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Historical Society Announces Fundraiser, 9/27/07

Alvin LaFreniere announced today, Thursday, September 27, 2007, that the Beaver Island Historical Society will be sponsoring a fundraiser for the BIHS Director Bill Cashman. "Bill has cancer, and we want to help him out with some of the expenses," Alvin stated. "There will be a Spaghetti Dinner at the Shamrock on Thursday, 9/27/2007 from 5 p.m. til 8 p.m.. We will be asking for free will donations at the door. We will have volunteers serving the dinner. The Shamrock will have servers delivering drinks from the cash bar."

If you are unable to attend, but wish to help, make out your check to the Bill Cashman Medical Fund and send it to Alvin LaFreniere, P.O. Box 178, Beaver Island, MI 49782.

News from BI Community School

Recognition Ceremony – On Saturday, September 15, 2007, over 60 people gathered at the Beaver Island Lodge to recognize the following teachers and school board members:  Joe Moore, Jim Stambaugh, Donna Stambaugh, Jacque LaFreniere and board members John Fiegen and Linda McDonough.   The event was funny and thought provoking as each honoree was commended for their many years of service to the youth of the island. Letters were read from former students commending the work of all the teachers being recognized. 

New Building Project – Here is a brief timeline:

   Early Sept ---

         architects visit island and meet with teachers and students re: building needs

         Board of education discusses in detail the pros and cons of a construction manager versus a general contractor

         Sale of bonds is completed

  Mid Sept – team of teachers visits other new schools to get ideas about project

  Early Oct –

 team that visited other schools reports back to BI

architects visit island and present preliminary sketches to students, staff, community and board – OCTOBER 1

Board of Education decides whether to go with a construction manager or a general contractor

November and December – Architects prepare drawings for bidding

January/February – bidding takes place      

Spring 2008 – Construction begins

Visit by Mike Flanagan – State Superintendent of Education Mike Flanagan is planning to visit Beaver Island Community in mid-October.  According to Mr. Flanagan's press secretary “ Mike Flanagan visits schools and since he's never visited a “rural” school thinks Beaver Island will surely fill the slot.”  It is expected that Mike will spend several hours at the school, sitting in on classes and meeting with students, teachers and board members. 

Next School Board Meeting – October 8 th @ 7:30

DANNY BARBER -   This performer will be on the island next week and will be doing a performance for all of our students on Tuesday morning, September 25.  Danny's wife, Kathleen, works in a microbiology lab at Notre Dame and will be doing a presentation in high school science classe.

Danny is known throughout the music world for his sound, power, and musicality. He began his professional career at age 15.  His first playing job was in 1969 with the Eddie Knight Quintet in South Bend , Indiana .  During this time he played with another local big band, the Jazz Assemblage, as well as both the Indiana University at South Bend's Wind Ensemble and Jazz Ensemble, and studied trumpet under Professor William Adam at Indiana University in Bloomington.  1969 - 1972

CHENNILE SISTERS -   The Chennile Sisters will be performing on Beaver Island on the 6 th of October at CMUBS compliments of the BI Cultural Arts Association.  They will also be performing at BICS on the afternoon of the 5 th of October for the 1-6 th graders.  According to their website: The Chennile Sisters' performance is a blending of three uniquely gifted souls into a musical phenomenon that's more poignant, funny and entertaining than any single performer anywhere - and oh, those exquisite harmonies! What these three women have in common are heavenly voices, a lot of witty wisdom and a passion for connecting with their audiences. But as in a constellation, each Chenille shines her own particular kind of light.   http://www.thechenillesisters .com/

STRINGS -  We will be running this program again this year in cooperation with the Crooked Tree Arts Center and the BICAA.

Kathleen McNamara, Principal/Superintendent, Beaver Island Community School, 37895 King's Highway, Beaver Island MI 49782, (231)448-2744 phone, (231)448-2919 fax

School Board Meeting Minutes for July and August 2007

Beaver Island Trivia

Last Week's Question:

This man was a dishwasher at the Beaver Lodge thirty years ago. He lived up in "Spider's Web" and learned to play in the Key of A from the Lodge manager at the time, Joe Moore. He is a well-known performer, and he goes by the name of "Beans." His trademark is the pirate's "Arrrhrrhrhh." What is his real name?

Tara Palmer, Julie Gillespie, Ann Gregg, Sheri Timsak, and Carol LaFreniere were five of the six correct answerers. Marie LaFreniere, however, was the first one to respond correctly with "Beans" real name, which is Michael Gardiner. Phyllis tells me the real name of living quarters was "Charlotte's Web" not "Spider's Web", but the rest of the story is correct.

This Week's Question:

The Recognition Dinner for Jim Stambaugh, Donna Stambaugh, Jacque LaFreniere, and Joe Moore, all retired teachers from the Beaver Island Community School was September 15, 2007. Can you accurately provide the total actual number of years taught in our school district for these four teachers? (School employees will have to be excluded from winning, but may certainly send in their answer.)

The first correct answer will earn a gift subscription to News on the 'Net for the months of October, November, and December for the person of your choice. Email your answer to

Thanks for playing Beaver Island Trivia!

Chenille Sisters to Perform Oct. 6, 2007

The Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association announced this amazing opportunity for Beaver Island residents and visitors today. This will be an excellent addition to the weekend activities along with the Bite of Beaver and the Beaver Boodle.

On the evening of October 6, 2007, the professional singing and entertainment group "The Chenille Sisters" will perform at the Jim Gillingham Educational Center on the campus of the Central Michigan Biological Center right here on Beaver Island. Arrangements are being finalized for this wonderful group to perform for the Beaver Island Community School students during the afternoon followed by a performance at CMU Bio Center that evening.

Members include Cheryl Dawdy, vocals; Connie Huber, vocals and guitar; and Grace Morand, vocals. Addresses: Record company--Red House Records, P.O. Box 4044 , St. Paul , MN 55104 . Management--Donna Zajonc Management, P.O. Box 7023 , Ann Arbor , MI 48107 .

The Chenille Sisters insist that they are sisters, it's just that they have different parents. Their voices blend like siblings--a la the Andrew, Boswell, and McGarrigle sisters--and their music is very reminiscent of the sound of those girl groups. Their own moniker shows their identification with sister bands, as well as with groups like the Nylons and the Chiffons: they've memorialized chenille, the soft and nubby fabric of bathrobes and grandmothers' bedspreads. Related or not, these three women have slowly and carefully made a name for themselves--first across the Midwest and then throughout the nation--as hilarious and talented songstresses.

The Chenilles are Cheryl Dawdy, Connie Huber, and Grace Morand. They hail from Ann Arbor , Michigan , where they still live when they're not touring, which they seem to do constantly.

Island Treasures

Island Treasures Resale Shop will be opening this on Donegal Bay Road near the tennis courts.  The B.I. Fire Department and the Fire Auxiliary are working to finish the building, organize the store, and prepare for the Grand Opening.  The firemen have invested a great deal of sweat into this worthy project. 

Watch for signs announcing the initial “Donation Days” when gently used items will be accepted by an eager crew of volunteers.  

Clothing, linens, dishes, sports equipment, books, videos, kitchen utensils, tools and small furniture items will be gratefully accepted.  Please make certain that all items donated are clean and ready to be used.

Unfortunately, we will NOT be able to accept most electronics, encyclopedias, magazines, large furniture pieces, mattresses, appliances, or damaged goods.  We will have a bulletin board available for you to post these items, or you may take them to the Transfer Station for disposal.

The funds generated by the Island Treasures Resale Shop will continue to support our Fire Department with purchases of new equipment and training.        

Volunteers will be needed for our limited off-season schedule and our full summer schedule next summer.  Please contact Donna Stambaugh at 448-2797 or at if you want to volunteer or have questions about this exciting project.

Beaver Island Volleyball

(Sent in by Coach Connie Boyle)

Friday Night Volleyball Pictures Here

Saturday Volleyball Pictures Here

Beaver Island Lost to Hannahville Friday night

16-25, 20-25, 19-25

Beaver Island Beat Hannahville Saturday morning

25-6, 22-25, 29-27, 25-13

Here are the weekend stats:

Serving Aces:  Caitlin Boyle 16, Brittany Crandall 4

Good Serves (including Aces):  Caitlin Boyle 38, Brittany Crandall 23, Samantha Kuligoski 15, Andrea Moore and Alex Kuligoski 9, Deven Cook & Maeve Green 8

Kills:  Samantha 14, Brittany 8

Tips:  Maeve 5, Caitlin 5

Blocks:  Samantha 3

Assists:  Andrea 10, Caitlin & Maeve 8

Digs:  Sam 6, Andrea 5

Coach Quote:  “We played much better Saturday morning.  Our serving was better and we handled receiving Hannahville's serve better, too. We learned a lot from both days and will be working hard this week, getting ready to go to Paradise next weekend.  We knew this weekend would be tough games, as will next week.  Also, for anyone who would like to keep track of what all the teams are doing in the league, we have just started a webpage on .  Search for volleyball and then Beaver Island School .  Brittany and I are working on this project and the plan is to have all schools post their volleyball and soccer results.”

Beaver Island Soccer

Submitted by Coach Marianne Brown

The Islanders Soccer team recorded their first wins of the season this past weekend.  The teamed showed hard work, strong leadership from the upper classman, and great teamwork.  The Islanders won Friday evening 6-0 with goals scored by Dan Runburg (4), Bryan Timsak (1), and Dereck McDonough (1).  Assists came from Brenden Martin (2) and Dereck McDonough (2).  Saturday morning the Islanders showed the same dedication and came away with their second win of the season defeating Hannahville 7-0.  Goals were scored by Brenden Martin (2), Dereck McDonough (1), Kristy Bousquet (1), Eric Albin (1), and Ryan McDonald (2).  Assists came from Brenden Martin (2), Dereck McDonough (1), Eric Albin (1), and Dan Runburg (1).  The team travels to Paradise this weekend for what should be a challenging game. 

Friday Soccer pictures here.

Saturday soccer pictures here.

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