Beaver Island News on the 'Net, Sept 3-9, 2007

Tuesday, September 4, 2007, First Day of School

Beaver Island Community School opened Tuesday morning for the beginning of the 2007-2008 school year. Students were introduced to new teachers and a new schedule. Each high school student was provided an Ipaq, a pocket personal computer, to use as a daily planner. The Ipaqs also have Internet access and email access while the students are in the building or just outside the building. The fresh new school year will present challenges to all the staff and all the students, but looks to be another great year.

BIRHC Car Raffle Successful

Having sold 476 tickets at $100 each, the BIRHC was successful in raising more than $26,000 for operations. This was the largest number tickets ever sold for this raffle. The winner was not present but was notified by phone.

His name is Bill Leneau, and he owns a unit at the King Strang Hotel. Congratulations, Bill!

Congratulations, BIRHC for a successful fund raiser!

Golf League Results

The men's golf league on Wednesday nights is still a very close competition, but the top two teams seemed to pull away from the other four with a lead of nine points in the standing. It was quite amazing to watch Ron Wojan, Bob Simpson, and Bill Detwhiler come in after completing the last hole on Wednesday night. Everyone wanted to know how everyone else had done. Frank Solle, John Runber, and Joe Moore wanted to know how Ron's team had done and vice versa. Both teams had played quite well and won their matches by exactly the same number of points making a continuing tie for first place. Third place is very close with only one point separating these teams as well.

The competition is still fierce, and the fall league is still very, very close!

Transfer Station Addition Started

K and M Construction has begun the work of putting an addition on the transfer station. Holes are dug, and the addition site is being prepared for the cement work. A downpour, a real "gully-washer" put a stop to the work on Friday.

Wedding at the Big Birch

(Pictures courtesy of Marie LaFreniere)

Rory Connaghan and Virginia Detwhiler were married by Joddy Croswhite on Saturday, September 1, 2007, under the big birch tree on Fox Lake Road. A reception followed the wedding at Jerry LaFreniere's pole barn.

Congratulations to Rory and Virginia!!


Baby deer to twin, "What are those people doing in our play area?"

Twin responds, "Who cares? This is the best grass I've had all week, nicely moist, green and tender."

Baby to Momma deer, "Momma, what are those people doing walking on that hard ground? Can I go ask them to play?"

Momma deer to twins, "Never mind. Get yourself moving into the woods. It's time for your nap, and we need to find some soft place to lie down."


One adolescent turkey to another, "Why are we wandering next to this people house? I can't find anything here to eat."

The response, "We just wander and follow the others unless mom makes us move in a particular direction, like right now."

Beaver Island Monument

Found on Arranmore Island, this beautiful structure was constructed to demonstrate the relationship between the Islands.

For generations a bond has existed between Arranmore Island, Co. Donegal and Beaver Island in the USA . Although physically separated by the Atlantic , the two islands are inextricably linked. These links were forged during the years of the Great Hunger when hordes of people fled from all parts of Ireland to escape poverty and starvation and emigrated to the USA . Many of those who emigrated from along the Rosses shores and islands made their way to the shores of the Great Lakes in the USA where they settled and made new lives for themselves. The colonisation of Beaver Island by those early Irish settlers is evident from the map of Beaver Island with so many place names bearing the surnames of those early settlers. (From website by Arranmore Island)

Arranmore Grotto on Beaver Island

Beaver Islanders banded together to put up a monument at Holy Cross Cemetery that would also demonstrate this bond. These pictures were taken on the day of the unveiling. It is a beautiful sight to see, as well as a beautiful symbol of this relationship.

An outdoor mass was held at the grotto at 5:30 p.m., September 1, 2007, to dedicate the grotto.