Snowstorm, January 11, 2008

The day began with a two hour delay for the Beaver Island Community School due to the snowstorm that dumped a little over ten inches of snow on Beaver Island last night and early this morning.

Ruler show snow on the level without drifting was 26 centimeters.

For those without the math teacher in them, it takes a little over two and one-half centimeters to make one inch. So two and one-half "gahsinta" twenty-six about ten times for approximately ten inches.

The school delay was necessary for most of the attendees because the snow was not so light that it was easily pushed by the cars bumpers. It was easily blown around either using a snowblower. It was just wet enough to stick to the insides of the snowblower and clog up the exit. Some driveways were not even cleared by about ten a.m. when the school children should have been heading in toward school.

It was certainly pretty outside looking down the King's Highway.

One didn't need to go very far to see the beauty of the snow on everything.