Paradise Bay Ice Pictures

A simple walk out on the ice was not good enough for some reporter. Instead, the trek needed to include snow shoes, cell phone, VHF radio, and pager. Off out onto the ice of Paradise Bay walking from the Public Beach by Holy Cross Parish Hall was the beginning and continuing out approximately one-third of the way to the USCG Boat Station and Lighthouse--that was the adventure...... The temperature was very, very cold with windchill below zero. It was so cold that the fingernails froze and broke after putting the camera back into the case. It was so cold that the speck of snow on the lens of the camera and video camera would not come off with a simple puff of warm air. The moisture in the air froze before reaching the lens. The heat from the air dissipated before reaching the lens. It was COLD! Yet these pictures needed to be taken. Each one of them commanded my hands outside of the warm gloves covered with mittens to be exposed to the windchill. Did I mention it was below zero windchill?

Here is an interesting winter perspective of Paradise Bay from the harbor ice:

Here are the cabins below the hill from closer and then a normal view on the right..Do you see cabins on the right?

From the cabins hidden in the woods north to the Parish Hall and to Cushman's residence

From Cushman's north to include the hardware and part of the Erin Motel

Shamrock, Beachcomber, Community Center, BITA, Boat Dock, Public Marina

The former Gillespie Dock, Beaver Island Marine, Martin's dock

Martin's dock toward the point to the Coast Guard Station and Lighthouse

A closer view of the point from the harbor ice.

Several views of Holy Cross from the ice....

The golden yellow tones could not be captured in this photo of the cross.....

Pryce home, Wojan's, and the King Strang Hotel