Island Sports

The Beaver Island soccer team won their first game against Grand Marais with a score of 7-2 on Friday evening.  They will play again on Saturday morning at 9:00 a.m.  Saturday morning game ended with a score of 12-1 for the Islanders!

The Sports Boosters had, and will continue to have, hot dogs for sale throughout the games so you can eat dinner while cheering on the Islanders.

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Way to go, Islanders!

BIRHC Board Hours

The Board of Directors of the Beaver Island Rural Health Center will hold office hours from 4:30 to 5:30 PM on Friday, September 5th.   Due to public response and the fact that a lecture by Dr. Brad Grassmick is scheduled for the evening of September 12th, BIRHC office hours scheduled for September 12th, 2003 are cancelled.

Community members can stop by to ask questions at these times and should enter through the middle health center door. Questions concerning office hours should be directed to Anne Glendon or Connie Wojan, not the health center staff.

Letter to the Editor


 Re:  Joe Moore and the BIEMS (Beaver Island Emergency Medical Service) and the BIRHC (Beaver Island Rural Health Center) board director Joe Reed.  

I had occasion to search back on News on the Net and found an Open Letter to BIRHC Board authored by Joseph A. Moore (BA, EMT-P, IC) and placed on the website the week of October 22- October 30, 2002.  His first paragraph states very clearly his “great sadness that the Beaver Island Emergency Medical Service has come to realize that the BIRHC Board has decided to sever a sixteen-year partnership with BIEMS.  The members of BIEMS regret whatever has caused this severance, but are powerless to restore this partnership due to recent decisions of the BIRHC Board.”  

Phyllis, the website provider and monitor, received an e-mail from Joe Reed. He asked that his response be appended to Joe’s letter.  It starts out with the following first paragraph:  “I have just read the letter and if Joe is saddened you can’t imagine how I feel as a member of the BIRHC board.  In the first place, Joe is completely wrong both in his conclusion and in the information he thinks he has which has lead (sic) to this conclusion.  If we had been given the courtesy of being asked before he jumped to his conclusion he would have been spared the embarrassment of being shown to be completly (sic) in error.  {The italics are mine.}  

I find no fault with our health care providers, and it is obvious that they excel in providing care far beyond that which many areas of this country experience.  Mr. Reed’s reply to Joe Moore’s honest questioning of the decision to leave the BIEMS out of the new medical center is an excellent example of the problems the citizens are having with the BIRHC board.  Concerned citizens who question or disagree with Board decisions have a right to be treated with respect and consideration.  Mr. Reed’s caustic reply to Joe Moore’s letter typifies an arrogant and overbearing attitude that continues to be all too prevalent on the board.  

Kenneth Jay Taylor

Solle sunset.jpg (90237 bytes)

Subscriber Frank Solle sent in this wonderful photograph of the Labor Day sunrise over Sand Bay.  Thanks for sharing, Frank.

Labor Day

The end of summer has arrived and instead of going out with a whine, the summer is closing with sunshine and clear skies, boats scurrying around the harbor and visiting the outer islands.  Kids are enjoying their last day before settling down with textbooks and homework.  Not so long ago it was Memorial Day and we were looking forward to the lazy, hazy days of summer.  Those days have whizzed past us in a blur and as now we are trying to determine what we need for the winter months which will be upon us soon.  In the meantime, we intend to enjoy these September days, cooler temperatures, less hectic, with kids in school we now have scheduled meal times, and we pretty much breathe a sigh of relief that we made it through another busy season.  We've been at the dock often over the past week or so waving good-bye to friends and family as they head back to the mainland.  We'll be there again next year to greet them as they arrive back.  For all the new folks, it was great to meet you and we hope you now have the island sand in your shoes which will make you return year after year.  For friends and family members, the memories and visits were terrific and will tide us over til we meet again.  To all our visitors.. day trippers, weekly renters, monthly renters, summer residents, family... cead mille failte!

Labor Day Raffles

... and the winners are...

drawing the winning ball.jpg (145212 bytes)    Winning ball for truck raffle.jpg (115307 bytes)

Pete LoDico.jpg (134597 bytes)Nicole LoDico Morea won the truck raffle by the Rural Health Center.  Nicole's dad, Pete LoDico, couldn't wipe the grin off his face.



Bob Welke.jpg (150899 bytes)Bob Welke won the 50/50 drawing, netting $2400 from the Preservation Association of Beaver Island.  Looking mighty happy there Bob.




Pam O'Brien won the lighthouse painting by Lois Stipp being raffled by the Holy Cross Altar Society

Chad Beers won the bracelet made by Nancy Peterson for the Rural Health Center 

Congratulations to all the winners of the Labor Day raffles!

A big thank you to the entire community from 

the BIRHC Board of Directors 

for your support of our truck raffle!

A record breaking 429 tickets were sold

Special thanks to all those non-board members who sold tickets

and to McDonough's Market for allowing us to use their store as our primary selling location.

Beaver Island in the Media Thanks to C of C

The island is making appearances all over the place this month.  Check out the new Great Lakes Cruiser online where they've done a story of the island, including lots of photographs.  Or see what the Western Michigan Tourist Association has to say in their article "Islands in Fall".  Remember their magazine cover is a photo taken by Elaine West right here on Beaver Island.  Tour of the island ... still being worked on, but it's very nice also.

Also to bring folks to the island is the second annual "Bite of Beaver Island" to be held October 4th.  Start the day by signing up for the island Boodle 5K Run/Walk beginning at 10 a.m. downtown.  Entry forms can be obtained at the Chamber of Commerce office. For information about the Boodle, contact Mike or Gail Weede at Paradise Bay Dive Shop 231-448-3195 or 231-448-2708.  Now that you've warmed up, take part in the "Bite of Beaver Island"  from 1 to 4 p.m. at Holy Cross Parish Hall where you can sample the wares of some of the islands' best cooks. Participating chefs must pay an entry fee of $10 per 3' x 8' table no later than October 1st.  Each chef will agree to pay the C of C 10% of the sales to help cover the costs of marketing the event.  Checks should be made out to the BI Chamber of Commerce and can be either dropped off at the Chamber officer or mailed to P. O. Box 5; Beaver Island, MI 49782  For more info, contact Deborah Harwood 231-448-2239.  After tasting all that delicious food, what better way to burn off all those calories than to get your feet moving at the "old fashioned barn dance" later on the same day from 7:00 p.m. until ? at McCafferty's Equestrian Center.   For more information about "Bite of Beaver Island" contact the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce at 231-448-2505, stop by the office, or write to P. O. Box 5; Beaver Island, MI 49782.





The Concerned Citizens Group (CCG) has recommended to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center (BIRHC) that they appoint six new board members, thus increasing the total board membership to the allowable maximum of fifteen.  This action should create more diversity of ideology and a greater community representation.  I hope the board acts quickly and responsibly on this recommendation.  

Kenneth Jay Taylor

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