B.I. News on the 'Net, September 3-9, 2012


STONEY & the PUB SPECIALS Sep 10th -16th

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL

*Thurs/ BEARS & PACKERS @ 8




TUES - its $2 Tuesday in the PUB…ALL Domestic BEER OR 10oz DRAFTS!

WED - is WINE DOWN WEDNESDAY …ALL Wine $1 off a Glass & $3 off a Bottle…in Stoney or the PUB!

THURS – THIRSTY THURSDAY…Stoney Long Island's, Beaver Island Punch OR

Proper Draft Pints…ALL 20oz. BIG and $1 off!





Complimentary HOT DOG Buffet Noon-5pm…AND… JIM'S HOMEMADE PIZZA 5-8:30!

Good Times with Good Friends…

Our best to you,

Stoney & Staff


Regular Meeting—Wednesday, September 12, 2012, 7:00 PM

AGENDA (draft)

•  Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance

2. Public Comment and Agenda --

a. Receive Public Comments

b. Review, Revise if Needed, Approve Agenda

3. Review, Revise-if-Needed, Approve Minutes—August 8, 2012 Board Meeting

August 14, 2012 Special Board Meeting and August 24, 2012 Joint Township Special Board Meeting

4. Review and Approve bills for payment

•  Review statement of work performed by deputy officers

•  Discuss any questions regarding bills submitted for approval

5. Presentation – Little Traverse Conversancy/Prudential Preferred on Fox LakeProperty

6. Commissions, Committees and Boards

a. Posting vacancy for Human Services Commission – Term Ending 9/30/2015

7. Township Updates

a. Emergency Medical Services Agreement – Expected signing this week

8. Special Meeting to set 2013 – 2014 Millage Rates - September 26, 2012

9 . Financial Reports

10. Public Comments

11. Adjourn

Please Attend the Next Regular Board Meeting, October 10, 2012—7:00 PM

Short Trip on the Island

Ride around Whiskey Point to Gull Harbor, and eagle soaring and cormorants

Ride down to Barney's Lake

Ride back from Fox Lake in the road

Off Sloptown Road

Last Mixed Doubles Outing of 2012

The day was a wonderful sunny day with a north, northeast wind blowing at about 10 mph. The five teams began playing at 1:30 pm on Sunday, September 9, 2012. The match was a Pinehurst modified model with both male a female hitting a drive on every hole. Then the two would switch balls for the second stroke. Once two hits had taken place, the rest of the hole was played as a best ball competition.

The winners of the outing were Frank Solle and Nel Worsfold with an excellent score of 38. Second place went to Doris and Lars Larsen, 41, with a tie for third with a score of 42. Congratulations to Frank and Nel for another win!

September 8, 2012, End of Season Party

This gathering took place at the Niehaus' new hangar built out on Welke Airport. With no way to count the number of attendees at this 'show the hangar,' anniversary,' and 'end of the season' party, the very rough estimate of four hundred attendees will be provided. Paul and Liz, always friendly and congenial, gave opening remarks, and the eating began. This is the island's favorite type of gathering with many different salads, snacks, and with several choices of meat including hot dogs, brats, barbecue pulled pork, and many, many deserts. Coffee, lemonade, and water were also provided with additional refreshments being BYOB. The following photos were snapped very early on to give an idea of the atmosphere of the party before the music began.

Thank you, Paul and Liz, for a wonderful, old-fashioned, hangar party!

Governor orders flags lowered September 10

to honor Pfc. Shane Cantu of Corunna

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder has ordered U.S. flags to be lowered to half-staff within the state Capitol Complex and at state buildings, grounds and facilities throughout Michigan in honor of Army Pfc. Shane Cantu, of Corunna, on Monday, Sept. 10. Flags should be returned to full-staff on Wednesday, Sept. 12, as they will remain lowered on Tuesday, Sept. 11 in honor of Patriot Day.

Cantu, 20, died Aug. 28 in Afghanistan. He was a member of the U.S. Army, 1st Battalion, 503 rd Infantry Regiment, 173 rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team.

“Pfc. Cantu made the ultimate sacrifice in service to this country, and he will forever be remembered as a hero by the community of Corunna and the entire Great Lakes State,” said Snyder. “I extend heartfelt condolences to his parents, sisters and entire family during this time.”

Cantu was a 2010 graduate of Corunna High School, where he was a three-year starter on the football team. He attended Adrian College before joining the Army, and was based in Germany and Italy prior to service in Afghanistan.

Cantu was awarded the Bronze Star Medal, Purple Heart, Army Commendation Medal and Army Good Conduct Meal posthumously. His other awards and decorations include the National Defense Service Medal, Afghanistan Campaign Medal with Bronze Service Star, Army Service Ribbon, and Overseas Service Ribbon. Cantu received the NATO Medal and Combat Infantryman Badge posthumously. He also received the Parachutist Badge, Combat and Special Skill Badge Basic Marksmanship Qualification Badge and the Overseas Service Bar.

Visitation will be from 2 to 8 p.m. Saturday and Sunday at Nelson-House Funeral Home in Owosso. The funeral service will be 5 p.m. Monday at Corunna High School's Nick Annese Field.

This flag order is in accordance with Executive Order 2006-10, III.B.3 . Michigan residents, businesses, schools, local governments and other organizations also are encouraged to display the flag at half-staff.

St James Township Board Meeting, September 5, 2012

Link to Video HERE

Men's Fall Golf League

1 7 Jeff-Ryan 35 12 63 177 35.40
2 8 John-Doug 35 17 63 183 36.60
3 4 Travis-Gerald 36 15 59 194 38.80
4 5 Bob-Stan 41 15 57 200 40.00
5 1 Ernie-Chuck 43 3 54 191 38.20
6 9 Joe-Buck 35 10 53 186 37.20
7 3 Frank-John 37 8 50 186 37.20
8 2 Ron S.-David 46 7 45 222 44.40
9 6 Rob-Dan 36 13 45 198 39.60
10 10 Francis-Larry 47 5 43 220 44.00
Team #8 beat Team #1 17-3
Team #6 beat Team #2 13-7
Team #7 beat Team #3 12-8
Team #4 beat Team #5 15-5
Team #5 beat Team #10 15-5
Team #6 tied Team #9 10-10
Team #1 vs Team #6
Team #2 vs Team #8
Team #8 vs Team #10
Team #3 vs Team #5
Team #4 vs Team #7
Team #7 vs Team #9

October is Full of Flavor & Color on Beaver Island

( BEAVER ISLAND , Mich ) – The weekend of October 6 will be among the most colorful, recreational and flavorful on Beaver Island .

Beginning at 10am at the historic Print Shop, the Island Boodle 5k Run takes participants through scenic St. James, along the waterfront and back through wooded trails during one of the most beautiful times of year. Benefitting Island Sports Boosters, the event draws serious runners as well as families, many with babies in strollers and four-legged friends.

The boodle is started with a canon firing from a Civil War replica canon. It's for runners, walkers, and bikers.

As Mother Nature paints the trees in vibrant shades of reds, yellows and oranges, the island's amateur and professional chefs will be serving up tasteful samples of seasonal treats during the 11 th Annual Bite of Beaver Island Food Festival . Enjoy bite size bits of everything from soups and pizzas and other specialty fare, all at affordable prices. Activities will be held from 1-4pm at the Holy Cross Hall.

The Holy Cross Hall gets packed with those wanting to try the many delicacies.

Also part of the day's festivities is an Arts & Crafts Show will take place at the Community Center from 11am-4pm and an “Apple Pie Contest” at Holy Cross Hall at 1:30pm. During the evening, the island's pubs will be offering live music and entertainment.

Once on the island – whether participating in the Boodle or Bite of Beaver – visitors will find plenty of fall colors and natural activity to keep busy. The West Michigan Tourist Association features a Beaver Island Color Tour Route as one of 26 on its website:

Starting at the ferry dock in downtown St. James, turn right at the Ace Hardware. Turn left at the top of the hill onto The Kings Highway heading south out of town. Turn left on McCauley's Road. Turn right on East Side Drive. At the south end of the island it becomes West Side . Don't forget to stop and visit the Lighthouse just before Iron Ore Bay . Cross the 4-way intersection onto Paid Een Ogs Road . Turn left onto The Kings Hwy back to town.

Beaver Island's fall colors are spectacular and occur a little later than on the mainland because of the temperature moderation brought about by Lake Michigan, says Steve West, Director of the Beaver Island Chamber of Commerce. By early October, colors should be making a spectacular show – just in time for the Island Boodle and Bite of Beaver.

Overnight rooms during the fall season on Beaver Island start at $75/night and Oak Wood Condos is offering two-bedroom suites (with kitchen and living areas) starting at $95/night.

Getting to Beaver Island is easy. The Beaver Island Boat Company runs through December, with limited runs in the early and late season. The 32-mile ride takes approximately two hours. Participants of the Island Boodle can get a discounted fare – at just $40/roundtrip for adults and $20/roundtrip for children. Fresh Air Aviation and Island Airways also both provide plane service to the island. All three services operate out of Charlevoix.

Those searching for a truly removed up-north destination will find it on Beaver Island , one of the purist four-season vacation destinations in Michigan . When it comes to natural escapes, nothing compares to America 's Emerald Isle – Beaver Island . For more information, call 231-448-2505 or log onto www.BeaverIsland.org .

My Walk to Heaven by Jim Heit

(photos and story by Jim Heit)

My walk to heaven, a Trilogy, my story, but more importantly, a story about us as members of the human race.

The Mackinac Bridge, the third longest suspension bridge in world, connects the lower and upper peninsula in the state of Michigan. I have driven over it, sailed under it, but never had the opportunity to walk it, until this year. This required me to leave my Beaver Island home and head back to America(the mainland).

That accomplished, it was soon the early morning of the event. A 4:00am wake up call, out the door by 5:00am,  driving from Charlevoix to  Mackinaw City  and arriving in the darkness of 6:00am. Feeling lucky, we soon found the staging area for our bus which would take us north across the bridge. From there we would walk back in the southbound lane. The walk, which officially started at 7:00am, was delayed by the Governor's speech.

Even though we were out of range of the loudspeakers, one of the Governors "handlers" came to our bus driver and ask her to shut off the engine so that we might hear the speech. I did not want my fellow passengers wondering what was being said, so I took it upon myself to telepathically deliver his message. This is a summary: You shall expect to see a chicken in every pot, jobs for all, student loans forgiven, mortgages paid off, free health insurance, no more wars, and of course neighbors and in-laws that you can get along with. WOW, this as the  billboards proclaim, Pure Michigan! A rousing cheer went up!, you got my vote! I was indeed in the promised land, just like in Mose's time.

My encounters: Our bus driver was a delightful middle age women, who loved her job and her kids, but never the less was headed to college. School was to start Tuesday. the fourth, and we were her warm up act. This is where it all started; the nonstop next two hours of laughter. Info: There are 150 school buses, 50 people to a bus, times 9 trips = 67,000 bodies.

I, Jim, have an alter ego called The Red Shoe Walker.

When the occasion calls for it, I become him and me; an ambassador of joy and laughter. Well, the journey was underway with a search for the youngest and the oldest,  the most infirmed, and the most far out. I found them all in the next two hours. First up was a woman in her eighty's using a walker, and actually shuffling her feet. She was with her great granddaughter. I politely ask her age; with a smile, and her eyes sparkling; she said, "Sonny, I'm thirty nine!" My eyes watered; and I told her she was an inspiration! What did she do for me?; she called me Sonny! Imagine that; at my age! We did indeed serve one another at that moment in time.

Next up was a man with a big Macawon his shoulder. I had to inquire; what keeps him from flying off? He replied that he found him on the street, was unemployed,  took him in, and would never fly off. I can't imagine those huge claws digging in for five miles. This was the man's ninth trip, but a first for the bird. Animals are not allowed on the walk; so it was definitely an illegal!

In the next moment I heard some complaining behind me. There were three teenagers, with one of them from Germany. This was her first time in America, and she was getting tired from too much walking and texting. As a peacemaker, The Red Shoe Walker went into action. He offered to push or pull, but that wasn't getting anywhere. Plan two: I suggested a picture of yourself crossing the finish line and posting it on Facebook! Now I spoke to her in her language and suddenly she wasn't tired any more. That girl went!

Next: One of many Michigan National Guardsman(picture) on duty. I shook his hand and thanked him for helping keep us safe. He appreciated that acknowledgement.

Next: A four year old boy(picture) Imagine how many steps those short leg's had to take to keep up. Maybe the equivalent of fifteen miles? More inspiration!

Next: The center span; Could this be the end? Is it my time to depart? There was NO wind, and the sun was shinning brightly; but the cables holding the bridge up looked like they were being plucked by a giant hand. I was in southern California in the nineteen eighties when the Northridge earthquake hit; and this was just like that. People starting walking like they were drunk; and try as I might, I could not help staggering. People looked around at each other with disbelief. Could this be the road to heaven? I was at peace and was laughing like a kid on a amusement park ride. Whoopee, are you ready for me God? Well, it was just not our time.

Next: The Red Shoe Walker finally meets Superman and Spiderman. It was a brief encounter with each of us encouraging each other to keep up the good work as down the road we went.

Next: There were people(picture) on top of the beam that connect the two towers five hundred feet above the water. They were everyday people like you and I. I ask a Army Captain for permission to climb, but alas, he said not at this time. Inspiration! Not now, but later?

Next: A blind lady with the appropriate cane walking alone. A person in a wheelchair also.

And so it went.......We all got our certificates, and now the real challenge, how do we find the car?

The consensuses, was follow the crowd; except the crowd went a zillion different directions! We picked one, and you guessed it, it was the wrong one! And so we went around and around in this maze, eventually I appointed  my sister- in - law as chief scout. I called her Tonto. She wasn't honored, and eventually quit, parking her you know what on the nearest bench. Ask, just ask, she said. This I did, but to no avail. Usually the response was don't ask me, I'm lost also. We knew if we eventually came across a large body of water(Lake Huron) that we would not flounder forever, and so it was. Our five mile journey had now become seven or eight, but our spirits never faltered. The required t-shirt and fudge shopping was next with many choices. It went very well with finding them all in the same store. It was staffed with teenage girls from India, good looking, with a ton of charm to go with it. They were selling, and I needed to be convinced. It was then game on, and a fun game it was. It was smile vs. smile, and I was determined to win. At one point I went over the top, bent over the counter, looked into her eyes, and said, you have very beautiful eyes, and I love your smile; but no. She then cheated, smiled back, and stuffed yet another sample of fudge into my mouth. Agh; not fair at all!

The bottom line you ask? I got the equivalent of a purchase in free samples; but ended up buying two t-shirts when all I need was one. We all "won" and the prize was in the exchange of the joy and laughter. Tonto was back on the job, and we were back on Interstate 75 within five minutes. I turned on Tom Tom, my GPS, with the voice of the English lady Mandy guiding us down the road. She is bossy, but I love her accent. The passenger count on the ferry back was sparse; twelve, out of a possible three hundred, so it was stretch out and take a nap time.

I can hardly wait until next year, when we as a large group of people, different, but ultimately the same, come together to once again to share that five mile stretch of laughter and joy on a bridge called The Mighty Mac. Pure Michigan at its finest. Thanks to my brother Don, and his wife Mary(Tonto) for making this experience possible.

Love to all,

I am Jim, aka. The Red Shoe Walker

PS My dog Katie, and cat Gracie  were in bed waiting for me, with questions where have you been? We have been keeping the bed warm for you!

BIEMS Receives Thank You Letter

Click on the image above to view the Thank You Letter

Notes from August Focus Groups

The NRESC with Michigan State help offered opportunities on August 1 and August 2 for the "summer people" to have input into the plan that will eventually be developed for the natural resources of Beaver Island. The following is the list of items suggested by those attending these focus groups:

Click on the above document to view the notes from the August Focus Groups

Winner of the Car in BIRHC Raffle

The raffle winner for the BIRHC Car Raffle was one of three hundred sixty-one tickets sold. The lucky lady was Jeanne Gillespie! Congratulations, Jeanne!

It's a Boy!

(The best birth announcement seen in a long time)

"My son RYLEY EDWARD MAUDRIE finally decided to come join us this morning at 4:04 am weighing in at 6 lbs. 0 oz.., 18 1/2 " long. Briana (Maudrie) had 18 hours of anxious waiting and alot of pain. a couple scares, but Ryley's healthy as can be and seems to be a very happy baby so far,." posted Rob Coffell on facebook.



Peaine Township Meeting of August 8, 2012

Video of the entire meeting may be viewed HERE

Bird Festival Feasibility Study and Comments

Invasive Species Summit

Video of the summit can be viewed HERE

Beaver Island Veteran's Memorial

View the Tribute to Veterans Video

2012 MAD Camp Performance

Almost fifty MAD Camp participants joined fourteent MAD Camp staffers for another wonderful music, art, and drama camp. It is amazing to see the final performance of these talented teachers and talented youngsters. The link to the final MAD Camp Performance for 2012 is HERE. 

Freedom of Information Act and Open Meeting Act Presentation

The scheduled presentation covering the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) and the Open Meeting Act (OMA) took place at Peaine Township Hall, yesterday, May 23, 2012. The presentation was scheduled to begin at 2 p.m. and end at 4 p.m., but the questions extended past 4:20 p.m. This presentation was given by Robin Luce Herrmann. Ms. Herrmann is a lawyer who represents the press in FOIA and OMA court actions. She had previously represented the Petoskey News Review (PNR) in a court case after the PNR was denied a FOIA request from the Charelvoix County Prosecutor. The PNR won this court action. The Charlevoix County Prosecutor had been asked to come give this presentation, but no mutually acceptable date had been determined.

Robin Luce Herrmann provided a large amount of information about many aspects of both of these acts and answered several questions related to these specific pieces of law including court decisions and Attorney Generals opinions.

Video of the Presentations Can Be Viewed HERE

Mute Swan Presentation, Bike Trails, and Garden Island Indian Cemetary

At the Natural Resources and Ecotourism Steering Committee meeting tonight, May 21,2012, there were three presentations lasting just over an hour all together. These presentations included the mute swan presentation that basically showed the invasive species designation, and how to tell the invasive from the native swans. The second presentation was a short presentation and discussion about designating some trails on Beaver Island as bike trails. The third presentation was an introduction to the Indian Cemetary on Garden Island and the destruction taking place.

Video of all three presentations can be viewed HERE

St. James Board Meeting, August 1, 2012

Link to video of this meeting HERE

WMC Links

Meeting Dates

New Prices for Transfer Station

NRESC Has Its Own Website

Beaver Island Airport Commission Meetings Schedule for 2012

Beaver Island Community Center


At the Heart of a Good Community

Check www.BeaverIslandCommunityCenter.org or the Community Center for listings

B I Community Center Activities


Recycling Info

Visit the Charlevoix Recycling Website for more information

Notre Dame Professor leads study into Beaver Island's Irish Heritage

Link to the Beaver Island Airport 10-year Plan

B. I. Community School Board Meetings Schedule

View Meetings Schedule HERE

Human Services Commission Resource Manual

Complete Guide to Charlevoix County Human Services HERE

On the Beach of Beaver Island

You will need Quicktime or another music player to enjoy this link.

The music played in the Holy Cross Hall in the late 70's and early 80's, recorded for posterity and shared here.

Beaver Island Food Pantry and Gregg Fellowship Hall Donations Accepted

Click Here to donate

Meeting Minutes

The minutes of all public meetings will be posted

as soon as they are received.

News on the 'Net welcomes minutes to all public meetings. All organizations are welcome to submit meeting minutes for publication on this website. Please email them to medic5740@gmail.com.

Airport Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Cultural Arts Association Minutes

Peaine Township Board Minutes

BIRHC Board Meeting Minutes

St. James Township Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Community School Board Meeting Minutes

Beaver Island Ecotourism Goals Draft, rev. 3, 19 Jan 2010

Beaver Island Natural Resources and Eco-Tourism Steering Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Transportation Authority Minutes

Joint Human Resources Commission Minutes

Waste Management Committee Minutes

Beaver Island Airport Commission Minutes New for 2011!


Serious Dry Spell Obvious Looking at Barney's Lake

It's been really dry on Beaver Island for quite a long while. The Font Lake pictures below made it essential to check out Barney's Lake, and what was found is not very pretty. This is a definite drought and the inland lakes as well as Lake Michigan seem to reflect the seriousness as you view the shorelines of each.

From the top of the hill...

Panorama from the bottom of the hill at the shoreline...

From near the boat launch looking right, looking down, looking left..

Looking at the south end of Barney's Lake..

The question of the day is this: Where's the water?

Kenwabikise Memorial Service at Whiskey Point

A memorial service for John Paul Kenwabikise, Kenneth David Kenwabikise, and Dennis Michael Kenwabikise was held at Whiskey Point beginning at 11:30 am today, September 2, 2012. This is the 30th anniversary of this very sad day in the history of Beaver Island. These three Kenwabikise boys left this earth on September 2, 1982. (Pictures by Phyllis Moore. The editor was on an emergency page from the memorial service.)

Kathleen McNamara welcomed everyone to the memorial service.

Brian Cole provided the remembrance.

Sheri Timsak read the Poem Do Not Stand on My Grave and Weep.

Pat Nugent read a scripture and gave a prayer.

Simon Kenwabikise place a wreath made by Heidi Vigil.

Wreath at Whiskey Point

Video of the Memorial Service


Beach Cleanup

Everyone meets at the Community Center at 9am on Saturday, September 15, 2012, for bags and data cards. Return with collected trash and items by noon for a free hotdog lunch. Sponsored by the Beaver Island Association. Call Ken McDonald (2981) with questions or to get supplies early.

Font Lake Water Level Down


Any doubt we are in a drought?

The New Panty Tree

Without having any real information about its purpose or possible joke, a quick trip out to the St. James Township Campground will reveal some women's panties up in a couple of trees. Here is what was found:

Any possible explanations will be considered!

The Blue Moon Isn't Blue

Daytime pictures on August 31, 2012

A few photos taken at the playground or Whiskey Point demonstrate the possibilities, but the second full month of the month of August is what makes the name Blue Moon. Enjoy!

Trying to get the moon inside the lighthouse glass......Moon almost all the way above the lighthouse...Moon inside the lighthouse windows

AMVETs Breakfast

Sunday moring, from 8:30 to noon you can eat eggs, sausage, pancakes, coffee, and fruit cup. Great food and all the profits go to support the Beaver Island Veterans and provide scholarships for our Beaver Island students. The AMVETs Breakfast takes place in the Holy Cross Parrish Hall.

Brush Fire

The Beaver Island Fire Department was paged to a brush fire down the East Side Drive. The time of the page was shortly after noon on August 30, 2012. The page included the suggestion that trees could also be involved. The Beaver Island Fire Department members working down the East Side got on scene very quickly and began putting the fire out. The earliest responders on the scene had the fire under control very quickly. While the two pumpers and the tankers responded to the scene, this equipment was not needed, in part due to the quick response. Fire department members were overheard stating, "Glad we got that under control. Another fifteen minutes and it could have been more serious."

This should suggest to all that the fire danger on Beaver Island is high. When you take the 35 mph winds and dryness in consideration, fires should be kept to a bare minimum everywhere on the Island.

Great job and two thumbs up to our volunteer fire department for the quick response and control of what could have been very serious!


September 2, 1982, is a day that will live in infamy in the history of Beaver Island.

Please join us for a Memorial Service honoring the 30th Anniversary of the drowning accident that took the lives of John Paul Kenwabikise, Kenneth David Kenwabikise, and Dennis Michael Kenwabikise on Sunday, September 2nd, 2012 at 11:30 am at the Whiskey Point Lighthouse.

Afterward, we will arrive at the Beaver Island Community School for the unveiling of a plaque in their honor. Refreshments will be provided at BICS.

Everyone Welcome

Congratulations to Grandparents Don and Lisa Welke

Baby Donovan Scott Loose was born at 9:54 pm on August 28, 2012 to to Jamie Lynn Welke Loose and her husband Joshua Luce. Donovan Scott was 7 lbs 11 oz and 20 3/4" long and healthy!



From Holy Cross Parish Council

Effective May 23, 2012

Summer Mass Schedule for Holy Cross Church

Sunday: 10:00am

Saturday: 5:30pm

Monday and Tuesday and Saturday Mass: 9:00am

Friday Mass: 12:00pm: with Holy Hour Following

Other Liturgies

Rosary before weekday Masses and on Wednesday and Thursday at 9:00am

Confession is heard Saturday from 3:00 to 3:30pm

Visiting Pastors for the Beaver Island Christian Church

September 2,9,16,23:  Pastor Don Sinclair, Central Lake MI

Consultant Report Available

The Feasibility Evaluation for Establishing a Fixed Wing Medical Evacuation Capability for Beaver Island EMS was presented to both St. James and Peaine Townships at their meetings in August. This feasibility evaluation was completed by a consultant Michael Slattery to eliminate any misunderstandings and to provide the information for BIEMS and the two townships to move forward. This report is many pages long, but Beaver Island News on the 'Net believes that it is important enough to post the entire document including all of the legislation that pertains to this issue. You may view this report by clicking on the link below.

Feasibility Evaluation for Establishing a Fixed Wing Medical Evacuation Capability for Beaver Island EMS

BIRHC Board Meetings in 2012

September 15

November 17

All meetings held at the BIRHC Education Room at 9:30 a.m.

Beaver Island Human Services Commission Announces

2012 Meeting Schedule

At 2 p.m. at the Beaver Island Community School

The Commission is a collaboration of organizations that advocates for the emotional and physical needs of island residents and visitors of all ages.

September 20, 2012

October 18, 2012

November 15, 2012

Members: Mary Cook (Char-Em HSC), Donna Kubic (BIRHC), Bob Tidmore (AmVets), Alice Belfy/Adam Richards (BICS), Judi Meister (Food Pantry), Ann Partridge(COA liaison/Community Center), Lois Williams (Hospice), Kathy Tidmore(St. James Township Rep.), Pam Grassmick (Peaine Township Rep.)

NRESC Meeting Dates Determined

September 8, Saturday, from 10-4 for meeting with MSU facilitators to continue the planning process.

Monday September 17, 7 pm, for next regular meeting of the NRESC.

Message to All B.I. Organizations

BINN is willing to post any and all events on the News on the 'Net website! There is one exception to this rule.

BI News on the 'Net cannot post your event if you don't send the information to BINN!

Subscriptions Expire

You can subscribe online by using PayPal and a credit card. Please click the link below if you wish to renew online:





Weekly Fishing Tip: Help the DNR help others go fishing!

Do you know a great place to go fishing? Is it easy for others to access? Can you fish from the shore at this location? Then the DNR needs your help!

Many people don't know good places to go fishing, and they often don't know where to look to find out. The DNR is trying to address this issue by developing a Family Friendly Fishing Waters website dedicated to connecting interested individuals with local fishing opportunities.

As an angler – perhaps you can help by sharing your knowledge? To create the Family Friendly Fishing Waters website, the DNR needs your help in collecting submissions via an online form about water bodies located throughout Michigan that would be easy for new anglers to access and use. Submissions are being accepted from anyone willing to share their knowledge. We will then use the submitted information to build the website.

To get started on submitting a potential Family Friendly Fishing Waters location, simply visit www.surveymonkey.com/s/FFFW and answer as many of the form's questions as possible. Please note some of the questions are required so the future website can be as thorough as possible.

The form requires submitters to share digital photos of any suggested Family Friendly Fishing Waters location. To do so, an email must be sent to DNR- FamilyFriendlyFishingWaters@ michigan.gov with the photos included as JPEG attachments. The email subject line should reference the suggested location (i.e. Long Lake in Clare County). Photos should be relevant to the suggested location and highlight the fishing area(s), the parking area and/or the water body itself. Be sure to take several photos from various angles and we will select the best ones to use.

Upon submission, all entries will be vetted by DNR staff to ensure they fit the necessary requirements to be considered a Family Friendly Fishing Water location.

Help us to make this effort a success – please consider submitting a water body today!

For more information, visit www.michigan.gov/fishing .

Making the First Licensed Air Transport Flight

The two on-call EMS personnel to make the very first licensed emergency air transport flight for Beaver Island EMS were Paramedic Shirley Curtis and EMT Vince Pickardt. The patient was flown off the island in less than an hour and arrived at the most appropriate facility in a very short period of time. Congratulations, Shirley and Vince! Congratulations, BIEMS Executive Director Danielle Dedloff and Beaver Island EMS for finally achieving this lofty goal!

Shirley Curtis, paramedic....Vince Pickardt, EMT

Governor orders flags lowered August 30, 2011

to honor Petty Officer 2nd Class David Warsen

LANSING, Mich. – Gov. Rick Snyder has ordered U.S. flags to be lowered to half-staff within the state Capitol Complex and at state buildings, grounds and facilities throughout Michigan in honor of Special Warfare Operator Petty Officer 2nd Class David J. Warsen, of Kentwood, on Thursday, Aug. 30. Flags should be returned to full-staff on Friday, Aug. 31.

Warsen, 27, died Aug. 16 in a helicopter crash northeast of Kandahar, Afghanistan. He was assigned to a West Coast-based naval special warfare unit.

“Petty Officer Warsen will forever be remembered for his great sacrifice as a devoted Navy SEAL,” said Snyder. “I extend my sincere condolences to his many friends, fiancée, Karlyn, and entire family.”

Warsen was a graduate of East Kentwood High School. He joined the Navy in March 2009, and his tour in Afghanistan was set to end Oct. 1. Warsen and his fiancée were planning a Dec. 8 wedding.

Visitation will be from 1 to 7 p.m. on Wednesday at Mars Hill Bible Church in Grandville. The funeral service will be 11 a.m. on Thursday at the church.

This flag order is in accordance with Executive Order 2006-10, III.B.3. Michigan residents, businesses, schools, local governments and other organizations also are encouraged to display the flag at half-staff.

When flown at half-staff or half-mast, the U.S. flag should be hoisted first to the peak for an instant and then lowered to the half-staff or half-mast position. The flag should again be raised to the peak before it is lowered for the day.
BOX 319


Men's Fall Golf League Week 4 Standings

1 1 Ernie-Chuck 39 13 51 148 37.00
2 7 Jeff-Ryan 37 14 51 142 35.50
3 8 John-Doug 38 11 46 148 37.00
4 4 Travis-Gerald 41 7 44 158 39.50
5 9 Joe-Buck 39 9 43 151 37.75
6 3 Frank-John 38 4 42 149 37.25
7 5 Bob-Stan 43 9 42 159 39.75
8 2 Ron S.-David 38 16 38 176 44.00
9 10 Francis-Larry 42 11 38 173 43.25
10 6 Rob-Dan 42 6 32 162 40.50
Team #1 beat Team #4 13-7
Team #2 beat Team #3 16-4
Team #8 beat Team #5 11-9
Team #7 beat Team #6 14-6
Team #10 beat Team #7 11-9

Team #8 beat Team #9 11-9


Team #1 vs Team #8
Team #2 vs Team #6
Team #6 vs Team #9
Team #3 vs Team #7
Team #4 vs Team #5
Team #5 vs Team #10

Special Joint Township Board Meeting, August 24, 2012

The purpose of the Joint Township Board Meeting held on August 24, 2012, at the Peaine Township Hall at 7 p.m. was to determine the fee schedule for payment to Island Airways. The Beaver Island EMS and Island Airways had agreed on a payment schedule for the air ambulance service. Tonight's meeting was to ratify this agreement payment schedule. This joint meeting lasted just a little over eleven minutes, which must be a record for a joint township meeting for Peaine and St. James Township. You can view the entire eleven minute meeting HERE.

The portion of the document agreed upon by both townships has a link below. Both townships also agreed to allow Danielle Dedloff, Executive Director of Beaver Island EMS to sign the agreement.

Link to Compensation Agreement

BICS Newsletter

BICS Volleyball Home Games August 24, 2012

Beaver Island News on the 'Net streamed the entire double volleyball match between Maplewood Baptist and Beaver Island. There were two glitches during this process. The first two games did not have sound, but the last six games were just about as perfect as possible with the equipment used. Thanks to BICS for the Internet access because it couldn't be streamed live on the Internet without their Internet access.

More than one hundred people (from more than 100 different IP addresses) viewed the live streaming video of these matches. Some quotes were "fantastic," "amazing," "Thanks for the live coverage News on the 'Net."

State/Region Uniques %
MI, United States 75
WI, United States 36
FL, United States 1
AK, United States 1
DC, United States 1
AZ, United States 1
CA, United States 1
MA, United States 1

The Lady Islanders won both matches 3 games to 1 and 3 games to 1.

Link to Video of Match 1

Link to Video of Match 2

Getting ready for the game, Tim, Rick, Kerry, and Heather

The team members are introduced

At a time out............ Olivia serves

The following pictures are by Frank Solle. Thanks Frank, for your great pictures!

Beaver Island Volleyball Schedule 2012

  (Home Game**)












From the Michigan DNR

Weekly Fishing Tip: Have you tried this bass technique?
If you jig fish for bass you've probably experienced a snag or two. Did you know the typical snag-release technique (shaking your rod vigorously) can actually attract bass and sometimes walleye as well?

Rod shakes – and the subsequent lure shaking – often alert nearby fish. This technique is particularly effective when sunny conditions are present and bass are sticking close to cover. With the being said, you may want to purposely find snag-worthy locations!

Be sure to check out rocks, boulders and other hard cover locations, as well as logs, brush piles and weeds. As your jig starts to get hung up shake accordingly and you just might catch that smallmouth bass you're after.

Please note this technique works best with snag-free, weedless-style jigs.

Want to learn more about fishing for bass in Michigan? Check out all the details you need to know on the DNR's Michigan Fish and How to Catch Them website .

This tip was adapted from Michigan Outdoor News.

Beaver Island Association in the News

The Petoskey New Review requested further information from BIA on recent grant awards for this article-thanks for all your assistance: http://www.petoskeynews.com/ news/featured/pnr-beaver- island-announces-natural- resources-awards-20120822,0, 4646795.story

Community Calendar

A completely new feature includes a monthly calendar for each month of the entire year of 2013. Please send me your events and they will be posted so others can schedule their events without conflict. Email your schedule of events to medic5740@gmail.com.

If you or your organization has an event you'd like posted on this Community Calendar, please contact me and I'll add it in.  Please try to get me the information as early as possible.

The Taylorcraft Project - code name Big Red


This little 1946 BC-12D Taylorcraft has been affectionately dubbed “Big Red” in honor of its previous owner John “Red” Rowley. After seeing it tucked away in his pole barn/hangar these last 20+ years. I am excited to have the opportunity to restore this “history rich” bird to its almost original new state. I say almost because part of the restoration will entail converting the aircraft from a model BC-12D to a model F-19. Still a Taylorcraft in every way, it will simply be a little more versatile, airy, and an even better short field operation aircraft.

The timeline for project completion is about 2 years and will require the aircraft to be completely disassembled, inspected, repaired as necessary, reassembled and then recovered and painted in a special paint scheme to pay homage to its colorful past.

Once back in the air it will be spend its time flying on lazy Sunday afternoons and of course giving the children of Beaver Island, both young and old, rides from the frozen surface of Lake Geneserath during Fresh Air Aviation's “Winter Fest”.

It's a lot of work (and then some!) for such a little plane. Then why do it you ask? Simple I say. “Because it's Red Rowley's airplane and it's the right thing to do!”

Keith Teague

Career Opportunity for Nurse Practitioner

A unique opportunity to live and work on a beautiful island located 32 miles from Charlevoix, Michigan accessible by ferry and air service

The position

•  - Collaborative practice with another NP in a new beautiful health clinic

•  -Clinic hours, an eight hour shift, three days a week

•  -On-call coverage shared between the two practitioners who work together on developing schedules (minimal amount of monthly calls)

•  -An opportunity to know and treat patients of all ages, providing primary health care, managing chronic and acute problems and developing wellness programs

•  -Provide emergency services in collaboration with the EMS

•  -Collaborate with off-island physician on appropriateness of care

•  -Benefit Package:

•  -Rural Site Qualifies for student loan repayment

The Community

•  -A safe, friendly, small-town atmosphere on the largest inhabited island in the Great Lakes with a year round population of 650 and summer tourist season with a boom of thousands of visitors

•  -Beach walking, hiking trails, kayaking, canoeing, snowmobiling, fishing, hunting, cross-country skiing, All Within Your Backyard!

•  -Drive to work in 5-15 minutes, with no traffic

•  -Family First Atmosphere, with three churches and an excellent K-12 public school with small teacher-student ratios, new building under construction and strong support in the community for funding

•  -A nine-hole golf course where you can play without lines and reservations

•  -Best prices on Lake Michigan frontage in the State

Beaver Island Rural Health Center

PO Box 146, Beaver Island, MI 49782 

Donna Kubic, Managing Director 231-448-2275, e mail donna@birhc.org

Beaver Island Celtic Music Mini-Fest

A unique Celtic music and dance experience takes place on Beaver Island at the Community Center September 6th through the 8th, 2012.

With dual concerts featuring Goitse, the upcoming forerunners of traditional Irish music, and RUNA, the acclaimed USA contingent in contemporary Irish music, multiple dance and instrumental workshops—where participants will actually perform onstage at the concerts—this has the makings of a Beaver Island Celtic Festival revival.

Goitse (pronounced gwi-cha) is an informal Gaelic Irish greeting meaning ‘come here'. After reading all of their international press, it should be come hea!

Hotpress magazine assured Irish traditional music lovers They play with an easy assurance that should cause those fretting about the future of Irish trad to rest more easily at night. Lace up your dancing shoes and get ready for a night of wonderful music and fast paced fun with Goitse. And Irish Music Magazine said, They have a big musical imagination and are not afraid to tear at the edges of the trad envelope.

Not to mention they have an All Ireland winner on both Bodhran and Ceili Band drums who designs instruments; a four-time All Ireland and current ALL WORLD Banjo title winner; a three-time “All Ireland” mandolin winner; as well as a well-known Irish singer, currently a member of the cast of Michael Flatley's world-renowned show ‘Lord of the Dance'.

Goitse's newly released CD Transformed inspired John O-Regan of Irish Muisc Magazine to write, Transformed  sees Goitse transfer from the periphery to the big league. Find out more and listen to Goitse at www.goitse.ie

Members of RUNA have played with Solas, Riverdance, SLIDE, Clannad, Fiddlers' Bid, Moya Brennan, Eileen Ivers, Hazel O'Conner, Full Frontal Folk, Keith & Kristyn Getty, Barcó, and the Guy Mendilow Band.

RUNA's diverse group of award-winning members come from around the globe incorporating a variety of musical backgrounds including Celtic, folk, classical, and musical theatre, featuring rich, vibrant & velvet vocals, gentle piano playing, a special style of percussion, classic and improvisational violin, and multi-instrument arrangements, including uilleann pipes, flute and whistle.

For contemporary Celtic music at its very best--do yourself a favor and check out RUNA. RUNA.... brilliant! Gene Shay, WXPN ; co-founder of the Philadelphia Folk Festival.

There is truly a mystical quality to their playing. They create a lyrical sound that is at once unique as well as seamless. – Lori Lander Murphy, Irish Philadelphia

Find out more and listen to RUNA at www.runamusic.com

This very special Celtic Music weekend on Beaver Island will feature award-winning fiddlers and violinists, dancers, bohdran & ceili drummers, banjo and mandolin players, tin whistlers, pianists, and piano accordion players, pipers and flautists. All on the Island long enough to “meet and greet”...and learn from!

The concerts on Friday, September 7th and Saturday, September 8th at 7:30pm will feature both groups, with Friday night being “headlined” by Goitse and Saturday by RUNA. Each night's show will be unique, highlighting different dance and music workshop participants, and giving everyone an opportunity to experience the best of both the traditional and contemporary Irish music offerings.

Tickets for the concert performances on September 7th and 8th are $20 each, or $35 for a combo ticket to both events. Check the Community Center or www.beaverislandcommunitycenter.org for listings of workshops, times and discount ticket combinations.


Health and Human Services Fair

The Health and Human Services Fair will take place on Friday, September 28, 2012 from 1 pm to 6 pm at the Beaver Island Community School. There will be many on-island and off-island organizations present (like Beaver Island EMS and the Food Pantry, as well as the Charlevoix County Community Foundation and the Women's Resource Center. The gathering of organizations is all about offering you information that can benefit you financially, emotionally, and physically. Also, Charlevoix Area Hospital will provide some on-the-spot services like free cholesterol screening that requires no fasting and gives you results in 10 minutes.
Some of your Beaver Island neighbors will be there to give talks as well. To name just a couple: Andy Kohls will provide good insights into care for pets--such close companions for many people. Also, Brad Grassmick will talk about heart health, dissecting an elk heart in the process.
Stop by just after lunch, when you pick your students up from school, right before dinner. There will be something helpful and interesting there for everyone.
Please send any questions about this upcoming event to Adam Richards at 448.2067 or adamanos@gmail.com

BICS Welcomes New Employees

Peaine Special Meeting, August 14, 2012

Watch Video HERE

BIEMS Receives License

Beaver Island EMS stated that they could have the air transport service licensed within 30 days of receiving the pieces of information needed. On July 12, 2012, at the Joint Township Board Meeting, both boards approved the contract and the license application was sent in very shortly after that meeting with the required information. The BIEMS agency was inspected, the aircraft was inspected along with the required equipment, and one of the ambulances was also inspected. Verbal approval to operate was received one week ago, and the actual license was mailed and postmarked on August 10, 2012. BIEMS has met the 30-day-promise, and here is the proof:


BIEMS Has Licensed Air Transport Vehicle

On Monday, August 6, 2012, at 12:41 PM, Danielle Dedloff received an e-mail from Lori Lynn, State of Michigan, EMS Division, stating that the State has approved the Island Airways Britten Norman Islander, N866JA, as an ALS transport vehicle for Beaver Island EMS

Beaver island EMS fleet now includes 1- Basic Life -Support transport vehicle, 1- Advance Life -Support transport vehicle, 1- Advance Life -Support non-transport vehicle, and 1- Advance Life -Support AIR TRANSPORT Vehicle.

Congratulations to Beaver Island EMS for this approval!

BIEMS Licensing Air Transport Vehicle

The timeline for accomplishing this task moved forward quite quickly once an agreement was reached at the Joint Township Board Meeting on July 12, 2012. On July 16th Island Airways provided the proof of insurance document, the last piece of paper needed to mail in the licensure application packet. On July 17th, the application packet was mailed to the State of Michigan EMS Division.

Gerald LaFreniere, Danielle Dedloff, Donna Kubic, and Joe Moore pose for a picture of success!

On August 3, 2012, Jay Peck, as representative of Bob Struck of UPEMS Corporation, arrived on the aircraft.

Jay Peck, Director of EMS from East Jordan and UPEMS board member

The equipment necessary for licensing was sitting in the hangar awaiting the inspection.

The equipment list is verfified. All equipment is present for licensure.

All equipment is present and accounted for, Sir!

The paperwork for the inspection was completed by noon on August 3, 2012. Also inspected at the EMS office was the BIEMS agency paperwork and the non-transporting emergency response vehicle. The paperwork was faxed immediately to UPEMS, verified by the Director of UPEMS, Bob Struck, and faxed down to Lansing for the EMS Division of the Department of Community Health.

The Island Airways aircraft identification number

Approval to begin operations will most likely be received on Monday, August 6, 2012. The BIEMS agency and the aircraft have completed all necessary steps to become licensed as an air transport vehicle.

Congratulations to Island Airways, Beaver Island EMS, and the Committee appointed by the two townships for a job well done!

Beaver Island Airport Commission Meeting

A special Beaver Island Airport Commission Meeting was held on Saturday, July 28, 2012. The main item on the agenda was the Five Year Plan for the township airport. While there is a lot of confusion about the Airport Improvement Plan. the Airport Commission attempted to explain and answer questions. In some cases, the questions were answered fully, but in other instances, the questions were not answered to the satisfaction of the person asking the questions. There was also a bit of politicking going on at this meeting. Three candidates for Peaine Township offices were present and asking quite a few questions.

(An editorial comment: Out of all the questions asked, I would like the viewer of the video to answer this question. Who was the only person to ask a question who thanked the commission for their answer? This lack of common courtesy seemed rampant at this meeting. It appeared to be more like a cross examination in a court of law or a student being reprimanded for misbehavior than a planning meeting for airport improvement. If, after watching the video, you disagree, please email me at medic5740@gmail.com)

At the 80 minute mark in the meeting, the tape ran out, and further discussion came to end very soon thereafter. You can view the video HERE.

Beaver Island Winning the War on Phragmites

Beaver Island has become a model for others because of the success of the Phragmites treatment program. The many groups, organizations and individuals that have joined in the fight against Phragmites have reason to be proud of their accomplishments.

The survey crew from JFNew has completed a survey of approximately 6000 acres on Beaver Island. This year's survey was more in depth than previous years with inland areas and lakes being included. We were very fortunate that The Nature Conservancy paid for this entire survey. They not only looked for Phragmites, but also checked for 28 other invasives. This will aid us in continuing the treatment of Phragmites and also enable us to plan for the future and any other invasives that could be a problem for the island.

This year's survey indicates that there is approximately ½ acre of Phragmites that is scattered throughout the island. When this program began there were 27.2 acres.

Treatment of these areas is scheduled for the last week of August or the first week of September. The cost of the treatment is expected to be $ 12,600.00 with the DNR contributing $ 8,500.00 through a grant. Many thanks to the DNR, The Nature Conservancy, the Beaver Island Association and the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians for their contributions toward keeping our islands healthy and beautiful.

There will be an informational meeting in early August for the public to give their input and a map of the proposed treatment areas will be posted at the library.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact: Lisa Welke, 231-448-3164 or Welke65@gmail.com

Timeline of Events in Negotiations for Air Ambulance

The following document was provided to BINN from BIEMS to indicate the efforts to successfully negotiate an agreement with the air transport provider. The major item not agreed upon is the lease fee for the aircraft. The air transport provider wants to share the income for these emergency flights on a 50-50 basis. BIEMS wantss to pay a flat fee---at least that is what was stated by Jack Gallagher at the Peaine Township Meeting on July 11, 2012.

Click HERE to view the BIEMS timeline

Forestview Apartments for Rent

There are three apartments for rent at Forestview Apartments. This senior housing project is right next door to the Beaver Island Rural Health Center and right across the street from Stoney Acre Grill and Donegal Danny's Pub. The video below shows the apartment that is designed from someone who is physically handicapped or otherwise handicapped, but the other apartments have the same basic layout.


Tax Payer Contributions by Township

This comparison chart is being presented for clarity:

Comparison of taxes paid by St. James and Peaine Taxpayers for Joint Projects for $80,000 Taxable Value

Funded agency

St. James taxpayer pays

Peaine taxpayer pays

St. James taxpayer pays approximately this much more

BI Fire Department

.9643 x 80,000 = $77.14 .6637 x 80,000 = $53.10


BI Rural Health Center

2.000 x 80,000 =$160.00

2.000 x 80,000 = $160.00

same amount

BI Airport

0.9014 x 80,000 = $72.11

0.6204 x 80,000 = $49.63


BI Transfer Station

1.4464 x 80,000 = $115.71

0.9955 x 80,000 = $79.64


BI Emergency Medical Svc

0.9948 x 80,000 = $79.58

0.6847 x 80,000 = $54.78


BI Historical Society

0.2347 x 80,000 = $18.78

0.1615 x 80,000 = $12.92


Two editorials on this subject by Joe Moore:

Equity in Tax Bills

How Serious is the Inequity

The information below is reprinted from a previous editorial on Beaver Island News on the 'Net by Joe Moore:

Peaine Township Millage Rates Set

The millage rates for the two townships are presented here for the joint operations, and you can draw your own conclusions based upon this side by side comparison:

Millage rates in the two townships for jointly funded operations

Funded agency

St. James millage

Peaine millage

BI Fire Department



BI Rural Health Center



BI Airport



BI Transfer Station



BI Emergency Medical Svc



BI Historical Society



St James pays 6.5316 mills and Peaine pays 5.1258 mills for jointly funded operations.

St. James taxpayers pay 1.4058 mills more than Peaine taxpayers for jointly funded operations.

Why should a St. James Township property owner have to pay more tax dollars for jointly funded operations than any Peaine Township property owner?

It takes a lower millage rate to raise the same amount of dollars in Peaine Township because the Peaine Township SEV is higher than the St. James Township SEV. It does not take a statistical analysis to see a statistically significant difference in these jointly funded millage rates. An individual taxpayer in St. James Township is paying more to support these jointly funded operations than an individual taxpayer in Peaine Township.

St. James individual taxpayers are paying between 31.17% and 45.28% higher taxes for the jointly funded operations.

At this Special Peaine Township Meeting of March 31, 2012, Bill Markey suggested that perhaps St. James Township should decrease their millages instead of having Peaine increase their millages for joint projects. This certainly will not work since the amount of money raised by St. James Township is just matched by Peaine Township, so the inequity of individual taxpayers will just continue. If St. James decreased its funding, Peaine would just match that decrease. If this cycle continued, the organizations trying to provide services to Beaver Island would eventually have no money to fulfill their mission.

It is Joe Moore's position that any jointly funded accounts should be taxed equally based upon equal millage, so that each Beaver Island taxpayer is paying the same amount of millage tax for the jointly funded operations. Joe Moore's request made at the Special Meeting of March 31, 2012, was to have the Peaine Township Board reflect and consider the fairness of these tax rates for jointly funded operations.

Equity in Tax Bills

Why should a St. James Township property owner have to pay more tax dollars for jointly funded operations than any Peaine Township property owner?

How Serious is the Inequity