Snowshoe Adventure 1

So the adventure began. There were no tracks, human, animal, or machine when the walk began out behind Stoney Acre Grill. The phone calls were made to obtain permission for this expedition as several property owners might wonder what in the heck some crazy guy was going out back behind their homes and businesses.

Across the untrod fields in search of adventure.

It was a very bright day and the sun shined off the snowflakes and ice crystals like "snow diamonds."

There was a lot of beautiful scenery along the way to view and photograph.

Arriving at the goal of the snowshoeing expedition, the "red monster" was in hibernation....

The piles of woodchips left from last season's work with plenty more chips to be made.

Interestingly enough, there were no snowmachines, other snowshoers, or skiers encountered during this trek. It was completely quiet within the peaceful realm of the "red monster." When the snowshoes came out of the wild, the BI Transfer Station was calling. A quick stop there to warm up and give leg muscles a short rest, and onward and onward.

Next Stop, the Arranmore Grotto.

Even in the snow this structure was awe-inspiring. This wonderful grotto, built as symbol of the "twinning," stands out in the field next to the King's Highway, Clean and Store, and the Holy Cross Cemetery. There was something about the open hands of the statue that was inviting even in the snow. To stand there and just look upon the statue took the breath away.

Holy Cross Cemetery

It may seem unusual that a News article include a cemetery, but most people don't take the time to think about this location in the wintertime. It looks completely different in the winter from this angle.

The masterpiece of the Holy Cross Cemetery stands as a symbol of faith to all who pass by it. This cross is that symbol.

With all three goals completed, the rest of the snowshoeing expedition was the return trip to the house. It is actually much more difficult to snowshoe on top of a snowplow pile along the side of the King's Highway than it is to do the same over an empty field. The snowmobile tracks were more difficult to walk on as well.