speed. We have loads of new books on the shelves. Please check the bulletin board in the entryway for the New York Times Best Seller list. Books we own are marked with an X, while those that we have ordered at marked with O. If the one you want is already out, let us know and we can reserve it immediately so that you'll get it as soon as it is returned. Remember, you can also check out via our website at: http://beaverisland.michlibrary.org To register, please use the number located directly under the barcode on your library card. You don't have a library card? Stop in and we'll get you all set up in just a couple minutes.

Thanks to Don Langford, the Olive music computer is back in the music room and working very well. Bring your laptop, relax in one of the over-stuffed chairs while listening to your favorite tunes. We have lots of jazz, classical, opera, country, irish, and of course local artists for you to choose from.

Did you know that you can save yourself some money by visiting the library? Stop in and read your favorite magazines instead of investing in multiple subscriptions. You may check out past issues or elect to read the current one within the building. We also subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, Grand Rapids Press, Petoskey News Review, NorthernIslander, Charlevoix Courier, and the Beaver Beacon.

Now that fall has arrived, you can start a new project or learn a new hobby. We have books on quilting, sewing, crochet, knitting, painting, drawing, … you name it and we can find you a book about it. Want to climb your family tree? We subscribe to Ancestry for Libraries to give you a bit of a head start. Stop in and we can help you organize with family group sheets and pedigree charts.

You can read about love and life and freedom and hope and faith and happiness and tragedy. You'll read about all the passions and devastation in life. You'll read about death, about humanity and compassion. Books open up a world of possibility to you. With a library, you can educate your mind and fill the depths of your soul. You can become the kind of person you want to be--by opening your mind, and introducing your sensibilities to ideas that you'd never before considered. So, read.

St James Meeting Video Clips for October 6, 2010

These clips include quite a lengthy discussion of the township airport and the lack of an agreement between the two townships. In one comment, the word "impeach" came up.

New Transfer Station Video Clip with Pricing

Tim Myers, employee of the BI Transfer Station, put together a new walk-through video for the transfer station, and it includes current pricing for items that cannot be recycled as well as some procedural information about what is done with the recycled materials as far a processing by the transfer station staff.

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Announces Mini-Grant Program 

The Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association (BICAA) is sponsoring a mini-grant program for 2010-2011 to support the creative work of local artists who enrich the cultural life of the Beaver Island community. Funding for the program is generated by proceeds from Baroque on Beaver, the annual classical music series that combines the talents of year-round and seasonal residents with professional musicians from across the state of Michigan .

Visual and performance artists are able to apply for funding to cover costs for materials to create their art, rental of rehearsal and performance space, travel expenses or fees for attending seminars or classes, opportunities to branch out into new art forms and other reasonable needs.

The program was created a year ago by the BICAA Board of Directors as a means of fulfilling its mission to support year-round cultural arts in the Beaver Island community. Two grants were awarded in 2009: (i) to the Beaver Island Community Players for assistance in the production of Beaver Tales II by compensating writers and composers for creation of new musical numbers for the show and (ii) to the Recorder Group to purchase new music and to obtain additional recorder lessons. BICAA has previously invested proceeds from Baroque on Beaver in the string program and other cultural activities for students at the Beaver Island Community School (BICS).

Eligibility criteria and applications for the mini-grant program may be obtained from BICAA Board member Miranda Rooy, mirandarooy@hotmail.com and will be posted by October 1 on the BICAA website, www.baroqueonbeaver.com . Applications will be accepted electronically and must be received by November 1, 2010. A Selection Committee composed of Board members and community residents qualified in specific areas of the arts will review applications and make recommendations on awardees for Board approval. Awards will be granted in mid-December. For more information, please contact Anne Glendon, aglendon@sbcglobal.net .

Eligibility requirements for candidates:

  1. Year-round or seasonal residents of Beaver Island for a minimum of 2 years
  2. At least 2 years of engagement in the art form for which support is being sought
  3. Submission of a completed application which includes a statement of need for funding. This would include, but not be limited to costs associated with:
    • Rehearsal or performance space
    • Release time from work to practice or create artwork
    • Materials, equipment, training
    • Other needs consistent with the type of art involved.
  4. Agreement to report on, share, demonstrate, show or perform whatever work is produced as a result of the grant during the 2011 Baroque on Beaver annual festival or at another Island event.

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association: Mini-Grant Application

Name of Artist(s):

Beaver Island Address: 

Year-round Mailing Address:


Beaver Island Phone(s): Alternative Phone(s):

Approximate annual residency dates on Beaver Island :

1. Type of Art to be funded (include all that apply)

__ Musical performance

__ Musical composition

__ Visual art (please specify medium)

__ Poetry, Short Story or other literary art (please specify form)

__ Dance

__ Theater

__ Other (please specify)

2. Purpose of request: Please describe in one paragraph what the funds will be used for.

3. Statement of Need: Please explain (no more than 1 page) why you are seeking funding at this time. Describe your engagement in this art form over the past 2 years and give a compelling reason why this mini-grant is important to achieving your artistic goals. 

4. Amount requested (anticipated grant range is $150-$750): _______

5. Letter of Agreement: Please attach a letter (or multiple letters from all the members of the applicant group) that clearly states agreement with the requirement to show, display or otherwise demonstrate how the mini-grant funds were used by July 15, 2011. 

6. Name and contact information of two references who can attest to your work:

Please use additional pages as needed.

Applications are due by November 1, 2010. Electronic applications preferred. Please send to Miranda Rooy, mirandarooy@hotmail.com . Attachments that cannot be sent electronically may be mailed to BICAA, PO Box 326 , Beaver Island , MI 49782 . Awards will be decided by the BICAA Board and announced in mid-December.

At the Shamrock


Fall Specials

Video to Be Continued, But January-July 2010 Video Will Be Lost

As previously reported on this website, the MotionBox video company has gone out of business and the company was sold to a another company that will not be supporting the videos placed on this website from January 2010 until the end of July 2010. The videos numbered over 700 clips during this period of time. There is no way that this editor can take the time to download, upload, and recode these 700 video clips on each of the pages during that period of time. So, unfortunately, the videos taken during this period of time and placed on MotionBox will no longer be available after October 31, 2010.

BINN immediately upon the sale of MotionBox, began to place video on a different streaming video server. For those that don't have any experience in video, one hour of video takes approximately twelve hours from capture, through editing, then uploading, then coding pages, and finally you have the video clips available. If only the work did not have to be done over again, the videos would be kept available for you in the archives. But, alas, there are not enough hours in the day to redo seven months of video for archives. The time to do this would be measured in months, not days or hours. We apologize for any inconvenience. We hope you will understand the huge amount of effort and the lack of time to redo these pages.

We will continue to do video clips for this website, hopefully expanding the meetings, the events, and the news that takes place on Beaver Island. We will attempt to bring you, our subscribers, "Today's news as close to today as possible." Unfortunately, yesterday's news from January through July 2010 in the form of video clips will not be available after October 31, 2010.

Charlevoix County Transit-Beaver Island Service

Demand Response Service 9 am til 3 pm Monday through Friday

Reservation Service 6 am to 9 am and 3 pm to 6 pm (Reservation prior service required)

Phone 231-448-2026 for service

Fares for less than 15 mile distance:

Childred under 6..... $.50

Youth from 6 to 19....$1.00

Regular fare from 20 to 59.....$1.50

Seniors 60 and above......$.50 (Currently free...paid by COA)

Handicapped individuals.....$.50

Brett Maudrie's Address Changed

Maudrie Brett W.
B. Co. 2-237 IN, 1st BCT
101st ABN DIV
...Attn: FOB Joyce COP Fortress
APO, AE 09354

BICS Calendar for 2010-11 Approved

Beaver Island Transfer Station Information

Expired Subscriptions

Please send us your email address.

There are quite a few subscriptions that will expire in October or that have already expired. We appreciate your support and ask you to renew your subscription as soon as possible. Emails have been sent out, but quite a few have been returned without delivery, which means that BINN does not have your current email address.

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:


Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community

Fall & Winter Hours:
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm
Saturday: 9 am - 9pm
Sundays: Closed (except for monthly COA dinners)

Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

Events and Activities

•  Senior Meals Every Week-Day 11:30-12:30

•  60 and over “free will donation”

•  under 60 “$4.00 charge”

•  Computer Workshop--Mondays at 10 a.m. Compliments of COA

•  Exercise Class Tuesdays & Thursdays 10-11

Compliments of COA and the Arthritis Foundation

•  Two Movies every Saturday

•  Free will donation

Matinee at 3 p.m.

(A General Audience or Parental Guidance Movie)

Evening at 7 p.m

(A Parental Guidance or “18 & Older” Movie)


October Senior Center Activities

COA Menu for October

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010 NEW!

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Commission Minutes NEW!

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes (includes agenda when available) New Feature for 2010!

Waste Management Committee Minutes (New for 2010!)