Terrorism on Beaver Island

Submitted by Cathy Bauman

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(3" nail hammered into sidewall of new tire located more than 2 1/2 inches below outside surface of tire) No road hazard here unless tire driven on flat sidewall surface.  Hard to do when parked in driveway.

Nobody likes the word terrorism, especially here in Paradise!  However, that is exactly what has taken place over a 22 day period from August 19th through September 9th.  Two threatening phone calls, two acts of intimidation, two criminal acts of vandalism to the same family.

My 91 year old Mother is terrorized in her own home.  She feels very unsafe, and violated... she is a victim of this senseless violence.

Threats of this nature are a crime.  Phone threats are a crime...I refuse to sit by and be a victim.  I have reported these acts to the local authorities, the Charlevoix County Prosecutor, the Charlevoix Under Sheriff and will go as far as these acts take me.  I am on public record as to who may be the suspect(s) and will report any intimidations in the future.  I've been told by many islanders that this stuff has gone on for years.  That's just the way it goes here on Beaver Island.... Most people who have been threatened allow themselves to be victims because they choose to hide (and complain) but refuse to make a police report of these acts.  IT'S A CRIME FOLKS... no matter who makes the threat.  It's a SORRY day in Paradise when a sick minded person can call a resident and accuse that resident of a total lie, make threats because of that lie, and act out those threats because of that lie.  If you've been threatened this year, last year or 5 years ago, whenever, if you still feel intimidated by the person.. it's a valid complaint and a CRIME... Report it.  It's two women today and one is 90 plus years old... That's a disgrace for any community to accept as "that's the way it is here on Beaver Island."

Islander Soccer

The Islanders played Northwest Academy of Charlevoix, Michigan on Friday evening, September 12th, and walked away as the winners with a score of 8-0.  Great playing, Islanders!

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Patriot Day

Today, September 11, 2003, take the time from your busy schedule to pause and reflect on how great our country is and how thankful we are for all those who have given their lives to preserve our freedom.  From the Revolutionary War to Operation Enduring Freedom and the War on Terrorism, let us remember them all.

Swan Lake

The harbor on the evening of September 10th resembled a literal Swan Lake.  With a bit of imagination one could visualize the lead bird as Odette.   What a pretty picture they were as they floated from the playground area to just past the Medical Center building.

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In recent weeks, subscriber Kirk McBride and mediator (or chairperson) of the C.C.G. (Concerned Citizens Group), has been quite vocal both on the Forum and on the island.  He received a gift of a t-shirt yesterday with a target printed on both the front and back.  The Scot in him won't allow him to let things go to waste so he wore it proudly but not without constantly checking who was behind each tree.  For those who might not recognize him by name but would if they saw him, I snapped his picture while he was in the library.  Wonder if we're going to soon see "wanted" posters around town?  I'm also curious if there is a reward for his capture.

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Note From Neal

I had a nice e-mail from Neal Green this week as he caught me up on his travels:

.... I thought I would give you a little update on my status.... I have been very busy the last three months, but that has made the first half of the deployment go by quickly.  I currently am in La Maddelana, Italy doing a short upkeep.  It is fairly nice here but since its is a working port I have only one day off.  It's not too bad though because our boat got the deal of the century for liberty ports.  So far I have been to Gibraltar, France, Crete (twice), and here to Italy.  We are also planning on going to Turkey if it gets approved.  We'll see.  All in all it's been a cool trip.  I miss everyone at home, and keep in contact whenever possible, but our mission as a submarine is stealth ness and transmitting emails sometimes just does not happen!  Hope everything is fine of the Isle, take care.  ~ Neal

Thanks for the update, Neal.

School Board Vacancy

At its October 13, 2003 Regular School Board Meeting the Board of Education of the Beaver Island Community School will appoint one trustee to fill the vacancy of Joddy Crosswhite, until the June 2003 Regular School Election.  At that time the "appointed person" may choose to run for election to the board.

Interested candidates are encouraged to submit a letter of interest to John Fiegen, Board of Education President, Beaver Island Community School, 37895 King's Highway, Beaver Island, MI 49782 by Friday, October 10, 2003, or contact Principal/Superintendent Kathleen McNamara for more information.  The board will interview interested candidates at its regular October meeting and a replacement will be named.

Location of September 16th BIRHC Meeting Changed

 Through the cooperation of the Peaine Township Planning Commission and Tina Morgan, the BIRHC Board has obtained the use of the Peaine Township Hall for its September 16, 2003 regular board meeting. We

are changing to a larger location in hopes of accommodating those in attendance more comfortably. The availability of Peaine Hall for future BIRHC meetings is uncertain at this time.

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