Snowshoe Adventure 2

Having treked a little over one mile on the previous day, today was not to be any different. This goal was to snowshoe around Gull Harbor while taking the trail behind the almost empty ponds. Purposely going where no one else would normally go was the goal. That is what makes it an adventure. The walk from Whiskey Point was not meant to be made on snowshoes apparently. There had been plowtrucks down this portion of the road as well as several snowmobiles. As previously mentioned, it is much more difficult to snowshoe on top of these packed areas than on the unpacked snow. At least it is with the more modern snowshoes with the metal grips poking up into your boot bottoms. I walked in as far as the sign that designates this as a protected area, sat down on the rock next to the sign and put on the three-day-old snowshoes.

The first thing to do was to get some perspective of the Gull Harbor Area and its relationship to Paradise Bay..

A series of three photos taken of Gull Harbor from out on the ice.

Having walked out far enough to get the Gull Harbor pictures, the US Coast Guard Station was visible at the mouth of Paradise Bay.

Walk on the trail, I headed between the two rocks marking the entrance. One quick look back at Gull Harbor.

After a short distance in, I stopped to look back at Gull Harbor.

Hearing something in the woods, a quick look showed nothing. Even a deeper look did not show anything, but just around the bend, there were lots and lots of tracks indicating some rabbits had been moving around recently.

About halfway down the trail an opening appeared and one could glimpse the snowfall beginning.

Snow captured in midair while on the trail.

Last summer an eagle was seen in the top of this tree. No eagle here today.

Plenty of downed trees made you wonder about how they went down. Was it wind? Was it clearing for the trail?

There was no doubt about the look of desolation here.

This one was obviously not downed in the making of the trail, due to its location across the trail.

At the end of the trail, a look out toward Garden Island reveals some shove-ice out a ways from shore.

The formations were quite interesting as the shove-ice was approached from shore.

It was a little scary being out from shore this far, but the pictures were worth it.

On the way back in to shore, a couple of cabins were passed, deserted since last fall at least.

A quick glipse of Garden Island and back on shore.

A look back to the area explored.

The end to this adventure was about one hundred yards from the beach as I approached the plowed road.