Remember When, Issue 4a, Dec. 11, 2007

"Yesterday is today's history. It will soon be forgotten unless we keep it alive."

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With the Seventh Annual Christmas Cantata completed, it seems very appropriate to look back at the previous years and "Listen" to some of the music from them. Since the music this year echoes past performances, the video clips will provide a little taste of the past. Do you remember when these Cantatas took place?

The Year was 2001---

Andrea playing violin with Laraine

The Cantata Choir

The adult choir.......the director, Kathy Speck

An attentive audience

The year was 2002.

The Cantata Choir in 2002

The Children's Choir..........Joe and Judi.........Kathy Speck directing

Adults awaiting performance....Melissa Bailey.....Shepherd sleeping

The year was 2002. The group's goal was the same--to present a gift to the community in music and song.