On the Beach of Beaver Island

Just about thirty years ago a group of Beaver Island Musicians decided that they should record a record album. They went off the Island with their instruments and ended up at Northern Star Studio. These musicians were Ed Palmer (lead guitar), John McCafferty (rhythm guitar), Rick Delamater (bass guitar), Joe Moore (violin), and Karl Bruder (piano). These musicians had been playing together for a few years at the Holy Cross Hall for dances.

Karl Bruder wrote: 'Edward is standing back stage at the Holy Cross Hall, looking up at the dusty rafters,"Yep, I've been playing hin here since I was just a lad. Watched my mother entertain them before that. The floor in this place flaps like a loon wings when they get to stomping." He stubs out his cigarette and grabs the Schnapps bottle. "Let's go, boys." The other four musicians follow him onto the banstand. They all got together a while ago to play the songs that make a Beaver Island dance what it is--old friends reuniting, cares and troubles left outside the door, a town party like Americans used to throw fifty years ago. The Goodtime feeling is still strong up here in Northern Michigan. We invite you to join us.

On the thirtieth year after its release, we wanted to make this available again to our subscribers. The album that came out 20 years ago sold very quickly, but the 8-track tapes never sold. While searching around, one album was found in storage. We wanted to make this available to our subscribers to help them remember the dances at the Holy Cross Hall when all musicians got together to have a wonderful party.. As Karl Bruder, now in Chicago, said on the album...."We invite you to join us" on a trip back to the good old days.

The year is 1980. You are sitting in the Holy Cross Hall and the music begins......................

Side One

On the Beach of Beaver Island

Your Cheatin' Heart

Wreck of the Old 97

Release Me

Frankie and Johnnie

Blue Eyes Crying in the Rain

Ragtime Annie

Side Two

Waltz Across Texas

Overlooked an Orchid

Wildwood Flower

Green Green Grass of Home

Just Because

Have I Told You Lately

Over the Waves

Under the Double Eagle