Powers’ ACE Hardware

3rd Annual Golf Tournament

Official Results

Submitted by Jeff Powers

50 Golfers attended the 3rd Annual Powers’ ACE Hardware golf tournament.  Two teams tied for the championship this year at two under par.  The teams consisted of:

-Jerry Sowa, Bill Detwiler, Kevin White, Ivan Young and Howard Davis

-Greg Cary, Ben Delmater, Jim McDonough, Jeremy Morgan and Jumpin’ Jeff Mestelle.

 Tied for third place at one under par were three teams:

-Tom Whitman, Ron Wojan, Aaron Morgan, Sherman Kantzer & Bill Markey

-Neal Boyle, Dave Roop, John Works, Jr., Florence Neuman & Rob Volgleheim

-Joe Moore, Gerry Lafreniere, Bill Hirschey, John Robert & Nel Worsfold

Individual Awards Included:

Women’s Longest Drive on #1 – Denise McDonough

Longest Putt on #1 – Ron Wojan

Men’s Longest Drive on #1 – Jeff Mestelle

Closest to the Deer on #3 – Kevin White

Men’s Closest to the Pin on #4 – Chuck Gengler

Women’s Closest to the Pin on #4 – Theresa Laurain

Closest 2nd shot on #5 – John Robert

Closest to the pin shot on #6 – Bill Detwiler

Closest 3rd shot on #7 – Jeff Mestelle

Closest 2nd shot on #8 – Ben Delmater

Longest Putt on #9 – Ivan Young

Longest drive on #9 – you guessed it……………Jeff Mestelle

Sorry for the delay in reporting the results, the PGA tournament board was consulted to see if Jeff Mestelle’s golf balls were corked to cause them to travel the great distances that they did!!! Special thanks to the numerous sponsors who help contribute to this event and to Marie Powers for all of the help with the fixins!!

Stocking Up

Come fall we islanders tend to make trips to the mainland for one purpose.. to stock up for the upcoming winter with things that we don't normally find here and/or things that are on sale or sold in large quantity.  One of the favored shopping places is Sam's Club which ranks ahead of WalMart, K Mart, and Target.  At Sam's you can really, really stock up.  We headed to Sam's on Saturday morning.  Now organized folks make lists of what they want/need... not the Moore family.  Our policy is more like, "you see it? you need it? you want it? is it on sale?  then get it!"  We got and then got some more.  It took almost two hours of logic and puzzle skills to pack three huge shopping cart contents into our car.  By the time Joe closed the lid on the truck a crowd had gathered and he received a standing ovation.  Course there wasn't much passenger room left, our daughters looked like Siamese twins by the time we got back to the motel having been scrunched into the vehicle with all the "goodies".  In fact, I think Courtney will be wearing a permanent tattoo that says, "Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinners" on her left thigh while Andrea now has "Maxwell House Coffee" on her right ankle.  But were we done?  Not a chance.  There was still another day, ok, a partial day of shopping left before boat time.  Mike, Jess and Courtney all headed to their places leaving Joe, Andrea and I to finish the "stocking".  One thing we wanted was a wheel for the hamster (perhaps she wouldn't try to escape again if she had some entertainment).  Note... Never, ever, ever take Joe to either a hardware store or a pet shop.  We went in just to get a hamster wheel and left with all sorts of "goodies" not just for the hamster, but for the cats (please notice that I'm not mentioning the automatic cat litter cleaner thingy).  By the time all the newest purchases were stuffed into the car Andrea had a 6 inch by 18 inch area to sit in for the drive to Charlevoix while I had the passenger side front seat... with two cases of soda pop at my feet, my knitting, a box of groceries and my purse while holding a large suitcase on my lap.  Heck, Andrea and I didn't even need seatbelts.  Next time we're going to demand we get sprayed with WD-40 or something similar before entering the car so that we can slip out once we arrive at our destination.   We're home, done shopping, and now can relax knowing that we have enough sunflower seeds, dog food, cat food, beef jerky, floppy disks, etc to get us through another long island winter.

Fifty-seven Years Later

Lightkeeper family.jpg (151152 bytes)When we ride the ferry we often meet interesting folks.  That was the case on Friday morning when I met Leslie and Arlene Meverden of Ludington, Michigan.  Leslie had not been back to the island since 1946.  His parents, Homer and Gertrude Gordon Meverden had lived here from April of 1943 to 1946 when his dad was lightkeeper at the South Head Light.

I asked Leslie what was the biggest change and his response was, "lots more life around the harbor" and how it had grown.  Although a child of only ten years when his dad moved on to the next job, Leslie remembered playing with Billy and Sheldon Martin, A. J. Gallagher and Budger Palmer.  I asked him what he liked best about being a kid on the island and he quickly said, "ice fishing in the harbor, catching perch."  What a great memory to have.

Leslie and Arlene didn't manage to catch the museums open but here's hoping that they won't wait another 57 years to return to the island.  Perhaps next time during the summer season when more places are open for visitors.

A Different View

The sight of either the Beaver Islander or the Emerald Isle coming into the harbor is a common view for us as is the sights seen when entering the Pine River channel in Charlevoix.  Just for the fun of it I visited the pier at Charlevoix as the Emerald Isle was leaving on the 2:30 trip back to the island on Friday afternoon.  It was a pretty rough ride once they got out of the protection of the breakwall in Charlevoix, but the perspective was so different than what we're used to seeing I decided to put them up here.

ferry Charlevoix 9-20 four.jpg (143698 bytes)    ferry Charlevoix 9-20 three.jpg (147493 bytes)    ferry Charlevoix 9-20 one.jpg (146207 bytes)    ferry 9-20 Charlevoix.jpg (136598 bytes)

This Weeks' Pictorial Views

of the New Rural Health Center

Due to it being a very rainy day today I had to edit all the photos and lighten them.  I've left one natural so you could see the difference and how difficult they would be to see without editing.

med 9-22 untouched.jpg (138655 bytes)untouched

med 9-22 edited.jpg (159133 bytes)retouched

med 9-22 nine.jpg (164768 bytes)    med 9-22 eight.jpg (136696 bytes)    med 9-22 seven.jpg (133089 bytes)

med 9-22 six.jpg (187858 bytes)    med 9-22 five.jpg (176553 bytes)    med 9-22 three.jpg (161424 bytes)

med 9-22 four.jpg (164353 bytes)    med 9-22 two.jpg (156251 bytes)    med 9-22 one.jpg (132762 bytes)

Household Hazardous Waste Collection Day

For Beaver Island Residential Only

Saturday, September 27, 2003

9:00 a.m. to 1 p.m.


Common Household Hazardous Wastes:

drain openers * oven cleaners * metal cleaners and polishers * grease and rust solvents * brake fluid * carburetor and fuel injection cleaners * starter fluids * air conditioning refrigerants * paint strippers and removers * adhesives * photographic chemicals * herbicides * insecticides * pesticides * fertilizers * fungicides * swimming pool chemicals * mercury and mercury thermometers

QUESTIONS?    Call 448-2228

Sponsored by: Charlevoix Recycling Committee