Rick Speck                                                                               May 31, 2010

St. James Township Supervisor

P.O. Box 85

Beaver Island, MI 49782




I know over the past months that you and Ray have been working to do things according to the law and have made a valiant effort to treat the citizens fairly.  There have been noticeable improvements in meetings and with the way you deal with constituents. 


But, over the past years St. James Township has been violating Act 317 of 1968, section 15.322.  I have enclosed a copy of the pertinent section of the law.


It pertains to the bidding for lawn service that will be opened at the June 2nd meeting.  It also seems to apply to the District Library, so I am sending Donna Stambaugh a copy, as she is the chairperson of the library board.


“A public servant shall not be a party, directly or indirectly, to a contract with the public entity of which he or she is an officer or employee.”


The law goes on to state that disclosure is required if, in fact, the public servant does make a contract with the public entity.  It requires notification 7 days prior to the opening of any bid.  This has not been done in the past.


I urge you to adhere to the letter of the law in all township dealings.  You should not listen to those few, who either through ignorance of the law, or avoidance of fair treatment of others, say “Why change?  We have always done it this way!”





Kenneth Jay Taylor

P.O. Box 261

Beaver Island, MI 49782

231 448-3034



cc Donna Stambaugh, Library Board Chairperson

cc Ray Cole, St. James Township Trustee